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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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The coaches get too much credit and blame.
Get good players and see what happens.

Greg z. @ 4:17, the ineptitude is mind boggling isn't it?

Dying Breed,

Interesting thought about Zach Miller. Didnt know he was a FA. He would be an upgrade. Have you seen DJ Williams of Ark play? If hes there in the 3rd, could be a nice pick.

As far as FA's, why not make a push for Logan Mankins? Hurts NE, helps us. Draft either Pouncey (FLA) or Wisniewski (Penn St) in the 1st. Presto! An O-Line:

Long, Mankins, Pouncey or Wis, Jerry, Carey

I could live with that

Cowkilla..Hillis was an acorn. A nobody. Similar runner to Hilliard. They have the SAME skills. Anyway, I was making a half hearted joke. You know(or maybe you don't) that I'm a unapolegetic Montana Grizzly Homer. I realize that Lex will most likely never get his chance here. And yes we do need to upgrade at running back. But you cannot deny the fact these two backs are very similar to each other..Just sayin'

no elite QBs. that sucks. good point Dying. I would have moved up to get Rodgers some years back. Oh well.

what a fk joke this org is. i repeatttttt, let the fk fans pk the players and a coach and we will be just as good as the J-E-T-S and the P-A-T-S....hopefully we win 4 games next year and draft a good QB to finally fill DM shoes...ROSS you should of HIRED COWHER and gave him complete control of the team and we would of been darn good for the next 10 years. REMEMBER TOMLIN inherited Bill Cowhers team and they have always been fk tough whether they won a playoff game or not, they always MADE it to the playoffs...2011 & 2012 football season is a washed until we FIRE Sprano and Ireland. Why not cut these Parcells wanna be's and bring in Peterson b4 you lose all of your florida fans....Let's go HEAT, Miami the is

This absolute ridiculous, if Ross needs anymore proof that Sparano and Ireland are idiots,this does it.He should immediately fire both and give Cowher what ever he wants.If this stays status quo the we all Know what 2011 will be like well in advance 5-11 or 6-10 and we dont have to get upset as the yr moves on because we have seen it coming.This is such a total joke,all season ticket holders should cancel NOW.

Kris, CraigM has an issue at times reading too much or too little into things we post. Especially myself and 0x80. That's the instance you mentioned. I had many of the same issues you stated. He won't answer you. He refused to acknowledge when I answered him.

Sometimes there are miscommunications in here & we just aren't clear about what the other person is saying & we go off on a tangent. It happens.


I believe Ross can make Zach Miller the best fa offer. Time for the fo to stop screwing around with TE position. Fasano isnt the answer going forward. Not as a recieving TE anyway. Miller must be signed if it means we cant sign another fa!

Sign Miller then it really makes sense to draft Julio Jones and add a noel devine to compliment Ronnie Brown and his heavily incentives laden new contract.

Getting Logan Mankins with that totally upgrades the entire offense except the qb position. We may even be able to grab Kaepernuck as a project in the 4th-5th rd.

If Henne fails with this kind of a totally revamped offense I say serve up his severed head on a silver platter! LOL............

Hopefully Mortensen (ESPN) has mis-reported another story and Daboll is coming in as our QB coach and nothing more.

In the words of Lewis Black, if you are going to be this senseless, why not take it to the max?

what a joke this org is. i repeatttttt, let the fans pk the players and a coach and we will be just as good as the J-E-T-S and the P-A-T-S....hopefully we win 4 games next year and draft a good QB to finally fill DM shoes...ROSS you should of HIRED COWHER and gave him complete control of the team and we would of been darn good for the next 10 years. REMEMBER TOMLIN inherited Bill Cowhers team and they have always been tough whether they won a playoff game or not, they always MADE it to the playoffs...2011 & 2012 football season is a washed until we FIRE Sprano and Ireland. Why not cut these Parcells wanna be's and bring in Peterson b4 you lose all of your florida fans....Let's go HEAT, Miami that is

GulfDolphin..Do you fish in the Keys? I have a good friend that runs a boat down there. I'ts a small community, you probably know him.

I agree, if Henne is still spinning his wheels next year, then obviously you gotta move on. I just dont see any no brainer upgrades out there this year. McNabb? Vince Young? no thanks.

and I come from Philly to see this???? NOT THIS YEAR I'M DONE!!!

what kind of fish you get in the KEYS DYRREL ?


Kris and Craig M at it again...Why don't you guys just get it over with and have sex...

So I take it the Brad Childress interview went bad? This move in mind boggling. I would have preferred hiring a college OC than the product he put on the field week in and out. Living in Akron I am forced to watch the pathetic display of Offense in Cleveland they put on the field every week. The only thing they had going for them was Peyton Hillis. Makes no sense.

