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Dolphins introducing offensive coordinator at 12:30 p.m

The Dolphins have called a 12:30 press conference today to introduce their new offensive coordinator.

I assume there will no suprises and Brian Daboll will meet with the South Florida media.

The fact this availability is even happening is interesting. You'll remember last year the team hired Mike Nolan as the new defensive coordaintor and had no such availability. You'll recall for three years the team has signed free agent after free agent and not made any of them available (Brandon Marshall made himself available last year).

So why the change now?

Are the Dolphins worried about the negative reaction to Daboll because he comes to Miami from the Cleveland Browns, a team that scored fewer points than Miami the last two years? Do the Dolphins want to use this opportunity to turn the negative tide on a coach so he gets a fair shot before he calls his first play for the team?

Or have Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland decided the way they've been doing business the past three years -- in a bunker and away from publicity -- no longer is the right way to do business now that Bill Parcells is gone?

Or is this perhaps a sign that Sparano and Ireland -- obviously weakened by last season's 7-9 record and the Parcells departure -- having to succumb to the wishes of the business side of the organization? Parcells never had to do that but, obviously, he's Bill Parcells. Now that Parcells is gone, has the business side of the organization overtaken the football side as having more power thus is dictating media availabilities to the football side?

I seriously doubt these particular questions will be answered.

But believe me, the question why the policy change will be asked.

I will be tweeting the more interesting points of the press conference in real time. Follow me on twitter.


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Aloco..I said Home was a crackhead..not you man. You good in my book

Not that I'm a big Henne fan (I think he's kinda big, dumb, and slow to be a QB), but his numbers for the season aren't that much different than Sanchez's. And, the prevailing rule-of-thumb is that you don't trash a QB until he's shown what he can do in year three. Lots of QBs struggle their first couple of years. Remember Favre in Atlanta? Just saying, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!

C'mon Armando! You're gonna waste an opportunity like this by asking "why the policy change?" Who cares, just take advantage. What you should be asking is....

Is the Wildcat gone?

What are you planning to do about the RB position? Sign Ricky? Ronnie? Drafting a RB? Something else?

How do you plan to get the QB and WR's "on the same page"?

Could Pennington really end up starting for this team next year? How about him as a QB coach if not?

You're welcome.

GarbagePlat - what you say about Breed is absolutely correct and yes, fin fans would have run him just like chargers did. Breed didn't put together a quality season until his 4th year in the league. As you all may recall, he was so putrid in 2003 that he was benched and only started 11 games. In 04 the chargers then drafted Rivers......and Breed finally got his game on. A classic example of an organization and fan base giving up too early on a player. BTW...Breed was technically a 2nd rounder....not that it matters, he's a stud and exactly what we need to find.

Mark in Toronto,

I know you've probably gone but just a couple of other thoughts....you say you give a QB THREE years to prove himself. How can you be so sure on Henne then after TWO years, without any help from his OC and QB coach. They've done nothing to help him and if anything he has regressed, as most would agree. What WR, TE, or RB have they drafted in the first round to help him and support him. In fact, outside of Marshall what exactly have they given him to work with? A FA WR, a 4th round pick at WR, an average TE that they got from Dallas for a 4th round pick, and two running backs that are either broken down or don't have it any more. Is it definitely Henne or are there there other factors at work here?

Tutti in Italia parla del pene Drew Carey tutto il giorno. Qui a Roma, noi uomini sedersi e discutere la forma e l'odore del pene Drew Carey e mi chiedo che cosa sarebbe come toccare Drew Carey pene.

Supposed to read "Brees" turns out the smart phone isn't that smart.

Hey Tracy...the difference between Henne and Sancheeze is that Sancheeze is a gamer...Henne is not

OK guys, I'm out.....made enough friends on here today...LOL.


I like what your saying....and when training camp opens I will be sucked back in to my euphoric state of optimisim and dreams of 12-4....like you said ....what choice do I have....

But I got to say....we did use 4 WR sets at times....Hennings excuse for not using them more was that our line coudn't block it and to his credit...Henne got sacked alot when we did try and use 4 Wide....

That Quote from Chad P. is very encouraging....and it kinda helps me get into pre-season mode faster....

But this regime does not deserve a pass.....and SHOULD be questioned on everything.....

When Parcells did his final "exit" and left us with THIS product....ZFor me it was like finding out there is no Santa Clause.....I will never again be led blindly and agree with management just because THEY SAY SO...its that attitude from Ross that has us where we are....and he's still got to PAY THE GRINCH

Craig M....that it dude.....As everyone on here can attest to I have done nothing but extend the olive branch....but your "weak little mind" can't comprehend that its not about right or wrong....

you take the most minute details of a conversation....and turn them into the MAIN POINTS....instead of concentrating on the MAIN POINTS.....

