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Dolphins vow "change in the direction of the franchise"

Yes, the Dolphins introduced Brian Daboll as their new offensive coordinator on Wednesday.

I wish I could tell you he promised to score 420 points in 2011. He didn't. I wish I could tell you he's got a plan for what the team is going to do about its quarterback situation beyond Chad Henne, whom the club is obviously keeping. If he's got that plan, he didn't reveal it.

But before we do all that, I simply want to inform you the Dolphins are going in a new direction. No big deal, right? We're headed in a new direction, or at least the Dolphins are promising.

It was evident in that there was a Brian Daboll introductory press conference. That's for sure. The club obviously reads blogs such as this one and is aware you, the fans, have been shredding the hiring for obvious reasons. The club is also aware you, the fans, pay the freight and you're unlikely to do that to any greater degree in 2011 by purchasing tickets if you hate the coaching staff before that stuff runs even one play in 2011.

So you had Brian Daboll. And I'll tell you more about him in the next post. But this post is about direction.

"You know us pretty well," general manager Jeff Ireland said to start off the presser. "This is not something we normally do. It's a little bit different than what we normally do. But we're excited about the direction of the franchise. We really are. We want to convey that to you.

"We're moving on and we're looking forward to change in the direction of the franchise. Steve Ross, I know for a fact, is committed to winning as Tony and I are, and we're looking forward to the process of changing the direction of the franchise in the next coming weeks. Today's an important part of that."

Changing the direction of the franchise is welcome. Stagnant is not a direction. And 7-9 in consecutive seasons is stagnant. So, again, changing direction is a good thing.

But the hope is the direction points up. Not down.

That is not guaranteed.


Because for all the Dolphins need to change -- the quarterback would be the No. 1 priority, in my opinion -- the people making and driving those changes are important. Get the right people making the call and the change has a greater chance of being positive. Pick the wrong people to make the call and you've buried yourself.

Get a mix of those and you have ... stagnant.

The hope here is the people that continue to make that call are the football people on football matters. Obviously Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland agreed on Daboll so that suggests they still have sway over football decisions. I would expect if the business side was making such calls the Dolphins would have hired ... well, someone whose previous stint was not at a team that scored fewer points than Miami.

But what is the out band of that limit?

Do they have the same sway as Bill Parcells did? Or has the business side of the organization leaked over onto football decisions?

On Wednesday, it was interesting that Daboll was introduced and Ireland, Sparano and club CEO Mike Dee were in the room. Mike Dee is a marketing and business genius. Don't believe me, check the attendance figures for the Boston Red Sox the past decade or so. The guy has also turned the Dolphins into a community relations, charitable and philanthropic juggernaut.

But he never attended a football presser before. Never. Why would he? He's not a football guy.

So was he at this one to monitor? Was he there to grade the participants and report back to Ross? Was he there because he was simply passing by although his office is at Sun Life Stadium and the presser was at Dolphins camp in Davie?


The Dolphins PR department shut down this presser before those questions were allowed to be asked. Honestly, the media asks the football questions first and then gets to these other ones if time permits. Time did not permit. Nobody also bothered to ask if a hiring for a QB coach is forthcoming or if Daboll will fill those duties.I apologize for not jumping up and asking that question aside from the other ones I asked. (I suck.)

But I'm just wondering if that "changing of direction of the franchise" we've been promised in the coming weeks is a signal of greater and more open dialogue with the press, and ultimately, with you? Or if that is just the surface with the business side of the operation holding greater sway over football.

"No," has been the answer the football side of this organization has long used to hold off the business side. It was to a point that no one even asked anymore for things such as greater access to players, for example. They were, the football side would always say, preparing to play football.

Wonder if that's going to change? And I wonder if that's going to affect the football preparation?

We'll see. 


