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Dolphins, Sparano will talk contract 'adjustment'

And now it is time for the other shoe to drop.

With the Dolphins and their ownership turning their attention back to keeping Tony Sparano as the club's head coach,the idea now is to find peace within the ranks before presenting a calm, happy, united front before the media in a press conference that is planned for today but whose exact time has not yet been determined.

Well, to get that family portrait just right the Dolphins must make coach Tony Sparano a happy camper. And after a week in which ownership said some things and did others, kept Sparano employed but also sought ways to replace him, bringing the coach back to a state of joy is going to require some hard work.

And that is the work that is happening at this hour.

A source in the ownership group tells me the team is working on ways to soothe things over by, among other things, discussing the "adjustment of Sparano's contract."

I suppose in regular everyday English that means the Dolphins are going to talk with Sparano's agent Jimmy Sexton about some sort of contract extension or pay raise or some guarantees of some sort.

I also have been told some of the conversation in today's meetings are supposed to involve Sparano's coaching staff. I reported to you Thursday that offensive coordinator Dan Henning and the team have parted ways. So, obviously, names of possible replacements might be a topic as well as the job security of various other assistants.

All of Miami's assistants are under contract for 2011.

Another topic that would have to be broached is the relationship between Sparano and general manager Jeff Ireland. They were once joined at the hip. They were part of a trio, including Bill Parcells, that was supposed to turn the Dolphins into champions.

Well, Ireland disconnected from Sparano in recent weeks and found a way to find favor with ownership that Sparano did not. And Ireland was on that team that went to California to seek out Jim Harbaugh as a possible replacement for Sparano.

So there are some frayed feelings there. No, the relationship is not broken. But it definitely is different now. There are issues there now.

Those issues have to be addressed.

This is probably not going to be a one-sided conversation. So perhaps ownership will have items it also wants to vent about to Sparano.

I would be careful about venting too much, however. Otherwise, that happy family portrait the Dolphins are hoping to unveil later today might not look quite right ... or might not get unveiled at all.


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A possible extension? What?


A contract extension??? Why would they give him a contract extension right after they wanted to send him packing?.. This owner is a moron, sign Bill Cowher and release Ireland, what has Jeff Ireland done for this team, that would make Ross want to keep him?? Next season is going to be a nightmare with unhappy players and a coach that enjoys watching his team settle for filed goals..

What Brad said.

Ross is quickly becoming the Dan Henning of NFL owners.

On 1st down he tries some trickery with the old misdirection. Tells Sporano we're good little buddy, and chases every big name coach out there.

2nd down: Throws a hail marry(7 mil.)at Jimmy Harbaugh. Harbaugh wasn't even looking for the ball. Incomplete pass.

3rd and long, he goes BACK to the trusty but boring "inside handoff"(Sporano).

Just like last season, 4th and long, backs to the wall and we don't even have an offensive coordinator.

You just can't make this kind of stuff up people. From top to bottom, Ross's so called "organization" keeps putting itself in the worst possible position for sucess. From training camp, to the field, to the offseason, these guys know how to dig themselves into a hole!

God Bless Don Shula and Joe Robbie!!!!


So he is NOT a lame Duck HC! YA THINK!

Possible extension? How about possible probation with the possibility of being fired if the Dolphins extend their home losing streak to 1-10?

Sparano's got thick skin he can handle this...

Note to all Dolphins fans:
How many of you would have been sitting patiently as your boss ran around desperately trying to replace you? With so many options open Sparano could have easily landed a head coaching job else where, but he did not.

Sparano does not care about Ireland or Ross. He doesn't even care about the media or the fans. he cares about his team, and he is committed to finishing what he started. This is a man of honor; an honor that has almost become extinct in this day in age. Respect Sparano.

Financial apology....

Thought McNabb was the only one who got those.

"A source in the ownership group tells me..."
Who'd you talk to, Jennifer or Serena ? Sparano sucks, this love fest you've got going on for him is a joke. Next year, when Miami bombs again do to his lack of offense, maybe the herald will fire you as well !!!

This is the lamest thing in Dolphin history. So a coach who's about to be fired some how gets a contract extension??? I didn't think it was possible to have an owner more clueless than Huzienga, thank you Ross. This organization is now perceived as a joke all across the country. Congrats!

Unfortunately, we have to extend Sparano at least one year. This way he is not technically a lame duck coach. In theory, this makes it easier to attract new coaches and players.

The question becomes how long of an extension and does Ireland get the same deal (both of their contracts expire after 2011)?

