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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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Well just when we had the chance to nab Brad Childress or Rob Chudzinski, we go with Brian Daboll!! Didn't Cleveland have a worse record than we did? Only thing I can think of is that he is from the Belichick tree, which was branched from the Parcells tree. And where did Tony Sparano come from? All of us know the answer to that one.

I am now officially NOT looking forward to the offseason, never mind the 2011 season. It's a good thing I am not a season ticket holder and don't have DirecTV currently to view all the games because I would probably demand my money back by week 8. Normally I would say "give Daboll a chance", but in this case I am agreeing with everyone else. We need a proven offensive guru to turn this unit around and we go with someone that looks like Al Del Greco after kicking a field goal or extra point for that matter. I can only hope that ESPN's "team sources" are wrong (as they were with the Harbaugh situation), but I have a deep feeling in my gut that they are not. Lord help us!!

Well said craig!!

Well look at the bright side. At least we didn't hire a defensive coordinator to be our offensive coordinator.

I don't have a problem with this hire. Give the man a chance to change what we had. All of the other names that were available are nice names, but did Childress orchestrate a Super Bowl winning team? Did Schmur? Josh McDaniel? The answer is NO, McDaniels was there when the Pats won, but he was the QB coach, so maybe that might have been nice to have that experience to help Henne. In the end Daboll could be the guy we're looking for, recycling OC's because one name is better than the next doesn't mean a thing and won't mean that you'll be in the Super Bowl. Let's give Daboll a shot at making a name for himself and helping the Dolphins come back from the depths of the NFL.

Does anyone still think Ross's actions at the end of the season DIDN'T hurt this franchise? The wound up hiring a coach who was about to be fired from his existing position

Just as no legit or up n comer would want to coach here, the trickle down affect will also impact FA's.

The best thing Ross could have done was gone with another coach & GM. This season, sadly, looks like it will turn out to be a year wasted under a lame duck coach & GM with a do over in 2012. We could have started the do over this year & saved a year.

I'm hoping for the best but I'm certainly not expecting much. Except to save $250 on my Drectv bill!

That's it I am cancelling my Sunday Ticket until some decade in the future that this team gets in together. (fan of 41 years)

You guys are hilarious!!....most of you know NOTHING about this guy. You look at how things went in Cleveland last year and you automatically think it's the OC's fault. What did he have to work with? Are you SURPRISED Cleveland wasn't a higher socring team last year? They had NOTHING! That's the OC's fault? Who was the last playmaker they drafted? Quick? Braylon Edwards a few years ago? and after him? Nobody....Quality signing of Jake Delhomme last year!!

Guys, we wanted Henning gone and he's gone, replaced by a much younger guy. Let's see what he and the coaches can do before he's condemned!

I don't know anything about this guy. I won't even start. But You guys were nuts if you thought that any offensive coordinator was going to stray far from Sparanos comfort zone. Use your heads, and let emotion play no part in this choice. I posted it on the last blog page 4 or 5. It would have been nearly impossible to put in a totaly new offense this year..IT WAS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Be angry, throw things at the wall, whatever. But be realistic for one second. The Dolphin manegement is preparing like there will be NO,NOT 1 offseason program. They believe that the CBA will not be resolved untill training camp. So all of you guys that thought we would be installing some different offense youre going to have to sit on Santas Lap again. Cause it aint comin this year. This isn't to say that homes slice won't do a better job. Situational playcalling was abysmal. Perhaps this coordinator will feed the hot hand. Fans want to see exciting passing offenses. We act like they grow on trees. You guys all know the common denominator in those offenses.......The freakin Quarterback. We don't, and probably again this will not have a top ten guy. So the front office is peparing for that to. Ball control Baby. Good defense. That will most likely be our Mantra this next year. Feed the frickin wildabeast, or whatever predatory animal. Dan Carpenter for President!!!

I have a funny feeling that whoever the team hired to be OC would have been criticized by the fans. You guys know nothing about this guy and already he's condemned. Tell me who the 'magic' hire should have been and how that would have 'made all the difference in the world for this team'.....