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I really like Mike Dee and I think he's a VERY talented guy but I would hardly use the fact that Fenway Park sells out on a regular basis as an indication of how talented the guy is. People in Boston have been 'eating and breathing' baseball for a great many years. It's their life! More so than the Patriots. They also have among the highest payrolls in the league, year after year, so it's really not that hard for them to put a winner on the field. I also think that because capacity at Fenway is not as great as some of the newer balllparks they really have no problem selling out. Talent guy?.....no question. But you might be stretching the point just a little bit, no?

Craig M.....the below post is from the last blog.....just so there is no question in your mind.....

Craig M....thats it dude.....As everyone on here can attest to I have done nothing but extend the olive branch....but your "weak little mind" can't comprehend that its not about right or wrong....

you take the most minute details of a conversation....and turn them into the MAIN POINTS....instead of concentrating on the MAIN POINTS.....

I hate to pull a BD12....but if I were face to face with you I would seriously have to handle this....

Theres no other way to put it.....I would probably feel bad afterwards because I think you might be a TARD who doesn't have the ability to see more than one point at a time....

But man.....oh well.....i can dream

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/dolphins-to-introduce-offensive-coordinator-at-1230-pm/comments/page/3/#tp#ixzz1BVaL9xTC

Anyway....to the rest with common sense.....and more than one brain cell left with which to reason with.....i'm out for a while....

Yeah I got it kris.....you back to name calling again? Why don't you just man up that you tried to discredit pete by insinuating that I was posting under him. Is it because you got caught or because you didn't like that he had a different opinion than you.

Now you're going to try settling things in person?....any time you're up to the challenge kris....let me know where and when....tough guy!

Just win, Baby!

(Though I do hope they're genuinely moving in a new - - AND POSITIVE - - direction).

Don't disagree with kris guys....he can't take it!.....suck!

It's well past time the Dolphins re-open the lines of communication. With Bill Parcells around, the take no prisoners, say nothing approach may have been tolerated, but only because the direction of the franchise seemed certain.

Ask any Dolphins fan and they'll tell you, at this point, we'd rather see a mass destruction of the team, rather than endless parade of mediocrity since the competitive fairness rules punish winning, reward losing but tend to keep the middling teams in dullsville for years.

Schedule position and draft position matter. Coaching and player development/picking matter.

Its long past the time that our team behaves like other, FAR MORE SCRUTINIZED local franchises (without naming names) who allow a reasonable access to players while balancing the concerns of a 24 hour news cycle looking to stir drama.

That team seems to handle media scrutiny well, why can't the Fins? I think the CEO is riding shotgun to gauge and spin the PR situation, as well he should after this month's debacles.

More importantly, the Fins should open up the lines of communication with us, the 2010 season ticket holders. There's no way I'm going to renew, but why not start with a survey of our opinions before you send out renewal letters...

LOL @ kris. I had another doozy with Craig on a prior thread. I made peace with him & also tried to help you with him the other day.

But, I have to agree. I don't know if there is something wrong with him but, something is simply NOT right. He ignores certain things, misses certain things, refuses to accept certain things or pretends he doesn't see them.

Trying to talk to him on this blog has become downright painful.

Do the words marketing and genius really belong in the same sentence ? Fins up huh ? WOW THE GUY'S A GENIUS.

Maybe Sparano and Ireland finally feel its "their" team. As long as Parcel's and his boy Henning were around, it didn't matter what Sparano or Ireland wanted to do. While I am not excited about this OC hire, I think Sparano works to hard NOT to be successful. And if him and Ireland get on the same page, I see progress. But what it ultimately comes down to is getting a star QB! Just ask all the other OC's Miami has had that got fired then are tearing it up now with other team's quality QB.

Joe and kris,

There's plenty of guys on here who want to talk Dolphins football. Go back to your misrerable lives....I'm not even sure that Joe and kris aren't the same guys.

Chad Pennington of 2007 a top 12 QB......LMAO!!!

