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Dolphins a loooong way from being good enough

The question the Dolphins were asking, the question I was asking, the question you had to be asking as the New England Patriots dismantled the Dolphins 38-7 on Sunday, was ARE THE DOLPHINS THIS FAR FROM BEING PATRIOTS GOOD?

Make no mistake, the Dolphins do have talent. Their defensive line is good and deep. Their specialists (punter, kicker, long snapper) are among the better ones in the league. Their wide receiver corps is one good deep threat from being outstanding. The corners will be good once they figure out how to catch interceptions.

But this game was such a total butt whipping, such a domination, that it had to raise questions about, about ... everything.

Remember the Patriots didn't play Wes Welker, or Deion Branch, or Aaron Hernandez. Remember they turned the lights out on the offense in the fourth quarter -- running instead of passing on third down, and running one fourth down when they could have kicked a field goal.

And still the Patriots looked like they're a great team while the Dolphins looked like a bottom drawer team light years from competing for a title. Understand that New England won twice as many games as the Dolphins this year. Twice as many!

And they're rebuilding. And they have three picks in the first 33 selections of next spring's NFL draft. And they have six selections in the first three rounds.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will be without a second round pick.

Miami will have the No. 15 pick in the first round behind Carolina, Denver, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland, San Francisco, Tennessee, Dallas, Washington, Houston, Minnesota, Detroit and St. Louis.

Can the Dolphins pluck a super star at No. 15 that will bridge the gap between them and New England? Only if that guy is a future Hall of Fame worthy quarterback. But those don't typically hang out until the 15th pick in the draft unless several folks in several NFL outposts are blowing it on draft day.

The point?

No matter what happens in the next couple of days. No matter who the next coach or general manager is -- be it Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland or someone else -- this Dolphins team isn't borderline title ready.

They think they're close.

They think they're one or two players away. I believe they're five or six players away. And as we saw on Sunday, that's a far, far way from the team the Dolphins have to beat to win their division.


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New post up guys...

I think it's hilarious that Armando wrote a story last year about how NE was on the decline and the Phins (my team, btw) was on the rise with it's young talent. My, how things have changed!

Bobbyd12 - good point....maybe they'll just cut him lose or try to work a trade for a 2012 pick after negotiations. Either way, they're not keeping him. 9.75 million due him in 2011 and they're going the Tebow direction

Ryan Mallet because the fins need a franchise qb. get a speedy wr later. sign Deangelo Williams. draft FS, OL, and hire a new coach.


I'll have to give that trade option some thought. My initial opinion is a NO because I don't believe in mortgaging the future like that but I really like Andrew Luck. I'll give it some thought.

Wolfman, thanks for the kind words. I would have said yes to a Kyle Orton for a 3rd or a 4th pick but Bobby says it can't be done right now.

So, because the Jaguars & Texans annually suck & their owners are Ok with that, every team should be? LMAO Based on the product those 2 teams put on the field, neither should be a head coach.

Yea, lets keep Sparano around so we can keep hovering around .500% & tell us he can fix it every year. It's been 3 years and he hasn't fixed the offense. He hasn't fixed special teams. He hasn't completely fixed the defense.

Yea, lets ride this guy out, he's sure taking us places! If he stays, enjoy the Stone age football & .500% seasons.


I think the guys who makes these decisions know more than you and me added together. Because you don't agree what the Texans and Jags do doesn't mean they are wrong. The point I was trying to make is, not EVERY team runs out there and gets rid of evrybody just because a team comes up short of expectations. Sometimes there are other things that go into things other than just the Head Coach.

Its fine to be patient when there are signs of progress. Its stupid to be patient when all signs point to a completely inept HC who has no idea how to take control of his own staff.

I don't care what every team does, Craig. Neither should you. The texans & jaguars have no business keeping those guys on as coaches based on what they put on the field. After 6 or 9 years, what will change? Hoping for a change won't make onea know. THis isn't a make a wish foundation.

