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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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I wrote earlier. But it didn't post:

I've been a Dolphin fan for 40 years. I cheered them on during their 24-3 loss to the cowboys in SB VI.The subsequent perfect season and two SB rings later, I was hooked. My faith endured throughout the dismal 1-15 season. But this past season had me wavering at the edge of the plank. The season started with injuries and our OLine was an experiment of musical chairs. They couldn't block worth a crap (Long the exception) and couldn't hold a pocket more than a second, if that. During the Pittsburg game, Henne had time to set up in the pocket, and looked good. Of course, we were robbed in the end. The season was all downhill from there.

Henning was far too predictable, and when he tried to be clever (like running the ball on fourth down and 5 instead of punting - on OUR 23 yard line) just made me scream.

Our defense played well, (and barely got a breather) if you ignored the dropped interceptions; safeties and cornerbacks falling and floundering on the ground as the oppossing recievers went in for the endzone. Missed tackles on 3 down and 10, keeping the drive alive. Not Nolan's fault.

I recall the Jets second game. It was an ugly win, 10-6. During the third quarter, the TV announcer said the dolphins had only one yard rushing in the second half. A freakin' snail can travel a yard in less time. Then Ricky busts one around left tackle for a whopping 7 yards. He passed the snail, but I believe it was a couple sacks later, and we were back to one yard of total offense. I uttered to my son, that if it were my team, I'd fire everybody but the cheerleaders!

Something has to give this off season. I have read these comment all year, and agree with alot of the opinions expressed here, but some write unrealistic solutions. Getting rid of the senile Hennings was a good start. I do not advocate for Childress as replacement. There is an old saying, "When there are too many chiefs, and not enough indians, nothing ever gets accomplished." Throw Childress in the tee-pee, and we will see alot of bickering and back-biting. Trust me on that one. We need a young and smart (gutsy) OC.

I think we should draft for a center, and a solid/blocking T-end. Perhaps then we could hold a pocket for an extra 3 seconds. That allows a 4.5 receiver to get 30 extra yards into his pattern if need be. No wonder we didn't have a deep threat all year. Henne was caving in under a relentless pass rush that wouldn't allow for the deep throw. That is why I believe we should give Henne another year, with the proper O-line, and another speedy reciever as weapons. However, I am troubled by Henne's lack of leadership mentality. It seems like everybody jumps his arse, and that must have wilted his ego. During the off season, he needs to join a fight-club and get beat up a few times and THEN, go beat up a couple runts, perhaps working his way up to a big mouth blow-toad in the locker room.

Gotta Go, fishing...

that's kinda like saying that if you were to put Sean Payton in Clevland he wouldn't score any points. C'mon man that guy isn't much of a upgrade if any at all.

Whomever thinks this is good move is a bonehead! This is such a mess and it is mostly Ross's fault for all of the things he has done recently. This is a bandaid, this is not a good choice for an OC, and this is probably the only guy that would come here because everyone with a brain knows that Sparano can and probably will be fired during next year or immediately after...what respectable big name OC would come here under those conditions? No one that's who! We are in for a ton more disappointment in 2011....makes me sick!

I certainly hope that talent and Manbonehead were holding him back in his play calling,if not,be ready for more of the same ol crap

Why?? Probably because no one else wanted the job. I can understand hiring this dude as the QB coach but the OC?? Do the Dolphins pay attention to stats?? The Cleveland Offensive stats were worse than Miamis. This is a bad hire. It just shows this front office doesnt know what they are doing.


'Middle ground'? When have you EVER been about the 'middle ground'? You're NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE towards this team and this management group. There is NO 'middle ground' with you, so come off it kris!

You don't even know this guy and you've already condemned him. Quick kris, without looking it up, tell me a little bit about him. Where did he first coach? What type of offence does he like to run etc? 'Cause you don't know kris....you listen to what Armando says and you see that the Browns offence was second to last last year and all of a sudden this guy is
the bottom of the barrell'. I, for one, am very happy that you're not running the show kris, 'cause you don't have a clue!

'Middle ground'!!....that's funny. 'Middle ground' implies that you have something positive to say about this team once in a while kris and you don't....NOTHING! I've never seen it from you. I on the other hand am willing to give this guy a chance to turn things around and make a difference before I condemn him. If that makes me a 'company guy', kris, then I guess I am but that's how I am in life. The guy gets a chance to prove himself before I write him and the team off....