Yes Brody,

An extension. That's what you do when you manage to muck up to the level Ross did. There is no other way to present it. To show that everything is hunky dory you have to give Sparano "legs" to stand on for next year. Best thing I can compare it to is the situation with the Giants when Coughlin was getting battered and they offered him a new deal and he changed his approach.

Smileeeeeeeee for that portrait.

Deep down I wish Sparano would stick to them, but I doubt it. I think Ross is a closet Jet fan, I mean, he is a New Yorker after all. LOL

An extension does not mask Sparano is a lame duck. It's to help not reduce down an OC field who is looking for long term jobs, not 1 & done. Although, anyone with sense knows this is a cosmetic patch. Ross has done damage.

The friction between Sparano, Ireland & Ross will impact the team. Guarantee Tony anything you want. I'd see his ACTION PLAN before giving him JACK SQUAT.

Nothing in Armando's article leaves me feeling giddy about the prospects for 2011. IF anything, everything he mentioned can have a detrimental affect.

Lets hope they can patch things up for at least this, and hopefully, last year together.

Where's Home?

I had a can of expired beans for dinner last night and haven leaving deadly chemtrails all day!

New World Order here we come!

Victor, count me on your wagon. Not sure about the though of him "easily" getting an HC job elsewhere though.

CAN him & Jeffrey NOW< before its too late.

extension = stupidity squared.

Who told you that Ross&Co. went to CA in search of landing Harbaugh? Who told you that Sparano and Irelad's relationship has been strained? There are only three facts in this soap opera: 1-Bill Parcells walked sooner than expected. 2-Bill Parcells was against picking Pat White. 3-Something happened after the ST disaster on MNF that TS had to take full control on personnel decisions(cutting people, benching other people). Those are undeniable facts, the rest is speculation by the media and fans. Again, until I hear official word on the state of affairs from Dolphins management, I will belive nothing.

Bill Musgrave would be the only addition I can think that would make Sparano and the Phin's season next year competitive.

Oh joy. Ross-"I'm here today Tony to tell you first hand that you suck as a coach, leader, mentor. But as I'm sure you've seen in this past week, we can't find anyone to replace you. So this is what I'm going to do. I would like to extend your current contract just for the simple fact I don't feel like looking any further and am sick of everyone telling me what procedure means in finding someone better then you." Sparano-"Yay!!!!.....I'm going to Disney Land!!!"

Sparano is not the problem. Henning is. Last year the defense was a disaster, a few new players and Mike Nolan problem solved. This year the offense is the problem, a few new lineman a nice quick running back and new offensive coordinator and its playoffs in 2011. The only thing that still is up in the air is QB.

Sparano is a joke, those of you who suddenly love him must've missed the 1-7 home record, the collapse against weak teams, the total lack of offense, worse then the 1-15 team and his constant man love shown to Henning and Henne. If you like stats and field goals, he's your man.

Everybody was complaining yesterday about it and now they are complaining about him staying. I think we have a bunch of lame duck fans...

AMEN Scoop!

"this love fest you've got going on for him is a joke."

are you kidding me a extention what I am looking forward too is seeing all the Blackouts
35 to 40 thousand empty seats then maybe Ireland gets canned I wonder if he has naked pictures of ross Cuz it does not make sense what a joke

This Whole experience has given Fans the impression that


I have NEVER waivered in my desire to fire BOTH Jeff & Tony.

There's still time for a hail mary to Cowher w/ Ireland cut loose, but I really doubt it.

Instead, grins & back-slaps all around later today: "Tony was ALWAYS our guy!"

New severance package. That will be it in effect. Like JS said, this is his last chance. If he continues to be Tony Sparano - this is his walking away money after 2011. If he does find some OC to mask his serious deficiencies as an offensive coach - then it's the starting point on an extension discussion going into 2012.

Sparano will be teh amster delegator in 2011. Find a genius to run the defense and find another genius to intall an offense. Find someone competent to run the special teams and he can collect 3-4 mill to create nice excel spreadsheets to count snaps and assess all the players' performance 3 and 4 weeks after it happens.

this team will suck again in 2011 how they pass up cohwer ill never understand this. parcels built this team hes gone clean house

Ad hoc business decisions are usually not only not successful they can be catastrophic. To me it's quite obvious that Ross is not a game planner and does most of his business by the seat of his pants.

Not someone I would feel confident in dealing with. The word shady comes to mind here.

I am mean what did you expect after the circus that is the Miami Dolphins they had to do some sort of press conference to make it look like they are headed in the right direction for public relations and most importantly season tickets.

