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Dolphins in the market for a RB and TE coach

The Dolphins don't just have one offensive coaching job to fill, they have as many as three because they are in the market for a running back coach and a tight end coach as well as a quarterback coach.

I have learned running back coach James Saxon is gone from the staff for reasons that, well, have to do with performance. I covered him as a running back with the Dolphins and like the man so I will not tell you he was fired. Let's say he simply has not been retained.

Tight end coach George Deleone is not on the Dolphins staff anymore, either. He was not necessarily terminated. He has been hired by the University of Connecticut as an assistant to former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who is the new head coach at UConn.

The Dolphins, who introduced new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll today, thus must still fill positions at running back, tight end coach, and quarterback coach, assuming Daboll doesn't coach the QBs. The Dolphins earlier parted ways with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

That means four of the six offensive assistants the Dolphins had when the 2010 season ended have moved on for one reason or another. Wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo are the remaining offensive assistants still on staff.

Saxon joined the Dolphins in 2008 after a six-year run as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach. This season the Dolphins running backs were a tremendous disappointment. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown started the season with hopes of gaining 1,000 yards -- each.

Neither reached that goal and in fact both seemed to regress from previous seasons.

Brown gained 734 yards and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Williams gained 673 while averaging 4.2 yards a carry. Interesting that both players are free agents and it is possible if not probable neither will be re-signed by the Dolphins.



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Always do kris...Can't help it...It's as if they are waiting for someone to praise them on their BRILLIANT insight.

Guess what? If that was the case you wouldn't have to post it repeatedly!

Marc,shut up little boy .

DB, don't be a sour puss. Just stop repeating yourself. We don't have to see the same post 15 times to "get it".

Acorns like Bobby Carpenter?

inimounts we didn't get much for the offense but our defense went from one of the worst to one of the best and Misi helped that. He graded out very high compared to the rest of the outside 3-4 LBs and also made the all rookie team.

People are forgetting that before last season we were all saying"man our offense is good enough to win but our defense sucks". Everyone was saying it and the team knew they had to change. In comes Nolan and almost an entire draft of defensive players and we are now top ten.

But the offense regressed for many factors and can't be blamed on one player or coach alone. So can this draft produce the same results for the offense that last years did for the defense? It will be interesting to say the least.

Getting back to the RB23 argument:
Trading Ronnie doesn't bother me so much as the thought of seeing him end up somewhere else in the AFC East.
I would hate to see him in a Pats or Jets uniform and then have a resurgence in his career and give us fits.
I hope the FO thinks of such things.

Darryl - times up.
Get back on the ice bro.
Thanks for your input on Colin Kaepernick.

Marc, you the only little boy around here,you potz

Phins78 - the hiring makes absolutely no sense. Period. The man has had his job and failed to get better when there was nowhere to go but up'. As hairbrained as it seems, nothing sparano and Ireland do is logical.
And that brings to ur next point...I respectfully disagree. I think great coaches and gm are shown when they take whatever talent they have and make the team better as the year progresses. A great coach will make an 8-8 team a 9-7 or ten win team. And through the year they will get better. Under sparano, we have gotten worse. Say what u want about 'us' the first eight games, we could play with anybody. By the end of the year we could play with nobody.
Also, great (or even good) coaches are shown to be quick thinkers, and adjusters at the half. Under sparano, the dolphins are consistently one of the worst two minute teams and worst second half and fourth quarter teams in the league. That's coaching.
My biggest problem with keeping sparano and Ireland? Ireland - draft sparano - coaches to level of the competition. About 90 percent of the games sparano has coached, we either won or lost on a last minute drive. AND, it was against the best or worst teams, didn't matter. Even when we went 11-5, that season was almost as hard to watch as 1-15, and any true dolfan knows what I'm talking about. Every week was a different heart attack, and the playoff game was not surprising.

I cannot believe this is our coaching staff and front office. I have never loved my team more, but looked forward to a draft and upcoming season less.

I think that we should start drafting the best player available when we pick, no matter what position that is! We've got holes everywhere on offence, special teams, and a few on defence too! It adds depth if it's a position of strength and it shores up a weakness if not.
That's how the really good teams do it.

For all the "acorns" this team has gotten, how many were successful? TWO?!


The list of failures is well noted.

I don't even think that's DB, reeks of one IDIOT who's name I won't even mention. Of course, it's plausable they are the same as well...

carpenter was a failure ,he missed most of his kicks last 3 games .


