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Dolphins in the market for a RB and TE coach

The Dolphins don't just have one offensive coaching job to fill, they have as many as three because they are in the market for a running back coach and a tight end coach as well as a quarterback coach.

I have learned running back coach James Saxon is gone from the staff for reasons that, well, have to do with performance. I covered him as a running back with the Dolphins and like the man so I will not tell you he was fired. Let's say he simply has not been retained.

Tight end coach George Deleone is not on the Dolphins staff anymore, either. He was not necessarily terminated. He has been hired by the University of Connecticut as an assistant to former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who is the new head coach at UConn.

The Dolphins, who introduced new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll today, thus must still fill positions at running back, tight end coach, and quarterback coach, assuming Daboll doesn't coach the QBs. The Dolphins earlier parted ways with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

That means four of the six offensive assistants the Dolphins had when the 2010 season ended have moved on for one reason or another. Wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo are the remaining offensive assistants still on staff.

Saxon joined the Dolphins in 2008 after a six-year run as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach. This season the Dolphins running backs were a tremendous disappointment. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown started the season with hopes of gaining 1,000 yards -- each.

Neither reached that goal and in fact both seemed to regress from previous seasons.

Brown gained 734 yards and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Williams gained 673 while averaging 4.2 yards a carry. Interesting that both players are free agents and it is possible if not probable neither will be re-signed by the Dolphins.



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Bilal Powell's were his Senior year stats not career btw.

it starts and ends with the qb. if henne is force fed to the phans next season again ! by spazano and ire~, it won't matter if you had the o from the greatest show on turf rams and the d from the '85 bears. the phins will still f'n blow w/ henne at qb. period!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd wish for no season but that would just mean Sparano's stay is extended 1 more season. As painful as it may be to watch, the best result is that there is a 2011 NFL season & we try to make the most of it.

Joe S,

No way that would work with that trade. For one if the CBA isn't reached only picks can be traded in the draft and not players. Also Ronnie is a FA so that would mean franchise and then trade. He is not that valuable to any team to trade for him and agree to a long term contract which they would have to do. Most importantly did you have coffee yet or still sleeping? Crowder in a package? LMAO. Who wants him! He stinks.

I know they need to win & it's unlikely, but that's what I would like to see. The Pats make a killing this way & gives them so much flexability. With 6 picks in the 1st 3 rounds, don't be shocked to see the Pats dealing out of rounds & trading some picks for high choices next year. Having few holes to fill allows them to do this.

I hated the trading back for Ordick...when we could have drafted....Dez where we were at....maybe it would have been a bit of a reach at 12...but it was a Bargain @ 20-whatever the Cowboys got him at....they had a good WR Corps...they took the best player available and it paid off.....

Powell sounds very appealing. I saw a lot of Matthews (being that I mostly watch ACC and Big-10 football) he's a good back too.

Joe S,

No way that would work with that trade. For one if the CBA isn't reached only picks can be traded in the draft and not players. Also Ronnie is a FA so that would mean franchise and then trade. He is not that valuable to any team to trade for him and agree to a long term contract which they would have to do. Most importantly did you have coffee yet or still sleeping? Crowder in a package? LMAO. Who wants him! He stinks.

Posted by: Andy NJ | January 20, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Andy, did you have coffee yet? I was debunking that guys claim about trading unsigned guys. I didn't post it LOL

May I recommend a a French Roast or Sumatra blend?

Joe S,

Relax bro, I know Sparano hasn't exactly instilled the confidence in you but we have him for another year so we gotta roll with it. Oh yeah, and Daboll wasn't the pick of the litter either but maybe with Miami's so called changing their ways echoed by Ireland they find a way to make it work. Miami needs serious face lift on offense for any of this to happen. Need to find a QB even if that is Chad "turnover" Henne or FA preferrably Vince Young, RB preferrably drafting Ingram or "my guy" in round 2 Bilal Powell from Louisville. And a Center and a Guard and a TE lol. We need a lot.

Kris, if you don't agree with what I say today, you are useless to me! lol

In all seriousness, I would LOVE a 1st round talent. My whole reasoning behind trading back is because I don't trust these clowns a lick to bring in the right guy.

