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ESPN: Harbaugh not so likely to Miami

If God had wanted me to be a play-by-play man he would have sent me down here with a wonderful baritone voice instead of my current voice that only gets me by on my now highly rated (apparently) Armando and the Amigo radio show.

The point  -- aside from a shameless plug -- is that play-by-play is not my favorite.

But here, the Dolphins are in a coaching search and you readers are a beast that must be fed. So I feel compelled to throw every available nugget of information down your collective throats. And that means giving you the play-by-play of things happening as we know them.

So what nugget can you chew on this hour?

ESPN's Adam Schefter, the best information man in the business, is reporting he doesn't think Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up with the Dolphins. How's that for a hearty meal?

Schefter tweeted moments ago he likes San Francisco today as the landing spot for Harbaugh. "Not Miami, not Oakland, not Carolina, not Denver."

That nugget lodged in your throat now?

This, of course, does not mean the Dolphins chase of Harbaugh is over or a failure. Schefter did give himself wiggle room, saying he likes San Francisco for Harbaugh "today." And tomorrow is another day.

But if the story stays the same and Harbaugh does land the San Francisco job that is located 21 miles from his current address, that means Tony Sparano will likely return to the Dolphins for his fourth season unless another star candidate suddenly emerges.

[UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Harbaugh is meeting with San Francisco later today.]

A notable aside: Today the Michigan job came open. Athletics Director Dave Brandon said Harbaugh is not a candidate at Michigan because he "is headed to the NFL." And Brandon specifically referred to Habaugh dealing with a "billionaire."

Miami owner Stephen Ross is a billionaire. San Francisco owner Jed York? He's now part of the DeBartolo family and his mom Denise is estimated to be worth $900 million.

But what's $100 million give or take, right?


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I can assure you this staff would fail at Madden as well...

Everyone says sparano has lost the team. If I remember correctly last year there was complaining from the defensive side of the ball. The got a new DC and defense is fixed. you're not hearing anything about sparano from the defensive guys. Why can't he do the same with offense?
he hasn't lost the team but when one part of the team struggles there is going to be some finger pointing. That's human nature.Doesn't mean it can't be fixed.

If Tony Sparano is the head coach Miami won't draft a QB and shouldn't because he would ruin that QB with his constant preaching about ball security and letting the rookie just play.

If Bill Cowher is the coach it might be a QB but Cowher can win with lesser talent at QB so maybe Mark Ingram is the pick and plays to Cowhers strengths. Although Cowher didnt win it all until he had a franchise QB.

Harbaugh I definitely want a QB if he thinks one is worthy. Talk about a coach playing to his strengths. Last year it was all about Toby Gerhart and this year all Andrew Luck. But he knows how to play QB and knows what an NFL QB.

Same goes for Jon Gruden he made Rich Gannon a league MVP and knows how to coach the position.

So I guess it depends on the coach before we can speculate about which direction to go in. If Sprano stays on just get a playmaker because you will need to give the Dolphins 2012 coach a few playmakers to work with.





Guten Tag!

My name is Henga and I am morbidly obese but I also bathe daily and know many versatile and exciting sexual techniques.

Sparano...Wow, that guy is really fast and he's rated 94
Ireland...Let me see his combine #'s
Parcells...He's a LB, he's ONLY 230 lbs...No good, next

Maybe we all are being blindsided into thinking Ireland is the deal breaker. While all the while it's really Carl Peterson that's the deal breaker.

CARL PETERSON, just maybe Ross' new gm selection. THINK ABOUT IT! lol.......




What an endorsement! That's supposed be be a compliment to him? That he is on the same level as a bunch of fantasy football & madden gamers?

I feel better knowing that, LET TONY STAY!

Posted by: Joe Schmoe

No..it's not a compliment of Tony. It's a denouncement of the posters who think they know anything about X's and O's other than it's two letters in the alphabet.

this is the point where things could take a real turn for the worst

Unless any of these guys comes with a GREAT QB NONE OF THIS MATTERS!

Ok, what about waiting for the post-season to end and THEN talking with the coordinators of other teams that actually made the play-offs about a Head Coaching position with Miami? Say, maybe the OC of the Jets, for example!

