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Dolphins in the market for a RB and TE coach

The Dolphins don't just have one offensive coaching job to fill, they have as many as three because they are in the market for a running back coach and a tight end coach as well as a quarterback coach.

I have learned running back coach James Saxon is gone from the staff for reasons that, well, have to do with performance. I covered him as a running back with the Dolphins and like the man so I will not tell you he was fired. Let's say he simply has not been retained.

Tight end coach George Deleone is not on the Dolphins staff anymore, either. He was not necessarily terminated. He has been hired by the University of Connecticut as an assistant to former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who is the new head coach at UConn.

The Dolphins, who introduced new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll today, thus must still fill positions at running back, tight end coach, and quarterback coach, assuming Daboll doesn't coach the QBs. The Dolphins earlier parted ways with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

That means four of the six offensive assistants the Dolphins had when the 2010 season ended have moved on for one reason or another. Wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo are the remaining offensive assistants still on staff.

Saxon joined the Dolphins in 2008 after a six-year run as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach. This season the Dolphins running backs were a tremendous disappointment. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown started the season with hopes of gaining 1,000 yards -- each.

Neither reached that goal and in fact both seemed to regress from previous seasons.

Brown gained 734 yards and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Williams gained 673 while averaging 4.2 yards a carry. Interesting that both players are free agents and it is possible if not probable neither will be re-signed by the Dolphins.



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The smart rats know to jump off this sinking ship.

well how bout they add an offensive line coach too

ross ought to do a show like hard knocks but call it crawling from cellar let the red carpet crap start right there

miamis sideline is going to look like a bunch of syncronized fist pumps after the fields goals happen .... I sure hope not

You know how it has been well documented that Chad Henne struggles against cover two? Maybe it is that he doesn't read the safties well enough, or identify where the open spaces should be(Brandon Marshall hate him or love creates space)I don't know. Having a tight end that can get into the seems is crucial to beat cover 2. Also having a running game that is at all threatening keeps the safties honest in that scheme. When you are running the ball it naturaly pulls them up a little. Since opposing defenses figured out that we weren't effective in either of these areas. It made it easy for these teams to defend our offense. This tells me that our new coordinator has recoginzed these difficiencies and wants to help solve the problem that was getting the ball downfield. Having speed would be a bonus. But good technique, and recievers that can get off the ball, and beat jams IMO is more crucial(This is why IMO our fastest recievers didn't see much time) I'm happy and hopeful this area of our offense will be addressed. It should help Henne, orr whoever is behind center in the pass attack.

These position coaches are only relevant if they have players to coach. Can't really see the Dolphins letting ronnie just walk away, the phins should sign him and then trade him if they think they have a better solution once camp starts. Guarantee he will be running over us in a patriots uniform if we let him walk. The offensive line has been mediocre, he would excell behind a solid line.

Sounds to me Ireland and Sparano are cleaning house on the offensive side of the ball. We all may not like the new hires, but lets give credit where credit is due. They are trying to fix the problem. This is a start. Lets consider the fact that the very mention of 5 WR sets came out of Daboll's mouth, which is what most of us fans have been crying for. Its time to let go of the negativity Dolfans, and hope for success!

Judging from that pic on the cover....they don't look like the sharpest pencils on the desk......

C'mon Sparano...you got to prove me wrong man.....i want SO BAD to buy what your selling......

Honestly, while I recognize that some coordinators are better teachers and communicators than others I think it's stupid to strictly go just by the numbers. The "genius" or "idiot" tags that fans connect to these guys are almost entirely dependent on the amount of talent available to them. None are magicians who can work wonders with an inferior product. None.

Plenty of examples but how about Mike Martz for one? Guy was an offensive "genius" in St. Louis, right? Fans raving about his "creative schemes" and how he was "revolutionizing offense," etc.

Well, unless I'm mistaken that was the SAME Mike Martz who couldn't get squat done a few years later with the Lions or Niners as their OC. Did he suddenly forget how to coach?

The truth with these guys is that their "genius" has names like Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Tom Brady, etc. THAT'S where the yardage and points are coming from---not coaching schemes that every defense has already seen a hundred times anyway.

Daboll will rise or fall in Miami based on little more than the talent he has at his disposal. Just like any other coordinator.

You guys that think some of these coordinators have magic wands are delusional. It's never worked that way and never will.




Our Strength and Conditioning Coach left for a job with U of Virginia also


Awww shucks....how can I stay mad with a picture like that.....almost looks like Uncle Sparano is dribbling a little bit :)

I'm sold....

I'm back on the on THE WAGON.....and will defend Uncle Sparano and his crew......

Damn you Herald.....Damn you and that cute picture.....

For the recored....still EFFF TUNA......



Dan..I understand you point. But Martz is a passing junkie. The one common denominator in his offenses. A competant quarterback. The Lions had good recievers, but no quarterback to carry out his scheme. The Niners had neither. But look at what he has done in Chicago. Cutler is at least competant, the recievers are average at best, they just look better because the quarterback can get them the ball. I think that in this league you can win with average talent. If you have good coaching, and good quarterback play.