Nuff Said

Again phins78, I disagree. Respectfully tho!
As I said, misi was the best of the draft. But our defense wasn't better because of the draft. Our defense was better because of three words: wake, dansby, Nolan. Because our secondary is still awful, because of our lack of safety help and turnovers. I'm not trying to sound like I'm nitpicking, but our defense also regressed as the year went on. (just look at the last game). Still. Happy with 'the defense, but not because of the draft.


why don't you shut up and post your thoughts and leave every one alone post whatever they want .

Marc the blog police .

what tipped you Marc...the spelling of the word POTZ....which everyone knows should be PUTZ?

R&R Express,

I don't care where Ronnie ends up because I don't like him at all. He needed 30 yards to get $500,000 but he ended up with 14 yards. Granted he only had 6 carries but he had a 10 yard run and his next 5 went for 4 yards total. After his 10 yard gain he only had to average 4 yards a carry to get $500,000 he ran typical Ronnie style fall into contact to avoid the hit instead of running someone over or showing the slightest bit of toughness for a few extra yards. I think he stinks and is best as a backup or change of pace on another team. He would probably succeed in a limited role on ANOTHER team.

Enough about drafting "acorns!" Acorns are nuts that take forever to grow into trees! Drafting "acorns" means that every player you're choosing is a project. Just pick the best player available. It's a better strategy than band-aids trying to cover your problems and needs! We drafted heavy on defence cause we thought our offence was good and look where that got us. A top D, but an offence that struggled!

tou beat me to it...

inimounts fair enough on the second response. It wouldn't be a debate without a disagreement.

But your first response didn't make uch sense to me because it didn't seem to respond to what I had said. I didn't say anything about Sparano being a great coach.

Yeah I just read it again and it seems you were responding to someone elses post.

I had to go to the locker room to get stitches after that beatdown...But I'm back and ready to roll.

I do have to work for awhile. Hopefully there is a new blog up this afternoon. See you all later...


I agree...NO MORE ACORNS....NO COWBOY BACK-UPS who are some how good enough to start for our team....and NO MORE NO-NAME 1ST ROUNDERS....

However I do disagree about Ronnie...I think next year WITH a differnt team he will be in beast mode for the 1st year....after that he will fade back in to medicority and not be a difference maker....

If we resign him....he will not be in beast mode ever again.....not for the rest of his carreer...

If Miami were serious they would trade their 1st, 3rd and 4th-round picks for more 5th,6th and 7th-round picks. That's where Ireland likes to spend most of his time anyways.

phins78, draft better than this bunch? Not just yes but hell yes! Other than Jake Long which was a no brainer, name one elite player drafted by this regime.

Like I said, they think they can spot hidden (acorns LMAO) talent nobody else sees then turn around and overpay them. They're idiots.

inimounts this is what you said, "Since sparano has already been paid, could be' be doing a Childress or Wilson and tanking the team to earn an early vacation? It would make sense, seeing as how he was stripped of all manhood by Ross earlier, payback is a ...."

This was my response, "inimounts, Sparano is playing for his NFL and possibly college coaching career. If he doesn't do well this season he gets fired and then who is going to want him as a head coach after there are rumors that he purposely threw the season to get back at the owner? Sounds silly now right? He will do everything he can to have a good season, his career depends on it."

And then you responded back with something about the Sparano hiring and how he isn't a great coach which led me to believe you responded to the wrong person.

you both potz.lol

I <3 Ronnie Brown!

I'm not going to use the last game as an indicator of how good our defense is inimounts, that would be a waste of time.

By then they were out of a playoff spot, nothing to play for, rumors of the coach being fired, Henning on the hot seat, Henne the target of all of the phins troubles, basically the whole team was a mess. I'm not going to use that throw away game as an indicator that our defense was bad, it's shortsighted and doesn't take into account the big picture.

Just a reminder, the Dolphins had the second hardest schedule in the league last year and still posted a top 10 defense. The defense will be fine.

inimounts, I agree. Alot of people tend to think that because the draft was heavy on D that it made a difference. And let's not kid ourselves, we aren't elite by any stretch either. We still need to work on it.

Every starter on D, except for 2, were already on this roster. The exception was Dansby(FA) & Misi.

They have steadily improved the talent on D before this year. They have also tried to do that on O but have failed miserably every off-season. That's why Ross is a fool to have kept Sparano & Ireland.

