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Dolphins in the market for a RB and TE coach

The Dolphins don't just have one offensive coaching job to fill, they have as many as three because they are in the market for a running back coach and a tight end coach as well as a quarterback coach.

I have learned running back coach James Saxon is gone from the staff for reasons that, well, have to do with performance. I covered him as a running back with the Dolphins and like the man so I will not tell you he was fired. Let's say he simply has not been retained.

Tight end coach George Deleone is not on the Dolphins staff anymore, either. He was not necessarily terminated. He has been hired by the University of Connecticut as an assistant to former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who is the new head coach at UConn.

The Dolphins, who introduced new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll today, thus must still fill positions at running back, tight end coach, and quarterback coach, assuming Daboll doesn't coach the QBs. The Dolphins earlier parted ways with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

That means four of the six offensive assistants the Dolphins had when the 2010 season ended have moved on for one reason or another. Wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo are the remaining offensive assistants still on staff.

Saxon joined the Dolphins in 2008 after a six-year run as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach. This season the Dolphins running backs were a tremendous disappointment. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown started the season with hopes of gaining 1,000 yards -- each.

Neither reached that goal and in fact both seemed to regress from previous seasons.

Brown gained 734 yards and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Williams gained 673 while averaging 4.2 yards a carry. Interesting that both players are free agents and it is possible if not probable neither will be re-signed by the Dolphins.



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Lol I actually agree with you 100 percent on Vince Young. He thought he could get by with talent alone and it didn't work. But I still see him as an upgrade over Henne. Now I could care less if VY got a big time deal or not. It aint my money but I don't see that happening. He won't get a long term deal or starters money from anyone other then undead Al Davis out in Oakland. So I think it's worth it. Miami needs to find play makers across the board. VY isn't like Mike Vick as in making you respect the run so much that guys get wide open but he does have that sort of element to his game.

I will agree to disagree with anyone who doesn't want VY. But do see your point, I really do think he needs to grow up.

GP, your analysis (of Vince Young) while accurate, sounds very familiar. Hmm, actually, I got it, sounds just like the Mike Vick story! Once Vick realized the gig was up and the money was drying out, he changed his tune and became the MVP of the NFC. While I think Young is no Vick, I do think Young is a proven winner. And IF he was to grow up and do what's necessary to be elite in the NFL, I think he understands already or will be made to understand this is pretty much his last chance (with all the craziness he's done in Tenn.). So I think he can be salvageable. But you're right, it's taking a chance. However, because of the wacky year with the CBA and our draft needs, he might be the best choice for the price.

Phins78/Richard, NOW YOU'RE THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX. I like that!

Phins78, seems as if you're taking things out of context. I don't think Marc stated you claimed the D to be set in his remarks. I'm not sure why you took exception to that comment.

I think he was just making a general, factual statement that it still needs work.

I don't know Andy NJ..VY seems to be an 8-8 kinda guy....and he doesn't handle adversity....and Dolphin Fans are tough....won't take us long to BOO....how will he handle this.....his past says he crumbles.....i have to believe that his past is his predictor of his future carreer

Mark, good thing the draft is in late April. Hope you catch a nice warm spring day to run down the street

Chad "Hot Potato" Henne, lol. That was a good one.

phins, you did miss something on Kolb, the 1st-round draft pick the Eagles want for him. Pass.

I'm not naming names or pointing out anyone in particular. But it seems weird to me that when people are in a blog there are always two people who hit it off and ignore everyone elses questions and/or opinions. They spend the day stroking each others,,,ahem,,,egos, while pretending this is a private chat room intended for the two of them alone.

It just looks like those two people have found love and as I'm very happy for them it comes off as arrogant, creepy, and weird. So to anyone who may be guilty of this,,,,,,get a room. :)

If Mark from Toronto were our GM, we'd get Pouncey in the 1st-round. I know for a fact Mark is a 1st-round lineman kinda guy. Isn't that right Mark?

phins, were you talking about you and I?

Last pet peeve of the day. The Grammar Police! We don't need to be told to use one comma you morons. Multiple commas are for effect, it's called comedic timing. You're trying to be funny and need a longer pause than one comma will allow. Stop being so uptight. Sorry, back to the phins.


Great analogy on Vick comparison. VY might not be at the same prison cross roads as Vick but the off field stuff with VY is still enough to scare teams off and write him off. Also Vick relied on athleticism alone and was not a hard worker in ATL at all. So very good analogy.

I personally think VY has all the tools and intangibles when he is at his best, similar to Vick as well. Vick is faster but also short for the QB position. VY is big, strong and although he quit on his coach or team or whatever this year he seems to have that "it" factor. It is well known team mates like him a lot and gravitate to him. Which means he has leadership qualities. He wins games even if it's ugly. Granted he needs a nice supporting cast but so did Vick to realize his full potential. VY has throws a nice ball and although it was against a putrid Miami secondary in 09 he threw perfect touch passes all game. I dunno fellas, I like his talent if he can get his head on straight.

