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David Lee leaving Dolphins for Ole Miss

David Lee did wonderful work in bringing to the Dolphins the signature offensive package that helped carry them to the playoffs in 2008 -- the Wildcat package.

And in doing so the quarterback coach did something perhaps no NFL quarterback coach had done before: Find a way to make your offense more explosive by removing the quarterback from the equation.

Well, Lee is taking his Wildcat scheme back to the college ranks where he first used them. Lee has parted ways with the Dolphins to become the offensive coordinator at Mississippi a source confirms.


 This is a good thing for everyone.

Lee, you see, put his stamp on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne the past two years in that Henne became a tireless worker. Henne spent countless hours preparing. Henne knew the playbook and his assignments and reads backwards and forwards.

But ...

Lee, a cautious sort, seemed to turn Henne into something of a cautious, undaring kind of quarterback. Henne didn't often dare go with his gut or heart and simply fling it. He trusted the book instead of his eyes.

And that turned Henne into something of a robot. It clearly did not work. It needed to be broken up. And now it is.

The Dolphins may not be done. There is an obvious need to upgrade the special teams and Assistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys lately.

It is possible Darren Rizzi, who took over as special teams coordinator when John Bonamego was fired could also leave. But just as likely he will stay while the Dolphins look for more help as in a fulltime special teams coordinator.


I'm told he will stay with the Dolphins. That's good. He's got a lot of work to do with a young secondary that limited mental mistakes in 2010, but struggled to catch potential interceptions that could have changed the direction of games.

The Dolphins thus have a opening at offensive coordinator and quarterback coach and could be looking for a special teams coordinator.


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We are guaranteed not to miss with the 1st round pick because Trade Down Ireland will look to pick up 2 twos.

Be careful what you wish for with our 1st rd pick. Without a 2nd rd pick it could be our one and only chance throughout the entire draft of landing a starter.

Are u serious? Cam newton? He has to look at the sideline just for play adjustments. Has no pro style offense knowledge at all!!

Not sure if Ross understands, you don't just pick up explosive offenses at Home Depot.

Nick Satan is on at 1/2 time with Urban Meyer, Satan is fumbling his words, Meyer is polished......ahhhh! Not a Gator fan, just not a Nick Satan fan.....ahhhhh!

needs IMO in order:

RB would be 2nd need if we don't retain Ronnie
hoping Edds will be healthy and playing thats why no ILB


No RB?



Guess I should retain what I read......:(


Agreed, DB, but I don't think Newton ever gets to #15 and Miami lacks real ammo to move up without sacrificing too much, imo.

No question they'll go offense, anyway, and be hopeful that a QB they target will be there.

None of the FA names excite me all, aside from maybe being marginally better stopgaps.

My Needs In Order:

Nnamdi Asomugha

I'm still hoping we keep Ronnie Brown and fix the interior line to be honest... Lex and Cobbs are good enough backups as well as Sheets. Fix the line first... I know it'd be everyones nightmare watching Ronnie tear it up for some other team and another waste of a highh pick becuz the Front office could not put together a decent O line and and an unpredictable offense... Yes i see Ronnie does not look the same as he did but IMO he is still elite and has his prime to look forward in his career. Just hope injuries haven't set him back so far he can't return to form

dr roberts,

Ireland's king of draft day hocus pocus. As another poster suggested, he probably trades out of the 1st rd, get 2 2nd rd picks and That 1st pick will TE Kyle Rudolph if he's still available.

Ireland always tries to outsmart everyone else and in the end always outsmarts only himself.

There are reports…

that Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross has told
Tony Sparano to “Re-create the days of Dan Marino”

Is it just me… or


yes dying. ireland could be worst gm in nfl. lets hope hes gone after this disaster upcoming season

Both teams seem to be running 3 and 4 wide alignments.

That's what I'd like to see the Fins do.

Maybe the OC from either of these teams could be brought in for interview.

Newton does what Pat White in college but in a 6'6" frame. A QB that can run and make something out of nothing is fun to watch.

I don't think they should draft a QB in 1st round.

If lucky, they can drop down, get a second and draft two o-linemen that can start right away for 5 to 10 years. These wouldn't be glamorous picks but the fans will be grateful when the Fins have an o-line that remind us of the HOGS.

With a great stable o-line any QB will look good or great (including Henne). The running game would improve as well.

DB, why you hating on Vernon Carey?

Nick Saban reminds me of that weird kid on the block the other kids never associated with. So he had no other choice but to hit the books very hard and make something of himself. He had no distractions except for the occasional a*ss whuppings suffered when the other kids decided to pick on him.

honestly he is solid in my opinion and he'd look a lot better if he had some help from the RG. Although i wouldn't be opposed to trying him at RG if we could land a great T


Not picking on VC, havent you heard the reports? Been lots of rumors Carey maybe moved inside next season. Means needing a RT.

o haven't heard that but it makes sense...

Newton just threw a perfect bb downfield! LOL.........

our oline sucked ass

Nahmdi and Kalil are FA this year? I'd go after both if I were Ross.


Garner was great at C when Grove was hurt in 2009. I think Garner comesback to start at C in 2011, if he doesnt get hurt again. LOL.......