We only signed 1 big time FA last year & it was Dansby. We traded for 1 on offense. How will we find a QB, RB x 2, speed WR, fast TE, LG, RG, C in ONE off-season? And use a new playbook & all new coaching?

Anyone who thinks we can transform this O in 1 draft / offseason is out of their minds. And that's putting it politely. The transformation that the D went through is nothing compared to what this O needs to go through.

The draft as I see it:

1st end - if he gets passed St louis (don't think it will happen) fins have to take Julio Jones @ WR. Beyond that, I do think Newton will be there and Ross may apply a little pressure to get a "big splash" guy....NFL ready or not. FYI, hate the Ingram idea.....I think he'll still be on the board later in the first....so if they're thinking Ingram....think trade back....maybe to #25 seahawks. I think Ingram would still be there.....if not fins would have a pretty solid selection @ OL....maybe Nate Solder to replace Carey @ RT. Another posibility with this trade back would be Brandon Harris @ CB.

Another bonus here would be to get a latter 2nd rnd.....if it were for example seattles pick, I would be looking at Titus Young @ WR....very fast.

Other than taking Jones or Newton in the 1st....if they're thinking OL....RB.....DB....gotta look totrade back. Lots of OL help in the latter part of the 1st.

With the 3rd I would be looking for DeMarco Murray.....yes, I think he'll still be there.

4th...best TE available.....DJ Williams.....Zach Pianalto.

Those are my thoughts.

Good morning ALoco , I am excited to see the changes being made to this disorganization and hopefully will get season tickets if finances allow. Any change is welcome change at least the new OC actually takes responsibility for his actions and we are less private. Thats a start. LETS GO PHINS

Sorry, but look at what we need: QB, RB, Center, Guards, Tackles...hell, everyone on offence and special teams could use an up-grade. And, what if our defence regresses again? Draft the best available players and leave the acorns to the tree huggers!

Joe, the Dolphins defense is not elite. True statement. Now name all of the elite defenses in the league. If you come up with more than a handful you're reaching.

My point is everyone is saying what we need to do to make the offense elite, to make the defense elite, without taking into account that there were more than a few teams in the past ten years that have won without being elite in every area of their game.

Yes it would be great to be elite across the board but then we're talking about the pro bowl team aren't we? It's just not reasonable to expect any team to easily build "elite" in a league that so depends on free agency for parity.

You're right...The last game doesn't count.

How about letting the Jets put up 31 pts in Wk3
New England 41
Baltimore 26
Detroit 34

We'll forget about the 38 points

Defense is far from SET


The leagues very rules govern that elite is almost impossible to achieve. Look at New Englands elite offense. Look at the Ravens elite defense. They're all hanging out watching the games with the Dolphins this weekend, same as last season.

Miami's drafts under Ireland have been perfectly normal by NFL standards, with a mixture of hits and misses. Some teams have done better, some worse.

By the way, the team everyone looks to (for good reason) for excellence in that department--the Patriots--has just as many misses as anyone else. The reason they succees, however, is that they are committed to a policy of acquiring as many picks as possible each year, thus incresing the odds of hitting on a few just by the advantage of sheer numbers.

You may also recall that for as awful as Pat White was, all reports had the Pats about to select him had Miami passed. We tend to get convenient amnesia about those things.

Tracy, agreed. Draft the best guy. The Pats did that with Hernandez & Gronkowski & it enabled them to trade Moss, acquire a draft pick, & revamp their offense mid season. The best way to build a winner is to stock pile talent. It opens many opportunities.

Dorrell should be relieved as well. Our wr's have underachieved in each of his seasons....just saying

phins78, our D isn't even above average. Is that better? That's what I was getting at. I don't care where the stats put us. Look at the bottom line. Against good teams we sucked. Against bad teams, we looked pretty good. That makes us average, nothing more. This defense still needs work to even be considered above average.

Good point Marc. You forgot to add that the average age of our defense is 25 years old which is the second youngest in the league. They have talent but no experience. And even with the hiccups they finished top ten. That means for every bad game they had they also had dominant games.

Of course the defense isn't set. No team is ever set. There's always room for improvement. But this defense could've won with a good offense no? You point out the big number games because you simply looked at the score of the games. But did you look at the big picture, no.

