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Dolphins introducing offensive coordinator at 12:30 p.m

The Dolphins have called a 12:30 press conference today to introduce their new offensive coordinator.

I assume there will no suprises and Brian Daboll will meet with the South Florida media.

The fact this availability is even happening is interesting. You'll remember last year the team hired Mike Nolan as the new defensive coordaintor and had no such availability. You'll recall for three years the team has signed free agent after free agent and not made any of them available (Brandon Marshall made himself available last year).

So why the change now?

Are the Dolphins worried about the negative reaction to Daboll because he comes to Miami from the Cleveland Browns, a team that scored fewer points than Miami the last two years? Do the Dolphins want to use this opportunity to turn the negative tide on a coach so he gets a fair shot before he calls his first play for the team?

Or have Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland decided the way they've been doing business the past three years -- in a bunker and away from publicity -- no longer is the right way to do business now that Bill Parcells is gone?

Or is this perhaps a sign that Sparano and Ireland -- obviously weakened by last season's 7-9 record and the Parcells departure -- having to succumb to the wishes of the business side of the organization? Parcells never had to do that but, obviously, he's Bill Parcells. Now that Parcells is gone, has the business side of the organization overtaken the football side as having more power thus is dictating media availabilities to the football side?

I seriously doubt these particular questions will be answered.

But believe me, the question why the policy change will be asked.

I will be tweeting the more interesting points of the press conference in real time. Follow me on twitter.