The texans will NOW draft defense you bet? Come on dude, seriously? Since 2004 the texans have had 8 1st round draft picks. 7 of them have been defense & they still suck! All under Kubiak. When will the HC take responsibility? Per something you said on the other page which made me chuckle:

"So we haven't even taken into account the other holes on the team, the lack of a running game, no pass catching TE, a shoddy OL and this assumes the defence will still be good."

Are you making a case for or against Sparano/ Ireland? To still have these holes after 3 years....what exactly is your basis for keeping them? As the talent on the team has improved with a tougher schedule, we have gotten worse. Big time holes, harder schedule = more losses... Whats not adding up? A run based offense that can't run? A HC who was an offensive line coach, with a different interior line 3 years in a row?

What makes you think they'll ever get it right? Better yet, what have they done to give you this falty notion? You must be the most eternal optimist of all time or the biggest sucker around. I hope it's not the latter.

Mark Spicer, Pats were in decline last year. Armando was correct. Belichick jettisoned the attitude problems in Adalius Thomas, Shawn Springs, and this year Moss, stockpiled a slew of draft choices, and hit home runs with McCourty, Hernandez, Gronkowski, Spikes,etc... and completely transformed the defense making it the youngest in the NFL at average of 25 years old. The D keeps getting better ending up #8 in the NFL in points allowed giving up 47 points the last 5 games.

This is Belichick's best coaching year by far.


Answer me this.....what did the Dolphins do to improve the offence last season? Do you think that was enough? What if you gave them another offseason to make the necessary changes before crucifying these guys?

So what makes a sucker, Joe?....because I don't happen to agree with you. Under your plan, the HC, OC and the rest of the coaches wil have very limited time to work with the players if there is a lockout. Does that make more confident that things will go well next year?


Totally agree with you on your points about the Patriots. Bellichick hasn't received enough credit for the masterful job he has done with the roster since last year. I talked a friend of mine on the weekend who is a big Pats fan and he loves that they were able to get Moss off the team and actually get something back for him. He has reashaped the team and in the process made them better and younger.

Craig, do you know the average length of career of an NFL player? NOT LONG. If these guys can't get basic football requirements(OLINE) done in 3 years, we'll be in perpetual rebuilding mode.

To answer your question, they finally addressed the WR position via trade after they virtually ignored the need or failed to draft anyone capable of doing the job for 2 offseasons. While other teams like the Giants strike gold with guys like Manningham we draft 7th round guys(turner) in the 3rd because of his size & cut them after a year. We draft gimmicky Qb's like Pat White for 3-4 plays a game. WE REALLY TRIED TO ADDRESS THE OFFENSE BY WAITING UNTIL THE 3rd & 4th ROUND(Hartline).

They also tried to rebuild the line again for the THIRD offseason in a row. Keep trying, eventually they'll figure it out.

Round n round we go. You think they deserve a longer shelf life, I don't. How the hell can anyone think Kubiak staying is the right thing? He's had six years & his defense stinks every year. They have 7 former 1st rounders on that defense. They need more FA's & draftees? How about holding the guys accountable for them sucking so long accountable for a change?

You wanna keep these clowns here to ruin this team like he's doing? No Thanks. We should be striving for excellence. Sparano is only a HC because he is Parcells friend. Had you ever even heard of Sparano before he came here? There are 50 assistant or position coaches, coordinators WHATEVER in the NFL who could get results like Sparano. Stop holding him up on a mantle like he deserves better. He doesn't. After 3 years, this team SHOULD be better than it is. That's on him & Ireland whether you choose to think so or not.

GOOD OL = mediocre to good QB play and good running game = win games, maybe not a SB, but a good team.

BAD OL = bad QB + bad running game = bad receivers = bad OC = bad Head Coach = home losses = etc etc etc

Joe, there are some folks (like some bloggers here) that could find their wives dress in the back seat of a rental car and still not believe she is cheating on them. Thats what you are dealing with, unconditional loyalty, like a pet.