Everyone says sparano has lost the team. If I remember correctly last year there was complaining from the defensive side of the ball. The got a new DC and defense is fixed. you're not hearing anything about sparano from the defensive guys. Why can't he do the same with offense?
he hasn't lost the team but when one part of the team struggles there is going to be some finger pointing. That's human nature.Doesn't mean it can't be fixed.

Posted by: BoulderFinFan | January 05, 2011 at 03:31 PM

They've been building for THIS outdated offense for 3 years. I mentioned the names & other factoids directly to you earlier and you didn't respond.

They've been building this offense for 3 years, you really think they merit MORE time to do 1 big do over? They've been doing it over for 3 years!

SAINTS, RAVENS, JETS all bought and traded for a playoff team

If Cam Newton has a great game tonight I guarantee he may not be available at #16 either. He may go top 5 with an oustanding game tonight! LOL....................

Time is money. Why wait until the postseason is over? All the good coaches will be gone.

We had a HOF Coach working with a HOF quarterback and it didn't work out either. What gives?

Um, you mean the same Jets OC that runs a popgun offense the fans there have criticized for years and has a QB with an even LOWER number than Henne??

No thanks.

JS, DD, Dr R, yep, taking a QB in the first is a gamble. Baltimore, TB, Green bay, SD, Atlanta, New York Giants, Arizona, San Francisco, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, New York jets, Denver, Oakland, Cincinnati, Cleveland, houston, Jacksonville, and Tennesse have all done it since marino retired.

We have not. 20 teams have rolled the dice, all but 6 of those teams are settled at QB. What is it that our administrations are not seeing? If there is a 1st round grade QB on the board, go for it and darn the consequences if it doesn't pan out - you will recover - however if you never invest in a top QB - you NEVER go anywhere.

Hey, it's Wednesday, 3:30 PM, and HENNING still has a job...

How do you like that?

Ok here it goes all, Bash me if you like. the purpose of this is to help livin up the spirits since many things are not happening, or not happening quickly.

Let's look @ facts: Henning will be gone, We have Marshall, We can still have Brown and a free agent RB. We have Henne (don't scream at that one yet) We have a coach who cares about what he is doing, he just sucked at it this year.

Look, Even If sporano returns as HC, @ least we know he will try and creat a better O-Line. Let's say he get's that right...

The new OC will have full control of the O, and a new QB coach will probably come in. This is good news for Henne, and maybe Sparano will back off and let the o do the o's job. If that is the case maybe Henne will not have these crazy rules to go through a 5 option progression every time he throws. On top of that, we will bring in some sort of good/decent competition for the job in case Henne is the crappy this year Henne.

Our D looked good, and is we keep Nolan it should only get better. so we are not dead in the water there.

We have a great kicking tandem

SP teams WILL be addressed and we will get faster. We know this because it has been shoved in the coaches faces all year.

All of that together there is a light, although somewhat dim, there is light.

My final point. IF Sparano stays which I do not want because he lost his players in the locker room... what is the cure for that? They will go through extensive meetings and open door sessions to try and work that crap out. IF, the dolphins start winning early, no one quits and all this disention in the team minimizes. Winning cures everything and with the pieces i mentioned it is possible to win.

That is the best I can do, but think about it.

This comment was only to help in case ross does not make many of the changes many of us think we need. I tried... :)

When the coaching musical chairs stop, Miami will be the one standing alone looking like a fool.
Ross will then put his tail between his legs and say: "alright Tony, I'll give you one more year to get this team turned around".

How did Ross become a billionaire with such bad business instincts.

Joe I know they've been building it for 3 years but they've been doing it with henning. If sparano stays and we get a new OC he has to let the OC take charge and keep his philosophy to himself. I think he's starting to realize that.
Again I'd rather have a new coach but there is very good possibility that sparano stays. Then what? yes we can all not buy season tickets fine. But I'm still a fan and I want to watch and root for this team.
I just hope if sparano stays he opens his mind and let the OC we hire run the offense.

Raiders 8-8
Miami 7-9

You think the QB's in Oakland were great? The Raiders were a top 10 offense. Miami was a bottom 12 offense. CLEARLY...Cable and Henning are like DAY AND NIGHT.