It's a shame South Florida you guys won't get to see too many home games next year with the games being blacked out. I at least have Sunday Ticket but they are raising the subscription to over $300 not sure if I'd pay that to see this team.

Leave it to the masses to freak out during turmoil. Very good change has already been made by pushing Henning out. More positives to come.

this means Tom Cable is coming to town!

Good. I hope Sparano gets a fat contract. All you idiots blaming him for everything need to step back and take a look at the whole picture.

No wonder the guy can't get anything done with the buffoons running the front office... Remember, he didn't want to get rid of Roth, Smiley or Grove. That was the idiot upstairs. And Henning was a Parcells leftover. I know Sparano said the politically correct stuff about him, but you could tell how frustrated he was with the lack of rushing mid season.

Bleed em dry Sparano. They had no class to tell you anything to your face, now take the contract extension and run with it.

Sparano had no problems sitting Henne down for a game and then needed him to come in when Penny went down. I think this is almost the same. Sparano wasn't doing good enough of a job, so we had to see what we could do about finding someone better. Sporano now knows his ass is really on the hot seat. If he's smart he'll open the offense up and if we lose and he gets fired at least he tried doing it the way the owners and all the fans wanted him to.

Rich, last year was the D. It's still not fixed. Sorry, it's not complete yet. This year, it's the O. All three years it's been the Special teams.

What will it be next year? The fact that we need coordinators every year, still need lineman, still need a RB, still need a QB, etc etc...shows you just how inept Sparano & Ireland have been over 3 season.

Good coaches stop the bleeding. Coaches like Sparano need an entire offseason to do transplant surgery. We have so many holes, we are as close to 1-15 as we are to 11-5. And with NE, Pitt & Batl in this conference, 11-5 STILL won't get you to the playoffs.



Absolutely pathetic!

Sparano should be given a total of 3 years with 2011 counting as one of those years. He should be given 2012 and 2013 should be an "optional year." That way the franchise is only on the hook for paying him for 2012 if 2011 doesnt workout. It also prevents mutiny by players of a 2011 season.

Also based on the 2011, we should certainly know if Sparano's the guy to move forward with. If the team makes significant improvement in both 2011 and 2012, at the end of 2012 give Sparano a 5-6yr extension to avoid a lameduck 2013 season.

2013 would be the season where either Sparano or the team could opt out and part ways from eachother without the team having financial obligations when doing so.

This is a joke!!

Give them both extensions. It's not our money so why do we care! Give them what they need to succeed and then re-evaluate everybody again at the end of next season.

There's some people who think they'll have a hard time atracting an OC and coaches to work with Sparano. Let's see who's right. I'm saying that Jim Fassel and Brian Billick are a couple of guys who would be interested in this job and interested in getting their names back on people's minds. There's Brad Childress who will be interested in changing opinions after his awful season as HC of Minnesota. There's Marc Trestman who would love another shot and challenge in the NFL after Canada and there's McCoy in Denver who is very likely going to be looking for work in Denver. One other candidate I will throw out there and I now you guys will HATE this idea....Cam Cameron. If Baltimore gets bounced in the first round he might become available. Lousy HC but a pretty accomplished OC. There are others but this is a short list.

This is worse then Saban leaving and not even showing up for his own press conference.

Ross is a buffoon.

Ireland is incompetent.

Sparano is mediocre at best. And I actually personally like Sparano.

But the real joke is on us Dolphin fans. The ones who actually care. Same old crap, year after year. Though thick and thin, I have never ever considered canceling my season tickets until now. I just don't know how much longer I can put up with this crap.

And things are going to get much worse before they get better!

I see why the extension, otherwise you have zero chance of getting an OC to come here for 1 year but I hope Ross puts a clause in to allow him to fire Sparano if he continues to bore us silly whilst losing games next season.
I predict he;ll be canned by mid season.

All I can think about hearing this news is, this is Wannstedt all over again. EXACT same situation.

The press conference is going to be the weirdest press conference in history.

Ross: I am excited to announce that we are extending Coach Sparano's contract until 2013. (Terms of deal is half a million bump, and then when Miami is 8-8 or worse they dump him with no compensation).

Sparano: I would like to thank Mr Ross and Jeff and let you all know we are all on board and have this thing going in the right direction. We will make adjustments to our staff and also add new players.

Basically this will not only be weird because there will be no smiling faces it will be as boring and flavorless as a Tony Sparano gameplan!

Who in their right mind will want to come and work for this team? Lame duck coach with one yr left on the contract. Bill P was saw this comming and got out. Smart.


