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ESPN reports Daboll is the new OC, question is why?

I know what you are thinking: You are simply wondering why him?

If ESPN's report that Brian Daboll will be hired as Miami's new offensive coordinator (The Herald has not as of this writing been able to independently confirm this), then you're asking why coach Tony Sparano hired a coordinator whose team scored fewer points than the Dolphins broken offense in 2010.

The Dolphins also scored more points than Daboll's Browns in 2009.

I don't have an explanation for you at this time. I'm hoping to get an explanation at some point. It's a tough day for that as I'm flying back from Boston today so timing might be an issue.

In the meantime, I can tell you Daboll (35 years old) is younger than Dan Henning, whom he is replacing. And he is an enthusiastic sort as the video below shows.

Daboll's NFL experience is out of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. He was hired in 2000 by the Patriots as a defensive assistant. He became wide receivers coach in 2002. He left the Pats in 2006 to go with Eric Mangini to the Jets as their QB coach.

In 2009, Daboll again migrated with Mangini, this time to Cleveland where he served as offensive coordinator. Obviously, he was on the outs in Cleveland when Mangini was fired. And now he is apparently on the ins with the Dolphins.



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"In the past decade, Norv Turner, Chan Gailey, Mike Mularkey and Cam Cameron were ripped as coordinators of mush Dolphins' offenses. Today these same guys are toasted for creative game plans." Said a reporter who shall remain nameless.

Aloco Shaper Image is trading bout .04 right now . If anything maybe good for a play on a dead cat bounce or long term hold for potential upswing. Same go's for idoi.ob, zvtk.ob,sgcp.pk, and goig.pk . Just a few of the crappy stock I own . Kind of like holding on to a wishful lottery ticket. Though personally I see the Phins making it to playoffs before I hit in the stock market

Richard it doesn't mean we don't love our team boy..it means we are tired of going through the same stuff every year for the last 15 years. Yet you think about questioning our fan-hood. You suck for even going there. I see what is goin on in Miami..if you choose to be blind thats fine.

Don't think so much about money and the good life, ALoco. It will not last long.

Sureshocker, with all due respect,we've been bitching since Marino left, it really hasn't accomplished anything so what's the point.


Richard I'm a New York Islander fan. If anyone knows your pain it's me :)

Shon said: We have a good team with good players, we just did not have a good season

Just a reminder, you are what your record says you are. So in your world 7-9 = a good team?

Ok Cowkilla that was pretty funny lol.

cowkilla even you have to admit if you read alot of what is said on this blog it is BS. Come on you got people talking bout boycotting the games and never seeing the team . That is not fan-hood . Saying we suck and I dont like it but damn it I'm going to have hope and watch them anyway is fan-hood. Come on have you gone to the games in miami ? have you seen the fan base. it is sad man . I got scars from bar fights with Paper Plane fans in Brooklyn where I'm from . I love my Fish regardless and will continue to go watch them whenever I can

Thanks ALoco, I'll try E-Bay for the crystal ball. I might be able to get a used one cheaper.

Ok Denny you got me on that one but could be worse you could be a Florida Panthers fan or the woman who does Rex's wife pedicures :)

stephen ross is slowly turning the miami dolphins into the detroit lions of this decade! soon enough, the players will not want to play for this team any longer and free agency will no longer be an option! maybe ross’ plan is to move the dolphins to another city? needless to say i WONT be renewing season tickets!!!! well ross, thats four more seats you’ll have to find SUCKERS for!

What's going on here?!!!!!! WHY??? Could it get any worse? Lets face it... The hiring of Daboll seems sketchy!!!!! It's the obvious, why bring in the coach who coordinated an offense worst than ours? And we were pretty bad...



Oh man, what a bad image I just got of those disgusting smelly toes. Thanks a lot Richard, there goes my desert damn you!

george I'll take your season tickets how much :)

Denny lmao :)

I think somebody nailed it when they said that Daboll was the only one who would take the job. All the A-listers knew that Sparano is dead man walking so why bother showing up here for what is essentially a one year gig.

I sense a large rise in the suicide rate in the Miami area tonight. People are going to be swinging from the rafters with Marino jerseys on if this blog is any indication! Breathe deeply, in, out, brreeeaaattthhheeeeeee. Chant over and over again, 'this is not my life, it's only football, i don't even play for the team, i have my own life, the sun will come up tomorrow'.

This will be your daily affirmation.

LMAO good one Denny . Tell them all wooosaaaaa wooooosaaaaaa lol

Okay ALoco you made your point. You understood you crazy mofo!:) Sorry for questioning that.

Funny thing is here we are debating whether this is good thing or bad thing and reports dont even say this is a sure thing :)

Ahhhhhh Richard it was the same way when it was "reported" (pffffttt) that Mangini was interviewing for the head coaching position. I couldn't believe some of the vile hateful things that were being said. And it wasn't even true. Not one person came in and said they were wrong and I doubt anyone cared. Weird society we live in sometimes.