In those games how did our offense perform? How many three and outs? How many turnovers on our side of the field? I could go on and on but I think the point has been made. The defense isn't the only reason points get scored. You're putting an entire game on the defense even though I sat in here and watched you guys during those games complain about how the defense wasn't being given a chance to rest. How the turnovers in our own zone were leading to too many points. That's all

Hypothetically this would significantly upgrade Miami's piss poor offense.

In Free Agency:

QB - I say go get Vince Young. He has a ton of talent that hasn't been discovered yet because he lacks work ethic. I think this kick in the butt he got from Fisher not wanting him had to wake him up. If it didn't he will never get it.

WR - get Jacoby Jones WR from Texans or another option is Darren Sproles from San Diego or Reggie Bush. Sproles and Bush aren't WR. I know that but their roles would be similar in both special teams as making them special with speed and adding a dimension of speed on the field. I think Miami beleives Hartline is good so Jones isn't an upgrade but just some needed speed to help this offense. Sproles and Bush as returners and also weapons on 3rd down to spread the field.

Offensive line - OT Tyson Clabo and OG Harvey Dahl are both free agents and I don't think Atlanta has enough money to sign both of them. Whichever isn't resigned then go get the other. Another very good option who I don't think will be retained is Carl Nicks OG Saints. The Saints made Jahri Evans the highest paid OG in the league last year, how do you justify paying 2 OGs big time money?


1. Trade back to pick up that 2nd rounder.
1b. Draft Gabe Carimi from Wisconsin or Pouncey from Florida who will be there. I don't see how McShay has a guard going at #15. There is no value in picking a guard that early.

2. Draft Ryan Williams Va Tech if he is available or draft Bilal Powell from Louisville (6.1 average and 1405 yard, 11 TDs oh and he fits this regimes criteria he is a Senior).

3. Draft Colin Kapernick QB Nevada or Christian Ponder QB FSU. This way Miami is covered across the board. They have Henne in the fold, have Vince Young who won't get big money or the long term deal he wants after his disaster of a season and career to this point as far as all the off field stuff and average play on it. And draft a young guy with potential who is a fe years off.

4. I won't go any further into the draft because a 7-9 team needs a lot and can't be pinned down to one specific position.

Just wanted to throw this out there and get the chat going some.

Dorrell should be relieved as well. Our wr's have underachieved in each of his seasons....just saying

Posted by: Flipper13 | January 20, 2011 at 12:24 PM


Davone Bess has become one of the finest slot receivers in the game under his watch. Do you dispute that?

I cant argue with taking Julio Jones, but something tells me he's off the board when Miami picks. If thats the case, McShay is right, Pouncey is the way to go. Fills a huge need and is versatile, can play all 3 interior line positions if needed. We need an anchor on the interior of the line.

I'd love to have a big time game breaker with the 1st pick, but this is a poor skill position draft. Once you get past AJ Green, you're looking at a 1st round thats gonna have only 2 or 3 more RB's and WR's picked combined. Count me among those who doesnt think Ingram is gonna be all that dynamic or an upgrade over Ronnie Brown. And theres other needs that are more pressing

Ugh, the negativity!!! Miami DOES have elite parts on the team already.

The placekicking is ELITE! Yeah, Carpenter missed a bunch end of season, but his leg was more spent than John Holmes pecker. Our hospitality, ELITE. What other stadium treats guests as well as Miami's? Visiting teams can bring their ENTIRE town, we got room for them. Get some R&R, and that's just during the game. Then leave with a win as a gift. Tony Sparano's film-watching regimen, ELITE! The man watches more film than Steven Spielberg. Our field is ELITE! Heinz field, sucks. But the only players slipping in Sun Life are our players.

So, I think I've proven we're elite in many facets of our game.

Andy, on the o-line in FA, consider names like R. Kalil & D. Colledge.

There's a reason that college players going into the NFL are ranked the way they are. It's due to a consensus by the scouts that this player is better than that player. Our scouts see the same thing that the other scouts do. But, everyone of them is looking for that diamond-in-the-rough that the others don't know about. It's hard to find and you only hit on about 50 percent of your draft anyways. Put the numbers in your favor if you can. The Pats have worked out a system that seems to always give them like 10 to 12 picks every year! We're doing good if we can get 6 or 7. And, we wonder why we're stuggling every year? It starts in the draft and in free agency!