Yes, we never heard of Mangini and MacDaniels and they both got FIRED!

Hey what's up fellas?

Hey I guess you either get "it" or you don't and as a team, front office and organization Miami clearly doesn't get "it".

I took a look at Cleveland's schedule they scored 10 points or less in 5 games this season. Scored less than 20 points 10 times and were 1-9 in those games (beat Miami 13-10) Cleveland threw for less than 200 yards 7 times. Rushed for less than 100 yards 11 times.

So Stephen Ross who wanted more wide open, fun, entertaining football will have to endure what us fans will for another season. Another pathetic team coached by a pathetic staff.

This is why I picked up the game golf I will not waste my time with the new Detroit Lions of the NFL anymore and I've been a dolph fan for 44 yrs. Someone let me know when this bad dream is over. I'm out...........

Craig, is there an echo in here, or do you just enjoy repeating yourself?

They share the same excitment about field goals fist pumping all the way!!!!

This is just PATHETIC ! ! ! This is why when you go to fire an employee you don't let them finish the week or the day or get back in the system. You have them leave the building and take there keys and pass. Sparano is an idiot and is running the Dolphins into the ground.

Why you ask? Losers breed losers

Actually Dofan in New England....a name means ALOT....there is a reason you know one name and DON'T know another...it because of success.....its because they are a proven commodity....ite because they took what they had and turned it into enough of a WINNER that THEIR NAME was talked about nationally...its because of THEIR NAME...that they went on to be hired as HCs....successful or not.....a NAME mean alot......

and for the record...childress is out of a job because of HORRIBLE QB PLAY FROM FARVE.....nobody questions his offensive mind.....or system.....McDaniels is out because HE MAKES HORRIBLE PERSONNEL DECISIONS....trading away his STAR QB AND WR.....AND RUNNING HIS DC OUT OF TOWN.....not his offensive mind.....

So yes....a name accounts for a lot......

I was really hoping that if they were going to give a young guy a shot, then go with Chudzinski. He is a helluva coach and has a great offensive mind. He's done a lot of good in San Diego's offense (then again so did Cam Cameron and look how that turned out.) I just was really hoping for a proven guy. Not someone who withered at another team.

Craig, the point is, because of Sparano's situation, no one worth a darn would come here. Your wish list of OC, Qb coach and all these potential FA's is fictional.

Baboll had nothing to work with in Cleveland? He had a RB, he had a LT. We have a LT & a WR. How are we different? We are comparing apples to apples.

Make any sense yet? This hire was supposed to re-invigorate the franchise.

well that sucks

who the hell gave TS the authority to do anything???????????????????


It's a ludicrous comment from the owner to sell more tickets to make that claim. He has NO clue what goes into putting a team together and he opens his big yap. I predict that pretty soon Stephen Ross will be one of the most unpopular owners in the NFL because he won't be able to deliver what he promises. I must have missed it but where did he get his personnel qualifications from to evaluate NFL players?

Mark my words, in a VERY short period of time the fans will be hoping and praying that this guy sells the team.

sparano afraid for his job;hires a nobody. dolphins saying it isnt official yet but i dont believe them. its a done deal;unfortunately for us. send in the clowns!

Can't believe this team. I can't think of any more excuses as to why I can still route for this team. 30 years down the tubes. Im out

I don't know.........

This may end up being a blessing in disguise.

For the year after next.

Better draft picks and a new coaching staff.



Good news is Marc, Joe and Andy can now spend more on the guys blowing guys channel.

They'll all be gone after next year, 3-13. No one else was going to hire that guy,no one wants to come here.

Craig M,

I fault the Tri-fecta for all of this. Parcells did the worst work of his career in Miami. He left this team incomplete and with very little talent. Without the Wild Cat Miami never wins the division.

Sparano is a freaking moron. His clock management, game managment, player management are a joke.

