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David Lee leaving Dolphins for Ole Miss

David Lee did wonderful work in bringing to the Dolphins the signature offensive package that helped carry them to the playoffs in 2008 -- the Wildcat package.

And in doing so the quarterback coach did something perhaps no NFL quarterback coach had done before: Find a way to make your offense more explosive by removing the quarterback from the equation.

Well, Lee is taking his Wildcat scheme back to the college ranks where he first used them. Lee has parted ways with the Dolphins to become the offensive coordinator at Mississippi a source confirms.


 This is a good thing for everyone.

Lee, you see, put his stamp on Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne the past two years in that Henne became a tireless worker. Henne spent countless hours preparing. Henne knew the playbook and his assignments and reads backwards and forwards.

But ...

Lee, a cautious sort, seemed to turn Henne into something of a cautious, undaring kind of quarterback. Henne didn't often dare go with his gut or heart and simply fling it. He trusted the book instead of his eyes.

And that turned Henne into something of a robot. It clearly did not work. It needed to be broken up. And now it is.

The Dolphins may not be done. There is an obvious need to upgrade the special teams and Assistant head coach and secondary coach Todd Bowles interviewed with the Dallas Cowboys lately.

It is possible Darren Rizzi, who took over as special teams coordinator when John Bonamego was fired could also leave. But just as likely he will stay while the Dolphins look for more help as in a fulltime special teams coordinator.


I'm told he will stay with the Dolphins. That's good. He's got a lot of work to do with a young secondary that limited mental mistakes in 2010, but struggled to catch potential interceptions that could have changed the direction of games.

The Dolphins thus have a opening at offensive coordinator and quarterback coach and could be looking for a special teams coordinator.


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Darryl Dunphy, you may be right about Tebow and Newton...but they are better than Henne....sad to say.....

Redsky you again my brother are right! But if is not Newton we need to draft a QB in the first round period!! No defensive players we don't need them we need a QB!

DyingBreed, at least we have a common ground.....

WE DON'T HAVE TO DRAFT A QUARTERBACK IN THE FIRST ROUND!!This is a mediocre first round class. If there were 3 outstanding prospects that were available I might agree. But none stand out as a guy that will be a franchise changer. I could be wrong. It would have settled everyones nerves if Henne would have showed up the last month of the season. But there are options. IMO there is no way that Ireland, or Sparano should hitch their wagons to any of the available, or possible first round quarterbacks. In another year maybe all of these guys wouldn't even have first round grades. The only one that I would even think about drafting is Locker. And he was adumpster fire this last season. It's only that he played under Steve Sarkisian that makes me say this. Again this is just my opinion. I don't get to make the personel choices. But I ask you. What would we do with Newton? What would be your expectations?None of the guys coming out will be ready to win this year. So why not wait and see what our options are?Besides next years quarterback class(2012)will be full of much better first round talents.

What QB are you getting at #15? Maybe Locker. Thats not an upgrade. No thanks. It's a moot point. Whether you like or not, you're stuck with Henne for another year. And that may be a good thing. Let the kid play without Henning and Lee strangling the life out of him. Alot of really good QB's have had it "click" for them in the 3rd year of playing.


You need a new pair shoes, go to the shoe store and all that are available are womens high heel pumps. You can still buy them, after all they still fit the need that you need a new pair shoes. Do you buy them anyway?

Of course not! The nfl draft's the exact same way. Just because you have a certain need doesnt mean the draft will always sufficiently satisfy that need.

You can take the qb anyway and end up with a pair of high heeled pumps instead of the mens shoes you were looking for. Especially from our draft position. LOL.........

Who is better? Henne or Sanchez? Well, bottom line is Sanchez has never missed the playoffs (neither has Flacco, and Ryan has been two of his three years) so I'd have to say that Henne is a bust who can't win at home and has no fire and won't throw to receivers unless they are wide open and can't throw the deep ball and checks down with 30 seconds to go and can't run the two minute drill and doesn't trust his receivers................