Very good post at 3:13pm. Let's get it done!

ross reminds me on the steinbrenner character on seinfeld,what a moron

Hate to say it, but, Parcells actually looks like a genius right now. lol

Sporano should apply for the coaching job at the University of Michigan.

I think he would be an awesome college coach. All of his attributes coincide perfectly with Michigans storied Football Traditions.

I think it would be fitting if Sporano surprises everyone today and announces his resignation and hiring at the University of Michigan.

I know it ain't happening, but man would that be putting a foot in the a s s of former Michigan Alumni Owner Whathisname?!?!?

I'm starting to wonder if Ross is trying to make the Dolphins one of the largest tax write offs in the history of corporate America?

It's official, the Dolphins have officially entered the "who's the most disfunctional franchise" sweepstakes. Competition includes Raiders, Redskins, Lions, Bengals, Browns. Stay tuned......winner to be announced soon.

Seriously though.....I think I'm going to become a Sunday golfer.

This is a shebacle!!! What the hell is going on?

PLEASE LET THIS BE AN EARLY APRIL FOOL'S JOKE....extension??? EXTENSION OF WHAT???!!!?? Extension of Fins' fans misery for another 4 years??!!!??


If Sparano was a Head Coach who knew what he was doing he would of had the balls to take over play calling duties long ago. Parcells was gone. Sparano could have done what he wanted to do and he didn't because he is gutless. He can act like he is the leader all he wants the guy has lost this team, locker room and 80 percet of the fan base.

No one is going to see through the contract extension as a ruse to satisfy players and the new OC. LMFAO. Every year there are coaches that everyone knows are going to fail. Sparano is now one of them - not his fault either.

Lets hope it's a little pay bump, and not more years. Sparano has added to a turnaround of the team over the past three seasons. Not where us Dolfans would like. But we aren't 1-15 anymore. As painful as it was to witness the past two days, Ross did the right thing. He held onto what he had, until he got what he wanted. When he didn't get exactly what he wanted, he kept the hand he had. He's a business man, not an NFL man. That's why he's got his Carl Peterson "friend". Ross and Ireland aren't all bad. They acquired Mike Nolan, Wake, Dansby, Marshall and a young studly secondary, some monsters up front on both sides of the ball. They certainly haven't been afraid to spend, or "flip over rocks". It's time to turn their attention to the other side of the ball. Get young and fast at the skill positions. And make the offensive jump next season.

Sure, we didn't land the sexy coaching candidate of the year. But now the writing is on the wall for Sparano. You got one year to pull it together. (God, please don't add more years . . .)I'm sure he'll get his pick of some prime OC's and plenty of $$$ to throw at them. So he can get a legit shot with a real OC. Look what happened to the Defense when we added Mike Nolan! With a new Offensive coordinator, new QB (or two), And we're back on track! McDaniel, Orton, Marshall . . . seemed to work before.

"If you can't be with the one you love, love the on you're with . . ."

-The eternal optimist

Sparano was in no ways the primary problem last season. Truth be told neither was Henning. Henning may have had the biggest hand in compuonding the primary problem but he wasnt it.

The primary problem was lack of great talent at key offensive position. The primary problem is who's most responsible for assembling that talent on the roster. Do I dare to say Ireland?

Guess we'll never know who had the greatest hand assembling that offensive talent Ireland or BP. If it was BP he fled the scene leaving Ireland holding the bag.

One thing not much is being said about is the loss of fan base, that is something that can take a long time to repair.

Without some very meaningful successes on the field, it could be generations before the fan base can be restored.

Ross is juggling bottles of nitro-glycerin thinking it's fish oil.

He doesn't realize how much he is alienating the people that are going to be paying off his note on the team/stadium purchase, nobody spends a billion of their own money on a team, I wouldn't doubt he is financed heavily here.

I would tend to think that the monthly nut on what he borrowed to buy this team is not an insignificant chunk of change, and a loss of 30 thousand season ticket sales could mean he has to put this franchise up for sale soon or drain a significant amount of his bank account if he doesn't get a change of team success soon.

Let's face it, the quickest way to get that fan base back is to win, he's not putting his best possibilities for that on the field, hence I see a regime change ie. ownership in 4 years or less if he doesn't fix this fiasco and I mean soon!

I don't think Henning had any power to get rid of Roth, Smiley or Grove, and I know Tony liked all three. That came from higher up.


I know you were trying to be funny but Sparano would have no other Head Coaching opportunities out there. He would hook on with someone who is from the Parcells tree as an assistant offensive line coach and would never be heard of again.

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