I simply asked you what they did to help the offence LAST year. Pat White and Turner and anybody else you want to mention were the year before. The only guys they added last year were Marshall and Jerry and Berger was brought in as a supposed depth player and he ended up starting. My point is you complained about the offence last year and how they can't get it right. I'm saying they spend no or very little effort on the offence last year because the defence was so bad.

Craig, why do you respond back as if i didn't answer your question? You do this allot. can you not read? Either you can't or your pretending. I mentioned year 2 guys wigh year 3 guys because they FAILED at it. Don't you get it man? Seriously, what will you not grasp at to defend these guys? Why don't you answer my question, did you even HEAR of a Sparano before he was hired? I bet not.

Look at the guys they brought this year, that I already talked about. Berger, did he help? NO. They went to the Cowboy garbage pile they've been in before. WOW THAT'S HARD WORK! Incognito, did he help? NO. FYI, I mentioned the oline being rebuilt again. I also mentioned Marshall. But you love to ignore tha failuers White, Turner etc.

If you're gonna glance over what I say to keep grasping at straws to defend your lame duck coach, I have interest in going back n forth with you.


Once AGAIN Joe you ddn't answer my question. And you accuse me of this. The questions was, TELL ME WHAT THE DOLPHINS DID TO HELP THE OFFENCE LAST OFFSEASON? You never did answer that question. You went on about Patrick Turner and Pat White. That had nothing to do with last off-season. My point is how can you criticize what they did with the offence when they made no changes. The reason they made no changes was because the defence was so bad. Was it the right move to make? Don't know but the offence isn't good enough.

You're right adding Berger was a NOTHING move. don't like him. and no I'd never heard of Sparano before but that doesn't mean anything.

CraigM...I really enjoy reading your posts...but you are DEAD WRONG in not wanting an immediate QB upgrade.Now how do we do that...how do we immediatley UPGRADE the QB position...There are only 2 options...DRAFT or FA...One would need to a fool/stupid/dumb not realise that the QB is easiliy the best way to the SB...yes I know that SB's have been won with mediocre QB's who had GREAT seasons, but the fact remains that unless your QB is excelling one way or another, the team goes NOWHERE....absolutely nowhere..!!

This FO must be held accountable because they targeted a Franchise QB in CHAD HENNE...who has now been found wanting..they made the WRONG CALL and have been playing catchup eversince.BIG MISTAKE.

They need to start again.Now, if they TRULY beleive that in LUCK they have a strong chance of finding their man, then YES they must sell the farm..SELL THE FARM with conviction and take the risk.The alternative is OBLIVION...
They MUST trade up and do anything to get there..sell off the furniture if need be...but get their man...TRADE UP.

Now if they are NOT convinced that they can find their NO1 QB via the draft then its KYLE ORTON via FA and thats a NO BRAINER, with Henne as back up....

Other problems:
For those who say that there have been SB winning teams with average QB's ...well that IS true, but they were EXCELLENTLY managed and had great SYSTEMS...look at our clock management, our game day management, our time outs, our play calling...WOEFUL...and the main contribitor IMHO is Tony Sparano himself...he is severely lacking in GAME DAY tactics..

Another blogger made the EXCELLENT point that our 11-5 season was a WILDCAT season.It masked BIG PROBLEMS on our OLINE...now without the WC we are exposed for the TERRIBLE line we have...
So the great year everyone raves about was a mainly WC generated year....not because of great coaching/ systems...in fact it was David Lees idea as we were 2 zip ....NOT GREAT COACHING..

We need a change at FO and QB.....our coaches dont really understand what needs to be done or they would have done it by now....Theyre LOST i beleive.....REPLACE THEM now

I have been a Dolphin fan since their first year in the NFL. This present team is in shambles !! An insult to Don Shula & his era of players. Miami can't beat a terrible team, or a bad team, or a good team or a great team. Now some people are already saying, "wait until next season......." Bah Humbug. Miami NEEDS DIVINE INTERVENTION !! Nuff said !!