Name me one OC who is considered a hot name who doesn't have (or had) a top-shelf QB at his disposal when he was making his "name" in the business.

You can't.

The actual coaching part of this equation is almost irrelevant. You find the right players and you will succeed. It really IS that simple.

I can't stop looking at the pic.....Uncle Sparano looks like one of the "workers" who come and take my trash out every day......I really like that guy.....he reminds me that life used to be so much easier......so care free......

Coach Tony....Sign Me UP!!

Going to be hard to hire Coaches who have to move to Miami knowing any Bad start and the Head Coach is Fired...

Tony making wholesale changes, as he partly did with the defense.

But I agree 100% with dan, this will go for naught if we don't get much better offensive personnel.

I'd like to ask those fixated on Cleveland's offensive numbers to explain exactly how and why another coordinator would have done more there.

Because that's exactly what you are implying. So, let's hear how a Josh McDaniels or whoever would have been creating fireworks with Colt McCoy and a stable of backs and receivers that scare nobody.

Really looking forward to hearing all the expertise on this issue...

Good stuff, Mando. Can you see about getting the OL coach fired, too? He sucked. So did his line.

We're reading because we want to know what's happening with the team.



Mr. Daboll.....WELCOME TO THE FIN FAMILY.....In hindsight we should have been named the Miami Sharks....cause as you will soon see (should you stumble out the gate) we will eat you alive and call for your head if you do not produce immediatley....by immediatley i mean yesterday.......

I am one of the ones who have little to no faith in you....but since Coach Tony has vouched for you.....thats good enough for me.....since I have recently (last 10 min) decided to get back on the wagon....giddy-yup!

Coach Tony...Sign Me UP!!!!!!

Speaking of Parcells, where is he, up in NY with Jabba the Jet looking at the new issue of Toes and Trannys.

FLPD....excellent point.....The OL coach should not be unscathed....

Coach Tony...Sign Me UP!!!!

ALoco...Definiley Crowder, with Grace Kelly a close second....

Alco, so you want to get rid of a tight end who had a breakout year, the fastest receiver, and an all pro kicker. You're pretty smart.

Hitchcock new how to choose leading ladies. One of the reasons I love his movies...


If I was the TE coach...I would have jumped ship too.....were giving the guy nothing to work with.....I am sure Fasano has hit his ceiling...but our FO saw him catch that TE throw back pass to win the game...nutted all over themselves and signed him to an extension....TE coach was probably like...."this guy isn't about to kill my carreer before it gets started".....can't say I blame him.....

but none-the-less.....I don't care how many TE coaches leave my beloved Dolphins....I will be here.....for you guys to break my heart.....


It doesn't matter if you have Bob Hayes or Kevin Winslow if you don't have a QB that delivers the ball accurately to them.


True Oscar...True.....but Fasano is know to drop a ball or two....i guess they all did...

Somebody tell Parcells....just because you have an Italian TE....it doesn't mean you have the 2nd comming of Mark Bavaro.....

ALoco..I cannot argue with you about the quality of older movies. Here are a few that are good produced in the last 12 years, then back to football as to not get to far off topic.
American Pyshco
Royal Tennenbaums
History of Violence
The Departed
Gangs of New York
The Hangover
No Country For Old Men

we have nothing to lose but to have this (day-bull) run the offense. Let's jus see what he brings to the table. Nothing is worse than Henning's play calling so let's jus be patient and see what our "new" OC can do for us. I'am sold on the fact that management is cleaning house and is willing to go in a different direction other than Parcells..... who knows, maybe they know something we don't as fans! Let's all be optimistic about this y'all!@

Fins for life from the cold Province of Wpg,MB


ESPN.com had just posted an item on Bill Parcells...



Turns out Parcells picked up the phone in January 2009 and persuaded Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, one of his many protégés around the league, to give Ryan a shot.

This information wasn't based on unnamed sources it came directly from Parcells, who when he isn't busy stealing Steve Ross' money is angling for his next analyst's job in Four-Letter Land or staging a blatant credit grab for someone else's success.


I wish we were SB champions this year....they promised...lol...!!!

Saratoga is not in season.

You people must not be from Miami(you are very naive). Don't you see that all these football Big Shots are in agreement with each other to bring parity to the League and therefore increase competition and revenue? I'm all for it.

How many years since a Team has repeated as SB Champions?

No quarterback can be successful when the opposing defence knows what play has been called in the huddle before you even get to the line. That's what Henne had to deal with. Just ask the teams that we played this year. It was the joke of the NFL. Hopefully, things will be better with Daboll as OC.
Henne needs to work on a lot of stuff this off-season. But, I don't know if he can ever learn to be more than a robotic wind-up toy on the field. Daboll, or whoever the new QB coach will be, have their work cut out for them.
Ingram would be an excellant pick at #15. He's an up-grade over Ronnie. He's stronger than he looks, but doesn't really run over a lot of people. Kinda shifty and quick and once he gets going , hard to bring down. Watched a few Bama games. Kid's got skills , but a little raw.
The one thing I really wish this team could do this year, that I think would make the biggest difference on the field, is: HAVE FUN! They're playing scared, confused, too serious and afraid of mistakes. They need to have fun again playing football and we'd be so much better!

