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ESPN: Harbaugh not so likely to Miami

If God had wanted me to be a play-by-play man he would have sent me down here with a wonderful baritone voice instead of my current voice that only gets me by on my now highly rated (apparently) Armando and the Amigo radio show.

The point  -- aside from a shameless plug -- is that play-by-play is not my favorite.

But here, the Dolphins are in a coaching search and you readers are a beast that must be fed. So I feel compelled to throw every available nugget of information down your collective throats. And that means giving you the play-by-play of things happening as we know them.

So what nugget can you chew on this hour?

ESPN's Adam Schefter, the best information man in the business, is reporting he doesn't think Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up with the Dolphins. How's that for a hearty meal?

Schefter tweeted moments ago he likes San Francisco today as the landing spot for Harbaugh. "Not Miami, not Oakland, not Carolina, not Denver."

That nugget lodged in your throat now?

This, of course, does not mean the Dolphins chase of Harbaugh is over or a failure. Schefter did give himself wiggle room, saying he likes San Francisco for Harbaugh "today." And tomorrow is another day.

But if the story stays the same and Harbaugh does land the San Francisco job that is located 21 miles from his current address, that means Tony Sparano will likely return to the Dolphins for his fourth season unless another star candidate suddenly emerges.

[UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Harbaugh is meeting with San Francisco later today.]

A notable aside: Today the Michigan job came open. Athletics Director Dave Brandon said Harbaugh is not a candidate at Michigan because he "is headed to the NFL." And Brandon specifically referred to Habaugh dealing with a "billionaire."

Miami owner Stephen Ross is a billionaire. San Francisco owner Jed York? He's now part of the DeBartolo family and his mom Denise is estimated to be worth $900 million.

But what's $100 million give or take, right?


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Drafting any qb not named Andrew Luck 1st rd could be a disastrous mistake. Even if you took that huge gamble Newton's the only one to do it with because with Newton's great athleticism you could always salvage the pick by using his unique skill another offensive position.

If neither Luck nor Newton's available at the 15th slot, just consider yourself SOL in qb regards and just move on.

Jimmy James, I don't think a new coach will blow up the team. We have a base to work with. We need to build on what we have. Cowher is a 3-4 guy, he won't blow up the D. The offense is getting blown up with Sparano or without him so it really doesn't matter.

Marc, we'll see where the Jets are next year without a majority of those impending FA losses. They will be what we were this year. Cromartie, Harris, B. Smith, Holmes, Edwards, Poole, Ihedibo, E. Smith etc etc etc

DB, not nice, but it obviously went through my mind. :)

"He didn't get rich by spending money"

That has to be THE MOST ignorant statement I've EVER heard.

That's the ONLY way to get rich!



Oakland had a top 10 offense. Miami had a botton 12 offense.

What is so wrong with hiring Tom Cable to run our offense?

should have takin harbough to JOE'S STONE

aloco thigpen is already gone, hes a free agent

home. today 100000 dead fish in the same ozark area as those birds. r humans next.?

Stalker alert...

"They love to hate me!"

harbaugh meeting with niners at undisclosed location just on PFT


Ireland a possible deal breaker. Whoda thunk it???

marc. u'r always stirring up $hit huh.?.lol

boulder that was 2 hours ago. basically said the niners deal is all but done. its cowher or fisher now or bust


I meant free agency. Brees was a free agent. You can trade for a QB but not a FA. Favre was traded for so was Cassell so was Cutler who doesn't stink at all. He is playing behind the worst O-line in the league with no legitimate # 1 receiver and makes it work.

Warner was beat up from injuries and found himself with Larry Fitzgerald and Boldin again. And Vick was imprisoned and released.

"Ross has easily spent over 15 mill on FA busts."

That's the most moronic drivel I've read all day. What's 15 mil when your budget is a couple hundred mil?

Ross is cheap. Tony can be had for cheap. Cowher, chucky and the rest can't.


What base to work with do you see? What I see is anyone on our team not named Jake Long, Karlos Dansby, Brandon Marshall, Cameron Wake, and Vontae Davis. Are 2nd and 3rd team backups on a top 5 NFL team.

All could be systematically replaced. That's not a foundation, that's a make do. Most need replacing right now? LOL...........

Craig please, even the Steelers, the most risk averse franchise in teh NFL took a shot at Ben at number 10 one year and it's one of the best draft picks in their history. They even gambled with Bradshaw and without those 2 gambles would have ZERO superbowls. Ben was a sure thing you might say, uhm no he wasn't or he would've been 1st off the board.

You want to bring up Pat White? Go back and show me which scout had a 1st round grade on pat White?? I am talking first round grade QBS which Rodgers was - why can't I include him???