GET CABLE ON THE PHONE MR ROSS!!!!!!! Get Henning a can of "get the F out"

We had a HOF coach and QB and never won a SB...I agree, HOWEVER...Until Dan's last game we WERE NEVER a bottom-feeder, and there was ALWAYS hope...Even if we were down 3 TD's in the 4th with 2 mins left!

Sparano stays at OC under a new coach???

Screw ALL you people. I am SO tired of the coaching carousel. So, if we don't go 14-2 and make it to the super bowl we should just fire the coach?? Personally, I LOVE Sparano and I am enthusiastically hoping to see him on the sidelines again next year. Sure, not everything has gone to plan but I dare anyone to show me a laid out plan that ACTUALLY goes as planned. Anyone in ANY kind of business (and this is the NFL folks) who deals with plans knows that no plan goes as expected. Quit throwing Sparano under the bus! Lets see what the man can do (and Ireland) WITHOUT Parcells looming over everyone and everything. I was glad to see Parcells go! Lets get a OC that lives in the present, open up the offense and see where this thing takes us. I am not here to say what any one in the Dolphins organization should do because I DO NOT work in the organization! I am here to tell all you fantasy football GMs to shut your yaps! So I really dont care if I am the only man in the world who would say this... GO SPARANO!! and GO DOLPHINS!! Look forward to seeing you next year!

poizen good post. I agree. they need to figure out what needs to be done if sparano stays because its looking like that's great possibility. I bet they've already done this.

No..it's not a compliment of Tony. It's a denouncement of the posters who think they know anything about X's and O's other than it's two letters in the alphabet.

Posted by: Los Lobos | January 05, 2011 at 03:34 PM

We aren't paid 3 million a year, he is. Part of the reason he fails is because he relies on everyone else. As a coach you have to be able to step in once in awhile, not just stand by your coordinators.

What we do know is that there are 50 coaches in the NFL right now who aren't HC's but can coach as well as Sparano does.

It also doesn't take a genious to know there are more talented, sophisticated, current and less dinosauric coaches that can give this team the life it needs.

Heres how the spin traditionally works...The owner will come out and make a statement: Fans after a conducting a thorough search, we discovered we have the best coach for our team right here in TS. We look forward to a new season and championship with him.

This is a joke. There is no way in hell that Ross can keep Tony as the head coach now. What is that telling the players. "This guy isn't good enough to coach you but we couldn't do better so good luck?

Are you f***ing kidding me?! If Ross allows Sparano to stay on as a lame duck head coach I'm afraid the next decade will be worse than the previous because that will show that he truly has no clue.

This is so messed up and the interesting ting is that the media in South Florida usually LOVE these drama filled stories and reporting on them. Why hasn't any of the media written a story about how Sparano is being treated in all of this and how this could negatively effect the team? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS WHEN WE NEED YOU!!!!?

One thing that could be in our favor this year. Is that the collective bargining agreement will no doubt be settled before the draft. So the risk of not hitting on a first rounder will not be something that sets your franchise back 3-5 years. None of these first round picks will make anything close to what top picks have made the past years. In theory we will be paying a first round quarterback(out of the top ten) a similar salary to a second round guy. A lot less risk when there isn't so much money on the line.

I know who STeven Rose should call..........it is JIMMY CELFALO. He is very smart and played good to.

We have signed the answer TOM BRANDSTRATERERER at QB!

I don't think Henning really still has a job.

It's been clear for a long time he would simply retire. Not sure they actually have to make an announcement to state the obvious.

What To Watch For:

1. If there's a significant drop off between the top rated qb and the rest of the pack. Dont draft a qb 1st rd. Only esxception is Cam Newton. If he doesnt pan otu at qb he has great skills that can be salvaged elsewhere.

2 If the entire 1st rd group looks luke warmish dont take a qb 1st rd.

3. Most importantly. Dont let team need dictate your draft if that draft dictates that the adquate team need is not available. This a definite blueprint to draft day bust.

JIM, they should have fired his tail the second the play clock hit ZERO! HENNING should not be ALLOWED to retire! Zach Thomas had to cry and beg for 2 years to be signed for ONE DAY to retire...HENNING should be thrown out on his face!