CraigM, can you read? There you go again. Making up flasehoods to make you look smarter than you are. I answered you THREE times bud, are you blind or incapable of comprehening English?? Seriously, you now have NO credibility. You are officially a dud.

You ask me about last offeseason, which is the 2009 offseason, then tell me Turner & White don't count. How does Hartline, Turner & White NOT deal with LAST offseason? You're tragic. I have mentioned the every year oline re-do. That applies to 2008, 2009, & 2010. Lay off your crack pipe and pick up a dictionary.

Since you're having issues I'll repost my first response where I answered your silly question. It involved 2009 & 2010. What else do you want? Why do I have to repeat myself? Oh that's right, to make it look like I'm ducking you LOLOLOL

Contrary to your ignorance, unlke you, I answered you. Why don't you answer if you ever heard of sparano before? For the 3rd time kiddo, see my answer:

"To answer your question, they finally addressed the WR position via trade after they virtually ignored the need or failed to draft anyone capable of doing the job for 2 offseasons. - this is acknowledging the Marshall trade Craigy.

While other teams like the Giants strike gold with guys like Manningham we draft 7th round guys(turner) in the 3rd because of his size & cut them after a year. We draft gimmicky Qb's like Pat White for 3-4 plays a game. WE REALLY TRIED TO ADDRESS THE OFFENSE BY WAITING UNTIL THE 3rd & 4th ROUND(Hartline). - This was about 2009 off season Craigy.

They also tried to rebuild the line again for the THIRD offseason in a row. Keep trying, eventually they'll figure it out. - This was about the o-line in 2010 Craigy

The Problem is all the draft pick mistakes that we had in the 2004,2005,2006 the decision of Saban to go with Culppeper over Brees , and that we haven't draft a decent qb ( we had a shot at Flacco and Ryan ) and in Ryan case yes we had Long probably the best LT in the league but QB is the must important position in the field.
I said Sparano expertise is OL and our OL was average our running game was poor no log gains we need speed at RB and WR a free safety and a corner that can catch the football I think Sean Smith had at least 8 drop int's one of the stats that always tells a winner is turnover ratio look at New England +26 the best 2nd team was at +14 that is one of the reason they win they don't make mistake ( stupid Int's ) and the get the ball from the other team. Also our special Team has nothing Special no long gain on punt or kickoff and we can't tackle either this team needs some good talent evaluator to pick the players a better HC ( Cowher , Grudden , Fisher ) much better play calling OC and a qb coach that can develop QB I think that between Sparano Henning and Lee they had damage Henne but I will keep him one more year and had him compete for the job maybe they can trade for Kevin Kolb or even Mark Bulger may be a help for this team but they also need to draft a qb this year in the 1st round if someone graet is available at #15.

Just saw you did answer the sparano questionm, my apologies. Glad to know you never heard of him and he is so worth holding onto. God knows what Miami would do without him LMAO

You guys are missing the big picture. There is ONE position that will make or break a team. QB! Even the Pats didn't look like the same team yesterday when Brady was out. They looked like they could be had. The problem is that unless you're talking about someone like Manning, quarterbacks are the hardest thing to evaluate. It's like someone said above, Brady was taken at 199 and Leaf was no. 1 overall. It doesn't matter what they look like in college. No matter who is evaluating the talent, it seems like its a crapshoot. But if you're lucky enough to get a good one, they can make a decent team great overnight. That's where we've been ever since Marino hung it up. Period.

