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Dolphins a loooong way from being good enough

The question the Dolphins were asking, the question I was asking, the question you had to be asking as the New England Patriots dismantled the Dolphins 38-7 on Sunday, was ARE THE DOLPHINS THIS FAR FROM BEING PATRIOTS GOOD?

Make no mistake, the Dolphins do have talent. Their defensive line is good and deep. Their specialists (punter, kicker, long snapper) are among the better ones in the league. Their wide receiver corps is one good deep threat from being outstanding. The corners will be good once they figure out how to catch interceptions.

But this game was such a total butt whipping, such a domination, that it had to raise questions about, about ... everything.

Remember the Patriots didn't play Wes Welker, or Deion Branch, or Aaron Hernandez. Remember they turned the lights out on the offense in the fourth quarter -- running instead of passing on third down, and running one fourth down when they could have kicked a field goal.

And still the Patriots looked like they're a great team while the Dolphins looked like a bottom drawer team light years from competing for a title. Understand that New England won twice as many games as the Dolphins this year. Twice as many!

And they're rebuilding. And they have three picks in the first 33 selections of next spring's NFL draft. And they have six selections in the first three rounds.

The Dolphins, meanwhile, will be without a second round pick.

Miami will have the No. 15 pick in the first round behind Carolina, Denver, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Arizona, Cleveland, San Francisco, Tennessee, Dallas, Washington, Houston, Minnesota, Detroit and St. Louis.

Can the Dolphins pluck a super star at No. 15 that will bridge the gap between them and New England? Only if that guy is a future Hall of Fame worthy quarterback. But those don't typically hang out until the 15th pick in the draft unless several folks in several NFL outposts are blowing it on draft day.

The point?

No matter what happens in the next couple of days. No matter who the next coach or general manager is -- be it Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland or someone else -- this Dolphins team isn't borderline title ready.

They think they're close.

They think they're one or two players away. I believe they're five or six players away. And as we saw on Sunday, that's a far, far way from the team the Dolphins have to beat to win their division.


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#1 Dolphin,

YOu realize that's a recipe for being worse than 7-9 next year, right? I don't know why you guys are frothing at the mouth to waste a first round pick on a QB. Outside of Luck it's a pretty mediocre group. The only one I think will become a franchise QB is Luck. I just see more of the same and nothing great at that either. Definitely not sold on Can Newton.

DC Dolfan, don't know why you're so excited about Shanahan and what he'll do in Washington. He was very mediocre in Denver his last few years in Denver. He's already messed things up with trading for and then signing Donovan McNabb. Let's look at that again...gave up draft picks and then signed a guy long term, that he now realizes he doesn't want. They will now be faced with the likelihood of having to release him. Brilliant move! What am I suppose to be watching for this year? They will draft a young QB in the first round this year but no way he'll be ready to be impactful in his first season. Not the least bit impressed with Shanahan. Glad he's not here. He can go wreck the 'Skins in a very tough division.

Alright.... we all agree on two things this morning.

1. We MUST get a new QB
2. Belichick is God.

Now...Coaches like Belichick don't just fall out of the sky, but ones like Cowher do, who in my estimation is pretty darn close to a Belichick.

Ross must not have gotten any sleep the last few weeks as "Judgement Day" is here and it's decision time:

Sparano or Cowher?

You guys are just talking silly now!!.....hard to have a serious conversation with some of you these days.

See ya!

Let's see...The Patriots are in the playoffs, they drafted some guy named Tom Brady. The Steelers are in, they drafted a guy named Ben Roethlisberger. The Ravens are in, they drafted a guy named Joe Flacco. The Chiefs are in, they paid the price to get Matt Cassel. In the NFC, the Eagles are in, they gave a second chance to Michael Vick, nobody else wanted to. The Bears paid to get Jay Cutler. The Packers are in, they drafted Aaron Rodgers. The Falcons have the best NFC record, they drafted Matt Ryan. The Saints are in, SB champions and all, they gave Drew Brees are very lucrative contract. Having said all of this, you think the Dolphins should do something about their QB position???

Cam Newton, who posted that crap? Trade up for him, he is a franchise QB? That is a stretch. You can't "trade up" to get him. If he falls maybe... and that is a big maybe.