Some guys who WERE NOT 1st round picks off the top of my head:


Whats this obsession with picking a QB in the 1st round? I'd prob take Mallet at 15, but hes not gonna be there. The rest are major projects

Great analogy Dying Breed


All I was saying earlier that if I made a mistake on a qb in this draft it would be Cam Newton. At least with his freakish atleticism you cant cut your losses by plugging him in somewhere else. The other qb's of this draft you cant salvage anything if they go total bust! LOL...........

Some guys picked in the 1st round (early 1st) by teams who needed a QB:

Akili Smith
Cade McNown
Heath Shuler
Jeff George

The list is endless. Dont just pick a QB cause you think you need one. Wait for the right one. The wrong one can set you back years

I can't wait to see who they put in for offensive coordinator. And who they get for a qb. This season should be interesting at least.

David Carr
Tim Couch
Alex Smith.....

Some guys who WERE NOT 1st round picks off the top of my head:

Brady----Would have to be a prophet not a talent scout to see him coming.

Brees-----At 6'1 was only an inch away from being drafted 1st rd. Picky, picky, picky!

Favre-----When Favre was at Missippi they may have won 8 games his entire collegiate career. Just proof you cannot win surrounded with total crap talent on both sides of the ball.

Romo------Probably have to hack a witness protection program computer to find anyone that can even prove Romo attended a college. He may have been discovered while delivering pizza to the Cowboys practice facility.

Schaub-------Isnt that an investment firm? Falcons may have gotten a tip from thier business accountant on this kid. I wonder if his father runs that investment firm? Hmm......

Oh great, our special teams coach is going to stay! Yipee, more field goals next year! Armando you have got to be kidding me in calling Chad Henne a tireless worker! He may do work but its not with the football! Bring back the Vince Lombardi tire and get this scatterarmed turkey actually throwing footballs that can be caught by US!

Goes to show you some guys just need an opportunity and/or the right situation. Brady was stuck splitting time with Drew Henson at Mich. ( Nice job Lloyd Carr.) Gets with Belichik, takes off. Bill turned around Testaverde's NFL career also, when they were in Clev together. Good coaching goes a long way. Give Henne one more year w/out Henning and Lee. If he spins his wheels next year, then move on

We should try and trade for Orton to start next season. A third round pick should do the trick. The most impressive college qbs I've seen this year were Dalton and Moore. Neither is very big, but both are very accurate and are winners. Moore could be a sleeeper in the draft and both guys will be available in the third round. Just a thought.

By the way, was it just me or was Lee Corso drunk after the game. He was slurring every other word in the post game wrap up. ESPN actually pulled him off the desk at a commercial break. Pretty funny! And we still think you're an ass Saban.

Lee Corso is known to shoot heroin during commercial breaks.

I wouldnt mind taking a shot on Dalton in the 3rd. But Orton isnt the answer. Plus Miami is already down a 2nd rounder, I doubt they would trade a 3rd for a journeyman QB. Plus Denver cant be stupid enough to trade him considering all they have is Tebow

I guarantee you Catarius Jackson will be a HUGE star. The Fins would be idiots not to draft him early!

I'm just wondering???

If the Cowboys Suck and can't get their S*it together?

Why in the Heck are we always rummaging through their trash??? Another Dallas assistant?

Trade anyone and everyone on the Team for Phillip Rivers! He is Dan Marino's Love Child.

Final thought...How much weed has Ricky Spliffed since the final whistle blew? LMAO!

Any thoughts on Leinert?

What the hell happened to him? When given time at SC he was deadly accurate?

I know Phin fans want to win now but remember Rome was not built in a day. Likewise i also think it is fair to say give Sparano one more year and see where he is at. The OC sucked and that was the major reason we did not make the play-offs.

The four games we lost at home to Steelers, Browns, Bills and Lions was our downfall. Games we should have won and we would have been in the playoffs.

I really like the Ravens and their hard nosed attitude and i believe if there is one team that can beat the Patriots it's them. The only way you can stop Patriots is knock Brady out.

Miami will only get better with the addition of maybe 1-2 vets in free-agency and having a solid draft. However the jury is out on Henne, do you give him one more shot to compete for no1 QB?

Miami must get rid of Tyler Thigpen and bring 2 QB's one through the draft and another through Free - Agency or trade.