Home already mentioned Mike Dee last blog bout 4 hrs ago
No Dolphin announcements on January 22 2011 @ Chemtrail Death Stadium


January 22 2011 is Chemtrail Awareness Day

This is all so...NOT EXCITING

Genius because of Red Sox attendance? Dude, obviously you never lived in any of the states that make up the new england area. People in that area love baseball and they love their Red Sox. They'll go to games even if the Sox stink. A raccoon could market the Red Sox.

I'm bored at work, and you guys aren't helping...

Craig, your little stabs at humor when you're already beaten to a pulp in a blog, by numerous posters, is laughable. FYI, I'm not Kris.

Keep making fun of Pennington. It continues to show your ignorance. Without Penny here, this team, in your precious 2008 season, would have been 5-11.

FYI, how a QB does on 1 team is not indicative of how good he is. For god sakes, you're telling everyone to give Henne a shot cause the team around him sucked, yet try to use the exact opposite logic in trying to discredit Pennington.

Your own logic is is illogical. Join the circus dude, you're a joke.

The whole "secretive" thing is annoying but it's hardly unusual in the NFL.

Belichick and the Patriots wrote the book on it, and most other teams copycat it these days.


Concerning the discussion of 4 WR sets from the last blog. It helps if your QB is comfortable in the shotgun, can read the quick slant underneath, and your WRs are on the same page as the QB. Those are coachable things! Like not staring down receivers, pump fake, etc
Henne needs to spend this off season working on his problem areas. Let's see if he can do that. We may get surprised! (I hope and pray that we will be).

Conspiracy theory: Miami doesn't want to get a real QB because they don't want to step on Marino's marketable feet. does anyone else agree?

PFT reporting Parcells recommended Rexy Ryan to Jets WHILE HE WAS "WORKING" "FOR" Dolphins!

That fatso tuna effed us 17 ways from sunday.


Now that kris, Mark from Toronto and CraigM have made this blog into UFC's Octagon, can some other posters put in their 2 cents, or, were you guys not done with your p*ssing contest, just wondering?

LOL, just kidding, I like being a voyeur (that's FRENCH for you haters).

Also, kris/Craig, do either of you have extended clips on your person. If so I'm LEAVING!

Conspiracy theory: Miami doesn't want to get a real QB because they don't want to step on Marino's marketable feet. does anyone else agree?

Posted by: phinsfan78 | January 19, 2011 at 02:10 PM



420....What's on your mind really Armando?

Where did all the intelligent posters go? Nothing but name calling and "Home" types..

The ONLY Prediction that
I have EVER made on
this blog has been...

The Sales, Marketing, and Business side of
Stephen Ross's Organization's M.O. is to

I N T R U D E,

I N T E R V E N E,



the Football OPERATIONS side
They've convinced themselves -- that they know better.
(...see "Cross Country Plane Trip to Nowhere.")

I hope I'm wrong.

Some of us have fallen into a trap of trying to reason with the unreasonable. I, for one, have learned my lesson.

Change? When people talk about change with no details, its just smoke and mirrors. This organization is truly pathetic. I hate to say it but Ross is another bummer, useless owner with no clue how to run a football team. No mystery why Parcells checked out asap after Ross arrived. We are one owner and who knows how many coaching staffs away from being a seriously competitive team.

Well, I'm sure excited that the Dolphins are excited. They really are. Jeff Ireland says so, and hey, if you can't trust Jeff Ireland...

That new direction? We're adding a chest bump to the fist pump. Maybe the team can turn it into a line dance or something. Would be more entertaining than the 2010 offense.

course they will say change, how could they not

I think the key to knowing if Miami is going to hire a qb coach would be reflected if Daboll had one in Cleveland or if he held that position also.

You don't go
1 - 7
at Home

...because it was easy for your players to concentrate.

Mike Dee is awesome. Ireland is still incompetent. Mike Dee is not going to be able to save the Dolphin's from Ireland's incompetence.

Guys don't be so sarcastic, no they are not adding a chest bump or a jumping high five, wtf? Are we really that childish?

they are adding a fist pump for a touchback.

silly rabbits...