The dolphins had a lot to play for yesterday, "pride". And most did not show. that is what makes me agree with what Mando said in this. If these guys we have are not self motivated, then our coach failed to get them motivated. This is a sad state of affairs...

Craig M...I totaly agree with you about Luck. Scouts are wrong as much as they are right. But Luck has the highest grade for any quarterback coming out of college since John Elway. Now nobody knows how this will play out. But this is something. How many quarterbacks in the history of this league have been drafted since then? None...0. have graded out like Luck and he may not even come out. The guy has been playing in a pro style offense since he was a freshman in high school. He is big, strong arm, above all ACCURATE(sorry Henne). He understands progressions, how to set protections and above all can play day 1. As crazy as it would be, he is the only guy that we should even be thinking about drafting in round 1. So we are left with that option(in my own world) This said, I doubt we will be drafting a quarterback in the first round. We just don't have the pieces, and there are to many other holes to fill.

This team is more than 5 or 6 players from being a SB hopeful. The O-line gets dominated consistently - except for Jake Long. No QB, RB's on the downside, no WR w/ speed, LB's except for Dansby are weak, secondary is marginal, and no return game to speak of.

The genious of Dan Hanning was defined for me in one play in the 2nd Qtr. Fake the hand-off up the middle to the fullback. Then with the defense drawn in on the fake, hand it off to the tailback up the middle. GENIOUS - NOT!!!

And Sean Smith thinks he's Deion Sanders - they don't pay me to tackle. He was afraid to put a hit on a receiver a foot shorter than him. PATHETIC!!

You think Brandon Marshall wants Henne? You could see his disgust with every mis-throw Henne made to him yesterday. Actions speak volumes.

How is it that N.E. can have so much turnover and still field a quality team? It starts in talent scouting and evaluation - something Miami has lacked for 20+ years.

Let the purge begin.....

ALoco, Ronnie Brown gives all of his bonus checks to charity... That allows him to complain about not getting a chance to reach that mark. It was Bush League by the phin organization to not allow him a proper chance to get there.

Craig M, when in the world should they draft one??? How many more Matt Ryans, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and all the other ones we missed out on are we supposed to watch and think: "Gee, this guy was available for us, he would look good in a dolphin uniform". What do you want to do??? Come back with Henne and re-sign Thigpen??? You think what I'm saying is a recipe to be worse than 7-9...Well, bring back Henne and Thigpen and you're probably looking a 1-15 again. That would be great wouldn't it?

#1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal--- I agree 100%. We've wasted several picks and years on 2nd rounders and other team's failed projects. It's time to move up and get a franchise QB.

Gabbert looked legit the little I've seen of him...

Still waiting on the Headline ...Henning Gone!

C'mon Fellas!

Ross is busy hammering the phones trying to line up free agents...

Justin Beiber
The Jonas Brothers
Carrot Top
Bob Saget
The guy from the Piano Bar on the Cruise Ship

Oh and this year they are doing the 72, thats right 1972 season video in Technicolor!

A new special Chipotle cheese sauce and Blue Corn Chip Nacho plate.

Big Poppa Pump gets his own Suite and special non-drip pancake face make up for his close ups. He won't look as shiny.

I love the Miami Next Years!


Ooof, hadn't heard the Gators play for Weiss. Already a big missed opportunity and the season hasn't been over for 24 hours - surely - we couldn't beat out the Gators for an OC - that's not good.

The SS is pumping out the Jim Harbaugh issue. I've been on board for this type of move since the ST debacle in the 1st Pats game. He's the only guy I'd be happy to see come in as a new HC because he has all the earmarks of being a GREAT HC - experience playing in the modern game at high level (AFC Championship game)- offensive guy - intelligent, etc.

Andy NJ, I too would love to see Mallett as a Dolphin. I've been on board with this guy since last year too. His throws are aggressive and beautiful. I'd have more confidence in him than Cam Newton for sure. Newton doesn't look like an NFL qb at all - nto saying he can't be but at this point - it looks like Mallett would take less time to get ready at the NFL level and would translate to good results sooner. Warning though - he will throw a lot of picks early but with the right type of coaching (promote being smarter vs instilling fear of playing not to lose which is a losing mentality in itself) he will be just fine.