I did like when Daboll said he wants his guys excited to play. It'd be nice to see some passion on the OFFENSIVE side of the ball in Miami for once.

Joe S,

LMAO my fault dude. I had some Dunkin Donuts but only a medium was running a little behind this morning.


Matthews help me out? Drawing a blank.

Andy, just fyi....today I feel great. Totally relaxed. Nothing wrong with the world.

Kris...What if you know you can still get the player you want, and can aquire more picks? Are you stilll against trading down? This happens every year in the draft. And you have to make that deal if you find yourself in that spot. Last year, I can't believe that Odrick was our first choice, but maybe our second. And for all of you that wanted Dez Bryant. How did he make the Crackwagon better last year?

DC...if we take an O-lineman with the 1st pick in the draft...i will break the dam TV....

I don't hate the Ingram choice....but i don't love it....like you...I kinda see him as a younger version of Ronnie Brown.....I'm tired of 15 play drives that end in FGs.....

If its not a QB..and I want it to be a QB....then I want it to be the most DYNAMIC...GAME-BREAKING....fastest Offensive weapon avilable....and it better be somebody I have heard of....


Darryl, take your meds. Dez was one of the, if not the only bright spot on that team. He is an electrifying player. To think he was only a rookie. His ST play & dynamic end zone catches is exactly what this team has lacked for years.

Not a huge fan of trading back in most cases. But really, it has more to do with what/who you're passing on. Last year, we passed on some very good players to pick up Misi.

Oh and I hated passing on those two TEs N.E. got. Thanks alot Ireland.


I wanted Brandon Graham at the time but knew that wouldn't happen so I was begging for a playmaking safety in Earl Thomas. After trading down Odrick was actually the BPA according to Kiper so although I was like wtf I wasn't totally against it. It didn't seem to make sense considering they already had Langford and Starks but moving Starks to NT was a bad move. He wasn't big enough.

Miami will be looking to trade back if they can find a partner willing to trade with. Which usually happens with teams drafting in late round 1 because some believe they are just a player away and want their guy and move up

Andy, oops, meant Williams. I mixed him up with the Chargers back.

kris, you and I are in complete agreement on the draft. When I saw McShay's pick (Pouncey) I threw up a little in my mouth. I heard he's a beast, and would probably be a great addition, but I'm sick of 1st-round picks on linemen. Hasn't worked so far, so why keep doing the same thing?

I have to admit I like a lot of offensive play makers right now and not stuck on one guy. Some days I think Miami needs a RB like Mark Ingram the next I want Ryan Mallet or Cam Newton. I think well all agree this team needs some sort of difference maker.

I want to see what happens with CBA and if there is a FA period before I decide. So if I say Ingram today it could be something else tomorrow.

Joe....if we keep posting to each other then we will be accused of "talking to ourselves"...

I agree...I don't trust these guys either....but they have to know that they need a game-changer.....be it a QB...WR...or RB....but it has to be a guy who will find the endzone....or allow others too.....

Cocoajoe I hated it too, but we passed on something even better in jermain Gresham. U wait and see he was a beast for cincy this year and he will have An amazing career and we could have had him.
I'd like to see 'us' go after playmakers on Saturdays. We have never done that, because we are too interested in physical statistics. If statistics worked Darren spelled would never be in the league.
Because players who show up on Saturdays are more likely to show up on Sundays. It's not just about ability. It's about ability to withstand pressure under the spotlight. Unfortunately the combine really doesn't have a test for that.
I say if somehow Ryan mallet is available, we get him, if not, we trade down but only for a high second, and get playmakers dammit.


absolutley bro. Just like last year which was defensive draft for the most part this needs to be offense. Unfortunately I think at WR Miami thinks Marshall, Hartline, Bess and Fasano at TE are the guys. I do think they add a RB, O-linemen and QB at some point.

I know we won't go after him, but julio jones is going to be a beast in the NFL. He reminds me of , well, Brandon Marshall. Kids huge, good hands, quick.


I Dez was on fire this year...I off of the top of my head I wii guess he had 2 kick off/punt returns for TDs...ad 5 TD receptions for a total of 7...JUST A GUESS...i will look it up in a sec....

