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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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Huge mistake! I'm from PA and i've seen alot of Cleveland games this year, their offense was terrible all year. It the reason he got fired. Little hope for the dolphins next year. Another poor offense next year and another losing season. Why even hire the loser?

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It has always been my belief that no offensive or defensive coordinator can do anything worthwile if they don't have the personnel to carry out their Scheme.


That's one hell of a question, ALoco.

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any news about the doboll ?

You cannot control future events. Can you influence them? Maybe.

Armando said "In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing."

Mando, I'M younger than Henning, and I remember when gas was 17.9 cents a gallon!
Dick LeBeau (D coordinator with the Steelers)is around 74. It ain't AGE, my friend, it's what's up there in the cranium, and how you use it.
Of course, it helps to have the guns, and LeBeau can fire his at will...Harrison, Palamalu, and nearly the entire D)
Henning had, at times a pop gun, but I believe a LOT of that fell on him, for being so durn dumb and ultra careful.
Ross must be a real piece of work ala Steinbrenner, for HOW ELSE can you explain why all the Fins play so tight at home, and play out of fear for their jobs?

Sheesh, just watched the video!!
Fist pump pt 2!
Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll simultaneously knock each other out, and Pennington can coach the team the remainder of the season.
Oh well.

Just kill me now and make the world a better place

Marc is a total F A G G O T

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ALoco needs serious medications, a job, a woman and a life. What a dickhead

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In answer toCraig M...The Browns had maybe the best all purpose back in the AFC, Peyton Hillis, Josh Cribbs, better QB's than us..their 3rd team guy beat US, and their 1st team guy beat the Pats and Saints, an all pro tackle (like us)...and so far overlooked, A MUCH BIGGER HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE than the Fins. Anyone care to guess how many home games they won with Daboll calling the plays?

This was, plain and simple a hire on the cheap, due to the uncertainty of next season, and the propensity of Tony to stay conservative...not to mention (OK, I have 4 times already on 3 different blogs) that Daboll is NO threat to Tony's gig.
DaBald won't be throwing "DaBall."

DC Dolphan should be AC/DC Dolphan, cause he definitely does guys and gals

IMAWriter is talking to himself at 11:40 at night. Only him and I are here and I don't care what he is saying so talk on to empty space brother. Peace out, except for Marc who I hope will R.I.P soon

Go to sleep, man.

WHY NOT US. Now you know.

Well....on the bright side...maybe we will get a QB change...Sparano is on the clock...win NOW or its sayonara...!!!!

I predict Sparano sacked by game 6 next year

Everyone needs to chill i think an oc needs to have talent and really how talented are the browns an oc designs the offense and tries to utilize the talent but no matter who the oc is the quarterback is the key period whoever that turns out to be henne or not that guy needs to play well..

What alot of crap, what is going on with the Dolphins organisation. Are you plain dumb and stupid to hire someone for OC who had an even worse offense. If Miami sucks next season provided we have one then Sparano is a goner for sure.

Hey Patel, it's spelled organization..even with auto correct you managed to spell that wrong while calling someone else stupid...lol that's funny

It's all part of the master plan. Make sure youi finish last in order to draft Andrew Luck. Ireland and Sparano are geniuses!!!!

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The Dolphins are not as bad as some think. Don't forget that the Phins beat half of the teams still vying for the Super Bowl, during the regular season. I don't know why they quit at the end of every season though. Seems like they want to sit at home and watch the pros play on the Holidays.

People say that a lot, "well, we beat so and so, and they are in the Playoffs, therefore, we're not that far off from competing."

That's actually a false assumption. The NFL is known for it's parity, so yes, any team can beat any other team any given day. That's why to get into the Playoffs, you don't just have to win one game, you have to win enough games to either win your division or clinch a wildcard spot. So, great, we beat the Jets, but the Jets were 12-4 during the season. They won FIVE more games than Miami. We're nowhere NEAR their league. The Pats won 14 games, they DOUBLED our wins, we might as well be talking about apples and oranges.

To say we beat the Packers is a slick farce that fans want to use to make themselves feel better. We could NEVER beat THESE Packers, the healthy team playing now. We beat them, barely in overtime, in their most weakened state, lol. And, looking back, that was our BEST performance pretty much of the year. So yeah, we beat a team when we were at our very best and they were at their very worst.

If that gets you guys amped, if that makes you think you've done something in 2010 in the NFL, then who am I to crush your imagination. But the reality of it is, we're nowhere near any of these teams playing now, because we can't even put two wins back to back (the FIRST thing necessary to get to this point), nor can we win where it's historically been easiest, at home. And that's the clear-eyed accounting of this franchise, hate to be the bearer of bad news.

Good article on Phinsider about how and why OC choices were not good.

WE ARE AT 8;28 AM .



Hey Mando, ESPN just reported that Pennington is coming back next year. Is he coming back to the Phins? I hope so..............

LOL ALoco, just trying to be honest. But I'm wondering why no word from Daboll or organization either. Strange, huh?

They couldn't find anyone of any significance that would even be interviewed for the job except Childress. After the Ross circus search/debacle across the country, who would want to work for him?

My wife is a bears fan from Chicago. I keep trying to tell her the season ended, oh about Thanksgiving. She won't believe me.

disapointed john beck dididnt make the top 25

nfl network called it an awful hire last night. our team becomes a bigger joke by the day. can we just fast forward this garbage and strike ridden season. get to 2012 with a whole new staff

course pennington is trying to comeback. his wife loves how he can keep robbing teams of money. he has figured out how he can last a couple more years. just sweat alot during offseason, show up to training camp and act like u are close to throwing. get paid a couple mill a year to wear a baseball hate.