#1...for got the Colts are in the drafted P. Manning a lifetime ago and are in the playoffs for the 7th straight year...

I made this same case to DB yesterday....have a QB...will make playoffs

Craig M, you think it's just a coincidence when Marino was our QB we'd be a lock to make the playoffs every year? Ever since Marino retired, we NEVER make the playoffs. Coincidence? I don't believe so. Let's keep on drafting def linemen, def backs, off linemen and rbs in the first round and we will continue to FAIL MISERABLY. You watch.

What does Josh Freeman have to do with Cam Newton. They are nothing alike at all - at friggin ALL!!

sparano got rid of erik walden after a ST mistake in mid season. walden had 11 tackles and 2 sacks yesterday for green bay! they beat the bears to make the playoffs. matt roth who was also let go had a productive year for the browns. our talent evaluators are busy"turning over rocks".

As a Pats fan I have to say you guys are NOT that bad. Henne has to given another chance to see if there is something thereand Ronnie Brown should be brought back for another year. A good draft pick and some wise shopping on the free agent wire would probably fix what ails you.

To those that want Cowher

The only reason he wants to coach again is to top off his bank account before he sails off into the sunset...take that to the bank

Soiled :)

What do you think how Cleveland must feel about firing Belichet after 3 seasons???????????

mangini fired.

Not that it matters, but I was the first to say get Jim Harbough, enough of the retreads!

#1 Dolphin in Montreal

It's comical how people are saying they don't want to use a first rounder on a QB. Craig M says Miami would be worse then 7-9. First off that's not always true and second like you said when should Miami take a QB then.

Miami has been misfiring on other teams back ups, Culpepper and crap second rounders. Craig must be on his period today or is the really Chad Henne.

Black Monday Update:

Mangini fired in CLE
Lewis done in CIN
Cable out in OAK

oh ya, happy new year to all!

In reading the posts it seems that some (certainly not all) have no idea how a coaching change takes place in the NFL.

You can't just fire Sparano and instantly name Cowher or Harbaugh or whoever. The Rooney rule dictates that any team MUST interview a minority candidate as part of the process or they will be penalized.

IF Miami is going to make the change, this is a process that will take days (possibly weeks) to resolve itself.

How close were the Vikes to winning it all last year with EXCELLENT PLAY FROM FARVE?

A year later and a year older Farve doesn't play at the same high level and BOOM....the coach is fired and the team is in shambles....

Its the QB Stupid!
Bill Clinton

Marino needs to draft the next QB to end this bloody curse.

kris, for the Colts to have the first pick in the draft that year, it meant they were pretty bad. Bill Polian did NOT hesitate for a second and drafted Manning. We had the same opportunity 3 years ago with Matt Ryan and we did NOT take him. Nothing against Jake Long, he's our LT for the next decade. But Long won't throw a winning TD with the just a few seconds left in a tight football game. EVERYTIME the Dolphins have an oportunity to draft a great QB, they screw up. That's why we are where we are today. Not rocket science. Instead, we prefer using a second rounder on a guy that was supposed to run our stupid BS wildcat. Way to go! You think Atlanta needs that wildcat crap??

i'd like kevin kolb as qb and mohringweg as head coach; both from the eagles.

I can't say the Gators "beat out" Miami for Weis as OC.

He was in a good situation with the Chiefs. What seems far more likely is that he simply prefers the college atmosphere. I doubt the Dolphins would even have been a consideration.

Why was it bush league for the Dolphins not to give Brown the carries to get his bonus? For all the GREAT years he gave us???? hahaha, 1 one throusand yard rushing season and 1 pro bowl for a 2nd overall pick - yep, definitely had it coming, ahhaahaaa

If he wanted the bonus, he shouldn't have played like a queer ballerina all year and ran more like Ricky.

With the logic of not finding a superstar quarterback at the 15th pick, maybe we should have taken Matt Ryan with the first pick because superstar left tackles can be had at no. 15. Maybe the Tuna messed up on that one.

Why is a pats fan on a dolphins blog.....and when we play the bill...a bills fan shows up...and jet, and cleveland and so forth...