Mike Dee. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

They could 'change' by...


Joe, you're right. I'm not saying Craig is unreasonable, I'm saying your goal shouldn't be to win him over. While I understand Craig's point about not needing an elite QB to win anything, which is accurate as HE STATED IT, it's ALSO accurate and I DO agree with Mark's point that in TODAY'S NFL (NOT YESTERYEAR), the passing league this has become, having an elite QB DOES improve your chances of success. AND, while you don't necessarily ALWAYS find that elite QB in the 1st-round of the draft, at least HALF the time you do. And since MIAMI HAS NOT drafted a 1st-round QB since '98, they probably SHOULD at some point if they want to solve the QB issue (if it's still an issue, which right now it is).

Now, Craig and others make a good point that Henne was probably the 3rd best QB of his class, and if we draft in 1st round this year, we might get the 3rd best QB, and maybe that's not the best choice this of all years for many reasons. That's why I'm open to foregoing the 1st-round QB pick this year for a year where better prospects are in the draft, but SOONER rather than LATER.

See folks, how someone analyzes two divergent views, and then takes the best of each and incorporates them into a overlying strategy.

Am I talking to pre-teens here, or are there any thinkers on the site today?

Hey, some fans wanted the stability Ireland & Sparano provided. Why? No idea, but that's what it is.

Now that NE & NY is the real AFC east rivalry, the best thing that can happen to Miami is to move to LA or realign the divisions. We should be in the South.

I watched the presser and I believe Daboll may be not as bad as we all thought. I think he's gonna bust his hump for us. Not that enthusiasm is enough. But I always had the impression Henning was just going through the motions.

Also thought it was interesting how Sparano (reading between the lines) threw Henning under the bus.

Isn't he in the Beastie Boys?
Anyway, combined these captains in charge have exactly how many years with this once proud franchise? Do they mean a change in their direction?

After all our sarcasm (which I for one am not offended by as a disappointed Dolphins fan), can we all agree that if this (yahoo)..I mean OC can re-teach Chad Henne how to play the game of football and make the Dolphins offense more entertaining to watch than an Alan Greenspan speech, he will have earned his keep? Can we at least agree on that?

The only thing I like about this OC is he is young, and not stuck in his ways. He seems to relate and work well with QB's. I know he was with clevland and they were, well...not so good. However he did not pick personell there, and colt mccoy looked much better than most rookies do. You never know...


The argument has been proven both ways. You can win a SB with and without a franchise qb. Its also been proven you can get to only one SB and lose with arguably the greatest regular season qb in nfl history(Marino).

Bottomline, franchise qb or no franchise qb the greater odds seem to suggest either way you had better build one helluva team around him if you wanna play for or win multiple SB's.

If he can make a QB outta Henne, he should be signed to a lifetime contract...LOL

Stability? The coaching staff and roster has changed throughout Jeffs tenure. just sayin.

"But we're excited about the direction of the franchise. We really are. We want to convey that to you." No, really, I swear to you! I really really mean it. I mean, why would I lie?!

I really have to words to describe the disgust I feel with this team right now. Out of all the available unemployed coaches out there, you go and get someone out of 4 teams that ran a worse offense then us?!?!?!?! I just don't get it.

Or maybe....their trying to drown this dolphin and possibly....hmmm....hear LA is looking for a football team. Make everyone hate this team, drive them out of town, and move across the country!

Sad state this team is in....don't know how much longer I can take it!!!

We need to make room for a new QB, and moving Pennington to QB coach is how to do it. His arm might be worthless but his brain needs to be preserved. I can see Rex Ryan hiring him to help Sanchize. We draft WHOEVER is best available at QB at our 1st round spot, then keep drafting DEFENSE. The DEFENSE is not finished. We can take care of RB, WR, and TE with Free Agency.

Yeah, Mike Dee, the genius that wants to put a roof on the stadium and build a water park.....

