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ESPN: Harbaugh not so likely to Miami

If God had wanted me to be a play-by-play man he would have sent me down here with a wonderful baritone voice instead of my current voice that only gets me by on my now highly rated (apparently) Armando and the Amigo radio show.

The point  -- aside from a shameless plug -- is that play-by-play is not my favorite.

But here, the Dolphins are in a coaching search and you readers are a beast that must be fed. So I feel compelled to throw every available nugget of information down your collective throats. And that means giving you the play-by-play of things happening as we know them.

So what nugget can you chew on this hour?

ESPN's Adam Schefter, the best information man in the business, is reporting he doesn't think Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh will end up with the Dolphins. How's that for a hearty meal?

Schefter tweeted moments ago he likes San Francisco today as the landing spot for Harbaugh. "Not Miami, not Oakland, not Carolina, not Denver."

That nugget lodged in your throat now?

This, of course, does not mean the Dolphins chase of Harbaugh is over or a failure. Schefter did give himself wiggle room, saying he likes San Francisco for Harbaugh "today." And tomorrow is another day.

But if the story stays the same and Harbaugh does land the San Francisco job that is located 21 miles from his current address, that means Tony Sparano will likely return to the Dolphins for his fourth season unless another star candidate suddenly emerges.

[UPDATE: ESPN is reporting Harbaugh is meeting with San Francisco later today.]

A notable aside: Today the Michigan job came open. Athletics Director Dave Brandon said Harbaugh is not a candidate at Michigan because he "is headed to the NFL." And Brandon specifically referred to Habaugh dealing with a "billionaire."

Miami owner Stephen Ross is a billionaire. San Francisco owner Jed York? He's now part of the DeBartolo family and his mom Denise is estimated to be worth $900 million.

But what's $100 million give or take, right?


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FZB said, "Question for all you pea brains out there",

HAHAHAHAA hey FZB you catch more flies with honey ya know? Is anyone really going to answer you when you start the question like that? Too funny!

You mean cutting JASON (6INT's vs 8 INT's for all Dolphin's combined) ALLEN?

Great move

Besides, how do you know what Sparano did and didn't do?

Harbaugh will sign with the 49ers. Cowher will stay in the announcer booth. Fisher will stay with the Titans. Gruden will stay in the announcer booth. There will be a lockout, and Sparano will be the Dolphins coach. I don't see McDaniels working with Nolan.

DC, you need a offensive line and depth at the O-Line. some really average QB's have been great with that. Many times, it is the O-Line that makes the QB.

We'll be stuck with Sparanus one more year.

Dying not to mention there are going to be plenty of free agent offensive talent available especially at WR and o-line. I think we can take care of most of our offensive needs in free agency and use a couple of picks in the draft. Use the rest for D.

Please go to this blogs prevoius page for my attempt to make you smile if we do not have a new coach. I read it again, and do not think it is that bad. :) Page 4 I believe.

Denny, the coach has to be able to see things going wrong & have a plan to correct it before it blows up.

ST sucked for 3 years, no intervention except releasing our BEST ST player(Allen). Released Walden a solid ST guy & he went to GB. Coach & GM decision.

The D blew up & wasn't fixed until after it was in pieces.

The O has been blowing up lil by lil every year until now. Sparano didn't wanna change the offense, he wanted to add players to it & optimize it. (Hartline, Turner, White, Marshall, all the o-linemen). O-line is the heart of the O. It's the worst part of it & Sparano's own lil project. How is he NOT responsible?

He couldn't see the O wasn't working before this year? Now that it's in pieces, he wants to re-do it when it's too late?

The coach & GM work together to analyze needs & fix them before it's too late. I don't just blame Sparano, I blame Ireland and want him gone also. It was a team effort.

DC Penny was a "great qb"? I have to respectfully disagree. He looked so far from great in the Baltimore game, it was more like pathetic. A great QB wins that game, period. A good qb keeps the game close which is what I believe Penny is. But what happened because it was no where near close. IMO good not great.

Jeff Ireland sign for cowboys player james marten and sporano coached him in dallas too..And you guys think they're going anywhere?? If there back than i hope the 2011 season is cancelled..

I don't know about this stuff but my vote for HOTTEST Dolphin is Anthony Fasano the wide receiver. Yum!

I bet even you guys notice that, whether you admit ot or not. After all, you ARE into watching young guys in tight pants run around and pile on top of each other, lol!

dr roberts you may be right, but then again, Carolina has no room to laugh at anything... I would think Ronnie has more good years left than Steve Smith...he is 31 yrs now.So maybe they are looking to go young...And Smith may be looking for a change of scenery... he would make a nice partner for Marshall.