Come on Craig, what you are doing is using revisionist history to prove your point. the Ravens gamble don Flacco too - working ok for them. YOU NEED TO TAKE A 1st ROUND GRADE QB AT SOME TIME - WE HAVEN"T AND THAT"S THE MAIN REASON WE STINK!@!!

the phins should have squeezed harbaugh in between glorias fat axx,j-los fat axx and serenas fat axx.that would have inked the deal.lol

ross give cowher what he wants just do it now hurry!

There's PLENTY I'm unhappy about with how Ross is handling this situation but I'm not going to blast him if Harbaugh signs with the Niners.

Let's be honest here, folks. San Francisco holds a HUGE advantage in any competition for Harbaugh. Is there really any doubt about that?

He's a young guy with kids still in school out there and it's no secret that part of the country offers a pretty good lifestyle. You add to that the fact the Niners are viewed as an underachieving team (sitting with a high draft pick) that seems willing to spend the bucks necessary and it hardly comes as a surprise Harbaugh will probably wind up there.

Miami was just going against a stacked deck here---just like anyone else trying to hire the guy. I don't put that on Ross.

The Dolphins should wait to see what shakes out with the Fisher situation.

I simply can't wait for all this to explode in Ross's face. This is what you get when you leave a man hanging onto a job and then conduct a search for a new coach and put it out in the media. This is a bad business practice, yes due your due diligence, but never offer a job that hasn't come open yet, do people think these prospective coaches don't see what Ross is doing to Sparano? They will not take the offer as they don't want the same fate as Sparano. So we all can thank our GREAT OWNER for all the problems we now will have next season with FA's not wanting to come here, Coordinators, etc.

As people can see not everyone likes the GLITZ & GLAMOUR NONSENSE.






spazano is #3. if 1 and 2 don't sign. then spazano will coach again. puke!

The best hope for the Dolphins future is if Stephen Ross loses most of his billionaire dollars in the housing market and is forced to sell the Dolphins.


yes ross can have cowher right now. so no excuses if he doesnt do what it takes to get him then he deserves the empty stadium he will get every sunday

i would take Mallett at 15 if he is there. Yeah he needs some work but sn't that what these over paid primadaonna coaches get paid to do?

It's not like taking him even if he turns out to be a bust would kill us. Damn we took Ginn at 9. P white went like 35 or some shyt so why not Mallett or any other qb avail at that point?

looks like someone forgot to take the caps lock off.

Mark in To @ 3:08. Don't waste your text. There are some completely content watching the QB's fly off the board while others strike gold and we continue down the path of mediocrity. Until we start to make moves like a winner, we never will be.

Mark in Toronto..Great post @2:03. I wanted to respond but the power went out. I really did watch last nights game with no pre-concieved judgement. and your right just because a kid has a few weak spots doesn't mean that he can't be coached up, or can't improve. I think that drafting a first round quarterback may not be in our cards this year. Unless the orginization totaly falls in love with one guy.

Tisk tisk tisk. Now the Dolphins are stuck with Sparano after telling their players they don't want him. Players are comming from every direction attacking him. How's next year going to go for ya all? GONG

Ok, so Harbough and Cowher aren't coming. What do you do now? Give Sparano a one year extension so he is not a lame duck coach. But fire him if no progress is made. Hire Josh McDaniels as OC. Then trade a 3rd and 5th for Orton. Orton and Marshall know the offense, so they'd be on the same page from day one. Then get a playmaker in the secondary, that will really complete the offense. Upgrade the RB position (Barber, Sproles, Bradshaw) and O-line(anything is better then this) through free agency. If they don't win 11 games, clean house.

I really do not know much about Mallett, that is why i have not commented. He is grading out well? Wasnt he short, or something? Can someone give me some facts on the kid. If not i'll look it up. Pat White never should have been drafted till the late 4th the earliest, and that was a stretch. Ginn should have been very late 1st round., earliest.


Ross has already made the bad first impression with Cowher. It'll probably cost him another $3million to re-approach him and say's "My Bad Bill, I'll give you what you want." Bill's reply will be, "Thats fine Mr. Ross but now its going to cost you an extra $3 million."

Heck, Ross still needs to pay Tuna a couple hundred mil for some deal the previous owner gave him.

They are not looking for a coach people. This is all smoke and mirrors to make you sheeple happy. If Ross has an ounce of grey matter he should get Tom Cable on the phone AFTER he fires Henning.

DB, I'm a self proclaimed non-expert, but I do think the dline is worth keeping, Langford, Starks, SOliai, yes maybe even Merling and Jared SteelBone Odrick may actually pan out..to soon to say.

Could this turn any worse at this point I can only pray for a lockout so I'm not tempted to watch this play out next season

From PFT...

We’re told that the Dolphins also have spoken with former Raiders and Bucs coach Jon Gruden.

