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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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CHAD.P WANTS TO COME BACK AS A QB........................


The great Dolphin teams drafted correctly. They signed good free agents. Most importantly, they had excellent coordinators. Mike Nolan is good. That's about it for the above mentioned requirements.

Well said Dying Breed. Although I'd still rather see Mia go after Pouncey or Wisniewski in the 1st. The center position has become a huge problem. i think its more of a need than a Julio Jones type. Both those guys have graded out at Mangold type levels by the experts. Instant starters.

This hire plays right into our grand plan of getting Luck in 2012.

I supported Henne but I think we all know he doesnt have IT.
Locker may well be available at 15, they cant go with Henne next year without adding a QB, hate to say this as a long suffering fin fan of 23 years but I'm hoping for a repeat of 2007 at the moment and Andrew Luck in 2012 to resurect this franchise with a new coaching staff!!!

I emigrate this year and was looking forward to this season to get me through the process not looking good now lol

WTF!!!! I swear to god the inmates really are running the asylum down there. It just goes from bad to worse! Maybe Sparano can hire Wanny back as an assistant head coach, that would complete the picture perfectly!!!!

I have simply run out of questions and concerns. I believe at this point my best approach is to stop investing emotional and mental energy into this franchise. I love them and always will. And I seriously hope that Daboll's time in Cleveland will be like Belechick's time in Cleveland, something he wants to forget and learns and get much better from.
However, at this point, I have just run out of excuses and "Look on the bright side" comments. Honestly, I think I ran out of those the day we LOST to DaBoll and the Cleveland Browns.... Funny the way life is a circle like that~

Ross... wherever you are.... you are about to destroy something that we have loved for many many years.... I hope that you have a deep hole to crawl in when your done.


DD, are you KIDDING buddy? This guy just got fired BECAUSE OF Seneca Wallace (along with Delhomme). At least with McCoy the kid was a rookie (so mistakes can be explained away easier, plus the kid played at about the same level as Henne).

Let's think of the big picture. This guy loved Mangini. He saw his mentor get canned because he couldn't find a QB for his team. And this is his very next assignment, and he's looking at Chad Henne, lol. You really think he'll bring in Wallace to have the same problems here. This guy is gonna RUN to a new QB like a greyhound. He knows what Wallace can do, he'll soon see what Henne can do. And then he'll request a QB he can work with, and then hope Ireland makes it happen.

DC, dont confuse defending Henne with being a Henne "lover". Some of us just wanna see what the kid can do without Henning. And how could it get any worse for him? The coaching staff this past year pretty much sucked the life out of him and brow beat any confidence out of him he may have had left.

Of course penny's in support...he NEEDS a job next year!!!*lol*



Derek....i'm gonna take the part about how maybe DaBoll gets better by leaving clevland like Belichek did......what else do we got?



What the ?? His Offense was better than Childress's and McDaniel's...??? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Wow I'm a VERY, VERY, DISAPPOINTED Fan!!!! Ross is a Joke, if this is what he calls aggressive Offense with this coordinator, the whole coaching staff (with the exception of Mike Nolan) is a JOKE!!! A JOKE!!! YOU HEAR ME, MR ROSS... A STINKING JOKE!!! I've been a California Dolphin Fan since 1980, maybe I should've picked a Cali team back then. WHAT A JOKE OF A HIRE FOR OC!!!!!

*lol* @ ALOCO,

ICE GREAM......must be polish or greek candy

Sparano doesn't want to win, He wants to embarrass Ross!!!

GarbagePlate, hate to break it to you, it won't happen with this new OC. He's done the same thing Henning did last season (call plays and watched the QB poorly execute those plays). Who do you think he sympathizes with?

Do you think he'll be in the mood to work with Henne? Or do you think he'll accept Henne if that's all he's given, but urge with extreme amplitude that they need to upgrade that position as a prerequisite of him being successful?

I don't think the guy left one QB headache to accept another one.

You guys kill me....No matter who the hire you guys would have panned it...Most of the great offensive co-ordinators already have a job...Who was left? Childress? McDaniels? Give me a break. Neither one of them could get along with their players.It absolutely astounds how people spout left and right who know absolutely nothing...Must be watching FOX news and gave thinking...Maybe you folks should dig a little deeper and find out a little more information before making yourselves sound stupid...Don't know if it is a good hire or not...And neither does anyone else posting to this board...

news alert................


Noel Devine Highlights:



And even if he IS into that kind of S&M, he obviously couldn't make it work with Jake Delhomme, Seneca Wallace, Brady Quinn, who else, wasn't Derek Anderson there while he was there.

All these are Henne's compatriots. Mediocre QBs in the NFL. So, the guy who couldn't turn any of the other mediocre QBs around is suddenly gonna come here and turn around our mediocre QB? Is that seriously your argument? Should I describe the decibel level of my laughter?

yea, I dont really see Daboll getting in hennes face any more than I saw Henning yelling at any one period...sorry, this is a lose-lose scenerio especially if Henne remains (GULP) THE ROBOTO STARTER NEXT YEAR!!!!

Noel Devine Destroys Auburn:




Daboll is a quality OC when he has a quality QB. He's a mediocre OC with a mediocre QB.

How smart do I have to be to know that?


Really???? Maybe it couldve helped the fact that you dont hire the guy that had a worse offensive scoring % than us....just a thought....and when you add that to the fact that the ceiling was already falling in just one week after the season ended in looking like sparano getting canned after NE game...specualtion running everywhere and now trying to re-ignite the fan base with a very ? hiring!!!!

"scored less points than the Dolphins two years in a row." Well this tells us all we need to know.

ross had his chance to get rid of the trisuckta. his own fault. as for pennington he still is a better choice with one arm and one leg than henne will ever be. oh well lets hope for a lockout.