Garbage Plate,

The 2 2011 fa's I would love to have are Logan Mankins and Zack Miller.

As far as the draft, Julio Jones and Noel Devine are sounding better and betterer! Also add Kaepernuck 4th or 5th rd. The rest of the draft look for sleeper safeties! LOL......

Marc....if i didn't know you were joking i'd be mad...lol

Opinions are like...ya know? FACTS show we have become eerily similar to the Detroit Lions type franchise. Shula must hate to witness this. The downfall started when Jimmie Johnson slithered into town. No coach has ever won a SB in seperate cities...go back to the future & hire Shula's friend Marty Schottenheimer. Hope to hell we can find a franchise QB in this (Locker?) draft or next. Its a circus right now. Embarressing. With what is in place...no hope. These are not the Dolphins we all grew up with.

Mando, please don't leave us hanging as soon as you find out that this a Jets Fan joke let us know...it's got to be a joke, right?

This is Parcells' "prototypical" coaching model, what's the problem? This is what giving Sparano another year means folks (what, you thought we'd go to a West Coast offense?).

CBA, that's all that matters now. That will determine if and when the next season gets going.

Until then, and/or the Draft, Chad Henne is the starting QB here. And you were never going to get a riveting offense with him at the helm. Sure you say, Daboll couldn't do anything with Brady Quinn in Cleveland either. That's the point. At least he knows that if he can't get steady play out of the QB position, he'll be gone along with Sparano next year.

This is another sign Henne won't be starting QB in 2011. And that gives any OC a leg up over Dan Henning.

Why didn't Aloco get the OC job?

Love Noel Devine in the 3rd round also. Not sure where he projects on draft day. I'd still rather have Sproles. Proven punt returner also. If hes not attainable, I'd be happy with Devine. Either way, Mankins and Sproles should be the FA targets this year

Mando did anybody other than TS have a say with this idiotic hire? I'm starting to wonder if Ireland and BP are even involved in this sort of F**** Up Choice... WTH is going on with this team? Is 1 & 15 the goal in '11???

Whats up ALoco...Do you live in Boston? You knew a lot about the Fairmont. Anyway depends on if your on the bayside of the keys, or on the oceanside. I just go down to go for Bonefish. But there are grouper, snapper, barracuda all good to eat.

like i said before, nobody good would want to come here and work for a lameduck coach. both these guys will be fired next january. get ready for a long and awful year. maybe we can get the number one pick and luck. what an awful awful signing. i am crushed at just how bad this organization has become. keeping sparano has killed this franchise for probaly a long ass time

I admit it has been tough to stay positive. The events of the past few weeks have been pretty ridiculous, especially the Harbaugh fiasco. However, Ross does spend money on free agent contracts, an important part of acquiring enough talent to compete in a tough division. Hopefully he has learned to lower his profile and let the football people make the personnel and roster decisions.

Worst case scenario ---> If Sparano and Ireland fail, I don't doubt that Ross will replace them with prominent a GM and coach. All is not lost.

Go Fins!

Fish ----- What have you been smoking!!!!!! Are you serious???? EM was a brilliant coach????? He failed in NY and failed in Cleveland. Each stop they pilled on the excuses as to why he didn't succeed. And it isn't like the Doball put in the time and was successfull. Mangini brought him along like a puppy dog. And you really want pennington back because you think that is the answer to our QB problem???? Might I remind you he lasted one play when he came back from injury the last time. Seriously step away from the Kool-Aid.

@joe Schmoe.....yeah....its the communication thing....i'm sure if we could ever get together and talk we would all be able to see the other person's side....but words on a screen sometimes don't convey the emotion with wich they are written....

My biggest problem is the twisting of words.....As you saw in my post before i showed 3-4 examples in witch Craig has twisted my point of view rather than just debate me on that wich i said.....

In any case I know he wants us to succeed same as me (no matter how mis-guided)....and that part I can respect

Sproles will want BIG money and he isn't the type of Rb this ridiculous regime wants. They want size. If there is any FA Rb out there they'd target, it's M. Bush. I'd prefer Deangelo Williams.

For ST I'd love a guy like James Jones, Jacoby Jones, B. Smith or S. Breaston. They fill the ST need & can also play WR.

yes dee we all know he should of hired cowher and given him control. but ross is basically a retarded man. just like when miami hired cameron instead of tomlin in 2007. remember tomlin interviewed here and we hired cameron over him.

Garbage Plate,

Correct! Our free agency money should be specifically directed at landing Logan Mankins and Zack Miller. Not spending fruitlessly on washed up or attitude red flagged qb's like VY.

It will take well above avg money in signing those guys. If we make the right offensive upgrades and Henne has a great offensive season as a result. Then Henne will be due for a big raise in 2012. His contract expires at the end of 2011.

