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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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marc,did you take your drugs today ?

WOW!!....look like I missed all the fun today. What the heck happened??.....and it wasn't about me for a change. Thank God!!

DC, got your post from this morning but weren't a lot of people saying Henning was senile and running an offence from the 60's and all this stuff....he ws falling asleep during games....blah, blah, blah. We wanted someone younger we got that. The thing people need to realize is the OC needs to fit the game plan to the personnel. We don't have the personnel to run any different style offence than we are right now. Now could that change with some changes in the personnel, a stud back and TE and another receiver with some speed. I think it can....

DB, you make it seem like Alaska. It's not all bad. LOL The point I was trying to make to Barbara earlier is that the fans up here are more hardcore than S. Fla. He goes off on us yet he is going to a "home" game and being out-roared by the visitors in a half empty stadium.

She can make fun of the NY area all she wants. The fact is, if she has an issue with the crowd at home games, she should look no further than her own state.

Being a Floridian doesn't make you more of a fan. Based on what we see in that stadium every week, the case has been made completely to the contrary.

DB you've never lived anywhere NY if that's your theory. Maybe Alberta Canada. And you "men" are a bunch of pu**ies. "Waaahhhh it's so cold boo hoo hoo" how about grow a pair? I work out in that "cold" all of the time and guess what? It's not cold when you dress appropriately. What did you do go outside in swim trunks and a hawaiian shirt during a snow storm? What do you think people on ski mountains do? We're all warm because we dress warm you imbeciles. We have April 1ST until Oct. 31st of perfect weather. that's 7 months. Then we have the beauty of the fall foliage for a month. December is not cold at all (well for us but you pansies would be running for a tanning bed when it's 40 degrees out). So January, February, and two weeks in March are cold. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH Noooooooo whatever shall we do! We have spring, summer, winter , fall, all with distinct changes that make for beautiful scenery. You have the same in FLA but no changes, same boring scenery day in day out along with orange roof tops which are god awful. And you have something against white skinned people DB? Chalky? Please don't get me started. Guess what, my skin isn't going to look like an old catchers mit when I'm 40. Have fun with your skin cancer and wrinkles. FLA has the highest number of skin cancer deaths in the country by the way. I also enjoy coming to Florida and sitting in a chair previously occupied by some fat lazy sweaty person and having the extreme fortune of feeling their sweaty disgusting grease on my skin and clothes. That's always pleasant.

I'm from ORLANDO. Born and raised. A quant little place called "Pine Hills". If you haven't heard of it, you should google it.


Did you also say there were NFL coaches and coaches in College who would have gladly taken the job? Who? And to be honest I didn't want another College guy coming in here as OC, unless it was Jim Harbaugh and that was never going to happen.

Be patient guys, if this doesn't work out next year you are likely to get your HC and OC and everything else....a little more patience.

Craig, I stuck up for you in your little spat with Kris yesterday. Did you see how I tried to make nice between you two?

Read the espn article today...Holmgren is quoted as saying Daboll has a set way to run an offense and any change you would want to make to that throws a monkey wrench into everything. Not encouraging comments from one of the most knowledgeable sources.

"Are you really trying to tell going nearly 4 full months without having the sun come out a perk? It's nearly always totally overcast skies during winters up there. You may get to occassionally see the sun for an hour or two between transitoning storm fronts".

WTF are you talking about? It's been sunny 5 days a week here in NY. Are you talking about Alaska? DB you're smarter than this.

I did Joe....appreciate that. Hoping the peace continues...

Hey Marc..I wouldn't say "quaint" is the correct verb to describe pine hills man lol

Actually DB according to the US crime bureau there are more a** fluffers living in FLA.

orlando is no 3 in the nation in crime .

The correct thing would be Crime Hills

OBVIOUSLY, there must be a large former NY population in Orlando then lol

Hmm...I wonder if this whole thing was caused by a lack of communication?

Ross. "Hey Brandon, how would you fix our offence?"

Marshall. "Just give me da ball!"

Ross. "You heard the man. Sign Daboll as soon as possible!"

Marshall. "What ball you want me to sign? I get $50 per signed ball!"

Ross. "Huh?"


You guys want awesome weather??????Montana baby...3 seasons here. Trout, Skiing, and Monatana Grizzly Football. I feel like a fckn eskimo most of the year. So much that I have an igloo for my guests. This is great????

Orlando might be rated that high but I don't think it's that bad, I'm about 15 miles north of downtown HorLando and it's nice here..