Dying Breed.. a week ago I posted what I thought we should do in the draft should we stand put, or not make a move to trade down. I suggested that we draft a corner back to sure up the nickel spot. The advantages the defense has when you can cover is immeasurable. A lot of peolpe did not agree(which is fine) But I think your right. In a different draft year with more quarterback talent, only Luck would be a sure top ten pick. The rest of the top guys would be mid to late first rounders if not second round picks.

Denny, like Poizen said, Bellicheck is winning with a team of ROOKIES! Not all 1st-rounders either. And remember the beginning of the season, they didn't look that great, did they? But Bellicheck tinkered. He adjusted, he worked the kinks out. Now, they're the 1st seed in the AFC (in a REBUILD year).

You're telling me 3 years isn't enough for Sparano to have put some sort of system in place for the offense (at the very least)? Him being an offensive coach and all.

Stop making excuses for the coach. I'll give him '08, it was his first year, total rebuild from '07, fine. But '09. '10. We're right where we were in '08 (offensively). Without Penny.

So, yeah, that was on Sparano. He's the Head. It starts with him, ends with him. It's HIS team. If someone needs to pay, it's the Head Coach!

Ahhh!! We need an offense minded coach like Harbaugh.. Cmon Ross throw some good money at him and get this done...


DC, it's safe to say Sparano climaxed in 2008.

Maybe it was not only a Trifecta, also the owner added himself to football decisions, eh? What you think?


In all honesty, if Carolina made a trade like that I think the fans there would march on the team headquarters with pitchforks and clubs.

And as another poster said, no deals of that nature can be made anyway without a CBA agreement.

Davie Lisa, don't you have laundry to do or shyt to bake?

We better give Cowher what he wants. Even if that means cleaning the house an letting go of Nolan

Looks like I hit a nerve! lol!!

Joe completely agreed. Now you're on the right track. I was simply pointing out that we were blaming him for the wrong things. There's plenty of blame to go around for a multitude of things but saying it was Tonys fault that the phins didn't get a wr etc. is off base.

mcdaniels is going to kc once season ends

exactly endobreak, if he keeps this garbage staff they will be fired mid season next year and set us even further back

Your an idiot Ross if you keep Sparano.
This team has quit him.
Then us fans will quit you as far as game attendance.
Count me out if nothing is done

Denny, he had his hand in everything but wasn't the only one complicit in the failures. I never disputed that. Which is why I wanted Henning, Sparano & Ireland gone. If I have to settle for 2 out of 3, I can live with that. But 2 of the 3 MUST go.

I'm only willing to give Ireland a chance becuase Tuna was in the shadows and probably still calling the shots.


Good post bud. I also agree that every team in the NFL needs a good/great QB to succeed,especially in todays NFL.

It's a well known fact that great QB's make everyone around him better. Look at the 12 teams playing this weekend....all have good/great QB's (maybe apart from Seattle,who incidentally went 7-9 and will get buttflucked by the Saints.

I say grab that elite QB,then surround him with far better talent just like what the Rams will do in the next few seasons...

Why does Ross want to keep Ireland? I just don't get it. Jared Oderick! Just for that pick he should be canned! You can't just draft defensive players. Phins need to start over at GM and Head Coach.

I'm not making excuses for the coach I hate the f***ing guy. I'm saying don't pile on everyone elses responsibilities as if Tony was the whole problem with the team. You were accusing him of not bringing in a proper WR until year 3. Do you honestly think he wasn't in the ear of Parcells telling him how much they needed a WR? He doesn't make the call on personnel decisions. He gives his input as to what the team needs, the same things a 2 year old can see the team needs and then it's the gms job to get those things.

So in the end I was saying he's not responsible for what you are blaming him for. YES he's responsible for a WHHHOOOOOOLLLLEEEEE S**T load of problems but not the ones you pointed out. Thats my opinion.

If Dolphins retain Jeff Ireland I wonder how hell do in draft without the support of Bill Parcels?

Dolphins are a mess.


My man! Glad too see someone here that isnt so mesmerized by our offensive needs they cant see the defense maybe primed for collapse next season if that side of the ball isnt addressed too.

I only see two legit defensive starters on the entire unit. Dansby and Wake. All of the rest are either 2nd and 3rd team backups on a legit top 5 nfl team.

Dont let the lofty defensive rankings fool you. We played some awful offensive teams in 2010. Every playoff calibre offense we played in 2010 the defense had problems getting off the field. Many didnt notice becuase they were blinded by our even more enept offense and reading to closely into the nfl defensive rankings.

No way does this present defense rates well against the top nfl offenses. The Pats game is all of the proof we need.

I would hire Cowher as head coach, package Henne and Ronnie Brown together plus our #15 (1st round) pick to move up the board on draft day. Then I would draft the best quarterback available. Our drafts the last few years haven't been great. Let's start with the basic choice - a new quarterback. In other rounds, get a running back. Maybe use Ricky to get another draft pick (round 2 or 3).

