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ESPN: Harbaugh not so likely to Miami

If God had wanted me to be a play-by-play man he would have sent me down here with a wonderful baritone voice instead of my current voice that only gets me by on my now highly rated (apparently) Armando and the Amigo radio show.

The point  -- aside from a shameless plug -- is that play-by-play is not my favorite.

But here, the Dolphins are in a coaching search and you readers are a beast that must be fed. So I feel compelled to throw every available nugget of information down your collective throats. And that means giving you the play-by-play of things happening as we know them.

So what nugget can you chew on this hour?

ESPN's Adam Schefter, the best information man in the business, is reporting he doesn't think Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up with the Dolphins. How's that for a hearty meal?

Schefter tweeted moments ago he likes San Francisco today as the landing spot for Harbaugh. "Not Miami, not Oakland, not Carolina, not Denver."

That nugget lodged in your throat now?

This, of course, does not mean the Dolphins chase of Harbaugh is over or a failure. Schefter did give himself wiggle room, saying he likes San Francisco for Harbaugh "today." And tomorrow is another day.

But if the story stays the same and Harbaugh does land the San Francisco job that is located 21 miles from his current address, that means Tony Sparano will likely return to the Dolphins for his fourth season unless another star candidate suddenly emerges.

[UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Harbaugh is meeting with San Francisco later today.]

A notable aside: Today the Michigan job came open. Athletics Director Dave Brandon said Harbaugh is not a candidate at Michigan because he "is headed to the NFL." And Brandon specifically referred to Habaugh dealing with a "billionaire."

Miami owner Stephen Ross is a billionaire. San Francisco owner Jed York? He's now part of the DeBartolo family and his mom Denise is estimated to be worth $900 million.

But what's $100 million give or take, right?


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Were fu#%ed!! That's all I got to say about that!

I really liked Sparano as a person. I even liked the emotional fist pump for the field goal, the first 8 times. But once current players don't buy it, it has to go. I don't care who's fault it is, coaches, players, owner. If the players do not play every week, and the coach can't motivate them anymore, he really needs to go.

The meeting in San Fran spells doom for legions of hopeful FinFans.

So now Harbaugh is interviewing in San Francisco!

Best case scenario for the Fins is Luck stays1 more year at Stanford. We bring back Morano and go about 3-13 and end up with Luck next year and a new coach. Doesn't get any better then that!

We're still going down that oh so familiar road we traveled under Huizenga. We're f^cked for another decade.


Stick a fork into us, we're done!

Here is what is REALLY going to happen:

Bill Cower will be coaching the Dolphins next season.

Donovan McNabb will be your STARTING QB. The Dolphins will draft a QB in the first round, but he will not start.

Chad Henne will be traded to another team for a low round pick (probably a 5th rounder).

Marion Barber III will be your STARTING RB next season.

Maybe just maybe Ross is using Harbaugh as chip against Cowher!! We really don't know Ross that well guys. Lets keep him in high regard until proven otherwise! Oh who am I kidding! Were so f$

once the Pitt (former) HC gets out of jail, sign HIM!

Anyone who puts any credibility in the 08 season deserves to be fired along with the crap, snap-counting coach we have...

If you bring back Sparano/Ireland, Ross might as well bring back all the greatest hits from the past:

- Stach, Camoron, Dick Saban, and Cleo Lemon at QB

Let's shoot for 0-16 next year!

Fist pump fist pump fist pump.

Well, if Harbaugh may be out & we're too dumb to let Ireland walk for Cowher, we should consider Nolan. At this point, everyone knows Sparano is a lame duck. He'll be gone by mid-season. At this point, Miami has to hire someone else. I'm starting to feel bad for Tony.

Someone asked about Chucky earlier...thought I read on PFT Gruden wanted allot of money & Miami wasn't interested. BUT, they DID contact him.