Okay I'm out, gotta rest up for more snow! ny out (you know, the place with all of the fake fans bobby ;)

Have a good one Denny stay warm

Before I go I would like to point out the large number of debaters who dissapeared after I posted the article blurb about all of the maligned offensive coordinators who sucked in Miami but went on to coach great offenses. Not one comment on that after everyone was saying he couldn't possibly be better here. Hmmmmmmmmmm

****Serious Question*******

think about this (esp. all blind fin fans)

if Brady or Manning were available as Free Agents, wouldn't we be better just sticking with HENNE to see what he could do?? give him more time............

SO my point is........COWHER is available, but we stick with, Sparano who is basically an O LINE coach ( who Bill was friends with, kinda like Jimmy going with Pornstache)

and Ireland who basically was a fudge buddy as well....

will someone you fans ever wake up and get it....

I just can't leave Richard.

Dr. Lecter everyone "gets it". We all know that they stuck with Sparano and could have had Cowher. We've been talking about it for a week now. There's nothing we can do about it so what are you suggesting?

Dr. Lecter I'm not a blind Phinactic . I know we suck I just dont give a damn and love them anyway. You need to go to Dolphins Anonymous . Step 1 "Your powerless over any decisions made and your blood pressure is becoming unmanageable" :)

I'll read it later Doc, gotta go, enjoy your Fava beans.


If this is true, I want a legit intelligent answer from management. If Sparano is just sticking it to Ross well then he is a hypocrite for screwing his coaches, players, and the team's fans. This all in turn reflects on Ross who has completely f'd this team up! I'm almost hoping for a lock out. For all those people sayin to the others who are not gonna buy tickets that they are not true fans, piss off! Anyone who generally doesn't try to improve a situation (Ross n Sparano) regardless of what has happened doesn't make for a person I want to root for! If the chips are down and people are depending on you and you hire someone worse than before, and I know it is slim pickings, you don't care! If you don't care, then I don't care, and I won't until I see you try. So as of this moment I have better things to do with my life then root for a below average, uncaring organization! Sorry Miami you get what you give.

Toadfish be a little realistic do you really think Sparano is sticking it to Ross . Orrr maybe he just took the best available , willing candidate for the job mmmmmm


It isn’t over till the fat lady sings..

She sung... It's all over for us beginning NOW until someone else buys the Dolphins from this A - Wipe owner Ross who has no business owning a NFL team.

I wonder what the fine or consequences are for a team that deliberately loses every game just to get the number 1 pick.

I say go for it as I’m sitting this season out unless there surfaces some phenomenon that COWHER is hired and all the rest are fired.

Great...more fist pumps.

Yes I do ALoco mixed in with a little Eminem and Shinedown lol. Most of my patience is learned from dealing with my ex girlfriend who is the mother of my 2 year old . Compared to dealing with her ,watching the Phins go 0-16 for the next 2 years would be comforting :)

whats wrong with fist pumps ? Ive been doing it for years and it has brought me emense pleasure lol

Well I have to be honest he is not the first person on my list but regardless if Tony thinks he is his guy then I support him. Everyone needs to quit complaining and support their team. I have a feeling that there is some sort of grand master plan that will be revealed in the future. By the way I wouldnt be against them signing Pennington to a 1yr contract (incentive strictly of course) to see what he has left. Also draft a QB at some point and try to find one in FA. The key is have an open battle in the preseason for the spots.

Richard, that's fine....Just don't think like most of the bozo fin fans in the offseason at training camp whne they are wearing shorts they looke GREAT. some others which you may have heard before...

1. wait til next year, that's our YEAR...

2. were only a few players away

3. hey man we got the 72 fins

4. were gonna learn from this one

5. well I know we will win the Detroit, Bills and Browns game thats 3 wins already....

6. well I know the guy was HORRIBLE on that other team for years but since he's on my team he's going to be a great pick up for us

7. don't sign that STUD PLAYMAKER ALL PRO, he's to much money all we need is some depth

lol i hear ya Dr. Lecter

Richard. I did say "if" he is sticking it to Ross, I have no idea what is going on within the organization, I'm just an upset fan who wonders where everything is heading. I'm not jumping ship, but damn if it isn't flooding fast! Just don't see coaches or free agents wanting to come to this unstable mess.

A lot of you are saying give this OC a chance, maybe you're right, I hope you're right! But to be honest, I'm not feeling really secure that positive changes are coming out of this! I would have rather given Cowher a chance to bring in his own people and hold one man accountable, Cowher! Now it's a multi-year project and more complex....well, it's stupid!!!! But what do I know, I'm just a stupid fan hoping the Dolphins become contenders again...