Garner would have been the starting C this year had he not gone down for the season. I liked Garner playing C. LOL......

VC inside would be good. Oline and random, drive-killing reverses were our downfall

Grove barely beat out Garner for starting C in 2009. LOL.......

What about Michael Bush for RB?

I'll give Ireland a shot this year, post-Parcells, to see how it goes solo...but agreed there are questions.

Agreed with Salguero earier today that he IS sharp (with a tinge of unfortunate smugness thrown in) but that's not the sole requirement for the job.

Beathard actually did a lousy job in Miami until maturing into a great one with the Skins years later, so it's possible.

Actually, you can make a fair case that the Dolphins have had only one TRULY great GM in their history, Joe Thomas. He drafted/signed/traded for nearly every important player that Shula inherited (and did a magnificent job of coaching them up)

Bush isn't half as dynamic as Ronnie

Any good Samoans or sumo wrestlers out there for the o-line?

Upgrading RT and bumping Carey inside would make a HUGE difference with that line, imo.

same ole same ole he will play not to lose. so a bunch of boring games and another 7-9 season. so yes hes fired after season

dr roberts,

Im not sure of that yet. A dynamic pass rush olb or a great pass rush DE still would have a field day on that side if Carye's replacement isnt adequate.

Nothing will matter, nothing, as long as Sparano is HC. He is too dumb, its that simple.

Nahmdi and Kalil are FA this year? I'd go after both if I were Ross.

Posted by: beerphin | January 10, 2011 at 10:43 PM


Mando mentioned today that the salary cap is likely to be LOWER when a new CBA is signed, so I don't know if I'd look for Miami to be spending heavily at CB when the offensive needs are so great.

Asamoguh is great, no question, but that would mean tying up an awful lot of your limited resources at one positon (Vontae already makes plenty and will only get costlier with his ability)

Fairly looks a bit like Warren Sapp.

Where will he go in the draft?

Bring in Cable, at least he'll kick his assistants a*sses when theyre f^cking up! LOL.........

well dr roberts u need another great corner if u ever want to compete with the pats

Fairly is top 8 pick in all of the mocks! LOL.........

Bellichick may let Logan Mankins walk to get his hands on Asomugha. LOL..........

Looking at the O-Line only Long and maybe Incognito the rest suck need to be replaced or backups Vernon Carey is wash up as a player bad back can't protect the edge on the RS too slow a run blocker! It's time to bring in Vets for the O-LINE period! Stop defending Carey because he is from THE U

Cookie Gilchrist, pre-Shula Dolphin, died in Pittsburgh today.

DB--absolutely agreed about the line. You saw how abysmal the right side was when Carey went down (not that he was exactly dominating himself)

Just saying more in a hypothetical/wish-list sense that upgrading that position and bumping Carey over would have a domino effect of improving the entire unit.

What happened to Joe Thomas, dr, did Joe Robbie fire him as I have heard in some of these oulets?

I'm still waiting to see what Sparano is good at. It sure appears to be nothing.


Swamy, Fairley is a top 10

oscar canosa,

Joe Robbie was a drunk. The way I heard it is he fired Thomas in a drunken tirade. Also heard Shula nearly quit after Robbie was so embarrassing and obnoxious at a team awards banquet. Joe Robbie loved his alcohol but his alcohol didnt love him back very weel.

bill--I'm actually a Sean Smith fan and thought that (aside from Wake and possibly Soliai) he was the most improved guy on the team by the end of the year.

Sure, the drops stung...but you have to be in the right place to even HAVE those opportunities, y'know?

He's also got pretty rare size for a corner. That's valuable.

As good as Asamugah? Of course not. But I think he and Vontae have a shot at being a good tandem for a long time.

Anyway, fellas.......gotta run for now. Always a pleasure!

In my limited football knowledge I have seen that right tackles are not required to pass defend as much as straight ahead blocking(see Damian Woody). Do they need to get to the second level? I don't know.

the only problem with moving Carey to the inside is that you would have three people then getting paid T money. If Carey restructures his contract it would work in my eyes but I also think that Carey hasn't done so bad that he should even consider looking at an offer like that becuz dude earns his money he usually is healthy and besides Long he is the only other OLineman worth anything at all

We need to start a pot smoking rumor about Fairley to see if he'll drop to #15. I wouldn't mind drafting him if he's there.

It worked to get Sapp to drop down.

Fins could always trade someone to pick up a second.

I agree that Garner looked real good but I see him coming back to play LG for us and Icognito brought back to be a RG or backup to John Jerry

Man how much does Grove being a bust suck. We need a true center to run in between the tackles

YES resign Thigpen and let him compete for a job, with a new oc and qb coach he may work out.
On the other hand Henne will never work out it's like he has tunnel vision and can't handle a pass rush he is like a big lumbering ox out there maybe we will get lucky in the draft?

Fairley is nice aint he but our Dline should be set with Langford Soliai Starks then Merling and Odrick

DB--you have the Shula story correct. It was in 1974 and he came "thiclose" to telling a VERY drunk Robbie to take the job and shove it. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed.

OK...NOW I'm actually out and will finally shut up!

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