Andy NJ |
The problem with Vince Young is that he wants to be a starter . He has major potential but might stunt growth of any QB we draft. If he is willing to battle for starting spot I say sign him otherwise lets not

roflmao, you guys are great at putting words in peoples mouths. marc who said the defense was "SET"? HAHAHAHAHAHa. Seriously if you want to make a point or sway someones opinion you can't make things up and tell people 'heres what you said'. It takes away from your credibility. And I WILL change my opinion if people make a good point or have more insight into something. But when someone writes that I said something I clearly didn't say I just tune out, it's ridiculous.

inimounts did the same thing. He said Sparano might purposely tank this season. I came back and gave my opinion as to why he wouldn't tank the season. And then he wrote back to me something about the Sparano hiring was stupid and I'm wrong. Whhhaaatttt? That wasn't even part of the conversation, I never said any of that! hahaha oh boy.

Pete...I would remind you that "all reports had us signing Harbaugh"...."all reports Carmelo traded to the NETS"...and all reports said Harbaugh had had definetly turned down the 49ers".....

My point is all reporst is rarely right...as i'm sure you can surely have witnessed.....

And if their is any truth to the what you are implying....that we took PAT WHITE because "all reports" said the pats would take him....THEN I WANT THIS WHOLE CREW FIRED!!!!!

If we are drafting a player to play keep away...vs...a need for us....that means none of them are competent.....

I wonder what "all reports" rumor Belicheck will put out this year..

What's up people...
No new news huh...Mando did you get fired or something?
Someone mentioned yesterday that Armando looked like a pudgy version of subway Jared...I have thought that too..I just never said anything about it. It is funny because he looks like midway Jared...about halfway through his initial weight loss from his commercials that came out a few years ago...good stuff there!
Mando, maybe you should get a new pic taken, just stick your head forward like a chicken does and you will look like thinner Jared

People, we should be thinking outside the box. Why do the Yankees win? Because everybody's too busy looking at the pinstripes.

Miami should add pinstripes to their uniform. Almost guarantees 9 wins a season from that alone.

Joe S,

D. Colledge is a nice option but not on the level at OG as Nicks and Dahl but Kalil who is very good will be franchised if not long term. Carolina is in a situation where they need to decide who is more valuable to them DeAngelo Williams or Ryan Kalil. Who doesn't want out of Carolina at this point. Unless they give an insane Al Davis long term deal but they are thrifty and won't do that. So I say with Jonathan Stewart and Mike Goodson who had a nice couple of games late this season at RB the Panthers let DeAngelo Williams go and do whatever it takes to keep Kalil whether they are forced to franchise him or long term deal.

But nonetheless I see your point.

Andy in NJ: alot of good ideas. And 1 really bad one: Vince Young.

Head case. By all accounts lazy, still relying on natural talent that made him a star in college, that doesnt work in the NFL. Guys like him have to evolve. see: Steve Young, McNabb, McNair. Never that great of a passer, hes one of those guys who looks great when playing with a lead, when its easier and you can play action. Constantly butting heads with Jeff Fisher. Red Flag. Fisher is highly respected by players. This guy is a headache, stay away

DC great point, it must be the pinstripes! Call the uniform people, orange pin stripes should do nicely.

DC Dolfan I have a better idea the hell with stripes lets go with cheerleader strips :)

DC, you may be on to something...change the way the uniforms look! Not too long ago it worked for Tampa Bay. Couldn't make them play any worse could it? And, Ross does like glitz and glamour.
Teal stripes would be kinda different.

DC Dolfan,

You really got me going today when you posted about Vince Young. I was thinking the same thing about him. That he would worth bringing in granted Miami will have to compete with other teams who might want him which could be several. The Cardinals, Vikings, 49ers and undead Al Davis and Da Raiders. But I think VY is an upgrade and maybe with a young offensive coordinator like Daboll he can reach VY's level/mind set/immaturity. Still think he is huge upgrade over Chad "hot potato" Henne.

I like wolfman's draft approach - some names I really like there. If the Dolphins could pull in a Demarco Murray in the 3rd round, I will run down my street naked with my willy flopping around.

I second the notion to keep Young out of Miami. He is no better than Henne with his accuracy and his mind is weak as hell. He whines and cries about everything and always has an excuse. We need to upgrade the QB position but for a lot of reasons IMO Young would be taking us in the opposite direction. Why can't Ireland just make a huge push for Kolb? Did I miss something because a couple of weeks ago this was known to be a possible option.

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