Alex...come on man, don't be duped into thinking this is a good move...this circus side show in Miami is getting more ridiculous by the day...why does our team have to be the bottom feeders...we are better than that. Miami was once proud franchise..now we are not...

In the nfl it doesnt matter who your OC is until you get weapons. Marshall's the ultimate possession wr and threat to break tackles. Bess maybe the best 3rd down slot wr.

Fasano is great blocker but has zero vertical threat. Ronnie Brown now occassionally has 5-6yd carries. When he's not doing that he avgs around 2ypc and wake me up next time he breaks a tackle. Gotta feeling I'll be getting plenty of rest.

Should be named a national holiday next time Hartline beast a 2nd corner on a vertical route. That's why they're named holidays, because of the rare occeurence.

Big name or no name OC, offseason personel additions have to be made. Personel wise Cleveland's offense may have been even more wrecked than us. No matter how genious no OC can squeeze water from rocks. We add the right offseason offensive personel and there's nowhere to go but up from here, no matter who the OC is.

Might be a good move. He's a young guy who was groomed by pretty good people. We'll see.

This does not look initally good, does it? However, if true, I would like to give him at least one season before I conclude that this latest hire also is hopeless! Hey, he's not spread offensive is he? If so, I am out of here!

I'm out..obviously there are some people in here that want to see how this works out...well good luck with that...haven't you been watching our team go down the toilet the last 15 years!!! This is more incompetence at Ross's hand. If this is any indication of how we will draft in 2011, well expect more Teddy Ginn and Pat White type of picks. What some of you aren't seeing is we are looking for upgrades..I have seen nothing that would equal an upgrade...this is disheartening to say the least...

I am at a loss for words except to say that I feel gutted.

Hey! I know! The reason why Tony hired DABOLL is because he worked with Favre in New York. That means Brett will come out of retirement -- again -- and play for the Dolphins. Choosing DABOLL is DiABOLLical!! Brett in Miami. I can hardly wait :(. Look like Andrew Luck with the first pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

One last thing kris, I'm signing off now....in case you think I'm hiding from you and posting other other names and you like to think I do.

You can badmouth me all you want when I'm gone....it's what you do best. I've never said I'm excited about this move, quite the contrary actually, but at this stage of the game I'm not sure what our options are and I'm willing to give this guy a chance. If you think you're a better fan than me, kris, because every move the team makes you like to criticize then be my guest, but I honestly don't know how you're able to cheer for this team every Sunday when you have so much angst and negativity towards everything they do.

And greg z, to clarify your point, the reason Holmgren didn't keep this guy is because Shurmur is his new head coach and the head coach gets to bring in whoever he wants to run things. The new guy would be dumb to keep a guy he is unfamiliar with or hasn't worked with before.

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At least 655 deaths were reported

Hi Kris, This is my first time posting, so you probably have me confused with someone else. No problem.

I agree with what Fish posted. Daboll is young, and he has gained the respect of some pretty smart people around the league. I don't think coaches can rise as quickly as he did without being talented.

Daboll certainly helped Hillis develop. I hope Ireland can provide him with enough talent for the offense to noticeably improve.

I also think a potential lockout must have been a factor in the hiring. It would have been a disaster to implement a completely new system under those conditions.

Anyway, I'm willing to give the guy a chance. Time will tell.

First of Craig....I was postive from the very beginning....remenber FEED THE WOLF!!!! after every post....

yeah that was me....

how about WHY NOT US......as my signature tag after we dell to 2-2....

I was among the most POSTIVE posters on here.....PERIOD.....

so for you ro say i am nothing but negativity is jiust futher proof that you TWIST THINGS in to what you want to see......

Around week 10-11 I said to my wife that Sporano doesn't know what the heck he is doing.....and I started to question this regime.....I slowly fell off the TRIFRECTA.....I admitted to armando that I was one of the IN TUNA WE TRUST guys......until i learned he didn't deserve my trust.....

So try again Craig M.....try to twist something else I said.....you won't find it because I have been consistent in my post....consistent in the fact that I have been honest.....If I was wrong...I said it to the person argued with......

and as far as knowing something about DABOLL...i know NOTHING.....but common sense tells me NOT to get excitedf about a guy who lead an offense that scored LESS POINTS than your offence.....BTW we fired that guy.....AND IF YOU REMBER...I DEFENDED HEENING TILL THE LAST PLAY OF THE SEASON.....