Insufficient for me , Marc, I want Miami to win a SB.

Ok, enough is enough. There's a line of thinking from some here that goes like this: Sparano saw the defense was messed up last year and so he hired Nolan and drafted d players and the d is fixed. Why can't he do that for the offense?

This is completely illogical thinking on so many different planes.

1 - If Sparano can only fix one part of the team every offseason, how long will it take to find a QB (since most of us think a franchise QB won't be found this year), fix the ST, fix the secondary, fix the oline, fix the RBs, etc?

2 - What was the mantra of fans in '06? WE NEED WRs. What about '07? WE NEED WRs. '08? WE NEED WRs? '09? WE NEED WRs. Sparano came here KNOWING we needed more offensive weapons, yet, it took him 3 years to bring in...Brandon Marshall (BIG WHUP!). This guy is NOT serious about contending in the AFC East against New England.

3 - Same problems that we had on defense in '08, we had in '09. Why didn't Sparano act on Paul P. in '09, instead waited for a horrible season to do it?

4 - Who says the d is fixed (check how much we lost to NE by in '08 vs. '10)? Looks to me they're 1-2 injuries away from being a suspect defense. So to say Sparano FIXED the defense is a bit of a stretch. He's IMPROVED the defense, and took and ENTIRE draft to do it. At this rate, we'll have a great team with Sparano in...oh....maybe 2018.

5 - Sparano had Parcells, a defensive wizard, to help him IMPROVE the defense, who will he rely on to IMPROVE the offense? Henning? Lee? HIMSELF? LOL! He's got NO ONE. He has no clue how to form or even run an explosive offense, so, how does he actually get that knowledge?

6 - By the time Sparano IMPROVES the offense, the defense will probably need repair again.

Point is, you CAN'T work on JUST one part of your team in today's NFL (with FA). Every year is different. You need to have a SYSTEM in place, so you can plug any player into it and they can be effective. THAT'S how you create stability in today's NFL. You don't focus on talent acquisition as HC, you focus on a SYSTEM, and then you tell your GM what type of players you need to make that system work.

Sparano has NO system. Therefore, ANY pick we get is a shot in the dark. Maybe they work, maybe not. Nothing I've seen or heard tells me Sparano is going to GET a system, so pray tell, HOW will he fix the offense, when all he has today is maybe 4 players worth keeping (as starters)?

They should have had those guys that clean out players locker rooms cleaning out HENNINGS office during the last game...

Oscar, I'd love a SUPERBOWL, but Manning only has ONE, yet, it prob aint so bad being a COLTS fan!

I'd SETTLE for being competetive!

I want the Miami Dolphins to draft LYSOL-BRAND BATHROOM CLEANSER.

All other ideas are foolish and made by jobless drunkards and social misfits!


OSCAR marc is right. When we had Marino we had a chance every year. During those years watching Dolphin football was exciting because you just never knew what could happen. A coach that gets us to that point, the point when we're in the conversation about a championship every year is what we need. You can't "win a superbowl" if you never make the playoffs.

Did'nt Henning retire like 2 years ago?

Seems like it....

DC, spot on @ 3:50. But, some here don't wanna see the failures or realize their impact. They just keep looking back to a miraculous 2008 & a slightly better defense in 10. Hardly crowning achievements in a 3 year span when your team has No QB, RB, O-line, ST etc...

To me, the '09 & '10 teams are now more in line with what the team in 08 should have been. Winning that year gave them unrealistic ideas that they were "close"

Henning collected his first social security check the day after Jesus was born... I think.

I couldn't say we had a shot EVERY year with Dan.

Remember 86-90? The Fins were awful in that stretch...not even close to playoff caliber.

The irony was that Dan was probably at the very apex of his abilities, too. Few years under his belt and yet to be robbed of his mobility.

Not that I blame Marino at ALL for that stretch of ineptitude (the D and Shula's failure to bring a run game were the culprits) but even QB greatness can't overcome every situation.

(I will say they might have been a 2-14 squad without him, though)

Question for all you pea brains out there,

for those of you that want Harbaugh has coach of the Dolphins , how much sucess do college coaches have in the pros ?...anyone ?

here are some names just as big as Harbaugh,
Spurrier, Saban, Butch Davis ...

be careful what you wish for.