NO Bill, we must fight the good fight. All seemed lost during the opening salvo of WWII also. But Americans rolled their sleeves up, and took control of their destiny.

That's what Miami must do. Fight! Prepare! Focus and WIN!!

Ok, that's all the optimism I could muster. I'm done.



Yes DC, many Americans were pretty freaked out when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbor.

Easy cocoa, we were one failed North African tank battle away from eating weinerschnitzel and sauerkraut at Sun Life stadium on Sundays.


Sorry all, with the talent on this team right now, we will not come close to the first pick. So there better be a plan B, or we need to trade the talent for draft picks.

Enemy at the gates. Or is that enemy inside the gates?


Home says,

"Miami Dolphins pick QB Cam Newton in the 2011 NFL Draft"


I read your earlier the post and not to nit pick but the Jets were 11-5 and not 12-4 and many of those games were down to the wire. So they beat us by FOUR games in the standings and not FIVE. Let's look at some of the games they won.....OT win against Cleveland, OT win against Detroit, late win against Denver, a late win against Houston, a dropped late game touchdown pass by the Pitt receiver victory over the Steelers. Impressive, I will give them that! US? Collapse against Detroit loss, blow call by the officials loss to the Steelers, blown game against the Browns, blown game against the Bills.

So what I am saying DC is the Jets had FIVE victories that could have gone either way. We had at least four games that ended up being losses that could have gone either way. Congrats to the Jets for doing what they are doing. We couldn't have gone into New England last week and did what they did. But I also don't believe the gap between the two teams is as huge as you and others would lead us to believe. Are they better than us right now?....yes. Are they mentally tougher and do they execute better than us?....yes. Are they better coached than us?....yes. Is the gap that big that it can't be overcome in one offseason?....I don't believe it is. Go ahead and roast me for that guys but the Jets have turned a 6-10 football team around very quickly and we are capable of doing the same. They did the same thing in Chicago and they turned a 3-13 team in Atlanta around very quickly there too. Is it going to happen here?....I don't know. Can it happen?.....absolutely!

Home says,

"Miami Dolphins pick QB Cam Newton in the 2011 NFL Draft"

Craig, like I said, this league is about parity. So of course anything can happen year to year. But it's a joke to say if this happened or that happened, because it didn't. What happened is we lost close games, and the Jets won them. You're right, in '08, we won those games, and won the division. So we can do that again next year. But let's not pretend we're competitive with the Playoff teams cause we beat a few. Like I said, when's the last time we won 2 games in a row? When's the last time we won at home.

I'm not being optimistic or pessimistic in this post Craig, I'm being REALISTIC. We have to do the things that need to be done in order to get where we want to go (it won't just happen because we have images of rainbows in our heads). And it starts with knowing the problems that led to where we are. And that's what I'm reminding folks, we coulda, shoulda, woulda, but the truth is we didn't. That's why we're sitting here now, watching the Jets and the Steelers. That's my point. We're not them, we're us. Let's do what a 7-9 team needs to do to be them and think if the ball bounced the other way we'd be them. I promise you Bill Bellichick is working, thinking TODAY about how to get better (espn rumors they're looking at V-Jax to upgrade). Yet, I hear people on the blog wanting to get rid of Jake Long and Brandon Marshall for draft picks that might or might not pan out to the caliber players those two are (addition by subtraction, which makes no sense to me). That's not a team that's serious about beating the Patriots, who are reloading and retooling by any means necessary.

I HATE that guys hope we tank next season so we can get the first overall pick in the 2012 draft. How does that make you a fan of this team? So basically guys are going to be watching this team next year hoping and praying that they lose? What kind of fan does that make you? It's such a defeatist attitude! I think if that's the way you are thinking you REALLY have to question whether you are really a fan of this team or not. And I have news for you all you defeatists out there....getting Andrew Luck in the 2012 draft guarantees us NOTHING!! I REALLY like the kid and I think he's going to be great but so what. Isn't the point to win Championships? You win Championships by having a winning culture and tanking next season is not anything I want to be a part of. You would NEVER in a million years see a team like the Patriots taking an approach like that. You play to win EVERY time you go between the lines. We need tom figure out how we can be in the playoffs next year, not how we can get the number one pick. Too much of that kind of thinking with Dolphin fans.

OK Home, what's the 2nd round pick?

close games? jets winning them, miami losing them. hmmmm can it be coaching


craig i think we all know this team will be bad, mainly cause of the worst coaching staff in nfl. so yes if ur asking me would i rather go 0-16 than 6-10, yes.


Believe it or not we're actually saying the same thing. Where we differ is this GAP we talk about between us and teams like the Jets. These teams have a swagger about them and they don't let down. When the chips are down they get it done. Perfect example was the Steelers on Saturday against the Ravens, down 21-7. If that was us we would have folded up our suitcase and gone home. The Steelers find a way to pull it out in the final two minutes. I'm not saying we are in the same class as these teams DC, I'm just saying the bridge isn't huge. To be really good in this league you have to show up EVERY week and you can't beat yourself. We didn't do that consistently enough. We did it in the first two games of the season (which were back to back wins, btw) and then our effort and concentration was sporadic the rest of the season. The really good teams don't do that.

You are right, we shouldn't be fooling ourselves into thinking we're close and easing up on the peddle. We need to identify the problems and improve where necessary.

coaco we dont have a 2nd rd pick


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