DC, he has a fetish to be right. I think that's childish. I'm not trying to preach or tell others they're wrong or right. When faced with multiple ppl debating him, he then starts saying we are all fake & the same person. We all say the same thing about him, that's why it seems that way to him.

Regarding the QB topic, he ignores the fact that aside from the 2000 Ravens, elite QB's won Superbowls. It's a fact, you can't argue it, but he insists.

His comments about Pennington not being a top tier QB going into 08 is a joke. He is the most accurate passed in history. That doesn't happen if you stink. He was playing on poor team in NY with a 1st year coach. Is it a coincidence he came to an awful team and made us respectable? That he was in the MVP race? That means he was playing at a very high level.

Without him in 08, we would have been 5-11. In another thread he was stating teams can win with average QB's. Win what? Isn't it about Superbowls?

What makes it funnier is that he preaches patience with Henne saying the team around him stinks. Yet, he disses Penny because he made a stinky team better?

And acknowledging the team around him still isn't there in 3 years, he was a staunch supporter of Sparano to not be fired.

You can't have it every which way! I mean, eventually common sense has to prevail.


Just wondering, when was there ever a great QB that needed multiple QB coaches and OC's to 'fix' him???

People here cite early statistics of Manning and Brees, but they played well, showed promise. I lived in San Diego during the Brees years and he was not awful as some here suggest, he was still pretty good, showing promise, nobody was talking about needing some coach to fix him.

Craig, you are not alone. LeBatard touched on how many of us feel about the QB situation in his column. Its just that angry voices tend to louder than the rational. Disappointment and desperation cloud judgement, understandably so. The key to running a good organization is not letting the tendency to be reactionary overpower the need to rely on logic.

Logic dictates the following: Any rookie QB is, at least temporarily, a step backward. (This coming from someone who said if Mallett is on the board at #16, I'd take him). The odds of getting a Marino or Roethlisberger (really good from the get go) is very slim

This team is built to peak now. The next 3-5 years should be our window. It will take that long for someone like Newton or Locker to be truly effective.

The odds of Henne growing into the job next year are greater than the odds of someone else coming in and being successful. Options are very limited

Only a few teams in the last 25 yrs to win the super bowl have not had a elite QB. thats 3 out of 25. C'mon Man open your eyes.


I dont understand the words that are coming out of your mouth! WTF is this article really about? I gotta find another place to get "real" Dolphin news. Did you even ask a question or did you just pick up what you heard from someone else?

You know you are in trouble when the franchise has to have these "Were going to change the direction of this franchise" press conferences every couple of years. It would be nice to not hear another one of these for the next 10 years. One, thought. And if the FO people really read this stuff. Try and find an identitiy. Who are we? Figure this out and go from there. It is a simple buisness model. Find 1 thing that you are very good at, and exploit that. From there you can build on. My thought is that the defense is close to becoming a top tier unit. Some of the stats are a little overhyped(we didn't play too many top offenses the last 8 games of the year) Not to take away from their improvemant. I think Nolan, and the players on the D would agree that they haven't proved anything. But are close. The offense has so many holes that it will be hard, if not impossible to address all of them in 1 shortened offseason. Yes we had a defensive revival, but rebuilding an offense is much more difficult. Especially when it includes finding the right quarterback. Back to my point. Who is to say that starting with a dominant defense isn't the right way to go about turning this around. We all want to see points on the board. But to me we are so close on defense why not finish that puzzle first.

"Mike Dee is a marketing and business genius. Don't believe me, check the attendance figures for the Boston Red Sox the past decade or so."
Common now. Getting Red Sox fans to go to Fenway to see good Red Sox teams is like getting a crack head to buy crack. It really doesn't take much genius and Dee had little to do with that. Plus, Fenway only holds like 33,000 people.

Given Dee credit for packing Fenway is like giving Tony Martin the credit for Marino's great career. It's pretty incidental.

We're screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, guess what? There's a new blog

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