Daryl...I have also said many times on this blog that Garret sabatoged the Wison because he was tired of waiting for his chance.....he wanted to be the man....and he knew as long as he was successful as an OC...Wade Wilson would be considered a success as an HC.....so he tanked it to begin the season....he's a traitor to me...

Oh and btw kris I hope I am wrong about my feeling that Miami thinks they are set at the WR and TE for another year. They desperately need to upgrade Hartline. He is a decent #3 or #4 but not a compliment to Marshall at all.

Also, I know It's been done to death, but I am absolutely shocked that we picked daboll. Bottom three offense two years running? Isn't it a proven issue that ireland and sparano don't have a single clue? Seriously, I'm asking, does anyone know, besides talk, what this guy brings to 'us' that's positive? Because there's a reason he was fired. There's a reason why browns fans wanted him fired last year even. Worst. Hire. Ever.

Andy NJ....agree with everything you said....this year we can't wait 4 games for Hartline to rember how to catch....he neds to shoulder his responsibilty for Henne's woes as well...instead of blasting the staff on the radio....he hasn't reached Marshall status yet....

Andy I'm surprised to agree with you. I think hartline regressed this year, and I had high hopes for him after last season.

Dez Bryant stats in 12 games as a 3rd WR:

45 rec.
561 yds
2 PR TD's.

Can anyone still say we couldn't have used this guy?

I apologize for My Dez comments..I may have been off base. I'm a Di$K. He was pretty good last year. My bad. Can we still be friends?

Thanks for the insight Andy and DC.

Also I would like to put in my prediction for what the Dolphins do with their first rounder.

Most likely they trade back and pick up a second if there is interest. But I say if they keep the pick they go with the best center in the draft, Pouncey.

I know it will be an unpopular pick but the guy is a beast. Sparano and company have failed to improve the o-line and this guy's a definite all pro center, will immediately improve the o-line. Daboll is a run first offensive coordinator who will want a smart tough center to anchor the line.

I'm not saying I would take him. I'm stating what I believe the team will do because of all of the factors I pointed out.

Also, Pennington was in for one play and his shoulder got blasted. So he's done....so...why not make him qb coach? Since we need it, he has a good relationship with 'us', and frees up a very important roster spot. Just curious. I think he is going to make an excellent coach.

Also, since I'm clanging, everyone knows that there is no real reason to hire daboll. Since sparano has already been paid, could be' be doing a Childress or Wilson and tanking the team to earn an early vacation? It would make sense, seeing as how he was stripped of all manhood by Ross earlier, payback is a ....

inimounts | January 20, 2011 at 11:17 AM

Yep and what killed me was how everybody kept saying what a good draft we had. The truth is, it was average, much like our W/L record.

I'd be willing to say if we took a handful of the more knowledgeable fans and turned the draft over to them....we could do as good or better.

Daryl....Dez's stats below.....I was of by one TD...he only had 6....and yes...i know....I doubt he would have flourished like this in our system......chances are he probably is on the practice squad if we drafted him....

2010 STATS


YDS 561

AVG 12.5


I hope they don't think they're set at TE Andy. Owen Daniels is available. And they have to know they need to get a speedy WR who can also return kicks and punts. There will be few options as far down as the 5th and 6th round here. He won't contribute immediately to the WR corp but can come in and add a dynamic to the return game that we haven't had in quite some time. Also Jones from Green Bay should be available and would be an awesome WR opposite Marshall.

I'm slow Daryl.....sorry....we can still be friends.....


Cocoajoe, I can't believe people thought we had a good draft. Odrick hurt, never did much, misi was probably the best pickup and I still really don't like the pick, and the rest did nothing.
It's hard for me to see players like Jordan Shipley, dez Bryant, Gresham, the ne tight ends, Jimmy Graham, etc all doing things on offense their first years and we got nothing offensively from last years talent.

I feel that as long as we have sparano, we have fasano, unfortunately. Same cowboy system.

Phins78, Daniels is an option but I don't think he'll leave.

As far as WR, I do like Jones but he drops allot of balls. One of my friends is a Packer fan and he whines all the time about Jones.

I like Breaston, B. Smith, Jacoby Jones as options for the WR/Returner guy.

