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Dolphins vow "change in the direction of the franchise"

Yes, the Dolphins introduced Brian Daboll as their new offensive coordinator on Wednesday.

I wish I could tell you he promised to score 420 points in 2011. He didn't. I wish I could tell you he's got a plan for what the team is going to do about its quarterback situation beyond Chad Henne, whom the club is obviously keeping. If he's got that plan, he didn't reveal it.

But before we do all that, I simply want to inform you the Dolphins are going in a new direction. No big deal, right? We're headed in a new direction, or at least the Dolphins are promising.

It was evident in that there was a Brian Daboll introductory press conference. That's for sure. The club obviously reads blogs such as this one and is aware you, the fans, have been shredding the hiring for obvious reasons. The club is also aware you, the fans, pay the freight and you're unlikely to do that to any greater degree in 2011 by purchasing tickets if you hate the coaching staff before that stuff runs even one play in 2011.

So you had Brian Daboll. And I'll tell you more about him in the next post. But this post is about direction.

"You know us pretty well," general manager Jeff Ireland said to start off the presser. "This is not something we normally do. It's a little bit different than what we normally do. But we're excited about the direction of the franchise. We really are. We want to convey that to you.

"We're moving on and we're looking forward to change in the direction of the franchise. Steve Ross, I know for a fact, is committed to winning as Tony and I are, and we're looking forward to the process of changing the direction of the franchise in the next coming weeks. Today's an important part of that."

Changing the direction of the franchise is welcome. Stagnant is not a direction. And 7-9 in consecutive seasons is stagnant. So, again, changing direction is a good thing.

But the hope is the direction points up. Not down.

That is not guaranteed.


Because for all the Dolphins need to change -- the quarterback would be the No. 1 priority, in my opinion -- the people making and driving those changes are important. Get the right people making the call and the change has a greater chance of being positive. Pick the wrong people to make the call and you've buried yourself.

Get a mix of those and you have ... stagnant.

The hope here is the people that continue to make that call are the football people on football matters. Obviously Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland agreed on Daboll so that suggests they still have sway over football decisions. I would expect if the business side was making such calls the Dolphins would have hired ... well, someone whose previous stint was not at a team that scored fewer points than Miami.

But what is the out band of that limit?

Do they have the same sway as Bill Parcells did? Or has the business side of the organization leaked over onto football decisions?

On Wednesday, it was interesting that Daboll was introduced and Ireland, Sparano and club CEO Mike Dee were in the room. Mike Dee is a marketing and business genius. Don't believe me, check the attendance figures for the Boston Red Sox the past decade or so. The guy has also turned the Dolphins into a community relations, charitable and philanthropic juggernaut.

But he never attended a football presser before. Never. Why would he? He's not a football guy.

So was he at this one to monitor? Was he there to grade the participants and report back to Ross? Was he there because he was simply passing by although his office is at Sun Life Stadium and the presser was at Dolphins camp in Davie?


The Dolphins PR department shut down this presser before those questions were allowed to be asked. Honestly, the media asks the football questions first and then gets to these other ones if time permits. Time did not permit. Nobody also bothered to ask if a hiring for a QB coach is forthcoming or if Daboll will fill those duties.I apologize for not jumping up and asking that question aside from the other ones I asked. (I suck.)

But I'm just wondering if that "changing of direction of the franchise" we've been promised in the coming weeks is a signal of greater and more open dialogue with the press, and ultimately, with you? Or if that is just the surface with the business side of the operation holding greater sway over football.

"No," has been the answer the football side of this organization has long used to hold off the business side. It was to a point that no one even asked anymore for things such as greater access to players, for example. They were, the football side would always say, preparing to play football.

Wonder if that's going to change? And I wonder if that's going to affect the football preparation?

We'll see.