Now....TWIST THAT.....

Hey..Maybe now we will finally get a look at Lex Hilliard. This guy was able to use Payton Hillis as a wrecking ball. Lex should be doing backflips. And for those who are going to say that Peyton Hillis has a lot more speed....Nope. 40 times almost the same one guy 4.58 the other 4.6. One guy had the third fastest cone drill, the other. Not so much. Don't write off Lex just yet.

2011 Offseason:

Need to add 2 starters. One of them must be named Zack Miller. He's a huge upgrade to Fasano.


Though I would like to get Ingram, a huge upgrade to Brown if available at 16. I would still like to trade back and grab a 2nd rd pick if possible.

A trade back scenario involving a 2nd rd pick gives of greater chance at landing 2 starters from the 2011 draft. 3rd rd usually begins backup territory. We need more starters not more backups.

P.S. A qb at 16 is a horrible idea. Not having a 2nd rd pick to boot means high risk of coming out of the 2011 draft with zero 2011 starters. We are too weak offensively to come out of this draft with zero 2011 starters.

Ross promised the fans more excitment!
Now maybe we could have Daboll drive to the airport in a Scion and pick up Farve and his new Sport Hoveround. The Dolphins are going to "jump the shark"!!

Unless we're reading different bio's, according to Mando it was Mangini who groomed him as QB coach then OC, not BB, so it will be Mangini's judgment that they are placing their trust in.

Trashy ownership and leadership equals trashy team....


Henning needed to go. We all know that. So we've got a new, younger guy to call the shots. Is the answer? Who the Hell knows! These guys know a lot more about this stuff than you or I. If this thing falls flat they will all be gone and I will stand up and applaud. But at this stage of the game this is IT!! So we can complain about it or get behind them and hope we get better. That's what I'm going to choose because it's the only way I know how to be. If that makes me a homer or blind, then so be it. But why would I SUPPORT a team I can stand? Why would I want to put my energies behind an organization I don't believe in or a regime I doesn't think can get it done. That's what I don't understand with some of you guys.

Craig M....the reason why I bad mouth you when your here or not......and I highly suspect your here even when you say your not....is because I HAVE LOST RESPECT FOR YOU.....kinda like with this regime....it happened over time.....not all of a sudden....

It happened when you would ask me questions....but fail to answer any of mine.....

It happened when i notice that you would twist any miniscule fact from some player 20 years ago...but refuse to acknowledge that while those possibilities exist....doing somethin a proven way has a much higher probability......

It happened when you noticed that you twisted my words on this blog instead of quoting me correctly and meeting on the facts of merit

but mostly it happened when you decided to post crap under another name yesterday....and you can deny it all day long.....but that would be ONE HELL OF A COINCIDENCE.....if its not true......

So pretend you didn't read this,,,,and pretend your gone.....

Hope this answers your questions

OK guys I'm truly out this time....


Are you saying Dying that Miamis team is not young enough handle trading up in the draft?

I wondered who Brian Daboll was as well...While Cleveland's offense did not produce understand that the talent level there was much worse than Miami..Here is an article I found explaining who Brian Daboll...He sounds interesting but it is going to boil down to how the QB performs...

Maybe the fo has to appease Ross. So they have to give him the 1st rd gift of Julio Jones. Actually that's not such a bad idea if we're able to add Zack Miller at TE in fa.

It quickly upgrades the passing attack. Then add a rb who's a take it to the house threat(Noel Devine)3rd rd. Then resign Brown to an incentive laden contract.


Please tell me what name I posted under? I've yet to read what was said. Maybe you can even ask Armando if it was me. I've never done it before kris and I have no intention of starting now. If this is you're way to try and dicredit me, then nice try but as I said let's ask Armando if I have EVER posted under anyone else's name....will you apologize if you're wrong?

Hilliard? Come on man..we need playmakers..Hilliard is yet another "acorn" type of player...you need to start thinking bigger if not we will not be competitive against the stinkin jets or NE. We are eons away from NE..and NE will pull further away in '11 because of theor massive amounts of draft picks. Get real! It's time to start doing something now..we are already way behind the ball in our division alone..not to mention getting to the playoffs...it's a mess down here in MIA...

morono loves being super conservative...so he gets a guy that is that philosophy

get ready for more fist pump field goals and another 7-9 season.