Per the Herald, Cowher backed away due to the issue of power over the football operations, which suggests that the Dolphins may be willing to dump Sparano but keep G.M. Jeff Ireland. As to Gruden, a league source tells us that talks occurred on Monday and into Tuesday, that Gruden asked for too much money (in the estimation of the Dolphins), and that Gruden stepped away once the Dolphins started to bat lashes at Harbaugh.

And first time all year I agree with tortured



Hey Jeff,read the last paragraph of the story again and this time pay attention.

I like Tony. I just don't think Tony has any say in what goes on. Tony knows X's and O's. Hands down he has the football science stuff locked up.

What he doesn't have is a supporting cast of competent coaches on the OFFENSIVE side of the ball.

OC---TOM CABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

Get it done you cheap bass turd.

NOBODY here is even remotely qualified to say how Mallet will do in the pros. Same goes for any other QB entering the draft.

Every year as fans, we all talk about this or that guy being a "can't miss" and more often than not---they miss.

That said, there's absolutely no question in my mind that Miami will ONLY solve this issue through the draft. Yeah, the odds of hitting on one are dicey REGARDLESS of how much homework they do (it's certainly not just Miami forever looking for the right guy) but if you don't keep throwing darts at the board it'll never happen.

thats fine dying, maybe ross will learn something

I must say, reading these posts is the best entertainment around and it's free. Some of you guys just make me pee in my pants laughing (PIMPL). ;-) Seriously, some of you should really consider writing comedy because in all honesty, it is really funny stuff and I am not saying this in a bad way. It really is entertaining.

As to Rossy, let's see if what got him the billions will save his team and his investment. His business savvy should kick in and he should realize that he is screwed if 1. he keeps Sporano (unfortunately he is the scapegoat in this thing),and/or 2. keeps DIreland and the Fins have another lousy draft.

I personally don't dislike Sporano, but it appears he has lost the team. It would be a strange situation for him to coach guys that are basically against his system.

To the Fans that have season tickets, this is your time to show your strength. As the Doc in another post will be doing, send the ticket office a letter that if things don't change NOW you won't renew your tickets. What do you think the marketing department will do if they get thousands of letters from season ticket holders not renewing? For one, there will be some serious dissentary in the front office and the smell will reach all the way to Ross's big nose. The next thing will be the possible fallout from the so called celebrity part owners.

Ross, you didn't make a billion for being stupid. Listen to everyone and get the big picture. Pull the trigger and do what needs to be done to get back the fans because you are about to lose them just as Sporano lost the players. Good luck, you'll need it.


Lame duck coach no one respects comming back for 2011 / 2012. Good luck.

Who is going to take an OC job when the HC is a lame duck coach. No one is going to want to take the OC job. GONG

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself. It's a problem when you answer yourself. Like so many posters do on here.

Tony knows X's & O's? From his experience as a coordinator?

All he knows about is being tough, practice snap or game snap counts. He's full of useless Snapple Bottle cap facts.

You see...it's all smoke and mirrors.

Why call all these people in the matter of ONE DAY?

Tony is the coach! Nothing will change unless they fire Henning.

He knows more about X's and O's than most (if not all) of us. That we can agree on.


In prior post was just stating even those guys are 2nd string at best on a top 5 nfl team. If you're not a solid top 5 nfl team you'll never even sniff at a hint of a championship possibility.

First to become a top 5 nfl team you need solid top 5 nfl talent. We're fairly droughtish of that at present. Except for the obvious real talent we have on the team.

Some want to say we're 5-6 players away to being a very good team. But my view is we're more like minus 2-3 players to being back to 1-15. LOL..........

Yes, a former Oline coach doesn't know X's & O's. Fans of this team are as stupid as their GM. A match made in heaven.

He knows more about X's and O's than most (if not all) of us. That we can agree on.

Posted by: Los Lobos | January 05, 2011 at 03:25 PM

What an endorsement! That's supposed be be a compliment to him? That he is on the same level as a bunch of fantasy football & madden gamers?

I feel better knowing that, LET TONY STAY!

You folks need to wake up. Mr. Ross doesn't know X's and O's but he's calling around looking for coaches?

Makes no sense...like most of you don't make sense.

Maybe we all are being blindsided into thinking Ireland is the deal breaker. While all the while it's really Carl Peterson that's the deal breaker.

CARL PETERSON, just maybe Ross' new gm selection. THINK ABOUT IT! lol.......

It seems to me this whole situation has been snowballing downhill since that 1st NE game. We had just lost to the Jets at home, then NE the following week. Doubts set in, and we never had a 2 win streak since. We thought the easy part of the schedule was the second half of the season, and that didn't turn out to pretty, finishing 1-7 at home, and then to cap it off the NE disaster. And that was just the warm up! 3 days into the offseason has even been a bigger circus, players speaking out, coach in limbo, Ross acting like Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall. Great start to 2011! This beats reality TV by a long shot.

Homer Dolphan, if I wanted to talk to an as*hole, I'd fart. Buh Bye Barbara!

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