Ireland - who everyone dogs is the only one who I actually give a pass to. No one knows what he is capable of or what input he actually had on this team. I give him credit for stepping out on a flight to California with Ross he might see what we all know that Sparano is not a head coach.


Re-invigorate the fanbase? Really? Who would have done that? Isn't winning going to re-invigorate the fanbase? You guys are looking for the 'magic pill'. This guy is a step away from Henning and that's what we wanted. None of us know what the guy brings to the table....NONE of us!

I repeat...PLAYERS win games and not coaches. A couple of REALLY good coaches looked good over the weekend, namely Bellichik, Smith and Harbaugh. The players lost those games. Not the coaches. Get some players in here, some playmakers and things will start happening.

Ross ??????????????

sparano and ireland must go;they're idiots. wake up mr. ross!!!!! hire les miles(LSU) or give the job to mike nolan.

I'm out guys.....can't take the negativity from the Miami fan base any more....

Enjoy the day!

Well 2drink, according to Mando he actually got his start on defense! Not sure but I bet that is not the usual career route for NFL OC's. Going for the young, up & coming, innovative offensive mind, and settling for the young part, lol.


At least be real and let us know who you actually are? You are obviosuly someone I chatted with on here so don't hide your real name. I respect stand up guys who if they want to say something they stand behind it.

But obviouslY you are far from stand up.

What about the Bears team Craig? or the Steelers? They are well coached teams.

Even with all the "negativity", I can totally relate and understand where our fanbase is coming from. Let's pray and hope that they can get it done next year.

Criagm, didn't Ross promise the fans? We have already seen the players these guys have brought in. For 3 years now. Most of us common sense fans would like to move on from Sparano & Ireland so we CAN get players, not projects or prototypes.

We've seen coaches don't want to coach here unless they're facing the unemployment line. Let's see what happens with players in FA.

For guys like you & others, enjoy the product you see on the field next year. This is what you guys asked for...stability...Consistency.

Craig M......the Company Guy......

Disagreeing with Management doesn't make you a bad fan Craig.....just like blindly following doesn't make you a good one....

I knowe enuf to know that Cleveland somehow managed to score less pts than the fins, and it appears no other team interviwed this loser.

case closed.

This is awful! Tony, please read what your fans are saying. Do not do this! We have been anxiously waiting for your decision and this is it? You are a JOKE! Mr. Ross, please do not let this happen! VETO! VETO! VETO!

42 years as a Dolphins fan (never living in FLA) is going down the toilet -- I feel like throwing up. I think I'll become a Saints or Falcons fan. At least they have a coach and a QB.

The negativity here is mind boggling.

Daboll appears to have a good reputation around the league. He helped coach the Browns to a victory against the Patriots , and they almost beat the Jets. The first goal of any professional football team is to have success within their own division. He may be able to help the Dolphins in the AFC East.

Let's give Daboll a chance before we skewer him.

it was VERY hard for tony to hire a coach when the criteria had to be that a coach would have to know LESS THAN SPARANO. ONLY ONE OUT THERE AND WE GOT EM.

Well you want have to buy any Dolphins gear this year, just a paper bag.

I'm sorry. I have to disagree with those who are upset at this potential hiring. It has nothing to do with his petegree, or his past failures, or achievements. It has to do with the orginaization thinking ahead, and making the right move. Ask yourselves this. Would you like to see a new coordinator, with a brand new scheme that has no opportunity to install this scheme.And then watch our team go completley down the toilet. OR perhaps a guy that uses the old model, with easy tweaks that a younger more in tuned coordinator may have up his sleeve. It is kind of taking an old recipe that is out of vogue, and having a new chef tweak it so that it is modern and new. That at least gives us a chance to get better this year. You have to take into account the circumstances of this offseason. It has to come into play in a hiring like this..Think about it.

Not thrilled with the hire at all, but who else is out there really? The chargers guy is going to Carolina, Chilly would have basically been working for free, and McDaniels doesn't get along with Marshall and Nolan. Not to mention the situation here is not ideal. Everybody knows Sparano is on borrowed time, why would they come here? Ross made this situation a mess. Should of fired Tony or done nothing. The franchise right now is the Raiders south, and that won't change until they start winning, or Ross sells the team or passes away, and competent ownership is attained.

