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Dolphins in the market for a RB and TE coach

The Dolphins don't just have one offensive coaching job to fill, they have as many as three because they are in the market for a running back coach and a tight end coach as well as a quarterback coach.

I have learned running back coach James Saxon is gone from the staff for reasons that, well, have to do with performance. I covered him as a running back with the Dolphins and like the man so I will not tell you he was fired. Let's say he simply has not been retained.

Tight end coach George Deleone is not on the Dolphins staff anymore, either. He was not necessarily terminated. He has been hired by the University of Connecticut as an assistant to former Dolphins defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni, who is the new head coach at UConn.

The Dolphins, who introduced new offensive coordinator Brian Daboll today, thus must still fill positions at running back, tight end coach, and quarterback coach, assuming Daboll doesn't coach the QBs. The Dolphins earlier parted ways with offensive coordinator Dan Henning and quarterbacks coach David Lee.

That means four of the six offensive assistants the Dolphins had when the 2010 season ended have moved on for one reason or another. Wide receivers coach Karl Dorrell and offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo are the remaining offensive assistants still on staff.

Saxon joined the Dolphins in 2008 after a six-year run as the Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach. This season the Dolphins running backs were a tremendous disappointment. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown started the season with hopes of gaining 1,000 yards -- each.

Neither reached that goal and in fact both seemed to regress from previous seasons.

Brown gained 734 yards and averaged a career-low 3.7 yards per carry. Williams gained 673 while averaging 4.2 yards a carry. Interesting that both players are free agents and it is possible if not probable neither will be re-signed by the Dolphins.



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When did Sparano blame everyone that worked under him Mark? Is that what you just said? If so I strongly disagree. He defended Henning even after the rest of the world gave up on him, even after the last game of the season. He fired the st coach and no one complained, it's what every fan wanted, but other than that I have never once heard Tony throw his coaches under the bus. Is there actual evidence of this?

No, phins78, that's my fan. If you click on my name it'll go to my typepad with my ACTUAL posts...

It's Aloco/Menace/Odin, or boobyd12...They are my biggest fans

phins78, just FYI, what is said to the media isn't the only thing said. And what is said to the media is usually a smoke screen for what is said elsewhere.

Also Mark the point that the guy your listening to made is a good one. The problem is it's not his idea, that came directly from Ron Wolfe who used to be with the Packers. That's how he's always done business and it has proven to be successful. So if that putz is acting as if he just came up with that he's lying and you should never trust a word he says, stop listening if that's the case, the guy is a hack.

I just don't understand how they have a duplicate name Marc. Can you elaborate?

Who is the better tweeter? Sean Smith or Kanye West?

Check this out ...


Once you sign in that name is supposed to be yours and no one else can use it so what gives?

It's quite simple, you see?

Just like this phins

What did I say Joe regarding the media?

Oh the Dez thing? No I completely understand using the media as a smoke screen but not sure how that pertains to this.

wolfman, how do you feel about Gabe Carimi at 15 if Julio is off the board?

Every time I hear the name Julio, I think of the character in Rodney Dangerfield's Easy Money that married Rodney's daughter. That movie was awesome, God bless ROdney's filthy soul!

They aren't signing into typeped, they are simply adding the name Marc, and the URL to my typepad which makes it APPEAR as though it's my name, however, if you click on the fake link it will not go to MY typepad page, where mine will..

Not that difficult to achieve...

Yeah but I never signed that name up. Here try this one,,,hold on.

I know a girl around that I refer to as the long snapper.

Here now duplicate this one. NYScott in blue.

Your questioning Mark about evidence. My post was in response to you asking him for it. The guy Mark is listening to probably heard it from someone else. Just as you believe what the Sparano said to the media about Henning, that guy believes what he heard is true. There is no evidence, it's all speculation.

I sincerely hope you don't believe what these guys say to the media. Behind closed doors or when the media is not around, people back-stab each other all day long.

In blue

Okay. Marc who in the hell is that girl you're with in the pic? Nice, congrats.

"Octopuses Garden" is another shameful Beatles song. It's better suited for a nursery school or an insane asylum. I would play it to criminal suspects to torture them into confessions.

Ringo Starr should be ashamed of it and the other Beatles NEVER should have allowed him to use it. The other three should have beaten Ringo across the face with brass knuckles and kicked him in the nuts for writing that.


Ahhh, that's one of my ex's...

Okay well that's not right. I'm going to try and take care of that Marc. People shouldn't be allowed to do that.

I don't agree with everything you say and we've had our moments but there's something wrong with someone who is that obsessed that they have to get back at you by posting slanderous remarks. I know it doesn't bother you but it bothers me and I don't ever want anyone using my sign in name. That was the whole point of signing up in type pad back in the day. Let me see if I can get the IT guys to work it out.

Did the Beatles have ONE good song? Forgot most of you guys are old


Sparano has turned over the entire coaching staff within 3 year pretty much. At what point do you blame the actual coach? How could the lack of production be every player's fault and every coach's fault and then he cries to get a 2 year extension. If I was Ross, I would have kicked his fat arse right out the door as soon as he asked for that extension. he's worthless.


Well done Marc, very NICCCEEEE!!!

LOL Mark & I are in 100% agreement on this issue. In Miami, every player or coach is held accountable except the Head Coach.

He must be a descendant of Houdini to still have a job.

No Joe I get it. I believe what Sparano said to the media because I heard it from his own two lips and watched the words coming out of his mouth. Hahaha, that's all. Trust me, anything that is written goes in one ear and out the other, if some people haven't gathered from reading my posts the past 7 years, I'm not a big fan of the media, especially in NY and Southern FLA.

