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Cam Newton to Dolphins? Hard to believe

Heisman Trophy winner and National Championship winning quarterback Cam Newton announced Thursday evening he is leaving Auburn and will be eligible for this spring's NFL draft. And by this morning the buzz around Dolphins fans will almost certainly be that he's our guy!

The Miami quarterback issue will now definitely get solved because Newton is awesome and athletic and tall (no Chad Henne batted passes) and mobile and awesome and yippie!


Newton is a great college football player. His 30 TD passes and 20 running TDs is testament to that. But I should not have to tell you college greatness -- especially when limited to one season -- does not certify NFL anything. It doesn't mean Newton will be great in the NFL. Or good. Or mediocre. Or ... anything.

Here is the truth about Cam Newton. Barring an electrifying spring in which he simply blows away at least one personnel man with full say over his organization and a draft pick before the 14th overall selection, Newton will be there when the Dolphins select in April's first round.

And if Jeff Ireland learned anything from mentor Bill Parcells, he probably will not select Newton. But, but, but why you cry aloud?

Because Newton doesn't fit the profile. He's played one season. That's a red flag or it should be. He's been all about the spread option formation and NFL quarterbacks have to be under center. There will be questions about Newton's footwork because of that system he played under, questions as fundamental as, "Can this guy operate under center?" 

There are also questions about whether Newton can read defenses. He didn't do very well in the one or two games he was presented with something other than a single-high safety read.

Was he a product of a great system? No, not entirely. The man is supremely gifted athletically. But is he Josh Freeman all over again? There are serious questions about that.

There are also serious character questions.

This from ESPN's Kevin Weidl:

"Newton was arrested while at Florida on a charge of possessing a stolen laptop computer; there have been rumblings that he had academic issues while with the Gators; and the NCAA investigation surrounding his recruitment out of Blinn College and the fact that his father was attempting to solicit large sums of money in return for Cam attending Mississippi State will all be investigated thoroughly by NFL teams.

The NCAA has cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing in the recruitment scandal, but the influence of his father will be a consideration for NFL decision-makers.

Something that bothers me: Newton, his dad, Auburn University and even the NCAA agreed that it would be best if Cecil Newton did not attend the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Auburn's Athletics Director even released a statement saying Newton was not at the game. And yet, several media outlets shot pictures of the two Newton men, father and son, in a celebratory embrace after the game on the field.

So much for the Newton family word.

The point is there are so many questions and flags here, I would not be surprised if Newton drops like a lead pipe in the draft. And I would not be surprised when the quarterback-hungry Dolphins pass on Newton and select other options.


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Chili looks like a man who needs some time off...I say he interviews but declines the offer.

And if Childress declines like I said nothing you can do about that. But if Childress wants to be in Miami then Miami needs to get him.

Dan, unless you are a pro scout...YOU have only seen Gabbert and Locker on TV too. Both have intangibles, size, speed, arm strength, and smart. Everything a QB is suppose to be.

Patriots still rule the football world

The Dolphins without QB Cam Newton Suck

Childress will not be signing with the Dolphins.
(This sound more like Stephen Ross grasping at straws)

Childress lost the locker room in Minnesota.
(His own Quarterback stopped listening to him)

...and installing a 'true' West Coast Offense takes longer than Tony Sparano has.

Once again
This place has
More Periods Than A Hemingway Novel

thanks to ... Home


Cam Newton has poor footwork and steals Laptops.

Not likely.

Usually you can't tell about individual players in the Draft but always there are well founded beliefs about the quality of a group of players in their respective positions. Omar Kelly believes that according to NFL personnel this Draft has no franchise QB's only developmental players. I have heard otherwise. You People heard or read anything in this matter? If the Class of QB's is good this year then I'm with Joe, grab a QB in the 1st.

this place has more PUFFing than a
Bob Marley concert

U get that Huh, Magic Kraken?

Dan, unless you are a pro scout...YOU have only seen Gabbert and Locker on TV too. Both have intangibles, size, speed, arm strength, and smart. Everything a QB is suppose to be.

Posted by: nickybarto | January 14, 2011 at 11:21 AM


Exactly the same things said about a ton of guys who were complete busts. These two come with no greater guarantee of success, regardless of how much you may want to believe otherwise.

I'm not saying they WON'T succeed, only that you have no clue whatsoever how they'll do.