Again, very good analogy.

Pins78.....didn't Philly already take us for a ride with a QB....we already bought that bridge....and it collapsed....

If he coudn't win the starting job in Philly....why should we give him the starting job here....

Philly has a great system...with great coaches....i've read this novel...it ends with a loss of a second rd draft pic and you cut the QB Philly gave you and get nothing in return.....

DC HAHAHAHAHA no I'm trying to converse with everyone but some people make you feel like you're butting in on a private conversation. That was funny though,stop addressing me,,,,people are going to start talking!

I am now confused...

I would like to place a bet that Pouncey IS the first pick if we keep 15. Not saying he's the right pick but without being able to shop in free agency before the draft they may be forced to take an anchor like Pouncey. The guy will be around for a long time and is a lot like Mawae.

I hear ya DC, I just question whether this guy is ever gonna get it. I also question his ability to throw a ball from the pocket. These guys who run alot dont last. Nor has any team won a SB with a running QB. Look at Vick this year, he was great, but he was not the same guy the last 3 weeks. He was beaten up.

Guys like McNair, S Young and McNabb had alot of success, but that was after they became pass 1st, pocket passers, run when needed. Not look at one receiver, hes covered, take off running. VY still does that waaaayy too much for being in the league for 5 or 6 years. In the pocket, he's no more advanced than Henne, and hes had an extra 3 years. And Henne is still pretty slow on his progressions

aloco. why r all of these phans fighting with each other.?.lol

Personally I say draft my 2 year old over keeping Robo Henne. He is 3-1 32lbs and has a good arm. Bet you he would get less passes batted down :)

Shawn Crable
Kevin O'Connell
Kareem Brown
Chad Jackson
David Thomas

Who are those guys, you ask? All drafted by the Patriots in the 3rd round or higher the past 5 years. None on the roster.

Two others in that category, Ron Brace and Taylor Price, have contributed next to nothing.

The Patriots have as many draft busts as any other team, folks. It's the fact that they COLLECT so many picks that leads to their success.


I understand your past is a predictor of the future but sometimes guys just need to mature and grow up. I am not sure where in the US you are but I am right next to Philly and if you thought the national media went into over kill (no pun intended) with Vick coverage locally it was 10 times more. And I give credit where it is due. I thought Vick was always about Vick and could care less about putting the work in to be a NFL QB. I also despised his dog fighting and all that garbage, but I really beleive he is remorseful to an extent. He is remorseful that he got caught but it did change his life and career for the better.

VY hasn't faced Vick's level of scrutiny but given a new chance, new environment I believe he will succeed. I am willing to go out on a limb and say if he plays on a team with talent already and the way Miami would use him as not a pass first offense he will succeed in Miami.

Granted Miami needs to supply a few more weapons particularly at RB and better o-line. This way they can be a running team that allows VY to use his abilities. He has the talent to make plays on his own to make the difference in games.

kris,,,,, I know man. Sheesh what a disaster that was with AJ. I even herd from tons of eagle fans that said he would be great for us. But Kolb looks a hell of a lot better than him and I don't think we should hold him responsible for the sins of the father so to speak.

Thanks Joe was spot on...Stepped out for lunch. It was a general statement. I wasn't putting words in anyone's mouth. I was stating my opinion based on what OTHER's have IMPLIED, and that implication, is that our D is a LEGIT top 10, which, I BELIEVE is a stretch of the imagination.

What bout that young kid from the Vikings . He looked pretty good

Joe, I may have taken it out of context you're right. I assumed because he emphasized set as in "and no the defense is not SET". That's what made it look like he was saying someone said that. I could be wrong, only marc knows what he was thinking.

Can't really argue with you GP. It's a chance for sure. Don't know what we'd get. I can see it working out, but I can also just as easily see it going your way too.

I'm just trying to look realistically at our options at QB. We're picking someone up, no doubt, that's a given. I think we've all pretty much given up on drafting a QB (at least one that might matter one day). Plus, a rookie QB is a longer-term solution, and that's not where management's head is at right now. So it's safe to say the probability is we get a FA. With the CBA, Orton, Kolb, etc. won't be available until an agreement, might be too late for our coaches. I see them wanting to get someone in here quicker. Young can be released in February. Not sure what other QBs will be available then, but as a purely business decision (timing, money) Young seems to work out.

I guess we'll see and wait for judgment.

OH MAN ,,thanks dc. Yeah first rounder is ridiculous for a guy who has never started a full season.

Glad I can be of service. I will be here til 5 to help mediate misunderstandings.