Ehh, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery NYScott...Good to see you though. You don't come around much anymore.


Scott, you must be on bobbyd12's list of favorites. He LOVES NY'ers!

I've seen 2 mocks where we take Cam Newton or Ingram, which means we'll select an OLB.

So yeah Joe, Tony did a press conference and defended Henning. It was on the Dolphins website and it was written in text at the Sentinel, word for word. I was asking for proof from his own two lips that he used his coaches as skapegoats, not proof from a paper or reporter.

Marc, you look kinda buff. You been juicin' dude?

By the way, how do you do that typepad stuff? Just sign up and done? That's kinda cool. I wanna put my scary mug up there so people know not to p*ss me off or I might crush their head with my fingers.

Screw the Beatles, they're a bunch of thieves. Stole Danger Mouse's WHOLE album and redid it rock-n-roll style.

I noticed Mark in Toronto and NYScott didn't have pics up. They must look better in person, lol!

Yeah, typepad is just register and done. Think you can sign in with FB as well...

Marc, Beatles were in the 60's, 70's. That would make some of us either 60 or 70! :) I just turned 40 last week and as some people might think that's old it's just a number when you're not a professional athlete. All I know is I'm in the best shape of my life (just put up 4 reps at 325!), still have all my hair, and regularly win my snowboarding competitions against younger competition. I'm not the best at the mountain but I'm above middle of the pack and I'm "the old guy" or "Father time" as some of the other 20 somethings like to call me there. And it makes it that much sweeter when they post our slalom times or trick numbers and they realize I beat them! Priceless, just a number.

GarbageP - I can see your point on Pouncey. That's what makes the draft so tough....everyone says take the best guy on the board but there is often no consensus as to who that is.

I've been looking at a zillion mock drafts this week and I've seen Pouncey anywhere from #12 to Minn to early 2nd....that said....if Mel has him going....I think you said 22....that's still 7 spots and seems like a reach.

Same for Malett....I've seen him going anywhere from Clevland 6 to mid 2nd.....he has a tremendously strong arm and the guy is massive.....just incredibly immobile....he'd be a sitting duck. His release is slow....with some kind of weird hitch in his motion...then there's the off field stuff. 15 just seems high. I think I only saw one mock up with him going to Miami.

QB wise it seems that Newton will be there...I'm pretty sceptical about that pick but then again....that guy could end up being really special. I also think Locker may be there if Minn and Redskins pass on a QB in favor of line help. One thing I know is that Gabbert will be gone and the 1st qb off the board.

I think MOST people like to remain anonymous. I couldn't care less. I don't plan on running for office anytime soon. I'd rather start a revolution anyway :)

Nothing like skiing the Catskills, huh Scott? You see any Hasidics up there (like near the Dirty Dancing places)?

NYScott, I'm 33 and already falling apart. I've had a pretty THOROUGH life though. It WILL catch up to you.

My music was 90's when I turned 19. We had Incubus,Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, Nirvana, System of a Down, Blink 182, 311, Soul Coughing,Dave Matthews and much more. 90's music rules!!! But I do know the Beatles because I've played guitar for 27 years now and if you play guitar it's impossible not to learn at least one Beatles song. They definitely influenced modern rock in a big way. But I still don't own one Beatles album, to tame for me!

NYScott, why are you directing your comments to me? LOL I was simply telling phins78 that you can't believe anything these guys tell the media. Especially the Parcells clan.

If you believe it, that's fine. By your posts, I have a hard time grasping where you coming from or why you're directing your comments to me.

I'll put a pic up right now. Trust me, no fears on my end.

Jim Karsatos for Dolphins QB!!!

Mark in Toronto - don't think I could argue with Carimi @ 15.....unless Julio is there. It could be a tough call though if Newton is still there at 15.... or Locker for that matter. Not that either onewould be.my pick necessarily.....but there's no denying a great deal of.potential in Newton and Locker would have been a top 5 last year. Ross.may force the issue with Newton in order to get that "big splash" guy. Definitely a high risk but potentially high reward pick.

Anyone think Bo Jackson will come out in the draft this year?

There ya go homos. No spanking it to my pic now!

Can't make any promises NYScott...You're kinda sexy

All that di*do & 'brator talk earlier revved up some of these lads engines.

Oh no Mark don't get me wrong. I've been misunderstanding a lot today I guess. Your post read as though Tony publicly blamed them but if you or the radio hosts contention was that he's blamed them in his actions then I agree. I took it as he came right out and said it was their fault. No biggie.

I just read that Bodog has the Packers favorites to win the SB. Lookout! I am pretty certain that GB can beat the Bears and also that Pittsburgh can beat the Jets. They(Las Vegas)seem to think that NY can win. Hmm..

There you go Scott. A young Arnold Swarzenegger in Terminator. Arms are kinda flabby though, gotta get your OTA's in brother. Just playin' with you dude.

Marc,,,hahaha oh man I should have known you would say something like that. I'm going to have nightmares now!

I look like a bottom in that pic. All I need is some white man juice dripping out my mouth. I look the part

I know DC. You're a funny man! Funny guy, funny guy.... :)

Now I'm really going to have nightmares. My alter ego is calling me a bottom when I'm clearly a top who like to dominate. Damn he should know that! I have to get myself on the same page.

Oscar, so if Green Bay wins the SuperBowl, and we beat Green Bay, doesn't that mean Miami really could have won the SuperBowl this year?

Any way we can set this blog up so after 5 post pages, Mando gets this annoying alarm that rings until he puts up a new blog? Any programmers out there, we need to set that up?

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