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Cam Newton to Dolphins? Hard to believe

Heisman Trophy winner and National Championship winning quarterback Cam Newton announced Thursday evening he is leaving Auburn and will be eligible for this spring's NFL draft. And by this morning the buzz around Dolphins fans will almost certainly be that he's our guy!

The Miami quarterback issue will now definitely get solved because Newton is awesome and athletic and tall (no Chad Henne batted passes) and mobile and awesome and yippie!


Newton is a great college football player. His 30 TD passes and 20 running TDs is testament to that. But I should not have to tell you college greatness -- especially when limited to one season -- does not certify NFL anything. It doesn't mean Newton will be great in the NFL. Or good. Or mediocre. Or ... anything.

Here is the truth about Cam Newton. Barring an electrifying spring in which he simply blows away at least one personnel man with full say over his organization and a draft pick before the 14th overall selection, Newton will be there when the Dolphins select in April's first round.

And if Jeff Ireland learned anything from mentor Bill Parcells, he probably will not select Newton. But, but, but why you cry aloud?

Because Newton doesn't fit the profile. He's played one season. That's a red flag or it should be. He's been all about the spread option formation and NFL quarterbacks have to be under center. There will be questions about Newton's footwork because of that system he played under, questions as fundamental as, "Can this guy operate under center?" 

There are also questions about whether Newton can read defenses. He didn't do very well in the one or two games he was presented with something other than a single-high safety read.

Was he a product of a great system? No, not entirely. The man is supremely gifted athletically. But is he Josh Freeman all over again? There are serious questions about that.

There are also serious character questions.

This from ESPN's Kevin Weidl:

"Newton was arrested while at Florida on a charge of possessing a stolen laptop computer; there have been rumblings that he had academic issues while with the Gators; and the NCAA investigation surrounding his recruitment out of Blinn College and the fact that his father was attempting to solicit large sums of money in return for Cam attending Mississippi State will all be investigated thoroughly by NFL teams.

The NCAA has cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing in the recruitment scandal, but the influence of his father will be a consideration for NFL decision-makers.

Something that bothers me: Newton, his dad, Auburn University and even the NCAA agreed that it would be best if Cecil Newton did not attend the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Auburn's Athletics Director even released a statement saying Newton was not at the game. And yet, several media outlets shot pictures of the two Newton men, father and son, in a celebratory embrace after the game on the field.

So much for the Newton family word.

The point is there are so many questions and flags here, I would not be surprised if Newton drops like a lead pipe in the draft. And I would not be surprised when the quarterback-hungry Dolphins pass on Newton and select other options.


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No but I could see them being jail mates LMFAO!!

Why why why...Mando...is there no update on the Chilly interview?

Anything new goin on?

I think the Dolphins should draft Mallet, unless they can find a qb named Sledgehammer.

Does that mean cams family is a Miami dolphin?

Do we have the right coaches / teachers in place to groom a raw talent like Newton. If not then he will be a wasted pick.

Cowkilla, mandouche has no update on Chilly because it hasn't become national news. The guy isn't an insider, despite his self-aggrandizing, so he really has no
'news' unless he gets it from another source.

I'm a for drafting netwon and 2 other qb's as well

And to think we could have had Arron Rodgers to damm

Who is chilly can someone tell me!

Brad Childress

Kill the jets kill the jets kill the jets kill the jets kill the jets kill the jets kill the jets

Jets suck and fat Ryan likes my smelly feet, and mark Sanchez look like Chad Henne playing QB hahaha LMAO!

Ray, this game is uncomfortably close....Pats need to open this up!

B-atches scored! #%$

If the jets keep this close, they can win this. I don't like what I'm seeing....

The Patty's need to score on this drive...I dint like seeing the stinkin jets have the lead..

The jets equals doochebags !

This is not good! Pats need to make some major adjustments at halftime.

Ryan is laughing at Pats!!!!! Disgusting lowlife!

Think how great it will be to see Green Bay humiliate Jets in SB

Refs are so biased towards jets. Announcers too

I want cam netwon

And chilly

Poppincaps, I agree, Pats are disappointing! Afraid to throw the deep ball. Blown coverages, misreads, to many mental mistakes!!!! Hurry up offense, get a TD. Jets aren't getting called for pass interference, every penalty going jets way!!!!


The refs are being payed off all the calls are going against the Pats I hope in the second half the Pats come out break Sanchez legs Rivas knee braylon knee Jason Gaylord taylor dumb ass face that traitor, too bad that no pats fan at the hotel offered Hoimes weed, I know that guy like smoking that s h I t

I want the J E T S to lose horribly in SB. I want to see Ryan get a size 6 shoved up his arse. Hold...... He might like that.

Pats sucked today, the jets earned their win, sad to say but it is what it is! The last line of defense is the Steelers! I hope Pittsburg has it's game on next week!!!!

If you spend big money in FA and go afyer the best players..and draft well..you are in the jets spot. Unfreakinbelieveable. Im sick to my stomach.
Ross and Ireland.. learn from this, spend big and stop looking for acorns because acorns don't get you to the playoffs period!!!

Guys, I'm busy throwing up, go Steelers!!!

Just when you think it can't get any worse...

Pittsburg D is better and Rothlisberger finds a way to win!

Would have thought pats learned from fins not to play tight. Should have never sat seller first series. Let'm talk

LAST !!!

>Home knows football
>Home knows what the Dolphins need
Home pats himself on the back to much.
Home talks about himself in third person like that fairy on Seinfeld.
Home stills on couch with cheetos convinced he 'knows football'.
When Home watches Buffett on the money channel, Home 'knows' money.
Home watches James Bond, and then 'knows' chicks.
Home needs to go...home.

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