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ESPN: Harbaugh not so likely to Miami

If God had wanted me to be a play-by-play man he would have sent me down here with a wonderful baritone voice instead of my current voice that only gets me by on my now highly rated (apparently) Armando and the Amigo radio show.

The point  -- aside from a shameless plug -- is that play-by-play is not my favorite.

But here, the Dolphins are in a coaching search and you readers are a beast that must be fed. So I feel compelled to throw every available nugget of information down your collective throats. And that means giving you the play-by-play of things happening as we know them.

So what nugget can you chew on this hour?

ESPN's Adam Schefter, the best information man in the business, is reporting he doesn't think Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up with the Dolphins. How's that for a hearty meal?

Schefter tweeted moments ago he likes San Francisco today as the landing spot for Harbaugh. "Not Miami, not Oakland, not Carolina, not Denver."

That nugget lodged in your throat now?

This, of course, does not mean the Dolphins chase of Harbaugh is over or a failure. Schefter did give himself wiggle room, saying he likes San Francisco for Harbaugh "today." And tomorrow is another day.

But if the story stays the same and Harbaugh does land the San Francisco job that is located 21 miles from his current address, that means Tony Sparano will likely return to the Dolphins for his fourth season unless another star candidate suddenly emerges.

[UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Harbaugh is meeting with San Francisco later today.]

A notable aside: Today the Michigan job came open. Athletics Director Dave Brandon said Harbaugh is not a candidate at Michigan because he "is headed to the NFL." And Brandon specifically referred to Habaugh dealing with a "billionaire."

Miami owner Stephen Ross is a billionaire. San Francisco owner Jed York? He's now part of the DeBartolo family and his mom Denise is estimated to be worth $900 million.

But what's $100 million give or take, right?


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don't you think they'll move to Jeff Fisher or back to Cowher? what makes you think they'll bring back your boyfriend Sparano?

good job armando

should be a great offseason if Sparano comes back. One happy family!

Promote Nolan, let him promote or bring in whoever he wants to keep the defense on track and then go and find the best possible offensive coordinator. McDaniels is not an option with Nolan, but what about Brad Childress? Lousy head coach, excellent offensive coordinator. The current brand of Pop Warner offense under Henning didn't work........maybe it's time to implement the West Coast offense. Which means Donovan McNabb would also have a new landing spot (i.e., stop-gap QB). Just sayin'....

Nolan has earned another shot. He's certainly done much better in his area of expertise (defense) than Sparano has done with his (offensive line). It's not only too awkward to bring Sparano back after all of the good coaches say no, but Ross has essentially castrated him at this point. Add in the lame duck status of one year remaining on his contract as the icing on that cake and Miami is looking at total chaos and failure in 2011.

this was the most pointless story i have ever read. schefter is not the best man in the business either. That would go to Jay Glazer. Schefter, ESPN employee, is there to be a dbag who jerks off to people getting fired.

Jed is not Denise's wife, he's her son.

If sparano comes back i can see us going 4-12 or worse 2-14 because i don't think the current players on the roster will play for him point blank

Sparano is dead man walking, no way he can come back now. Fisher or Cowher are huge upgrades over stat man.

Not once did Schefter say why he thought he was going there - just said it was the best fit. I don't know.

Dealing with a billionaire though - and harbaugh's people directly dealing with Stephen Ross. I still hope - because hope is all I have.

Schefter was just on ESPN and admitted he was just speculating.

I am going to be very depressed if we faill to land Harbaugh. Landing Cowher would cushion that blow, but retaining Sparano & Jeefy will be very very sad indeed.

ok so now what? If I was sparano I'd say give me an extension or I'm out.

i'd like mike nolan to be given consideration. he was the only coach who knew what he was doing and he's not a greedy egomaniac. if not, then jeff fisher,very well respected in the nfl.

If he becomes available I would love to see Jeff Fisher. Maybe that is what Stevie is waiting for?

Ross is not going to loose money on ticket sales!! If he brings in a big name coach I think ticket sales goes up especially if it's COWHER!! But Ross has to bring in a new coach because the players no longer going to respect TS because of the negative comments and coach search!! So let's close that that book and go buy a number one seller!

no way Sparano comes back after all of this.

sparano,ireland,henning and lee should all hold hands as they are escorted out of the facility in davie. get someone who can speak with clarity and vision. not mumbo-jumbo.

Let's keep Sporano. Those FG fist pumps were sweet. Henne is the real deal, and Ricky can still run. Then let's count the empty seats next season after an 0-16 season!