Denny, in '08, yes, Penney was great. Not only was he Comeback Player of the Year, he was 2nd in MVP voting to Peyton Manning. That means he was better than Favre, McNabb, Brees, etc. Did he screw it up in the Baltimore game, yes. Did he have the team around him to beat a good Baltimore team, no, probably not. One guy can't win a game by themselves (usually). Doesn't mean they weren't great. We have the fewest turnovers in the league that year. That's not great. THE LEAGUE. Penny's efficiency rating was astronomical (can't remember, I think it was like 90%+). That's not great?

You can blame Sparano as much as Penny for that Baltimore loss. We had already played them that year. Yet, if you remember, there was no new game plan. No new wrinkle. They knew exactly what we were doing. Why didn't Sparano change up the game plan?

we the miami dolphins can have bill cowher right now. and ross wont do what it takes, sadly this franchise is dying

DC hahahaha I never said three years wasn't long enough for tony! :) Who in the f**k are you talking too because it's not me. I said a few specific things and then you wrote a bunch of stuff I never said. Very funny. You may be mixing up posts and responding to the wrong people.

Agreed 100% Joe.

That game against Baltimore was a disaster. It always seems to pop up around here and haunt me.

Harbaugh is smart enought to know its not just the head coach thats wrong here. I wouldnt take over this mess either. Smart guy!! look for 1-15 again next year as this team has regressed to that point. Lets go for the #1 pick in 2012!!!! GO Phins!! (I wonder what that QB class will look like)

Sparano has lost total credibility as a head coach and must be dismissed. He's been thrown under the bus by some of his own players present and past, his current team quit on him and Ross has left him dangling in the wind while to plays footsies with other potential coaches. At this point keeping him would be tantamount to throwing in the towel for next season. The damage has been done, he's got to go.

This is what happens 2011:

We draft all offense. Offense improves 5-6 slots points scored. Defense collapse.


Whoever can bring in a quality: QB, 2nd stringer QB, RB, 2nd RB, 3rd RB, Speed WR, Speed TE, C, LG, RG, OLB, ILB, ST returner, DB & FS...I'M ALL FOR THEM!

Still kinda shocked guys here want to completely blow this thing up, again. I'm not a Cowher hater here even if guys want to read more into comments than were there but wow, just wow.

Fasano is a hottie and so is that other querterback, NOT Henny! I bet a lot of you guys are fat and jealous!

You guys...we can't trade Ronnie Or Bong Pipe. they are free agents. Secondly the only quarterbacks that we have signed on our roster are Henne, and Brandstander. So as bad as Henne was last year we have to keep him around just for some depth at the position(even if that depth isn't great) Last of all. If we did end up trading Henne I doubt he would command more then a sixth round pick. It makes alot more sense to try and let him earn a spot on this team, then jettison him to another team for a late round pick that the odds say won't even make the roster.

Denny, point taken on it's not ALL on Sparano. Ireland/Parcells get blame too, sure. But usually it's the Coach that lays out their scheme, and the GM gets players to fit the scheme.

As far as I know, the scheme Sparano laid out was tough d, smashmouth offense, no mistakes. I don't see Sparano saying, "we need a Brandon Marshall" in '09. Do you? Actually, if you remember, at the end of the year he was saying he LIKED his WR crew. And, nobody knows (at least I don't) if Sparano was even making noise about definitely getting Marshall. He may of been content drafting someone. Maybe it was Ireland that was like, "no, you need Marshall!"

If these guys are gonna lie to us (media, fans, etc.), then all we have to go on is what they say. From what Sparano said, he wanted Ginn back, he thought he was "coming along."

How about Parcells himself taking the reins for a year with Sparano as OC?

Marc, one of my occupations(non-profit by the way) is to KNOW where a problem lies and then bring it to public awareness(NOT SOLUTIONS). For instance, in the Dolphins case, why did they not get to the SB having a HOF Coach AND a HOF QB? I think I partly know but if you People can contribute with your thinking it would make my endeavor a lot easier.

DB, you're not the only one with the insight. I listed ALL of the positions that could be upgraded...

#1 QB

When that douche is your starting corner you have ISSUES! Tru Dat!

Marc in Toronto, I am with you. Trade it all up for a QB. Train him.

The reason our receivers suck or can never catch the ball is because they were waiting for the ball the whole season. Never once in any game that I saw was the receiver actually forced to run ahead to the throw. They always had to face the QB or slow down and look at 10 defenders ready to crush them. Henne's arm is worse than Penne's.