Craig, yeah, people complained about Henning's age, but that wasn't the real reason they hated him (no one's complaining about Dick LeBeau), so it's not really about age. But you're right that we don't have the personnel for a new system, and Sparano isn't about to install a system that will take years to grow into, so Daboll makes sense in this instance.

And as far as coaches, any QB coach/WR coach, etc. would be willing to take this job since it's an upgrade, that was my point. You were saying no one would come here, but I think you were only talking about named OCs, not other coaches who want to be OCs. I'm sure any of them would have taken an upgrade.

But that's neither here nor there. Daboll's the guy, so we gotta see what he can do this year. I'm patiently waiting, not optimistic, but curious.




It's OK Joe, I've got my own little war going on a Blue Jay blog right now. I think the GM was wrong not to go out and get a bona fide closer to help the team out and Soriano would have been a great add. Ownership said they would spend money and for my money they have a gaping hole in the closers role this year which will hurt a young pitching staff.

Making friends everywhere I go....LOL.

The reason I started getting on her was because she kept spueing this nonsense that NY was a crime ridden cess pool. Then I posted the facts about who has more crime and she disappeared. That's all I cared about. If you're going to bust on NY you at least have to show some knowledge of your own state.

New Yawker,

Never b*itched about the cold. It's that dark gloomy depressing winter atmosphere up there I hate during the winter. I was in Clev, OH an entire winter. Need prozac during winter up there. Only took a few days to get used to cold.

But no matter how well dressed you cant get rid of those ever present dark gloomy depressing skies! I thank God for the ever present sunny winter skies here! Snow and ice is way over-rated too. Horrible, horrible when it comes to driving! LOL......

HAHA...You got me cowkilla...

Sounds like it would be a nice place though, right?

Pine Hills

Marc, my sister lives in Orlando. I've never visited, so I'm not mad at your reluctance to come here.

All you have to say is DisneyWorld and crabby kids and you can ensure me never coming there, lol.

Let me get this straight. People bust on us about having high crime rates and call us criminals. I point out that every crime statistic is much higher in FLA than in NY AND NY has a higher population. So all you have now is NY sucks because it's cold 3 months a year? Priceless.

yes I'm also phins78

You in Lk Mary cowkila? I'm in Maitland

LMFAO@ Tracy474 | January 18, 2011 at 01:37 PM

Yep, got ya...I meant adjective not verb by the way.
It sounds like a nice place...far from it lol.

To run a hybrid spread, or whatever Daboll wants to do, don't you need quick, fast WR's who can get open quick & a Qb with instincts to delivery quickly & accurately?

Maybe I'm missing something, but has Miami acquired any of those pieces? Unless they acquire all those components, we are better off running an offense that suits our players, not the other way around.

Yep, I'm on the border of Lake Mary and Sanford

I lived in Cleveland, there was no winter sunshine there! LOL...............

DD, I heard there's no speed limit in Montana, is that true? Like our own Autoban. Doubt I'll ever make it out there, but if I do, I'm SPEEDING!

Yeah Tracy that was original and funny as hell :)




Good points. Yes, a QB/WR coach would have come here to be OC....agreed.

I think this offence could be completely different with the right pieces in place. Hopefully we will get some of those in the draft and FA.

And DC, I agree that the problem with Henning wasn't his age but rather his approach and system used but there were an AWFUL lot of people who took shots at his age and the fact he ran an offence from a different era. Let's see if the new guy can adapt more because that is something that Henning was horrible with.

Dan Henning / Weeb Uebank circa 1958!

Nope it is a real lake..actually there are two lakes separated by a road and neighborhood, they are big lake mary, and little lake mary...I know original names right...I didn't name them

dan henning birthday........... MAY/13/1856

The big lake is great for jet ski's and boats, and the little lake is good for canoes and paddleboats...

Well, your area definately doesn't have that much crime, and Sanford is pretty much rural...

I go to Fishbones and Amura, Carlos and Charlies in Lk Mary/Heathrow every now and again...Good Stuff

Took the parents to Fishbones for diner NYE

There will be some decent receivers in FA this year. Wondering how many new receivers you think we'll see on the team? One? Two?

I don't have a complete list of FAs in front of me but off the top of my head I know Holmes, Edwards and Breaston will be available. Would Vincent Jackson be available to our is he restricted again? (Forget the rules).

Who would you like to see and could we couple him with someone like a Zach Miller?


Aloco...you are about 200 years off man...henning was born in the 1600's...I think he was Dracula's illegitimate son...