Heck, Marc doesn't even know what he's thinking half the time...Anger clouds judgement.

What bout that young kid from the Vikings . He looked pretty good

Posted by: Richard | January 20, 2011 at 01:04 PM

Until he looked awful the very next game.


Yeah VY had a tendency to lock onto a WR at times and then take off but rather a guy like VY doing then Henne who is a statue lol. But I agree VY has plenty of flaws. I argue that he has enough talent to overcome his flaws in the right situation. I never in my lifetime would think that Mike Vick would make the progress he made as a pocket passer and VY is a better passer then Vick was at that same point in their careers. Miami is going to have to add more pieces and hope Daboll is able to have some to similar success that Andy Reid and Morningwheg had with Vick which is asking a lot but it's possible with VY. He does have that much talent.

Sparano's selling point to Vince to go to Miami. Your team didn't want you and my team didn't want me so let's do it together lol. That was corny but I want a freaking QB lol.

"Sparano's selling point to Vince to go to Miami. Your team didn't want you and my team didn't want me so let's do it together lol."


Coaches tend to be enamored with players they've coached...Which is why Tony always goes back to Dallas for talent, so, I think that if they pick up a QB or two it will be one that has history with Sparano and/or Daboll...Just a guess.

Joe S,

LMAO I said it was corny bro, lol. Give me a break.

LOL @ Joe...

Selling point for VY to MIA.

"South Beach"

marc you can name me, I'm a big boy, I can take the heat. It wasn't some people implying and it wasn't an implication. I, me,,,,I stated plain and clear that I believe our defense to be a legit top ten defense in this league and stated my reasons.

We have Edds,Odrick, Allen, and Merling coming back to our defense that played pretty damn good this year against great teams. So I'm just saying we don't need to concentrate on drafting defense as much as we do offense.

Sorry, that was Andy..Still funny

Andy, I actually found it humorous.

If it's as a free-agent, I'd be fine with them bringing in Young to see if they can re-start his career. Not via trade, though. Too many red flags.

His intelligence (or lack of same) is what is problematic. Fisher didn't dump him without ample reason(s) to do so.

But without having to give up anything aside from a contract, why not? I'd say he has a 50/50 shot at pulling it together.

phins...If it was JUST you I would single you out. No doubt.

I'm not saying Defense is the priority. At this point there's TON's of priorities.

I believe that an upgrade to SEAN SMITH is pretty important though

I don't believe that the D is even close to a LEGIT top 10 either. Shut down Wake and you can pretty much do whatever you want against us. Have a top flight TE you can do whatever you want against us. SCREEN passes (ala Cam Cameron)

Just saying

I say draft my 2 year old over keeping Robo Henne. He is 3-1 32lbs and has a good arm. Bet you he would get less passes batted down :) He is available for Free Agency even.

I think we can all agree that our defense is closer to being complete, then the offense. That said, a lot of folks mistake our defense for being "Top Tier", close to Elite. Not so much. Yes the improvements must be noted. We were better then 2009, much better. But when you take a closer look, I think our defensive statistics are flawed, if not a little fraudulant. Against good offensive teams we struggled, and were exposed against the pass.(minus Green Bay) The second half of the season we did not face 1 top tier offense, or quarterback(except Brady). We should have stopped those teams because frankly, they were almost as inept as we were. So if you want to take this status of elite to the bank. Go right ahead. I would be willing to bet Nolan,and the players on the defense know that this was more mirage, then defensive dominance. This said. The defense is a few parts away from possibly being very very good. IMO why not fill these voids, being that they are closer then the offense as to being a great unit. Find an identity defensivley, sort of in the Mold of the Ravens, or Pittsburg. When you play good defense, you can protect your quarterback from having to feel like he has to carry his team untill he is developed and ready to..Kind of like Big Ben. Remeber Ben was a game manager until they trusted him to make plays.Even in his first Super Bowl they won in spite of him. Do not forget about the offense. But lets finish the defense, because it is close.

"Your team didn't want you and my team didn't want me..." hahhaha

Actually DC, I would hate for Pouncey to be our 1st rd pick. Unless this guy is the next Steve Hutchinson - I would never spend a 1st pick on a guard. If I were to pick a lineman, it would be an OT - there is value there. Otherwise I would like a Qb or a Julio Jones type skill guy. I would be ok with a number of 1st pick offensive guys but a G or Ingram are not the way to go, iMO.

The D started looking real good about the time Soliai starting becoming a beast. I have a feeling, however, that's he's gonna want big money and although I thought he had a great year, he's just as likely to disappear again next season, so, that's a BIG (literally and figuratively) question mark

Amazing when dummies try to make jokes

phins78, I disagree.

We stunk against top teams. Go look at the game books of our games vs the better teams in this league. They chewed us up. We wound up top 10 because in the back half of the season we played pretty bad offenses.