DC, we shall see. I dont know if its gonna work out with Henne. But i do know there are not any viable alternatives this year at QB and many good QB's made their leap in the 3rd year of PT.

And I dont thnk he left because Colt McCoy is a headache. He showed some flashes this year as a rookie. i think he left because Mangini is gone and he wants a job.

shoot me, I'm hoping for a high 2012 draft pick

Well at least we kn ow Daboll is a one year wonder....he's a two year failure who regressed in his 2nd year...

Daboll has two years of experience as a coordinator, running the Browns’ offense the past two years under Eric Mangini, and they didn’t go well. The Browns finished 29th and 31st in points in 2009 and 2010, and 32nd and 29th in total yards. Mangini was fired by general manager Mike Holmgren after recording a 10-22 record in two seasons, and Daboll was told he would not be retained.

According tothe Daily Dolphin......however I will note he is supposedly thought of as a young bright mind because of his ties tp Belichek......link below....




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I am receptive to the possibility that Sparano will call the plays, and Daboll will make sure the ships run on time with the offense, with the possibility that Henne is all they have and he'll have to micromanage him and hold his hand every step of the way, taking up a majority of his time.

Dont hold out hope that players are gonna be there for the taking come March.....Lockout or no......This Regime will be aiming to lock up another DT in the draft....U watch and see!!!!

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on a positive note we'll be drafting luck in 2012 draft with the number one over all pick

JL....do you think that the fact that the apperance of a worse OC then the one we just had has anythig to do with it.....I'm not sure why you reference a political news station to make your point....but i will give you this peice of advice....THERE ALL LYING TO YOU....DEM/REP.....FOX/MSNBC/NBC/CBS...and anybody else i lefy out.....

Do you really think a bunch of millionares ar sitting around trying to figure out how to make YOU/MY life better......


Still far too early to judge what sort of impact this move has. Everything will be based on our offensive personel moves or lack there of, in 2011.

A top 5 qb would have struggled, although maybe not quite as bad as Henne, in this same system and offensive personel. Maybe we win 2 more games at best even with a top 5 qb.

Garbage, yes, the magical THIRD YEAR, I almost forgot. Of course, sometimes nothing happens in the 3rd year (kinda like what happened to Quinn, Wallace and Anderson). I know some people are putting all their eggs in the slight chance that Henne will finally "get it" in his third year, that he had no responsibility for the mediocrity of the last 2 years, but it reminds me of someone who reads the newspaper a day later. Next year, when you accept Henne isn't the guy, I'll let you know exactly why I knew that a year before.

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i am sorry i did comment before this...once I read this article I fell down hit my head hard on the marble floor and must have passed out... i get myself up, thinking it must have been a nightmare... it's not...oh, well on the bright side my employer transfered me to AZ, maybe I can be an AZ cards fan now...at least they have a plan... and a fan feedback link on their website.. not like the fins... they are scared of reading what the fans say... geez fans probably could do a better job then ireland/sparano/daboll... well our defence will be good next year.. tony wants to win 12 to 10...

Let's see the bright side of it...next year Ross will bring in Cowher with all the power Cowher wants...

LOL Time4change. 12-10.

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I think it's a good move, I wanted to see someone with the Pats offensive lineage. They have the most creative formations and make the most out of the talent they have. Besides, why go out and hire someone who is known as an offensive, genius, guru or budding young NFL coaching star. He will be leaving your team in a year or two for an head coach opening. The Phins need a young guy who can relate to players and who won't be running away from the team in less than two years. Maybe they got this one right.

Sparano ON Daboll Hiring

I think he brings alot to the table to our offense in terms of efficiantly moving the ball up and down the field.....I really do

Reporter asks......How so Tony???

Responds with....He'll be the type of contributer that will benefit us all in the remake of the FIST PUMP!!!!!!YEAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Daboll then comes out and starts dancing Yelling out---------CHA,CHA, CHA!!!!!!!

Reporters begin to feel sick and leave!!!!

Well dolpfans! The only thing that I could say we will have the number one pick in the NFL draft next year.

Why you might ask!! First no new bargining agreement that means can't sign anybody and you have to put a new offense together you need mini camps train camps not sure that's going to happen anytime soon, so what males anybody think the Phins are going to win at least 5 games! It's going to be a long two to three years to have a wining record! All depends on how long this lock out is going to be, but I'm a fan till the day I die but reality is we have too many holes on offense and special teams, and with this sorry a s s coaching staff who knows!!!

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Hey incompetance 10whatever, its spelled 'incompetence'. Just living up, or down to the name, I guess. Appropriate for our team as well.

i wonder if the Dolphins FG Kicker carpenter, made it to the probowl... Tony could make it, under the "best fist pumper" of the league

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This is F...ing Unbelievable I watch the Jets Vs Patriots actually finding myself cheering for the lesser of two evils, the Patriots. And with complete disgust watch Aaron Rodgers just dominate and knowing he easily could have been our QB further disgusted me. And now to hear this BS... OH my goshh WTF is wrong with the Dolphins. I swear this team will either kill me or I am just gonna stop giving a F>>K about them.. Now lets hire the QB coach for the team that had the worst QB in the NFL and we are set. For Andrew Luck no. 1 overall pick next 2012.....

don't worry aloco when sparano get's fired he will be kneading the dough at pepe's in new haven. literally!

Why we don't look to the college elite for our coaching staff truely baffles me. That's where the NFL get's nearly all their players.

Oh that's right, Nick Saben ruined that notion. However, I believe we should still explore that possibility.

Here's why:


Back to my fishing

If its broke ----Just keep on truckin till its Pulverized....
New Motto for 2011

Way to go SparNO..... Always knew you can find an Acorn !!!

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