If the PHINS keep the front office intact, there's no hope......everything will be the same.....here's top a few more OL, DL, and 7th round TEs

Dan Marino.. Armando is right and if you learn how to spell "WEAK" correctly you'd might understand that. The Miami Dolphins are far from being NEAR great.. which is what we all want obviously. Until our o-line retains one to two more all pros.. we won't have a chance unless Mike Vick is at QB and we'd might finish 9-7. This team isn't close, yes we're closer than Carolina.. But in reality Buffalo was more competitive than we were all year. They have a QB and take pride in the team they had.. we don't even have that. The Dolphins need a new QB and offensive coordinator and we might accomplish a 9-7 to 10-6 that wouldn't compete past the divisional round of the playoffs. It's going to take smart picks and a lot of work on every position on the offense except MAYBE wide receiver to get even close to competing in an AFC Divisional playoff round and beyond. I bleed orange and teal as I do orange and forest green with the Miami Hurricanes, and both teams or almost identically in the same boat it's not even funny. Only exception is there may be a future with Stephen Morris at the helm of The U and a great motivator at Head Coach who advocates aggressiveness in his players unlike RS. This team needs serious help where it matters but we still won't match up with the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers (in playoff mode), and the Baltimore Ravens who we haven't beat in years when it actually matters. Lets go Miami Dolphins! Get us ACTUALLY excited for the first time since Jay Fielder, Lamar Thomas and that defense in '02!!!

Of the 14 other teams ahead of us in the draft, how many need a QB? What are our chances?

Hey Joey,

First of all the name is Craig....try getting it right next time. You want to start getting into name-calling let's go....

Secondly, you start bringing up guys like Hartline, Turner and White.....NONE of those gusy were drafted last off-season. Were you even a fan last year or are you new to the team? TWO years ago White, Turner and Hartline were drafted. Last off-season Odrick was drafted in the first round, and then Misi and then Jerry etc....So try getting your facts straight before you run off your big mouth!

So I'll ask you AGAIN, Joey....how exactly did the Dolphins help the offence last off-season? Let me put it into simpler terms for you....what players were new to the offence from last off-season, who weren't with the team the year before.....BIG CLUE FOR YOU....Hartline, Turner and White were with the team the year before.....they don't count. Who else?

we would be much closer if these idiots would have just drafted Dez Bryant

Craig, seriously dude, you're blind & dumber than a 2x4!!!!!!!! Holy Sh*t!!! No wonder people scoff at most of your comments. Read my posts on 1/3 @ 7:52, 8:42 & 10:35 pm for your answer.

Tell me seriously, can you read? LOLOLOL This is now 4 times I'm repeating myself for your sorry as*, I almost feel sorry for you. Learn how to read for f*ck sake! Stop making yourself look smarter than me, you're not. Also, if I knew about Hartline, Turner etc OBVIOUSLY I followed the team last year. Your questions are nonsensical to begin with!

I mentioned 2009 & 2010 moves before & on this response I'll throw in 2008 for sh*ts n giggles. Go back & read them for yourself though. Show some initiative. Since your mommy won't help you, allow me to AGAIN help you.

2010, for the 4th time now Craigy, the offense was upgraded by the already stated Marshall trade & the oline rebuild. FYI...MARSHALL IS A NAME YOU'RE ASKING FOR.(Berger, Procter, Incognito, Mcquistan, Jerry) in 2010. THOSE ARE NAMES YOU'RE ASKING FOR. You already know them though, did you really need someone to list them for you? Pathetic.

But, like you said, they DIDN'T try to help the offense in 2010. NOOOOOOOOOOOO. LMAO Oblivious. Trading 2 2nd rounders & signing or drafting 5 new lineman shows NO desire to help the O. LMAO You are ABSOLUTELY CLUELESS. No wonder you want Sparano to stay!

What proves you wrong further in your logic that they have yet to address the offense is that they did the same thing in 2009: White, Turner, Hartline, Gardner, Grove. 5 MORE offensive additions.

What completely makes you look foolish is all the 2008 moves as well. Parmalee, Hilliard, Alleman, Indukwe, Long, Bess, Murphy and on and on and on too many to name.

So keep repeating your already answered question & making yourself look like a jack-weed. By insisting that this FO hasn't tried to rebuild the offense & they should get time to do so, shows how clueless you are.

You look as silly as Sparano does weekly pumping his fists on the sideline. You are beyond oblivious & I am done indulging your ignorance.

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