Agreed Craig, however, did you read what Holmgren said? How he's kind of stuck to his own style. That's not bad, as long as you can make adjustments if needed. That's what I want to see. Install your system, run your offense, but if it isn't working (from game-to-game or even within a game) make the proper ADJUSTMENTS! These guys need to humble themselves more. They need to appreciate they might not always be right. And, really, it's not about being right at the beginning, it's about being right in the end. So I hope Daboll is willing to try different things if the 1st thing doesn't work.

Craig, I posted an article from the Bleacher Report yersterday

Mankins, Breaston, Edwards, a couple other tackles, and guards, Bush, Sproles, and Panthers RB are a few

Mankins would be a good pickup for sure...

Aloco, go down about 4 or 5 posts and you will have your lake answer my friend

Orlando used to be a pretty nice place before Mickey. Paved paradise and.....

yeah DB to each his own. I grew up in upstate NY and would never want to live without the change of seasons. I play hockey and snowboard so this is the place to be for me. I could not imagine waking up on Christmas morning to bugs and humidity, no snow, opening presents on a beach. Do you guys have your own Christmas music down there or do you still sing Jingle Bells, White Christmas, and all of the other christmas songs that were written for the north half of the country? Seems weird to sing Im dreaming of a white christmas or listen to it when you haven't even touched snow. I guess you could glom on to Malek aliki maka and change hawaaian to floridian. See it just seems so unnatural. And DC was talking about tradition. I literally live 15 minutes away from the Saratoga battlefield where we took the hills and blasted the british out of the river keeping Fort Ticonderoga in U.S. hands. There are still cannons on the hill and bunk houses with beds stoves kettles etc. still in tact where the officers slept. So I love my area just as you love yours. Booby started the insults with his ignorance.


By all accounts he's a hard worker. I don't know what that means in the grand scheme of things but hopefully he'll be the kind of guy who will work hard at improving this team and improving the schemes he uses to fit the personnel.

Ive said all along we need to go after Mankins hard, pay him some dough to shore up our line...

Orlando is MUCH MORE than Disney...I almost never go to the I-drive area, that's where 90% of the tourists are. Avoid that area, and it's fine.

Oh boy Cleveland is the most depressing city Ive ever been too. You're right there, no sun in the winter because of their proximity and flat as hell. no mountains or hills just boring grey scenery. Ny is nothing like that.

Out of those, I like Santonio, he's a beast. But I don't see us picking up a WR Craig. I think Sparano likes the group as they are (including the rookies). I think we NEED a speedster, but don't see it as a high priority for this coaching staff. I think the line, a RB or 2 and a TE will be their priorities (maybe a WR in the 5th round or later).

I honestly think Sparano thinks the team is closer than we all do. That's why I say the worst thing to happen to Henne was Sparano being retained, because I think Sparano blames a lot of the problems on offense on Henne (and maybe the oline).

Snow is terrible, as is the cold. You enjoy your seasons. I'll never live anywhere else.


I agree on Breaston and Mankins but I gotta think the Pats will franchise him. They are nuts if they don't. They don't make too many mistakes and that would be one. Of the abcks mentioned Bush is the only one I would consider and only as a change of pace. I think I'm favouring a young stud in the first or second and Brown to be resigned on a one year contract. That may be a mistake but for some reason I think he may still have something left.

Your source for FA's:


Interesting names that would work in a spread or NE style offense: Lance Moore, Jacoby Jones, James Jones.

More under the radar types who might not be looking for excessive contracts.

Not that anyone cares, but I grew up in Central Florida (Apopka) and in those days (the 70's) you had one of two choices. You could either root for the Bucs in their creamsicle uniforms or go with the Fins. Been cheering them ever since they were an expansion team, through good times and bad, and I'm gonna be a fan of the Dolphins till the day I die!

Partially true about Orlando...but downtown Orlando is still about 30-40 minutes away from all the theme parks so we are pretty far away from all the Mickey crap. I tell you what though...in high school packing the car up with ladies and friends and heading to Epcot and drinking the day away was great...it's called "Drinking around the world"...start at one end of Epcot's countries and drink beer in every country all the way around to the other side of the park..then going backwards...it will light you up

Look NY is not that bad. I mean the people get on your nerves and we rush everywhere and have no manners and we'll tax the hell out of small businesses and motorists and cyclists, but if you make a coupl of hundred grand a year you can live up here.

Been Florida, Keys, Mia, Orlando, Palm Beach and I hated it all. Especially South Beach and Keys, talk about d*ck dodging!!!!

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