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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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In using penny vs henne are we comparing QB number from college vs pro? I'm not sure that holds any water at all Craig.


Thanks for the post. This is the kind of stuff I've been talking about for a LONG time. People have written Daboll off without knowing a thing about him. What ws he suppoed to do with the talent he had to work with last year?


I simply mentioned Pennington coming into the 2008 season. Nothing more, nothing less. No way he was top ten coming into the season. I defy anyone to argue that point.

Craig, way to forget that they have a top 3 ST unit, top 3 running game & a top 3 defense LMAO

Also, Conference Title game appearance means diddly. Superbowl wins do. And in that regard, proof is in the pudding. ELITE QB'd teams win Rings.

You can ignore the fact or choose not to believe it. Neither, in any of our eyes, make you in any way, shape or form, sound coherent.

Also Craig, I gave you facts & you pretend they aren't there. LOL

You admitted it the other day, other people say the same thing about you "there must be something to it."

I'm telling you how myself & many many others see you. As severely lacking in reading skills. I'm sorry but it's true. Not meant to be personal.


That's what I want our team to be. It's a lot easier to be THAT team tha it is to be a team with an elite QB. Ask the Falcons how they are making out with their 'elite' QB this morning. They guy can't even with a playoff game.

You think it's easier to be more rounded as the Jets than getting a QB.

The Jets have Holmes, Keller, Green, Tomlinson, Revis, D. Harris, Cromartie, Leonhard, B. Smith, Mangold, B. Moore, etc...

Do you know how many offseasons it will take to get there? Based on the talent on this roster, it can be easily argued that it'd be quicker to get a QB before building the rest of the team.


It has nothing to do with my reading. I made the point that the 2008 Doplhins team did it without a top ten QB. You jumped on me and said that Pennington is the most accurate passer in NFL history. When I pressed you further on it you reluctantly agreed that he's not a top ten. So why was the point even brought up in the frst place? Reason? You don't like my belief that you can win in this league without a top ten passer. You said afterwards that you would have had Pennington 'top half' in QBs in the league 'maybe around 12'. I would betcha any money that coming off the season he had in 2007 you in fact DIDN'T even have him ranked that highly, in fact knowing you like I do, I'll bet you even criticized the addition of Pennington, maybe even as 'just another' QB. But I doubt you will even admit to that and that's fine....you continue to see things only the way you want to see them.

I'm done talking about it Joe. No hard feelings. You see things one way and I see things another. Let's leave it at that and keep the personal stuff out of it.


'Quicker to a get a QB'? Haven't we been trying to get one since Marino left? I know....we never draft one in the first round. That's the answer to all our problems. All those FAILED first round QBs year after year after year were a complete anomaly.

I'll argue that we'e not nearly as far away as a team as you would have us believe. We blew at LEAST four games this year we should have won and the Jets eeked out FIVE games they very easily could have lost. We very easily could have been 11-5 and they 8-8 but it's not that way because they exceute better and they coach better.

And if it's all about the 'elite' QB, how come the Falcons got blown out, at home, rested against a tired and beat up Packers team. How come their 'elite' QB didn't step up and make it a game? How come the Pats 'elite' QB looked very ordinary Sunday and was sacked six times? How come he's lost his last three playoff games? Reason....because it's not just about the QB....you win as a team and you lose as a team and that's EXACTLY what the Jets are doing.

"It has nothing to do with my reading. I made the point that the 2008 Doplhins team did it without a top ten QB."

This is what you fail to grasp. We did NOTHING in 2008. I've said it to you at LEAST 4 times, Losing our 1st playoff game is NOT winning. Just getting to the playoffs is not Winning. You have small goals if you consider that winning.

WINNING SUPERBOWLS IS WINNING. That Pats & Steelers know what Winning is.

Ask the Pats if they are happy with losing their 1st playoff game this year? To them, this season is a failure. Why? They HAVE won. They know what it means to be winners. A miracle flukey 2008 is NOT winning, please grasp that.

So you see, it is still your reading, to a large extent.

So Joe,

2008 wasn't a success for this team? Please just answer the question....don't dance around it or give your lawyer BS....just a yes or a no.....PLEASE. I can't read....REMEMBER.

Craig, holy **** dude. For the umpteenth time, just for you:

2008 was not a success.

What was my post at 12:05? Did I NOT CLEARLY say 2008 was NOT winning? Doesn't that mean it's NOT success? Winning = Success. If you don't win, you don't have success PERIOD.


The team you see now is what 2008 should have been like. 2009 & 2010 prove that.

I'll ask again, do the Pats(WINNERS) consider this year(14-2) & losing their playoff game a success?

Winners have a different mentality. Dolphins fans are happy for settling for just making the playoffs. Enough said.


And when Brady went down in that first game, did you look at our schedule and say damn I think we're going to do well this season. It's an easy schedule and despite the fact we were 1-15 last year and despite the fact we've got a QB who was benched a few times the year before and who's team gave him away, I actually think we're going to win our division this year but in reality, it doesn't actually mean anything. Did you enjoy the season or were you cursing them because every game meant less and less of a chance to get an 'elite' QB. Curious?.....

So just to clarify everyone.....Joe is saying despite the fact that the Dolphins went from 1-15 to 11-5 and won the division, ony the GREATEST turnaround in NFL history, that the 2008 season was NOT a success.

I don't think there's any more to say Joe. Thanks. Enjoy the day!

Sorry, Joe....I think I was supposed to answer your question about the Pats. No, I don't think the Pats would consider their season to be a success, despite going 14-2 this season in the regular season. I'm agreeing with you on this.....and yes, we need to get to this level and to this way of thinking. Obviously we're not there yet.

Just so you know...and don't think I'm ducking you...

I'm out...


You just proved my point & you don't even realize it. WINNERS don't think 14-2 & losing their only playoff game is a success. We have been losers for awhile now so we make more of it than it is.

2008 playoffs showed we were no where near the team we thought we hoped we were. When will you wake up and accept 2008 for what it was? Sucking the 2 years after that hasn't proven it to you yet?

For a losing team it is a crowning achievement. For winners it's a failure. There are no prizes for 2nd place & beyond in football.

Penny not here that year, that team is 5-11 tops. If Brady played, Miami is not in the playoffs. Schedule any tougher, we'd be 5-11.

Making it a point for everyone to read is pointless & childish especially when you're encouraging people to read you agree with me without knowing you're doing so.

jets are loaded with young talent. as their qb gets better they will get better. scary actually

the mia dolphins need help please call don shula

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