I know I blew it. I said something off the top of my head without knowing any facts. He did have a very good rookie year. I did not realize he missed 4 games. So it makes it look better. I'm going to put myself in the penalty box for awhile. as nothing I say for the next few minutes can seriously be taken as credible. You guys are right...I was wrong.. 15 minutes major penalty for squwaking.


can chad.p decorate ? what does know about coaching a QB ? DID HE MENTOR HENNE OR HE SABBATOGE HENNE >

Darryl, a real man can always admit when he is wrong. Way to own up to it.

Honestly, while I recognize that some coordinators are better teachers and communicators than others I think it's stupid to strictly go just by the numbers. The "genius" or "idiot" tags that fans connect to these guys are almost entirely dependent on the amount of talent available to them. None are magicians who can work wonders with an inferior product.

Plenty of examples but how about Mike Martz for one? Guy was an offensive "genius" in St. Louis, right? Fans raving about his "creative schemes" and how he was "revolutionizing offense," etc.

Well, unless I'm mistaken that was the SAME Mike Martz who couldn't get squat done a few years later with the Lions or Niners as their OC. Did he suddenly forget how to coach?

The truth with these guys is that their "genius" has names like Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Tom Brady, etc. THAT'S where the yardage and points are coming from---not coaching schemes that every defense has already seen a hundred times anyway.

Daboll will rise or fall in Miami based on little more than the talent he has at his disposal. Just like any other coordinator.

Inimounts....I want CHAD P....as far away from this organization as possible...he has had 2 yearsb to mentor Chad Henne...and he turned Chad Henne into....well Chad Pennington....He is the ultimate check down QB....who turned our strong armed QB...into less than average version of himself....

There are many reasons why the check down worked for Chad P...mainly his ability to quickly read a defence...and hit his check down or 1st option in stride....As of the last game of the season Chad Henne did not posses either of these.....not even after 2 years of tuteledge from Chad P.

I really wanted Dez or move up to get Earl Thomas last year. 2 Big needs for us & unfortunately, are still big needs.

How about a O Line coach and a Special Teams coach...

Why do some people post the SAME EXACT responses day after day as if we didn't read it the first 5 times...

That goes for you DB and dan!

Probably one in the same..

cocoajoe , Do you really believe we could do better at a job that we have no clue how to do? I don't really think you believe that.

inimounts, Sparano is playing for his NFL and possibly college coaching career. If he doesn't do well this season he gets fired and then who is going to want him as a head coach after there are rumors that he purposely threw the season to get back at the owner? Sounds silly now right? He will do everything he can to have a good season, his career depends on it.

Besides, I'm starting to get the sense from everything reported that Ireland and Sparano are like kids in a candy store now that Parcells is gone. There seems to be this giant weight lifted off of their shoulders and I suspect that Parcells was behind more than one of the bone headed moves.

Like Wilford. Does everyone remember Parcells comparing him to Keyshawn? And Henne, when Parcells compared him to Simms? The guy was trying to build the old Giants and I think Sparano and Ireland had to grin and bear it. I'm excited to see if Ireland is his own man and will make different decisions now that Tuna is gone. I'm hoping that he learned from Parcells both way. But mostly learned what not to do.

I get what you're saying Kris. Nobody hated check down Chad p more than me. And don't get me started on his 2 for 2000 on third and six or more the year he almost won MVP for being the best at throwing an wight yard wide open pass when ten yards was needed for first....but that's how David lee teaches, idk that Chad teaches that, it's not that I want him, but from the talks they want to keep him and I don't want him using up' a roster spot, 'let' alone a qb roster spot.

Marc...cal it like you see it...lol

Joe I just read a bleacher report that said Jones had sure hands. They said the only drop that meant anything this year was the one against the Eagles. They said don't hold that against him because he's usually sure handed. Now I'm not saying your friend is wrong but maybe he was complaining more due to that huge drop against Philadelphia.

Marc, shut up little boy .

inimounts, it all stems from from I'm smarter than you thinking installed by Parcells. They think they can spot talent no one else sees.

Don't know if you seen it but Ireland stated the other day, he will continue to look for acorns.


Lol you said you are surprised to agree with me. Why is that? My most opinionated responses are usually regarding me HATING Henne lol. But other then that I usually hear everyone out and even if I diagree Im not not over the top.

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