And these aren't exactly obscure names. Wouldn;t a "steal" be some unknown guy later in the draft?


20 rushing TDs
yeah that footwork really Sucks, lol

Now Get Your Shine Box!

Miami Dolphins Franchise QB 6.6 250 lb Cam Newton

This is the time of year when couch potatoes become draft experts.

I'll expect to hear plenty about "initial burst" and "closing speed" and "hip pivot" and "footwork" and the ever-popular "intangibles" in the coming week as fans whose actual knowledge of these players could fit into a thimble try desperately to sound like an expert by parroting the same cliches they see on ESPN or read in an article.

Always a fun ride!

Cam Newton is a
questionable charater
from a Bad Family.


You're lucky that I only have 'periods' at my disposal -- cause the pictures that I might paste would probably make your head explode.

Henne has no heart
Usually think bout his short golf game on 3rd down at Home w game on the line

His head just not is in to winning
Henne could take it or leave it

"ahhh, its just a football game"
"no big deal, just have to improve and do whatever play is called"
"eh, maybe next week"

Newton will not be available unless we trade up. and If we pick him high, his money hungry dad will clear out ross's bank acct. not sure hes worth the 50 to 100 mil$ contract hes going to want. I would be willing to take a chance at maybe around 5 mil a yr with performance bonuses and a new contract after hes good for a while. I just keep thinking of jamarcus russell when i think about this situation.



lol on dan
Wait til our own fav complete clueless steroid water weighted homosexual closet queen comes out and gives u unsolicited 100 % wrong predictions and draft advice

this FOX new lap dog does this every year ROTFALMAO!

Dont worry bout the money for Cam Newton Dolfans


Just be :)
U got him

yes the one in only "owner of multiple businesses and gyms" LMAO!


Hello Cam Newton is just another Jamarcus Russell or Vince Young. The only way he does not fall is if his wonerlick score is very high which I doubt. Besides athletic ability you need to be smart to play in the NFL these days and be able to process information very quickly, Newton does not seem to have either of those attributes based on the dumb decisions that he has made off the field in his life already. Some team will draft him way too high like Denver did with Tebow (and he was smart) and make a huge mistake. Lets just hope it is not Miami that makes that mistake.

The foundation of Leadership
is Character.

Just ask Vince Young...

Is this Class of QB's mediocre, good or excellent. Opinions?

Oregon QB D. Thomas was the more impressive QB in the BCS Bowl. Not Cam Newton.

dan- who the hell are you to judge anyone here?

this is a f'n blog for people to share opinions and thoughts. that is what everyone is doing, if you don't like it, or think were all fools, go the hell away. You have nothing productive to offer, so leave the people alone who think they do.

Andy NJ, agree with you there. If Henne is given a chance under a new OC and QB coach and still stinks it up, I will be convinced he is definitely NOT the man. I would like to see Henne conduct his own QB/Receivers camp, like other QBs do during the offseason and work with his guys.

u mean like DEZ lol

I will temm you one thing, Sparano and Ireland are not going to bet their jobs on a guy like Cam Newton in the first round. No way anyone who needs to win to keep their job is going to do that with him.

bobbyd12 Waz Up?

Think Henne is starting a college scrap booking club near Walmart in the off season

or paper dolls at the local elementary school

What Fire In His Belly, eh?

Home...U are putting all your chips on Cam Newton.

So it be written, so it be done.

Home is officially married to Newton and when Newton becomes a bust, Home will have no where to hide.

It may take a few seasons to let this thing play out...but Home thinks Newton is the next Tom Brady and most of us on this blog disagree.

Dez got injured....Jury still out.

Ask again in three years...

Yeah, Henne @ Home games is certainly helping our coaches keep their jobs! lol

Now Get Your F!@#ing Shine Box, Miamisam!

QB Cam Newton or NOTHING!

All in New Hampshire

not one toe

All In

Thank Me, Later

Live Free or Die!

No one is the next Tom Brady, NH

Those r your words

But Miami as a much better offensive football team YES

and Home NEVER follows the sheeple!

Man NH,
Wish I was there skiing 4 a week!

Surely if you have opinions over Cam Newton's ability to make it in the NFL you must have opinions on this Class of QB's. C'mon, People.

HOME, what's your take on the market ?