You People are assuming that Sparano was solely responsible for all the good and bad decisions that have been made regarding the Team. That's just not so. This was a Trifecta(and maybe a Pick 4) decisions. The only moves that were strictly Sparanos's decisions were the firing of Bonamego, cutting Jason Allen and benching Chad Henne. How about that!

DC Dolphan Good post but think about what you're saying.

1."Sparano brought in Marshall and it took HIM 3
2."Sparano can only fix one part of the team
each offseason"
3. "Why didn't Sparano fire Paul P a year
4. "So to say Sparano FIXED the defense is a
bit of a stretch. He's IMPROVED the
defense, and took and ENTIRE draft to do
it. At this rate, we'll have a great team
with Sparano in...oh....maybe 2018".

DC none of the things you mention are the head coaches job. What do you think the general manager does?

Hey Armando, this is what Ross should be looking at... trade Henne (to compete as a starter), their 1st rd (16th) pick and Ronnie (contract year) to Carolina for the 1st pick and Steve Smith... They can Then woo Harbaugh by offering to draft Andrew Luck! It is crazy, but it just may work!!

Sparano stays as place kicker coach?


The overall defensive talent in this draft is far superior to the overall offensive talent. I would draft all defensive and ensure having a championship calibre defense.

So what if we still suck offensively in 2011. With the available offensive talent in this draft we will still suck offensively in 2011 anyway. What? Maybe move 7-8 notches points scored and have delusions we have drastically improved offensively. Thanks but no thanks!

Finish the job building a championship calibre defense in a 2011 defensive skilled draft. We would draft top 10 in 2012 and have opportunity to pick a much higher grade of offensive talent.

Go all offense now because that what our team needs dictates will be huge mistake. Guarantee we'll still need to draft offense in 2012 anyway! LOL..........

After we win the SB, I'll settle for being "competitive".


I think Carolina would take a look at that offer and just laugh.

They wouldn't dream of doing it WITHOUT Smith included, let alone WITH him.

Denny, Remember something. the head coach is supposed to put all those pieces together on the field to win. this has not happened. we do not hear Sporano calling for different help or better people around him either.

Just like when they were talking about bringing cowher, he insisted on bringing in all his people. Well Tony needs to step up and scream to the high heavens that his people need to perform better. we are not seeing that either.

So in a way DC still has a point.

Joe how is that spot on? He just blamed Tony for not doing the general managers job.

I'm not sticking up for Sparano, I want him gone, but I am sticking up for logic and common sense. We should blame the proper people for each individual failure. The coach isn't responsible for bringing players to a team. If you want to blame personnel mistakes on someone you need look no further then Parcells/Ireland. Now with that said if you want to blame our qbs regression or players not progressing you can look directly at coach T.

Dolfan Phil, please explain. Ronnie is already a Free Agent and teams cannot trade players for draft picks because there is no CBA. Wont work at all

Exactly Joe. The only reason we won in '08, we had a GREAT QB. Somebody earlier said he was "good, but not great." Yeah, is that why he came 2nd in MVP (to P. Manning)? The guy is/was one of the most efficient QBs of ALL-TIME, accurate, a leader, and most of all, understood the situations and excelled when the team needed him most.

If we didn't have Penney, we'd have had Henne, and been a laughingstock. So, Penney gets hurt, now we have Henne, and we're becoming a laughingstock.

Take that with the last 20 years in Miami, and fans STILL aren't clamoring for a QB. STILL don't want to waste a 1st-rounder on a QB. Because Ronnie Brown was so dang effective for us, no, wouldn't wanna lose a pick like him (even though a guy 10 years older outran him 2 years in a row).

I'm gonna repeat. You guys don't want me as GM, because I'd take every pick we had and either traded it or drafted a QB with it. And I'd do it every year until I landed a franchise QB. THEN I'd worry about everything else. It's like people want to wonder what we'd do on Mars BEFORE we figure out how to get to Mars.

If your offense starts with the QB, who CARES what else you have. YOU NEED A QB!

Tom Cable and his mean left hook are available... maybe he can beat some sense into robo henne...


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