Toadfish and redsky
I agree with you both to some degree. Yes the water is piling in but we aint sunk yet , but I dont think bringing in new HC and starting all over is the best option. According to reports Sparano never had any decision making authority in his contract. New contract says he makes all decisions now so lets see what can be done . Will the boys grow out of Smells like Big Tuna shadow or will they fall. At worst we fall another year behind because whoever takes over will have to start fresh anyway. So i remain optimistic that people can learn,grow and change and will hope for the best

Only thing I can thinkn of, is that he has his own version of the Wildcat, and that might be perfect with Cam Newton or Vince Young....maybe sun and warm weather will make him coach better.....
Using slang,
it looks like Da Bol an't coach...

Only thing I can thinkn of, is that he has his own version of the Wildcat, and that might be perfect with Cam Newton or Vince Young....maybe sun and warm weather will make him coach better.....
Using slang,
it looks like Da Bol can't coach...

I just dumbfounded.I feel like a stool pigeon. Mr. ROSS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

I also agree about not bringing in a new head coach, especially with a potential lock out, but i'm wondering what message this sends to Marshall, Bess, and the other remaining offensive players when you bring in an offensive coordinator that is 35 yrs old and has an unimpressive resume. The Browns ranked worse than the Fins in offense and beat them at home how does that make them feel, motivated?

Pennington lauds Daboll, wants to play:

Miami Dolphins backup quarterback Chad Pennington gave his endorsement for their new offensive coordinator and said he intends to play another season despite a fourth surgery on his throwing shoulder.

Pennington told Palm Beach Post reporter Ben Volin that Brian Daboll had a major impact on his development as a quarterback and was influential in teaching Pennington how to read a defense, instruction Dolphins starter Chad Henne certainly could benefit from.

Daboll was New York Jets quarterbacks coach in 2007 and 2008, encompassing Pennington's last year with them and Brett Favre's stopover.

"A lot of the coverage knowledge that I have and understanding defenses comes from Brian," Pennington said. "The year I spent with him, I just learned so much about how defenses attack offenses and all of the nuances of coverage that I didn't understand before."

Daboll was a low-level defensive aide to New England Patriots defensive backs coach Eric Mangini for two seasons before head coach Bill Belichick promoted Daboll to receivers coach. Daboll followed Mangini to the Jets and then the Cleveland Browns, where Daboll was offensive coordinator the past two seasons.

"He made me a better quarterback and helped make me become a quarterback who not only understood what I was doing, but how to do it, and why, why we are running certain plays and why we were attacking certain coverages the way we were," Pennington said.

Previous offensive coordinator Dan Henning retired. Quarterbacks coach David Lee left to become offensive coordinator at Ole Miss.

As for Pennington's future, he told Volin he will extend his career if his shoulder holds up through yet another rehabilitation. Pennington is the only two-time Comeback Player of the Year winner in league history.

"I'm going to make a run at it, and the reason I am is that I still have that fire inside," Pennington said. "I have to go out and see if my shoulder can respond. If it doesn't respond, I can live with that. But if it does, or it could have responded and I didn't give it a chance, I don't think I could live with that."

I'm speechless.

hilarious, thats what every other fan of other teams must think of us. our offense was horrible, so lets hire a guy who had an offense even worse. oh and he loves the wildcat

Toadfish I'm going to have to agree with Rand_the_fin . I want to see how this thing pans out before I scream the sky is falling. Too much Chicken Little going on here. If it doesnt work were in no worse positon than before . We got no OC now and if worse case we will have no OC then. Anything is better than " I called football for the Cavemen " Henning

pans out? we already know the answer, we will finish 7-9 every year we keep this garbage staff. so we screw ourselves on the draft also. hoping ross finally fires these clowns after another 7-9 year

This guy has an interesting background, I think we have to chill and see what they come up with in terms of new personnel to go with the new OC. Face it: We were never going to get a big name. Our franchise is not A material any longer. We are 'Buffalo Bills' class for now. Hopefully it changes next year.

bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com if you already know the future please tell me the winning lottery numbers for south florida so i can get that bentley and redhead ive been dreaming of .We can have a feeling things might not be better but we dont know crap. Hell everyone thought with marshall this was our year and look how that turned out . Nobody knows man just have faith



This is a F^&King Abject Failure. Pure and simple! Even the Bills are laughing! They have just inherited 3rd place in the AFC east.

Guys, I'm glad Pennington endorses this guy. Pennington is good people, no doubt, but if the Dolphins hang on to him, how long is he going to last? Another set of downs? C'mon man!!!! Dolphins need a solid RB, like Ingram. They need to draft a QB and p/u an experienced QB. They need to say goodbye to Henne and Pennington. Let them compete in camp, but it's time to say "Hasta la vista baby!" Sorry, one man's opinions...and yes, I know, opinions are like but-t orifices, everybody's got one!

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