Edds isn't even a lock to make the team & wasn't last year. You're putting way to much stock into people who have contributed nothing & are not guaranteed to.

Allen is over the hill & likely won't be back next season. You know how we treat injured guys, especially 2 years in a row? We cut or trade them.

Merling has never done anything other than be a rotational DE where we have a gluttony of guys.

The only guy with expectations is Odrick & we have alot of guys like him. He doesn't exactly help us get better.

So, those are my reasons for not sharing in your optimism or enthusiasm about the Defense. Not trying to sway opinions, just my 2 cents.

I havent totally given up on the idea of drafting a QB. I def would consider Mallett if he was there. He looks like the most NFL ready. Newton and Locker look like long term projects to me. Mallett gives off that kind of Favre/Jim Kelly vibe. Tough, big arm, some gunslinger inn him. Which means we'd prob suffer thru 2 or 3 years of 20 INT seasons till he figured it out.

That said, I'm still in the Julio Jones/Mike Pouncey corner. Give Henne another year, there will be another crop of QB's in 2012 to pick from if he fails. No worse than this bunch

I think the defense is young and inexperienced . It will be much better next year and only better moving on . Our defense will be a force to be reckoned with. Right now priority should be getting the offense to match the D. Remember our defense was pretty damn good thisyear and thats with the offense giving them no rest. Imagine a good offense and fully rested D. We will be the bomb

Scouts, Inc. graded out Sean Smith as the 8th best corner in the game last year.

Aside from Wake, I thought he was the most improved player on the squad.

I understand the frustration with the drops, but not the fixation on it some fans have. Smith was making big plays every game after being reinstated as the starter. The int's will come.

Smith and Davis are the least of Miami's worries. They're a fine duo that should be together for years.

I know Mark, I was joking about that. You and I have been very vocal about wanting a 1st-round QB, so I just wanted to bust your chops a little.

Looks like we're not getting our wish by the way (1st-round QB). Maybe next year!

Maybe we should start drafting from the U. Those guys seem to work out...Esp for the Ravens

Phins78.....I'm just not sold on Kolb....I haven't seen enough from him.....i just haven't....it was his job this year....and he coudn't keep it....yeah Vick played out of his mind....but if Kolb was who we thought he was....Reid doesn't give up on him after a half of football....and then never go back to him even as Vick is repeatedly injured during the season....he had his chance to shine....i think he only flickered

Joe, one reminder. Merling had the game-winning INT in that last game against the Jets to give us the division title and Playoff appearance. So, he did do 1 thing.

Darryl D,

I agree Miami's D is closer to being complete and needs a few more pieces. I actually stated before in a previous blog that although I want Ingram, Julion Jones, Ryan Williams (if traded back) or even QB because they all can be difference makers at #15

But if a defensive player like Von Miller from A&M or Robert Quinn UNC would be very tempting if they were available. Imagine getting that sort of pass rushing talent #15. I don't think either will be there but if they were I would consider it. Koa Misi might get better and probably will but he didn't show me much this year. He isn't good against the run and has 1 move a bull rush as a pass rusher. And you can never have enough pass rushers in a 3-4.

I really don't care where SEAN SMITH graded out. I have my own eyes and saw him out of position, or trailing on almost every play. Granted, if he could of held on to HALF of those possible INT's I'd give him A LOT of leeway, but, he didn't, just like Will Allen before him.

Trade back and recover that 2nd pick. Incognito looks like he can play center. Late first round and second round pick are better then a first and then nothing till third. Better to get two players who can play then one and hope you do good 3rd on

Andy NJ.....I haven't seen the video of the interview yet...I need to look at it so I can judge for myself...but in my limited view and opinion.....I just don't trust him...I don't like his thrownig motion...and i don't like his heart.....i will have to get back to you to give you more concrete stuff....this is just my gut talking.....


I'm not sold on myself as a fan. I don't think I spend enough time on this blog or thinking about the Miami Dolphins. I can do better there. Also, I need to grow my Phins gear wardrobe. And I've only been to 1 home game in the last 3 years, UNACCEPTABLE!

I think I can improve, but if there's an upgrade at my position, we might need to think about taking them.

Pete, I'm with you on Sean Smith, sure he dropped A LOT of INTs - thing is he also BROKE UP A LOT OF PASSES. If he makes half those picks, he's an ALL PRO - as it is, he's a good corner.

GP, I'm with you on Ryan Mallett too. I've had a giant man crush on the guy since LAST season. I think he's getting overanalyzed a bit as regards to his footwork. Above all, he has a cannon arm, loves to use it and pushes an offense up the field. he has that IT factor.

And I don't need to remind everyone about another qb people overanalyzed because of a long release - Aaron Rodgers. Some things can be coached - footwork is not a reason to not take a QB.

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