I hate to pull a BD12....but if I were face to face with you I would seriously have to handle this....

Theres no other way to put it.....I would probably feel bad afterwards because I think you might be a TARD who doesn't have the ability to see more than one point at a time....

But man.....oh well.....i can dream

I have to agree, so far Henne has not shown himself to be a "gamer" as you put it. But, how much of that was due to the handcuffs that Henning put on him, or his lack of talent? Bring in a veteran and a rookie QB and let them slug it out for the starting job! It's our best hope right now of having a decent season.
Will Daboll be the QB coach? Or, are we waiting to see if Pennington's arm heals and then determine if he's a player or a coach? Hmm...

Mark in Toronto.....

I think you made the best....Gree Bay also did it the same way....So when Brett was done....no LAG time....Excellent Points

Like I said kris, if you could just answer the question about who you were trying to insinuate was posting under pete it would make life easier.....but I think it's apparent to everyone now what you were trying to do....

And you got caught...

we're screwed (at least for two more years)

Will you two just screw and get it over with please?

Concerning the end of the Parcell's regime. I'm glad that he's gone! I really didn't trust him due to all those years that he hated the Dolphins because we were the thorn in his side no matter where or who he was coaching. The Fins, and Marino, had his number. They used to kid Dan about "Tuna-free Dolphins!" So, he got his revenge in the end. Time to move on. Parcells can help re-build a team's line and LBs, but never was any good at skill position players. This time, he couldn't even do that. So, he bailed, and now he's looking for someone else to pay him so he can keep eating at the buffet!

AS Dolphin Fans, can we please never mention the tuna again. He may be the most arrogant, overrated, and worthless football Exec/HC in history. he got all of his fame by having the greatest defensive player of a generation fall into his lap. Fun fact, did you know he has NEVER won a superbowl without Belicheck on his staff? So lets look at his resume. Giants, ok, Theeen, pats, good for one year then left them in just as bad of shape that belicheck dug them out of. made the Jets good for maybe two seasons then they fell back into mediocrity. Built the cowboys team to the one it is today. And now the Dolphins are where they are, nuff said. ANyone see a trend? Parcells is a worthless quitter who skips town at the first sign of inconvenience.

People PLEASE!

All of you who think Henne won't be here next year are on Home's chemtrails! Henne will probably start next year because the coaching staff has no other options. The new OC and QB coach will work with him and TRY to salvage him. Either way the Dolphins need to draft a QB in the first round. Ryan Mallett? Best case scenario is to draft a QB, work with Henne to make him better, and then trade him. If the Dolphins can get decent value for Henne it would be better than cutting him. Sounds like the way it went down with Chargers and Brees/Rivers. As far as gaining picks for this year, I think we trade Bess for a second rounder and move Marlone Moore to the slot. He's quicker and faster. If the Dolphins pick up a speed receiver someone’s out anyway.

4 WR sets? With Chad Henne? ARE YOU KIDDING?

Fellas, there's one thing you're forgetting about Chad Henne, that he can NEVER be taught.

HE'S NOT ELUSIVE! He sees a rush, and he falls. His first step is ALWAYS in the exact path of the defender. This is snap judgment, quick reflexive thinking. Marino, Rogers, Vick, GREAT at evading the rush in their different ways, Henne SUCKS.

With that said, Craig/DB, Henne will get a chance to prove himself. And he'll have more talent around him than Penne did in '08. We'll see what he/Daboll come up with. Actually, it's been a couple of weeks. Henne can/should be working right now to get better. Question is, is he?

Now that kris, Mark from Toronto and CraigM have made this blog into UFC's Octagon, can some other posters put in their 2 cents, or, were you guys not done with your p*ssing contest, just wondering?

LOL, just kidding, I like being a voyeur (that's FRENCH for you haters).

In 2011, Henne played exactly like a 2nd yr starter, with limited weapons, while still being handicuffed by a pergutory offensive region.

As dbmfins posted, anyone making final evaluations on him based on just that are sniffing Home's chemtrails. I'm not 100% what he really is until surrounded by more reliable offensive weapons, a less restraintive scheme, and a more imaginative offensive philosophy.

Still he may not be a Brady, Breeze, Manning, Roslisberger. But I believe with more reliable offensive tools and more imaginative offense/play calling, he can at least be Eli Manning. Maybe even slightly better.

This isnt a forecast, just a more positively based evaluation that also exists. Just letting you sad sacks know that with the knowledge of "evil" there also exists the knowledge of "GOOD". LOL.................

Sorry, but the fact is a LOT of these people are clueless.

I call 'em as I see 'em.

Posted by: pete | January 19, 2011 at 12:04 PM

And you happen to be one of them. Welcome Aboard!

Mistake 1 by the leadership. Prediction, Sparano will be fired mid season. I guess no one gets it there!

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