Fist pump me right in the sh$t box! Were so f$

Upon Watching The Dolphins Situation:

1. Rex's wife is feather tickling his feet. He's laughing hysterically!

2. Bill Belichick's hoodie is doing multiple cartwheels. It's laughing hysterically for Bill.

3. The Buffalo Bills are holding hand and chanting "We Shall Overcome" now knowing thier cellar dwellar days have now come to an end. They are now exchanging post-christmas gifts!


These coaches, Cowher especially, want somewheres around 7 million/year.

He still has to pay Parcells/Ireland/Sparano the balance of their contract if he fires them which is around 8 million for all three combined.

So to get Cowher in here and the trifecta out.. it would cost around 15 million!

Its easy for us to call Ross dumb or stupid, but we aren't the ones shelling out the cash!!

Why is every one up in arms? Did every one think he wouldn't interview with other teams? Just sign with the 'Phins and we all ride happily off into the sunset together? Geez, you guys are lame!

I heard on the radio last night someone passing along a rumor that Harbaugh might be a 49er in the next day or 2. Would be a shame, but some folks still seriously think Cowher is a good fit. Seriously? With a complete offense overhaul coming?

Ross has easily spent over 15 mill on FA busts...and further...When you have a billion, what's 15-25 mill?

"some folks still seriously think Cowher is a good fit. Seriously? With a complete offense overhaul coming?"

Over the last 3 years we've endured a complete overhaul & another one is coming with or without Cowher. What point are you trying to make?

I don't see how that makes Cowher a bad fit.


Ever hear the phrase, "You Only Get One Chance To Make A First Impression?" Ross has already blown it with Cowher making Ireland a deal breaker. He goes back to Cowher now and the asking price jumps from $7 million to $14 million, LOL..................

Welcome to one more year of TONY-BALL. FISTPUMPS-R-US! LOL................

The truth is coming out most of the blunder we had since parcels took over were parcels overriding Ireland . We need to land harbaugh to save any face at all . Don't like what's happening to tony but he put a lot of this on himself . Whatever they offer harbaugh Mr. Ross offer him more you want glitz n glamour well you gotta pay for it . And if we land harbaugh we need to do whatever it takes to land luck .

Like I said yesterday: Harbaugh has all the leverage and will milk it for all it's worth. I would to. He's going to see what SF will offer. Ross will just have to outbid them.

Andy, I agree with you 100%. i wrote a long post in the last blog about QBs with 1st round grades that Miami has passed on since Marino retired:


1 incomplete grade on Claussen, 2 busts on Losman/Quinn, but 2 A+++++ grades on Rodgers/Brees. You may hit the motherlode (Rodgers/Brees) or you may flunk out (Losman/Quinn) but you have to take that 50/50 shot.

By the way, it wasn't like Miami was drafting perrenial pro bowlers in lue of passing on tehse Qbs either.

the players we took those years:

Ronnie Brown
Vernon Carey
Jamar Fletcher
jared Odrick
Tedd Ginn

I'd rather take my 50/50 shot with developing a 1st round grade Qb than taking those caliber players.

face it....we're stuck with Sparano/Ireland for another year....most likely, we'll draft another slow, big, physical OL, DL, or TE. Next five picks will be on defense. Lee will take over for Henning. What's the PROBLEM with all that???.....we're so F$D !!!

My point is if you are going that route why not just keep some continuity and promote Nolan? If Ross is demanding, or believes the fans are demanding, a high potency offense how does Cowher fit into that overhaul?

if we lose cowher cause ross is so dumb that he wont budge on garbage ireland then this franchise is so close to being done for a long ass time

I just remember the last 5 years people saying that the "Jets are mortaging their future to win now" and that it would blow up in their faces...

Who's laughing now?

It's pure speculation on my part, but I have reached the conclusion that Sparano has already been told he's not coming back. It's the only logical explanation for how this is being handled. Probably they haven't yet decided about Ireland

The best fit is Marino Head Coach, Duper as GM, Clayton as offensive coordinator, Shula as Assistant Coasch, Jim "Crash" Jensen as Tight ends coach, Brian Cox Linebacker coach.

Fist pump!