Mark in Toronto, Andy in NJ. So I watched the Sugar Bowl last night. I went in with a totaly objective open mind about Mallet(even though I have gone on record as saying he isn't my favorite). Last night was a good night if you are a Phin fan that fancies Mallet. The way he played last night probably moved him out of the top 10. Now of course to judge him on 1 game is ludicrous, but it happens(See Jamarcus Russel) Mallet has the combine to get ready. IMO he needs to work on his footwork(I'll bet his 3 cone drill is slow). Mallet did some good things. He looked great out of the shotgun. His recievers didn't help at all. Those drops were on the money. He obviously has a rocket arm. But when he was under center, or had to move. He was really inaccurate. Also his feet got choppy under presssure. he looked a little bit like Henne to be frank. The interception at the end of the game doesn't bother me as much as his lack of pocket pressance. We have seen this movie before. There is are miles between him and the number one guy.IMO

Just got a tweet -

Speculation from a speculator says Henning is in the hunt for head coach!

- I'm available too!
Signed, Wanstadt

ESPN is a joke anyways!

Go to Bill Cowher and say whatever you want sir, just put a winner on the field. Tell him it would be really nice if you kept Mike Nolan because he did one hell of a job but its your call. End of discussion. Stop with the finagling and posturing and BS and just do it, the right way for a change.

I'm available too.
- Singletary and Mangini


ESPN also had Lebron staying in Cleveland

Mando.. The AD at Michigan did not say he was not a candidate for the coach. What he did say is that he THINKS he is heading to the NFL.

I was never really for Sparano being replaced, but now I think its gone past the point of no return. How could a guy who is in the last year of his contract, whose players are bashing him, and whom his owner tried unsuccessfully to replace, come back next season and get any kind of respect from the locker room? Its a debacle.
Sparano deserves better than this. If you were to do this to a Cam Cameron, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But not Sparano. He isnt THAT BAD of a coach. Its almost like Miami does not deserve to be good anymore.

I heard the same as the reports that Harbaughs agent hasnt even really spoken to anyone seriously but San Fran. Who knows.

Ok, So Sparano is back, I will forgive him if he brings back Ted Ginn. :)



DD, yep, saw the good and the bad of Ryan Mallett yesterday which is just fine. I've watched him for 2 years now and he's got a lot to start with but he's still inexperienced (jr who sat out a year) but he's got a lot of physical skills.

I also gave teh caveat that his footwork needs help especially with pressure up the middle and it did him in yesterday. If we get some good offensive coaches in here - he can be coached up - there's a lot to work with along with a great feel for the game.

let's face it - any Qb that may be available at #15 will have warts. But it doesn't mean they can't be any good. Rodgers had warts, Brees had warts, so did Freeman and Flacco - but if they are overall 1st round grades and can be coached - then it's well worth the pick - as long sa you have the proper infrastructure in place to teach qbs - which the Dolphins obviously don't have right now but may have by the draft.

Farve to Teddy Ginn ginn ginn = superbowl.

I hope just because Miami doesn't get Harbaugh that won't mean they bring back Tony Sparano. After the shots the players have been taking at him to go along with Miami's failures this year it is like salt in an open wound.

Tony Sparano is in lame duck status unless someone better is available, right? We as Miami fans are EXPECTED to take a second best or third or fourth in Sparano being retained? This is a bunch of crap.

This is a reason why Miami will continue to lose to bottom feeders like Lions, Browns, and Bills. If you are losing to bottom feeders that makes Miami just the feed.

What a joke this is becoming.

dying breed=fake alaoc

I also have strange feeling we're going to end up keeping Sparano for a lameduck year and the team will crumble like we've not seen since 2007.

It will be a HUGE mistake for Ross to keep Sparano for a single lameduck season. Its either keep him and give an extension or fire him now. It's either all in or all out. Straddling the fence on Sparano will be disasterous. Just wait and see guys!

"I am going to be very depressed if we faill to land Harbaugh. Landing Cowher would cushion that blow, but retaining Sparano & Jeefy will be very very sad indeed."

Posted by: The Seer | January 05, 2011 at 01:40 PM

Hope somebody takes your shoelaces away...Sparano is staying.

Wait, the dude married into $ and bought a football team? How does one get that lucky?

Cowher is the only candidate that should be considered to replace Sporano. He is the closest thing to a sure bet for the Dolphins. Otherwise keep Sporano and revamp the offence. If the Dolphins had qon 10 games, the same statements that you have been reporting as "criticism" would be reported as plaise. Force those headlines Mando!. The offense is stale an d predictable but not that far away from being good enough to win. I still think Henne is salvagable. He needs a a better QB coach and a better offense.

Harbaugh? Great college coach. But remember guys like Spurrier and the guy from LSU and now Alabama with a couple of years as a Dolphin in between. Success in college doesn't always translate in success in the pros. We need a coach not a recruiter.

"Chucky?" One Superbowl win in Tampa only because Oakland was still using his playbook. After that, not much.

Fisher? Maybe.

Regardless, Ross needs to move before other teams start hiring.


I see this as good news. We tried the college coach to Dolphin coach not too long ago and are still suffering the stupid mistakes he made.

Looks like 1 more year with Dumb and Dumber. I guess I won't be watching football in 2011.

What a shame Ireland is a deal breaker. Sparano most likely will be kept in a lameduck season. It's widely known players dont play for coaches in a lameduck season. We're back to 2007-like mediocrity and Sparano's gone in 2012 anyway.