2nd rounder contracts are for only 4yrs if Im not mistaken. 1st rounder can be signed up to 6yrs with one yr being an option yr.

dying even with a huge offer why would any free agent want to come here. they know how bad its becoming here

I did my part in trying to stick up for Craig today. It should be noted however that this in no way shape or forms means I share his opinions LOL




Monkey juice will be served on the veranda this evening.

blog it wasnt ross's decision. he messed up by keeping the current regime for one more pointless season

I agreed with bill & continue to do so. I can't see Miami attracting big time FA's knowing the circus is in town & the guys who bring them here likely won't be here next year. No one wants to move every year.


Don't be suprised if Seneca Wallace follows Daboll here to Miami. Wallace would be a good option because he is familiar with Dabolls system. I think that Henne will still be behind center week 1. But Wallace is very capapble of running this offense if Henne cannot. I think he would be a good pickup.

Joe Schmoe,

I think D. Williams would command for $$ than Sproles. Bush would just be a huge mistake. Sproles may want a ton of money, but he's a change of pace guy/punt returner. No one is gonna give him every down back money. I think he could be had at a reasonable price and would pair nicely with Ronnie

I agree getting someone who can play SP Teams is needed

Kris, it's ok...reminds me of fights I got into with nyscott, jersey, menace, db, you, tin shaker, booby, craig, cocoa, odin....heck, I think I've fought with everyone....oh, forgot mark in to

DB just joined in on this, are you supporting Henne for next season as QB???
Mankins and Miller would be great adds in FA, Locker in 1st round to add to the competetion at QB of course the big problem is there may not be a FA period this season!!!




Are we sick yet? Jets in the AFC championship game?
And now an O.C. from the Browns? Absolutely nothing makes sense here.

How about the Dolphins moving to L.A. as the L.A. Stars, Stephen Ross would love that. Then we can lure the Jets to move to Miami as the new Miami Dolphins, this is about the only way the Dolphins will make the playoffs in the next ten to fifteen years or even more.

FA's will still come to Miami if the price is right. You offer a 20-something year old, (probably single) guy a market rate salary to live in Miami, they will come. Its a very attractive life style for that demographic

Wow! here we go again.............. what a joke this team!

I just became a Bucs Fan when can I get my tickets /

Garbage, Sproles I think is making $6 mil this year. He isn't worth that & that's what he'd expect.

I would absolutely pay that to Williams. We need him. He can score from anywhere. That's exactly what this team lacks on O. I'd rather spend money on a full time player than a part time player.

We can find a ST ace for allot cheaper than Sproles.

Mankins should be an easy sell. After that contract mess this year, I'd think he would love the chance to stick it to Robert Kraft twice a year.

Correction, Sproles made $7.283 mil in 2010. For that price tag? Ummmmmm NO THANKS!

I wonder how many people on this site has OC experience, seems like every one has won a super bowl, give the guy a chance to work with the team before you cut his nuts off, and how many got phone call offering you a job on a NFL team, I didn't think so. Bill

What, Jeff Davidson wasn't available? Davidson being the only OC from 2010, other than Daboll to lead a more pathetic offense than Dan Henning. Can't wait for the press conference on this head scratcher. Might make the Ted Ginn presser look like Mardi Gras.

No arguement, I agree about Williams. I didnt know Sproles was making that much. Good info. I wouldnt pay him that much. All things equal, I'd rather have Williams


Locker doesnt carry a franchise label, therefore ridiculous to trade up for. Locker very unlikely available at 16th.

Adding Julio Jones, Noel Devine, Zack Miller, and Logan Mankins hugely upgrades the offense. Then sign Ronnie to Heavy incentive contract.

If Henne cant qb a team like this(includes Marshall) he's headed for his next career as asst mngr of the McDonalds early morning breakfast drive thru. LOL.........

Poor Henne lovers. This must be excruciating for you. Here you have a guy who coached a 1,000 yd RB, but still lost his job because the QB play was so poor, and resulted in the worst offense in the league. What do you think his first "suggestion" will be to Sparano when he gets here? And, do you think Sparano isn't one step ahead of him? Parse Sparano's words at the end of the season. He wasn't throwing Henning under the bus. He was saying if you look at good QBs in the league (Rogers and Vick), they make plays even under pressure by themselves. He was saying OCs can't manufacture a play like that, that sometimes a QB has to IMPROVISE. Who was that a dig at you think?

Look, if anyone thinks Sparano was treated poorly this offseason, wait to see how rough this team is with Chad Henne. I'd rather be a prisoner in Yemen than Chad Henne under Sparano/Daboll in 2011. This guy might come out of next season with PTSD.

The idea is to lower expectations. The hope is that it becomes the NFL equivalent of the movie Major League.

bill_cnnrs@ 4:50 your absolutley right.

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