Go Miami

So long David Lee. Nice body of work you left behind with Henne. Whoever the QB's are at Ole Miss, I would consider other options asap.

Addition by subtraction with concern to Lee. Don't let the door hit you one the way out David.

henne will do just fine once they remove the handcuffs and let him play the game.

It'll be interesting to see how Henne does with another QB coach. If he indeed knows the plays and knows how to read defenses as Armando indicates another, more aggressive QB coach could do wonders for Henne. I have been saying all along that Henne appears to have all the attributes of an NFL QB but he lacks the confidence of his abilities. He is a big guy, great arm and fairly good mobility, but somebody has really put the kabash on his confidence. Let him take a chance, throw the ball to Marshall, let him fight for it. If it gets intercepted Brandon will probably tackle the defender or rip the ball out of his hands. That's what he (Brandon) been wanting anyway.
We need more speed out of the backfield and during returns. We have not had a decent Special Teams coach since JJ ran Mike Westhoff out of town.Thanks JJ.
Looking forward to a much more successful 2011!!!

I hope Coach Tony doesn't loose sight of his Free agents. He need to get McDaniel and Soliai for sure signed up and Incognito is a wide body that perform very well this season next to Long. Running backs; looks like Ricky burned the bridge of his return when he critized Coach Tony. Cobb and Ronnie Brown, I would chase Ronnie and I'm sure Cobb would stay if offered a decent bump from his previous contract. Thiggy and Chad P. would be a wait and see. Love to see Pennington stay either as a player or as a coach.
Thiggy depends on the new OC or if there is another QB picked up in the draft. My personal choice would be to draft a speedy running back and wait for next year to draft a QB, this will give the Phins time to re-evaluate Henne and the new OC.
I'm glad all the comotion is almost over; I'm glad Coach Tony is back, I think he truly deserves at least one more year at the helm and I hope Mr. Ross doesn't become a micromanager of the team and if he does I hope Coach Tony tells him where to git off ... There is a lot of hope there...

Henne will get a second shot to redeem himself, remember something no one has mentioned...

Henne is a Michigan Alumni like Ross. Think about that?

I have to admit, when we selected Henne, I really didn't watch him much in college other then when they played Notre Dame. But recently I've see clips of him in college and he plays exactly the same as here in Miami. He had a slow release and stared down his receivers, got sacked alot, and didn't have great touch. He is not changing no matter what. He is what he is. We need to get rid of him asap. I don't even want him as a third stringer. I think we should get Garcia and draft a QB with the 15th pick. Garcia had a nice year in CFL this year. He would be cheap also.

Lee cautious, undaring??? He was Tony Romo's mentor at Dallas for years. He was the one who taught Romo how to be a daring qb. Lee begged and begged Parcells to put Romo in the game, but Parcells wouldn't for months and months on end. Is Romo cautious and undaring?? think not. Tony was so appreciative of Lee's teaching he took Lee and his wife to the Pro Bowl the first year Tony went. Hello, Lee brought the Wildcat to the NFL. Cautious and undaring, not in the least. remember, the OC calls the plays.

Can we not wash the stench of the Dallas Cowboys from this team?

AS an Ole Miss fan and alum, this is a win-win situation. Lee was great in college; in the pros, he all but ruined Henne. I just hope the damage to Henne, who I think has all the tools to be excellent, isn't permanent.

cam newton has a lot of talent but there has never been a situation where a qb in the nfl lead his team deep into the playoffs or to the superbowl with the ability to run the ball like vick, young, newton or others. they pass the ball first and only pull it down and run if they need to. elway was a perfect example of a qb that was mobile enough to scramble and run for a first down, if needed, but his strenght was in the passing game where he was a bigger threat. drafting newton would be a mistake. the oregon game showed how a defense could make newton ineffective and shut him down running the ball. if they do that he then needs to beat them throwing the ball. the question is: can he do that on a consistent basis? like others have stated you don't take a qb in the first just because you need a qb. there's a lot of qb's who play in college and don't necessarily have the stats but it doesn't mean they can't be a quality qb in the nfl. they need talent on the remainder of the team to help them. put them in the right situation and they could be another brady or favre. the problem with the position is you just never know.

LAST !!!

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