Mr. Ross, if you have to keep Sparano please sign him to an extension. If not we'll all have hell to pay for it!

Sparano at this point is done, even his players are ripping him n the media but what has me miffed is the fascination Ross has with Ireland who while finding a couple guys in F.A. has blown 3 drafts

What is it with you a and that Puss Wilma WoManso all over Sparano? The Guy SUCKS and will NEVER coach here again! How did you two become s fla journalists? By injection?

If Sporano and DIreland stay, Ross will have a tough time selling out the stadium next season. Lots of blackouts, lots of season ticket holders calling it quits, and simply one humongous financial mess for Rossy. Maybe Rossy could just turn the stadium into one kick butt disco (turn back to the 70s) and have his celebs party hardy. Football? FOGETABOUTIT! At the end of the day, ok, it's about keeping the fans happy. Without fan money FEEDING THE WOLF, the den will be empty.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I picture you in a Bowler hat, Trench coat, Spy glass searching for clue's....good job old chap.

Soiled :)

Ross needs to get some stones and go get Cowher! Back the truck up, pay him, and let him fire Ireland. What has Ireland done? Why is there loyality there?
You have this great coach saying he wants to come to Miami.
What does it take to get it done. Make it happen! Quit fooling around Ross!
Your a cut throat business man 'allegedly' quit dancing around and go get the man that will take your franchise to the next level.


thank you for writing a blog that didn't rip players for being honest!

you truly are a company man, a lot of us wish you would be a true Dolfan instead.

The main reason I am in favor of moving away from Sparano is he lost his players during the crucial part of the season. Enough have spoken out now. How can we believe these players with play their hardest under the SAME conditions next year? That's what sucks here.

Truth is, I do not know what coach to hire. I think Harbaugh is a big risk and to much $$.

the only name left that seems like an definite go to me is Fisher, but he never won a SB, his players love him, but never won one.


Saying our offense isnt that far away is a very highly laughable statement. LOL.....

Our offense is so bad everyone has to play a great game just to be good! LOL..........

Say No to Buttercup Killer Cowher

I only want sparano if henning will also stay :-)

I don't understand the backlash Sporano is getting. 2 years ago he was up for coach of the year! He fixed the defense, let him fix the offense. It's unbelievable how many people have NO patience. If he gets a good OC in here, and fixes a couple of things on offense I think he will lead us AGAIN to the playoffs and more. Like he said, we were 1-15 when he got here and HE orchestrated the biggest turn around in NFL history with a good, not great, QB. Step back from the ledge people.

The Dolphins can't even settle on a name for their stadium (it changes every year) - how in the hell can they settle on a head coach or quarterback. Armando you are a Dolphin beat writer, why are you quoting Adam Schefter, it should be the other way around. What a joke you are!!!

Ross is an absolute idiot not to get Cowher.

Sparano is a lame duck at this point.

He brings that useless bunch back and I hope they go 0-16

Mark in Toronto,

I agree with you 100 percent on your Ryan Mallet assessment.

He did seem to choke under pressure literally last night. Arkansas should have won and he could have solidified himself in Arkansas lure but he threw a horrible pass under pressure into double coverage.

Overall is what I look at as well with Mallet. He does have some things he needs to work but he also has 1st round talent. And Miami which clearly needs to find a franchise caliber QB to compete with the Pats and Jets needs to stop kidding themselves that Henne is it or any other second tier, second rate QB.

In Mallet's defense he delivered so many perfectly thrown balls that were dropped. They weren't tough catches, he hit guys in perfect stride and they just kept dropping them. 7 drops in all. Arkansas also had 6 offensive penalties which puts you in a lot of third and long situations. I blame the loss squarely on Mallet in the end. He should have made the play but overall watching him for 2 years at Arkansas and he is a 1st round talent. History has proven that 1st round talent doesn't mean a guy will actually put it altogether. But with Mallet's talent you have to take a chance and roll the dice on his skill level or Cam Newtons for that matter. Being aggressive is what football is about and Miami's conservative approach has gotten them no where.

Cowher in Miami

Tanned and walking on the beach in a T-back Banana Hammock drinking hard liquor with an umbrela in it.

He's done....lets not top off his bank account to.

Soiled :)

Jonathan, the reason is like it or not, the players did not buy into him and his schtick again. Now it is coming out. what makes you think they will just bury it and play their hearts out next year with him i they did not in 2010?

How in hell can Ross let the Ball Boy be the deal breaker?!?!

Ireland---MUST GO!!!

Get Josh McDaniels to coach the team and then trade for Tebow! lol

Why is this such a joke to everyone. This will allow everyone to show up at the games next season disguised as empty seats!

BTW: Favre to Chambers = SUPERBOWl!

Ross also needs to understand if Sparano's brought back as a lameduck next season no credible OC will come to Miami and coach under him. We're back to Henning-ball 101.

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