Im out guys,

This is another punch line the Dolphins have added to a joke of a season.

What you guys have to understand is that Craig M will take what ever event happens and twist them to fit his mis-guided points.....I keep telling him it doesn't have to be all left...or all right....theres a middle ground.....

Good Point Donc,

Lets give at least every poor offensive coordinator in the NFL at least one chance at redemption....I mean its worked with guys like chan gailey, Dead Henning,Paul Pasqualoni , not to mention others in the past.....RIGHT....*lmao*

if daboll was so good why didnt holmgren retain his services???? and why didnt he interview with anyone else?

So many wonderful gowns at the Golden Globe Awards last night. I didn't find any to be tasteless as in years past, and most were extremely elegant and "tres chic."

Beautiful job, ladies!

so sad.......and yet some here are willing to swallow whatever swill the fo serves us, and then call it champagne.

this is a desperate pathetic choice

Geez. Am I the only one who thinks this is an excellent hire? Even better if we get Palmer to coach QB's. Why is this all a good thing? Let me count the reasons:

1. System in terms of numbers, etc stay the same. Thus learning curve is different.
2. He has been believed in by some very smart people. Similar pedigree. Like them or not but BB and EM are smart coaches. And Daboll has been mentored by them both and entrusted by them both.
3. He has had crap to work with the Browns. When he has worked with good players, see Patriots and Jets then he has done fine. More than fine. Enough to continue to get promoted.
4. The guy has a degree from URochester, similar to BB in that he went to a good school and moved his way up through tireless efforts and smarts. Remember he is only 35. This is a meteoric rise if you think about.
5. He knows the Patriot Way. And the Patriot way has been really successful. Now we have the people who have deep knowledge of some of our greatest historical coaches, Parcells and BB at our fingertips. Great stuff.
6. He coached defense and broke down film for his first couple of years there. Thus similar to Mike Nolan in that he's coached the otherside. Thus giving him insight into how defenses work.

It should be clear that if he is given good talent he will produce. We have talent in certain areas and need major areas of upgrade in production in others. Like QB and linemen and speed at RB/WR. I personally would like to see us keep Ronnie Brown and use him more like Cam Cameron did. Lot of screens and swing passes. He was really productive there. I'd like us to give Pennington one more shot. He's the best QB we've had since Marino, weak arm and all. I can actually see us being in the AFC championship and SB champs if we get a couple of linemen and Pennington (if he's willing to play too) is healthy enough to play. And if our young defense grows further under Nolan we'll be in excellent shape. I could see it happening. If you check out football outsiders who use metrics the Fins at the end of the year were like #12 overall. And that with horrific QB play unfortunately. We aren't as far off as we think. We beat the Packers and Jets and had the game stolen from us with the Steelers. There is hope! Believe in Tony Sparano! Believe in Daboll! They can do this!

It's really in Ireland's hands in the sense that we need to import some players with talent. He must come through. If he does then I believe the coaches will come through and we'll be fine.

All the best to each of you. Happy new year!

Wow Sparano might get fired before the season starts.... ooops no he wont ross is still the owner

DC.....really.....your happy with the bottom of the barrel pick.....Clevland snuck up on the Pats and the jets are inconsistent....and we are what our record says we are.....its hard to be optimistic when you hire an OC who scored less points than your OC....who if i'm not mistaken you lead the bandwagon on for his firing.....

He will get no support until he EARNS support....


we were 30th in scoring...

the brownies were 31...


don't buy season tickets or merchadise.

it doesnt matter how much talent we get;coaches have to know what to do with it. sparano is clueless. ross asked tony to come up with a plan to make this team more exciting. this was tony's answer;to get someone who scored less than our pathetic offense the last 2 yrs.

Calm Down Fin Fans, What do we know about Doball? Maybe he is creative but was handcuffed by Mangini.

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