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David Lee leaving Dolphins for Ole Miss

David Lee did wonderful work in bringing to the Dolphins the signature offensive package that helped carry them to the playoffs in 2008 -- the Wildcat package.

And in doing so the quarterback coach did something perhaps no NFL quarterback coach had done before: Find a way to make your offense more explosive by removing the quarterback from the equation.

Well, Lee is taking his Wildcat scheme back to the college ranks where he first used them. Lee has parted ways with the Dolphins to become the offensive coordinator at Mississippi a source confirms.


 This is a good thing for everyone.

Lee, you see, put his stamp on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne the past two years in that Henne became a tireless worker. Henne spent countless hours preparing. Henne knew the playbook and his assignments and reads backwards and forwards.

But ...

Lee, a cautious sort, seemed to turn Henne into something of a cautious, undaring kind of quarterback. Henne didn't often dare go with his gut or heart and simply fling it. He trusted the book instead of his eyes.

And that turned Henne into something of a robot. It clearly did not work. It needed to be broken up. And now it is.

The Dolphins may not be done. There is an obvious need to upgrade the special teams and Assistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys lately.

It is possible Darren Rizzi, who took over as special teams coordinator when John Bonamego was fired could also leave. But just as likely he will stay while the Dolphins look for more help as in a fulltime special teams coordinator.


I'm told he will stay with the Dolphins. That's good. He's got a lot of work to do with a young secondary that limited mental mistakes in 2010, but struggled to catch potential interceptions that could have changed the direction of games.

The Dolphins thus have a opening at offensive coordinator and quarterback coach and could be looking for a special teams coordinator.


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forgot T McDaniel too he had a good year

A big strong Inside Linebacker
who likes to C-O-L-L-I-S-I-O-N-S would be Nice...

Crowder must go.

He's a 'finesse' guy and...

F R U I T-L O O P S !!!!!!

Yeah, now I remember, I think Shula punched him.

Looks like Auburn's ready to seal the deal on this one. But Oregon's so explosive you can never count them out.

If Vick, Young or McNabb were brought in to compete with Henne, would all three beat Henne?

Where would Thigpen be, third QB?

If you noticed, Cam runs but rarely ever takes the big shots like Tebow did.

Swamy...if Orville Reddenbacher came in to compete he would beat out Henne


If you brought in Henne himself to compete against Chad Henne. Chad Henne would still lose. LOL...........

I think Oregon has some really fast players that we might want to pluck out for our team down here in MIA

Cam to me just looks like with a year or two under a good QB coach he could be special Tebow doesn't have the frame or arm to be anything

LoL @ DB

It benefits everybody when the story is set out straight.

Wow! Do they keep Fairly caged and feed him raw meat when it isnt game day? LOL...........

Beer...I agree on your Cam assessment...but I disagree on your Tebow one..Tebow is a fairly large dude..he can chuck the ball 80 yards in the air man..
There are a lot of Tebow haters and non-believers but Tebow is the real deal if you ask me...he is no Brady..but he is his own monster. I think he will be making DC's squirm in about two more years..

beerfin@ 11:25PM- I fully agree!


I believe Tebow can be a really good, not franchise qb, in the nfl if surrounded with vast array of weapons like at UF. He Might be a Henne with heart and fire, but still not a franchise qb.

Henne with no heart and fire is working on being a 2nd string qb. Next stop after that: Checkers drive thru attended joining Ryan Leaf!

thigpen is horrible

I'm the same size as Tebow supposedly 6'3 245 Tebow looks like he's 6'1 240 He is definetly in great shape though

not close to being set cause solari and mcdaniels are both free agents. they better find a way to keep them. but everything out of miami says all players want to get off this sinking ship

Is anyone courting Nolan?

I read that the Broncos might want him back.

My wife told me that she was looking to gain about 10lbs of muscle and I told her to open wide! LOL...........

I heard he was looking for a way out of Miami or something and he liked Dallas i don't remember where i read that though

Once the Heat start winning championships Ross could sneak the dolphins out of town and knowone ever notices! LOL..........

Once the Heat start winning championships Ross could sneak the dolphins out of town and no one ever notices! LOL..........

This game could get tied at 19 then go to an overtime shootout!

Why does always seem college football fans are far more vocal than pro football fans?

Will Fairley keep them out?

I wonder if Carol knows.

College is exciting but when the Canes suck i could care less Just like watching pro talent

Tigers need to stop them.

How about LB Matthews from Ore...he is a senior, I would take him and stick him in Chowder's spot along side Dansby


I hate shootouts.

Bad memories on how Ohio State stole championship from the Canes.

That's because 80 percent of the fans are drunk college kids...kids are loud as heck

Newton needs to show why he won Heisman.

I hope this doesnt go into ot. I think college football ot is as lame as it gets! LOL.......

I believe both pro and college should have an 8 minute ot period, if tied at the end of that period game ends in tie.

Hopefully the canes will be back next year..they need better QB play or player for sure...

Wow the runner wasnt down! LOL.............

I agree. Shootouts suck!

New canes president killed canes football with his cleaner image bs!

what a run by Dyer!

no shoot out please.

Still, for me, Joe Robbie and Don Shula were and will continue to be the stalwarts of the Miami Dolphins franchise. Goodnight.

Dying Breed, Cowkilla, Tebow will have a greater NFL Career than Henne. I told you guys in preseason that Bradford as a rookie, would have a better year than Henne and he did. Blame whomever you want for Henne's inability, but he did not rise to his full potential. Probably more on Henne than anyone else.....Tebow ran 40 yds for a TD, breaking tackles, blocks etc. for the Broncos, does anyone on this blog think Henne can do that? We could have had Tebow, perfect in the wildcat, since he can run and pass. But nooo, we passed on him, now if we can get Newton, we should! If not, Ingram! So let it be written, so let it be done!