Thigpen is not the answer. Panic mechanic. Even completing a ball into triple coverage shows that if one guy is covered by 3, someone else is open. The receiver has to be open if Thiggy can count.

TS is a nice guy and probably a good coach. I don't believe in firing him unless, you fire the tool at GM and the OC. I also don't think The jaw that walks like a man or Blondy is the answer. Wasn't Mangini a great OC under Belicheck. He did well with the Jets and beat us this year. And his philosophy fits well with TS.

So long as you are getting a tool asking stupid questions about mothers careers and drafting guys that will turn into blood stains on the field, you shouldn't be drafting for the Phins. Please move to Baltimore, Mr Ireland. They need some butterboys.

Lastly, TS please stop saying no fumbles or interceptions. The problem is focusing on the negative brings the negative to you. TS should know that.

I I had to draft, I spend the entire 2011 draft on defense. Its a very good year for defenders.

Again, just because team needs seem to suggest offense does not mean those are the best available players in this draft. Wait until next year(2012) both offense and defense will be the team need after busting out on most of the offensive picks this season. LOL.........

Dying, OUCH! Now we have a problem. :)I don't agree that we only have two players on defense. Besides Dansby and Wake Vontae Davis is excellent. Paul Solai was commanding double teams the entire second half of the season and blowing up opposing teams running games. Langford took the next step in his development. And a couple of other players that made solid contributions. I don't know why everyone gives Sean Smith such a hard time. He's a second year corner and constantly makes plays. He needs to hold on to the ball more but most CBs dont even get themselves close enough to touch it. And I know someone will want to talk about the 3 times he was burned but please make sure you point out all of the times Derell the Island Revis was burned for tds as well.

So I do believe we need to keep building defense but not to the point that you do. In my opinion you don't go through a season ranked in the top 5 if you have 2 starters especially with the hardest schedule in the league. I'm curious about your opinion on that. You made the statement that we only have two legit starters yet our defense was ranked in the top 5 EVEN AFTER HAVING NO SUPPORT from the worst ranked offense in the league. Don't credit Nolan with all of that because he's not a God. His denver defense folded the second half of last season.

DB, agreed that you need a balanced team (to a point). Don't forget, we play in the AFC. With teams like NE, Indy, Houston, San Diego. Good defense is needed to win championships, but in today's NFL, which is skewed to offense, you need to be able to put up points. Look, even Pittsburgh is putting up 30, 40 points on people. Throwing the ball around. Those low-scoring, 10-6 games only happen when you have 2 suckers as QBs (Henne/Sanchez) in the rain.

We need to score. The best defense is a good offense (a lesson we learned 3 times last year).

I guarantee if we spend the entire draft on offensive players over half dont even make the team, we may turn 1 starter if lucky, and the rest are backups at best. That's most likely what we'll spend our entire 2011 draft to get.

Fasano is a hottie and so is that other querterback, NOT Henny! I bet a lot of you guys are fat and jealous!

Posted by: Davie Lisa | January 05, 2011 at 04:30 PM

I'm fat but not jealous!

Ross cannot be that stupid to keep Sparano after everything that has happened this week, he knows he has no credibility and the fans will revolt.

I'd love to know exactly what he is doing, nobody knows what was spoke about in those conversations with Harbaugh, he may have said "speak to the 49ers, see what they have to offer then we'll talk money".

I have a hard time believing he is doing nothing, think about it, we have heard next to nothing from the Dolphins, all Armando has done so far is quote La Canfora of NFL Network and now Schefter of ESPN.

My biggest question at the moment is why has Sparano not been fired, regardless of anything else, he cannot possibly be retained.

As hard as it is we have to be patient to see how it all pans out, its killing me not knowing but what else can we do.


DC I don't know why they didn't change it up. Probably because Sparano is not confident enough in his own abilities around Henning and Parcells and that's the main problem in my eyes why things didn't get changed.

Imagine you are a first time head coach and they guy who gave you your chance has been in the league for almost 50 years. The guy who is calling your offensive plays has been in the league almost 60 years. How is he going to challenge them on anything? Especially the way Henning and Parcells talk down to everyone as if they're smarter than the world. I think that was the main problem, two guys he looked up to and didn't have the ballz to question. And two know it alls that won't listen to anyones advice. RECIPE FOR DISASTER and my point has been it'snot one persons fault but the whole organization is responsible.

I guarantee if we spend the entire draft on offensive players over half dont even make the team, we may turn 1 starter if lucky, and the rest are backups at best. That's most likely what we'll spend our entire 2011 draft to get.

Posted by: DyingBreed | January 05, 2011 at 04:39 PM

If you base the last 3 years as your reference to making that claim...YOU ARE PROBABLY RIGHT!

I find myself agreeing with allot of you today. Pessimism breeds agree-ability? What is up with that!

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