It is obvious that this organization is revamping, without burning the entire big-top. I am more enthused about next season than I was a few days ago.

Hopefully, they hire gifted assnt. coaches; SOLIDIFY the Oline; carefully evaluate the RB/WR situation; and most importantly, make Henne COMPETE for starting QB against a good FA.

I want to stand behind Henne, but it just occurred to me that some of his worst critics are his teammates. Do they see something during practice where he isn't even under pressure? Is his passing accuracy bad even then? If so, then he will never be a good QB when the heat is on, no matter what tools you give him.

I just hope that isn't the case.

Gotta get back to the boat, fishing...

Stop revolving door on OL. Smiley( chronic shoulder ) Grove( Mainly high salary ) Thomas who instantly signed as Lions #2 OG. Then when Garner went to IR things got worse quick and Proctor hurt an OL that already had zero depth. Need a speed RB and TE. There is some speed at WR with Hartline , when he went down Beast and Bess had DBs in they're back pockets. Moore and Wallace have great speed but are young and very raw( need a good WR coach ). Please get a solid veteran QB , I was against VY but now all for it. I think he will go all out to prove Fisher wrong and make offense much more dynamic. Keep Henne because like VY he lost confidence , in his case no pass protection and high ceiling. Keep Brandstater , there is a lot of potential there and he has a lot of practice throwing to beast when they were Broncos.

Fix the o-line and the running will improve and so will Chad Henne.It all starts in the trenches.We had a mixed bag of nuts every week for three years.Look what Hudson Houck did for the Fins o-line and he didn't have Jake Long.The running game would improve drastically and allow for bigger gains if they could sustain their blocks.It would allow us not to depend on Henne to throw 35 times.I would rather have a solid rush attack with timely passing for more balance and to eat up the clock.Henne still has promise ,he was only a sophmore in the Nfl.Next season he will be a junior in the league.He will get better if the line is improved.It will come together.IF WE FIX THE OLINE.Also, keep the diva in check.I could careless how many receptions Brandon has as long as we are winnning.5 passes to Bess, 5 for Marshall,4 for Hartline 4 to Fasano,3 for Rickey 3 for Ronnie 2 for Lex and 2 for Cobbs. anda steady diet of RUNS.That is 28 passes.Complete 20 of 28 that is 71 % passing.Run the ball 35 times at 4.5 yards that would be 157.5 yards per game.Very makeable stats.If you FIX THE OLINE.

Fix the OLINE continued...Over a 16 game season based on 2o for 28 a game passing at say 13 yard average is 320/448 71% and 4160 yards passing 157 yards rush a game x 16 =2520 for the season.I know that these are lofty stats but if the yards dropped per play to 10 on passing Henne would have 3200 yards and at 4.2 per carry over the season is 2352 for the season.This is more like it.Fix the oline!!!!!

Sparano press conference quote: I would like to introduce our new Offensive Coordinator. I call him...Mini-me.

I hope you MORONS don't get all excited about this PRESS conference that the new BOZO OC gave, and really think how "his words" will all the sudden make this better.....

but then again YOU the blindest fans in the league......

It doesnt matter how we hire for OC! They are going to fail!! No QB NO OL. NO RB AND TO MAKE THINGS WORST NO NEW CBA CAN'T SIGN F/A OR YOUR DRAFT

Still need a QB with a pulse, running backs who are hungry (Ricky and Ronnie are spoiled by hype and content with being considered elite...without being elite) and a few wins. I think Sparano will be very different with the offense this year...Hennings ego was massive and his tenure trumped Sparanos HC power. I like that OC may be on the ground...not in booth. When was the last time that happened?

Dr. Lecter is obviously a Proctologist. Only an ass-hole can make that statement


Ricky is not coming back, with his farewell interview and Brown hasn't had two healthy years in a row. Bye Bye R @R Thanks for the memories

Need to draft Demarco Murray from Oklahoma, not Ingram. Demarco is the faster of the two, jukes like Barry Sanders, uses his stiff-arm to his advantage, catches in the flat and bursts through the secondary, and leaps over defenders regularly!

Back to the boat...

Gulfdolphin I like him too he is going to be a good Pro but I will take both, I wish that can happen!

I want them to draft FRANTIC CAT from Albania State College.

Oh well...looks like all my posts are getting canned....WHY..?????

2011: SHORT TERM PLAN - TRADE (Package)LB Channing Chowder W/ Ronnie Brown for a 2nd rounder or, W/Ricky for a 3rd. Select QBs and RBs 1 thru 4 rounds. For Rounds 5 thru Free Agency pick-up WRs, RBs and OL.

MID-TERM: From Free agency, pick-up OL, Rush and Cover LB and Safety.

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