You guyd better not take Cam Newton....the NFL will be way tofast for him and his lack of intellect!

Craven Morehead, AMEN BROTHER!!!

I agree with Mark in Toronto that Harbaugh is the guy. Ross better get his ARSE back to Miami tonight for the Orange Bowl.

As far as QBs in the 1st round it seems like one always drops, exhibit A - Aaron Rodgers, exhibit B - Brady Quinn, etc.

Why would spending a 1st round pick on a QB, even if they are the developmental sort like a Gabbert or Newton, make us worse than 7-9? We got 0 good out of our 2010 1st round pick (Odrick) in 2010. And there's still free agency. Guys a top QB is worth 5 starting OLBs or NTs. It's a chance we can't afford not to take.

Mark @ 10:35....I coudn't agree more!

All the QB's with real talent will be gone by our 15th pick and don't agree with wasting it on medicore talent.

...so, does anyone know who the top free agent QB's are for this upcoming offseason?

I keep hearing Kolb, but in my opinion he is not much better than Henne.

Pshhhhhh, let me tell you all a secret:

As long as Belichek is coaching the Patriots, Miami is not going to dominate the Division.

In order to compete, Miami would need to recruit brainpower from the Patriot's organization and follow their game plan for success. Other than that, forget about it!

Miami needs a change in philosophy on how to put together AND MAINTAIN a winning ORGANIZATION not just a Team.

Shula was not just a good coach, he was a good organizer and had a set vision of how he was going to present a CONSISTENT winning game plan.
Sure he failed in many ways but at least as fans we always felt that year after year we had a chance to compete with the best.

Spend the money in bright and proven football minds, from the Patriots. Pay them whatever is necessary to bring them here and watch the Dolphins become part of the playoff fraternity.

dr. roberts, why wouldn't Weiss have been a consideration? He has alliances to this whole coaching staff through Parcells - shouldn't that $4 mill a year he's getting us buy us some goodwill with these guys at least. God only knows he did nothing hear to earn $50 let alone $12 million or whatever. He made another decision that cost us another few years in rebuilding in picking Long over Ryan. yes, it was a really tough decision but for $12 million, that's the kind of decision that should be made correctly. We won't be in play for another top end QB draft pick for at least another 5, 6 years unless we have a year with horrific injuries. We will have enough talent on this team to win 7-10 games for the foreseeable future.

DC, they did have a system: Grind it out, pass on 3rd down, conservative 1960s era football. Of course it didn't work because it was doomed from the beginning.

So, the wheels fell off and our leadership didn't have a clue how to fix it. Baring a devine intervention, they never will.

TOTAL disppointment, yet again. Sparano, Ireland, and Henning need to be shown out the door. Get Cowher in here, he can spot talent. For God's sake, New England is Draft Gold EVERY year... Even after Pioli leaves, they have a GREAT draft, loading up on young talent that will haunt us for years to come. We need TALENT EVALUATERS... we have none. we need a coach that has command of his team, we have none. We need someone that can actually call plays that will work in this century, not the 1970's, we have none. We have NO QB as well. Mr. Ross, PLEASE make the hires YOU need to make, the Miami Heat are eating your lunch and you r team.... THEY SUCK !

I just hope folks here are smart enough to know that they DON'T know how any of these college QB's will do at the pro level.

That's every single one of them, regardless of how "convinced" you are, regardless of how many times you watched him on tv (I kinda doubt you were at practices!)

No guarantee whatsoever with ANY of them.

That doesn't mean Miami shouldn't go after one...they MUST upgrade the position...only that it truly is a crapshoot.

Luck - will be gone if he declares.

Ryan Mallet and Cam Newton - are probably fighting it out for next QB taken and if either were available at 15 you have to jump on them.

A few years ago I think it was #17 the Bucs drafted Josh Freeman who had a ton of quetion marks but had the talent you would want in a first rounder. The same goes for Mallet and Newton.

Mallet - picks apart top SEC defenses apart on a regular basis. He actually has vital signs when playing, unlike Henne. He has the arm strength, leadership and that "it" factor.

Newton - is a big elite athlete in the SEC and had monster season. He has the arm strength, size and athleticism that is worthy of a top 10 pick.