Dear Stephen Ross,

As a season ticket holder for the past 20 years I am not going to renew my season tickets for next season which would be my 21st. The leadership from you included is making this once proud franchise a constant loser. Tony Sparano has not lived up to expectations for two seasons now and this team is regressing. Fans don't want to watch Tony Sparano's brand of football any longer. The players also are now taking shots at him which tells me he has lost that locker room. Until you decide to run a professional football team the correct way I will not waste my money or take the 3 hour drive to Miami home games.


I receive my season ticket packet in late February/March and this is the letter I have already saved on my computer that will be sent back to season ticket sales. This letter will probably never reach Stephen Ross but whoever it reaches will know.

Thats bs about still paying TS and JI, then the new guys.

If having to still get rid of TS and JI in 2012 you still payout the exact same amount of money, just one year later. TS and JI still are paid thier 2011 salaries and if fired in 2012, it still takes the same amount of money to bring in thier replacemants.

Where did some of you guys learn math? Not changing now only monetarily delays the inevitable a season later. Plus throw in the fact the players WILL quit in 2011 playing under a lameduck regime! LOL.............

Will there be a NFL season in 2011?

if he brings back sparano now, they might set the record for fewest tickets sold ever

I just remember the last 5 years people saying that the "Jets are mortaging their future to win now" and that it would blow up in their faces...

Who's laughing now?

Posted by: Marc | January 05, 2011 at 02:42 PM

Marc, it's this year or bust for them. They have a TON of FA's they can't resign because of the 3 guys they just resigned this year. it will blow up in their faces. After they beat the Colts, which I expect, they are going to get steamrolled by the best team in the NFL.

After that, they will be done. Unless the NFL raises the cap by 30 million.

The fact you've had season tickets the past dozen years is shameful, and JUST NOW you've had enough?!

Guarantee you guys that if Sparano/Ireland are a lameduck regime in 2011, we're right back to 2007.

"Oh Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven!" LOL..........

Dear Tony

You Offered me Fist Pumps

I wanted Touchdowns
You offered Fist Pumps.

I thought you would change and I waited
You show me charts with numbers...I hated

Your Relationship with Dan Henning I couldn't understand.
I'm tired of waiting on you.. to quit that man

You offered me Fist Pumps

Soiled :)

If we had gotten *average* QB play this year we win at least 10 games. With a stud QB we'd easily be in the playoffs. It really is that simple. I'm not sure what magical move you fans think TS could have done to change the situation. He benched Henne when he thought (hoped?) he had better in CP. We were again disciplined (something the head coach can absolutely control) at the top of the league in fewest penalties (anyone remember holding your breath after every big play looking for yellow under Saban and Cameron?).

Blowing up the team is just as likely to backfire as it is to work. Then you'll be calling for next "idiot" coach to be fired and bring in the next hot name. TS is my favorite coach since Shula...I have a feeling this move (if it happens) is going to look really stupid down the road. I hope I'm wrong.


I beg to differ Joe. Players on playoff calibre teams take pay-cuts to make it work, or, they dump them, just like Bellichick does, and there's a FA our young guy to take their spot.

People have regurgitated that crap for 5 YEARS! When they signed Vilma. Yet, here they are. Back to back playoffs while our team sits and watches...

The 2011 Dolphin cry will be, "Oh Thank Heaven For 2007-11!" LOL.................

Dr. AP, I get it, i understand the frustration, and cannot disagree with your feelings.

Depending on what owner is there, if they did get those letters you have a 50% chance he will react and change the way he is doing business.

Or a 50% chance that the team ends up in Los Angeles.

Please do not leave Miami... :)

First I must say that I see no way Tony returns as a last option here as HC. How humiliating in my mind. Second, how would he get any respect from the players? Now if we loose Marshall and other big names over this because Tony would be the coach again I would have to be really upset and think Ross is a terrible business man! What the heck is going on Mando???