Very wise pharoah redsky! LOL...........

please knock in the FG.

I need to go to bed.

Oscar Canosa, Robbie and Shula were the founding fathers of this franchise! Also, although everyone (those who were old enough) and remember the perfect season, way back when

DyingBreed, I think I'll change my name to Pharaoh! So let it be written, so let it be done! You are, other than me of course, the sharpest mind on the blog to pick up on that! I appreciate your comments more each day....

If you want a Special Teams coach ..... Look for JOE AVAZANO ! If he's still doing it, GET HIM ! He was the special teams coach for the Dallas Cowboys from 89 - 2000 (i think 2000). He'll make special teams look like a unit from hell !

Years ago I was stationed at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

There I learned how big the Alabama/Auburn rivalry was. Now they've each won back to back championships. Half or more of Alabama is still pissed that Auburn won.

Which reminds me of a joke I heard that illustrates their rivalry.

A student from Alabama and from Auburn were in the bathroom taking a piss. The Alabama student saw that the Auburn student didn't wash his hands when he was done. So he says, "Don't they teach you manners at Auburn and that you should wash your hands when you're done?"

The Auburn students responds, "Yes, they teach us manners but they also teach us not to piss on your hands."

Oscar Canosa, to finish my sentence, those who remember the perfect season, should also remember that it was an "old man", Earl Morrall, who led them there, yeah, Griese won the SB, but Morrall got them there, that's for all you Farve detractors. Wait 'til you get that old.....for those of you older, you know what I'm saying, and don't need an explanation.

After those player interviews it's easy to see the big emphasis Auburn must place on academics.

Swamy, I like it, LOL!!!!


Sorry but you can't have more than one paisano on a team if you want to have a winning season.

Once you have two or more you start having arguments about what ingredients to add to the spaghetti sauce and meatballs. This wastes valuable time that's necessary to get the team ready to play.

I have to disagree with the Tebow-Newton Supporters. These guys have a ways to go before they have any chance of making a difference as a pro quarterback. Do not drink the kool aid. What did you see tonight that makes Newton a pro ready quarterback, or for that matter even being close? It is laughable in my opinion that we would even consider looking at this guy right now. Can he improve? Of course. But in the sitaution we find ourselves in Newton or a project like Tebow are the worst possible kind of quarterbacks we could aquire. Just look at all of the hits Newton took tonight.And he is a man playing among boys. Imagine when the playing field is leveled? He was beat to hell by the end of the game. The Auburn offense isn't very complicated. Newton has very few reads he has to make. Everything is right there, and is pre-snap high school stuff. He needs to prove that he can read defenses, and make the throws required by a proffesional quarterback. And those on the Tebow wagon. his expectations are so low that even with a losing record after three games, and a pathetic completion percentage, as well as second half rating. He is considered a savior? Right. He played against the 3 teams that had packed it in. The Texans have a joke for a pass defense. I will stop, because I'm not going to try and convince his supporters of my opinion. You have yours, and I have mine. I wish both of these guys all the luck in the world. And in a few years if we find ourselves here you can say I told you so, and crow I will eat. But these guys are a mirage in the desert. Don't be fooled just because you are thirsty.

If Cam newton falls to #15 and the Phins don't pick him we as loyal fans need to get together and protest for a week and DEMAND IRELAND AND SPARANO TO BE FIRED! CAM PLAY IN A TOUGHER CONFIRENCE THAN HENNE PLAY AT MICH HE IS A WINNER! we hire a QB coach to develop the kid for one to two years!! It doesn't matter we need a QB pick in the first round! C'MON MAN " MARK SANCHEZ GOT DRAFT FIRST ROUND IF WE HAVE TO GIVE VETS ON THIS TEAM AND DRAFT PICKS NEXT YEAR WE HAVE TO DO IT PERIOD THE KID IS A WINNER AND CAME FROM TOUGH DIVISION! AINT NO DEBATEING THIS ON GUYS NO DEBATING IT TIME!!!

"God" was thanked a lot for his role in Auburn's victory.

It's too bad he hates Oregon's players so much.

@Darryl Dunphy: Dead on, brother. Newton may end up being a good NFL QB, but he's a project. Terrible footwork, mediocre accuracy. Alot to fix....

Hope everyone got a good look at Fairly tonite. Get used to it. Unfortunately, he's gonna be blowing up the Dolphins O-line for years in a Bills uniform.

good night guys.

I'll dream of an o-line wall that any QB can pass from and that create canyon size holes for any RB to run thru.

Dilfer won a SB with a great defense and a decent o-line. So Henne or anyone else could take the Fins to the SB (eventually).

We should protest for a week if we even think about drafting Newton..Come on, he could end up being a very good quarterback. But he needs a ton of work. We do not have the luxury of using a first round pick on a dice roll. The one player on the field tonight that stood out as a pro ready player was Nick Fairly.That kid was in beast mode all night is a difference maker from day 1. Newton is a project. With all the variables that will come into play this offseason let some other team deal with him that can afford to let him sit and learn behind a quarterback that is a solid player. We already have a project on our hands, we do not need another.

So Darryl dunphy when are we suppose draft a QB in the first round! Look back in the history of the Phins drafting QB on the first round have been HOF so we can't procrastinate any more on QB we need to draft in the first round if he falls to #15


Dont know how bright that makes either one of us but it does prove we watched far too many 10 Commandments reruns. So let it be written, so let it be done! LOL................

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