"5 or 6 players to be OK ?"
Mando, IF we had the right personnel to evaluate and develop talent, it would not be so far away from now ...
For instance, Tampa Bay started 10 (TEN !) rookies in the team this year and almost made the playoffs ...
Release the HC, OC and others, save money on doubtful (at best) players as R.Brown, Henne, Crowder etc. and be smart in the free agency.
That´s the Patriots way of doing it. And I think it works ...

#1...i agree...I don't think we should bring up the Matt Ryan stuff because that is a done deal...however, I do think they need address this QB issue this year....Sell-out this years draft for Cam Newton, and bring in McNabb to mentor him.

Remember Belicheck's philosophy:
If you can't stop them, recruit them and sign them!

I don't agree with the viewpoint that all the good QBs will be gone by the 15th pick. Flacco was a mid to late 1st round pick - Freeman too. Ok, they aren't Manning or Brady but put in the right scenario - they can be pretty effective.

By the way, not enough is being said about TB's overall drafting the last 2 years - it's been off the charts - it all started with Freeman but was far from over after that.

Mark--I'm just saying that Weis was already in a good, rising situation with the Chiefs. His move back to the college ranks suggests to me he simply enjoys that atmosphere more. That's not all that uncommon.

"All the QB's with real talent will be gone by our 15th pick and don't agree with wasting it on medicore talent"

That's why we have to move up! I am tired of trading down and getting marginal players, we already have a marginal team. We need a difference maker!!!

Kolb=Freely, No way in gods green earth should Miami trade anything with Philly, They screw the fins every time it happens.............

mark. look at saban... and what r u going to do w/ your henne jersey now.?.lol. dr r. happy new year.

It has to start with addition by subtraction first. These people have to go today. Crowder, Culver, McQuistan, Murtha, Brown, Williams, Henning, Lee, any TE not named Fasano.

The Dolphins are no closer to competing with the Patriots now than they were 10 years ago when Brady started making his run. Patriots have had one quarterback since then. The Dolphins have had about 15. Think that might help explain some things?

Mr.Ross, are you on the phone with Jim Harbaugh right now?? If not, you need to hurry and call him. That's what your pathetic team needs Mr.Ross. Actually, they need a lot more than that but at least it would be a step in the right direction. Also, according to CNNSI.COM, Jeff Fisher will either get fired today or will be confirmed as staying put with the Titans. A lot of people believe Bud Adams will fire Fisher this morning.

Mark, No offense man, but you missed the point. The team, the media, everyone knew he was going to give the money to a South Florida charity. It was no secret. That is why ronnie got frustrated and said something to the media.

He had great seasons until the injuries hit, your gonna blame him for the knee injuries? He can not exactly run the ball with those injuries.

the guy's biggest blemish was not performance, it ws the drunk driving. Can not condone that at all.

But what he did for S. Florida charities, and how he played when healthy he deserved that shot. His #'s sucked this year more because of Henning and O'line issues. Ricky's #'s sucked also.

Dolphins have zero shot at Luck. None. Too many teams ahead of them with QB needs and no ammo to move up. I think it's a waste of time to discuss him.

The Lewis situation with Cincy is interesting. It's more a case of him firing the Bengals than the other way around.

I think Miami is in the perfect position to draft a QB. I am not sure if there will be a CBA in place before the draft. And I don't think any of us expect there will be one. If there is for at least one more year there will be no PAY scale for rookies. If Miami has a chance at drafting Cam Newton or Ryan Mallet their salary wouldn't kill Miami or set them back another decade like a top 10 QB could.

Miami has needed a QB since like 96'. Marino had nothing left and we have all been waiting on the next Marino ever since. I don't even have to have the next Marino just the guy for the next decade who is a good NFL starting QB.

Who know's Miami may make some sort of trade or bring in a free agent and think that's the answer at QB but if they don't and Mallet or Newton are there you have to draft one of them. They have that sort of skill set and ability to be stars. They also both could flop but that's the beauty of the NFL draft.

This team obviously quit on Tony Sparano yesterday, it is NOT the gauge of where this team is.

But we need a change and the new regime MUST find a QB and fill the few holes we do have.

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