I may not be the biggest Cowher fan, but I would not be so quick to judge his offensive style as boring or more of the same. Remember, he had Jerome Bettis, THE BUS, and when you have a player like that, you play to your strengths. He isn't so dumb that he wouldn't tailor the offense to the players on the field. Its amazing that some of you think you see more than people with a lifetime of professional experience.

Anyone think about Ross maybe wants to make the team so terrible there would be zero fan opposition to moving the team to LA?

Think About That For A Second! LOL...........

Mark in Toronto

You are right bro. That is the only way to hit the mother load is to draft a QB. There is never going to be a case where a QB worth a damn becomes available. Drew Brees was the lone acception I can recall.

Miami is in a good spot to draft a 1st round caliber QB. After Andrew Luck both Ryan Mallet, Cam Newton and Jake Locker are all considered by the "so called experts" as QB's with 1st round grades. Unless there is a clear cut playmaker available at #15 you take a QB.

sadly our franchise is becoming the worst in sports little by little. cant believe ross is this stupid. he had cowher, the homerun he needed and cause he made friends with ireland he wouldnt do what it takes. unreal. ive gone to at least 2 miami games for the past 5 seasons. i wont be going to any with this trash

They are not really looking for a new coach. Tony is the coach. Ross didn't get rich by spending money. He got rich by penny pinching.

With that being said...

Why not add Tom Cable as OC? He turned Oakland around.



Kidding, but sounds good, huh?

Mando..what is REALLY going on down there in Ross's office?

Tom Cable is available....

Sparano has to go. period. Sparano doesnt know how to manage a game or players. Henning must go, if not today, tomorrow at the latest. Go find a good young offensive coach. Or give Cowher what he wants. He can manage players and knows how to move the ball. Who really needs a General Manager. Cowher doesnt know talent when he sees it ? If Harbough rates 7mill, the Cowher is the man at 8mill, plus u save the money on a GM and puts fannys in the seats.

Two very odd things to ponder about:
1. Henning hasn't officially retired yet. Why wait to get fired when you can retire? Is he holding onto the slimmest of percentage that he will be retained?

2. Ross hasn't fired Sparano yet - even though he has no choice now that his pursuit for a new coach is out of the bag, and that he's got an angry fan base and players revolt.

So these two oddities lead to...Oh NO! Sparano and Henning are coming back!


At least Cowher's teams had awesome 0 and D lines which dominated the game. That's been our approach for years now and we've never been able to get it right, save a couple years back. The problem is when your QB stinks and teams stack the box b/c they're not afraid of your passing game, even the best o-line is going to be dominated by the number of guys in the box. I'd like to see the O go in a different direction and not be so old fashioned. Chucky would make a good fit in that sense, but I'd hope Nolan stayed on as D coordinator if they brought in Chucky.

Cowher In Miami

Dressed in TBack Banana Hammock and RayBan Sun glass's Driving Old Pink Cadilac, Top down, Dollerbills floating out the back

He's all done except for the money transfer


Dr Antonio,
I'm sure Ross is staying up all night worrying about your letter.

Not true Andy NJ...Brees was one, what about one magical Favre year, or a couple years of Kurt Warner, SD or ARI!

How about that Mike Vick guy?

Matt Cassell is leaps and bounds above Henne.

Cutler stinks, but, he's still better than Henne

Even Leftwich

Some of those guys are patches, some solid, some spectacular. ALL OF THEM are better than Henne

Mark in Toronto,

I want to go back to a comment you made in the previous blog. You said something along the lines of if you don't gamble sometimes that's a losers philosophy. You really believe that? When I look at the really successful franchises I don't see a lot of gambling going on. Maybe you get name some of the gambles that Pittsburgh or the Colts or the Eagles or even the Pats have taken over the years. Please don't say Aaron Rodgers! He was a guy that a lot of people had at number 2 in the draft and he dropped all the way to like 26 or something. I think we've taken too many gambles over the year. I think Tedd Ginn was a gamble. The smart pick in hindsight would have been Patrick Willis. Pat While was a gamble. How did that work out? We've gambled and lost in free agency too. I don't see the really good teams veering much from the safe picks and they are hitting more than we are.

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