Im a girl scout and i like to play with balls


Good plan. I would buy into that.

Donc.....nice to meet you.....

I did read Fish's post and I am letting that swirl around in my head.....I know I have made it clear that I am not a fan of this....but I hope that I am wrong.....in truth I all i feel i really need to know about this guy is that his offense was more offensive than ours.....thats a fact.....its not scientific....and i understand that a lot of variables need to plugged in to get a better answer.....

I guess in short Donc....i'm dissapointed.....but iys nothing some wins and point scoring can't fix.....

Brian Daboll incompetantly did a chest bump. He will be switching to the Tony Sparano guido FIST PUMP.

Posted by: Incompetance 101

ROFFLMAO... YOU are so right!



One positive thought ... Maybe they chose DABOLL because of his relationship with Pennington. I hope Chad is selected as QBs Coach and they let him call the plays.

Only reason could be to go after Luck in 2012.

Daboll??????????? Was hoping for a 4 and 12 record, but this hire makes 4 and 12 look impossable, oh well hopefully the fins bye week is before week 7.....

will somebody find me some sense cuz i think i lost my mental fortitude

The fat lady has sung for the Fins.

anybody looking for hot date, cuz im in the local area for a new boy toy

Craig M....I would apologize if I was wrong......

I have no qualms about it........

and for the record.....I also came in here and tried to lighten the mood when Joe Schmoe and 0x80....where giving you the buisness....

that day DC tried to play peacemaker......

this regime was all about prototypical size so we sacrificed speed. guys like welker and woodhead wouldnt meet requirements. then it was all about youth so we sacrificed veteran leadership. guys like jt were not wanted. then we needed a LB so we aquired 10 of them at the expense of a playmaker/weapon's like dez or TE gronkowski/hernandez kr like brandon tate to name a few. we decide to fire our coach but then decide he needs a raise and a 2 year extension???? WTF!

i love meatballs only cuz of the balls at the end

and it wasn't the doosh whose doing it now.....

Brian Daboll? WHO? WTH is going on around here? Did TS and ball boy Ireland not hear what Mr. Ross wants? we will be dead last in the league in offense!

This one is a pathectic no-life....i feel sorry for this guy.....the other guy (who i believe was you) was posting football stuff

free willy is also known as free johnson

Wow, thats an underwhelming choice. i hope they know something about this guy most of us dont.

On the plus side, he did get a monster year out of Peyton Hillis and is name is not Dan Henning

Dying...The draft strategy is going to be very difficult this year. Like you said we need to find at least one starter VIa the draft. 2 would be a bonus. But usually we would have gone through the free agent proccess. This year it is flipped. So I'm sure that along with our draft board. We will have a free agent board, and in that board a group of guys that we realistically think we can sign. And a group of longshots. I don't know the exact rule. But can teams even contact agents to inquire? Or does that fall into a grey area? If teams cannot even talk to free agents. It will make the draft even more crucial. Because who knows what will happen during the free agent period. It will be a mad scramble for teams trying to fill out rosters.


There are no franchise labeled qb's in this draft and we have no adequate compensation to offer even if there were. So lets give the kitchen sink for a qb who may not be ready to truly start until possibly even yr 3.

It may even cost our 3rd pick and even a present starter we now have for a guy who may not be able to offer zero immediate help. I know what, we can trade next year's #1 or #2 pick just to possibly be in the same boat draft wise as are in now.

Just get some damn offensive weapons in 2011 and if Henne still stinks then mortgage the future for for Andrew Luck. At least he has a franchise grade on him and this year's qb's dont. LOL..........

kris me likes u a lot regardless what Hermaphrodites u like to sleep with

Just to be clear, I don't give other men the business LOL

The link included is for Rival.com, a very informative power ranking of al the college players, entire coaching staff and teams. Take a look and then get a very good idea where the real talent lies. And where our scouting agents should be studying for all their draft picks. And future assistants.

Back to my fishing...

kris cancelled our date at midnight now maybe craig m will be more open to idea of US

So know one thinks the Cleveland offense stunk the past few years because they didn't have players? No, the OC is the reason they stunk, and now the rumor is he is coming to Miami - my guess is if we don't get better play out of our QB our OC will suck - no matter what the hell his name is!

What an incredibly inept choice.

lol @ Joe Schmoe.....

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