Cam Newton...
BAD footwork in the NFL usually = D I S A S T E R !!


there is question about anybodies ability to make it in the NFL

Remember everyone wanting fatAss NT Dan Williams last year?

This year Dan Who?

Oscar, just because we need a Qb doesn't mean we should draft a 2nd rd Qb in the first round. For what purpose? Just to say we did? That is moronic. Is it any wonder why the Pats are on top and we are not?

Do they draft needs every season? Did they need 2 TE's last year? No, but they took them because they were the most talented guys available. Did they take Brandon Tate, who was injured, the year before because they needed him? No.

They accumulate draft picks & talented players which allow them to draft just about any position they want. If a guy doesn't have 1st round talent grade, why would I pass on a FS, OL or WR who does? Good teams have depth. That's how you build a team. The Pats are a prime example.

Draft for need is great if a guy worth taking is there when you pick.

Cam is red flag! Another Ted Ginn or Pat White written all over him. He's doesn't even have half the work ethnics of say Tim Tebow. We should trade away some veteran players and stock up on college draft picks for 2012 like the Patriots did. That's a blueprint we should follow and with luck, we could land Stanford's QB Luck in the 2012 draft.

Now THAT's the first thing that I agree with.

The Draft is pretty much a CR@P Shoot!

Stock Market is rigged has been for quite some time

Would not touch it
Can not even fathom why it is over 9000

Good time to buy houses in South Florida & rent them out to tenants with A+ background check and large security deposit

Gold is def safe and will increase again this year
Check out NWO HAARP weather in Brazil,Australia & rest of the world
plus most countries almost in default
Expect deavastation
Gold then up further

# 1 Dolphin Fan in Montreal...I totally agree with you. DO NOT DRAFT MARK INGRAM! We need a QB, period. Also, the draft is packed with good RBs that will be available to the Phins. What we need is a QB and the kid from Missouri(Gabbett),fits the mold. Also, Ryan Mallet should be available to the Phins and why not Cam Newton? If the right OC is hired and experience coaching QBs, then it can be done.

Henne is just not WR friendly
Talk about a bust ?

Hmmm ...?

Joe Schmoe hit it on the nail with his comment. Good teams have depth, and may I add, and a great QB.

If we stick with pick #15 then we should take either Pouncey or Carimi to bolster our O-line. Pouncey is a heck of a blocker that can play 2 positions G/C which makes him more valuable. If we can better our O-line, then maybe our QB will play better. We can get a RB in 3rd to 5th round that would infuse some youth into our offense. Free agency may bring some help, but this is my 2 cents worth after watching our team become a laughing stock to the NFL. Make our picks count and it doesn't matter where we pick! What does everyone think of my opinion here?

Love that Parcells' "Coomandment" on the screen-insert: "Be The Same Guy Every Day"

Henne complies faithfully with this: He's sucky every day.

Can you give an opinion, Joe? Is the 2011 Class of QB's bad, good or excellent?

Ed, I agree but hat the fact that we look to draft another unexiting 1st round pick. anyway, the O-line is the most important thing for success in the NFL.

Bash Henne all you want. He will be here, he will compete, he has the tools to be real good, what he does not have is confidence. If confidence does not come back he is done.

Dolfans your starting QB Chad boy had a QB rating of 21 in the 1st quarter of the last game.

and your worried bout Cam Newton?

Put down the F!@#ing kool aid, AZZwipes!

So foolish. There are no secrets anymore(ask Ross).

On another note, Childress is not the answer. We need someone young, innovative and a risk taker who can related to today's young player mentality of a fast moving offense. Of course not all young coaches are a guaranteed success. Look at what happen with Josh McDaniels in Denver. But definitely not Childress. He doesn't fit the South Florida image anyway...whatever that means. I am off to ski in Taos baby. Go Dolphins!

U can fry an egg on Henne`s head and he still will not audible & change the play

... just saying

dan- who the hell are you to judge anyone here?

this is a f'n blog for people to share opinions and thoughts. that is what everyone is doing, if you don't like it, or think were all fools, go the hell away. You have nothing productive to offer, so leave the people alone who think they do.

Posted by: Poizen | January 14, 2011 at 11:38 AM


You can get defensive if you want, but I'm not attacking anyone personally. I'm simply pointing out the reality that nobody here is even remotely qualified to judge how these guys will do as NFL players. You may as well be predicting the lottery results for June, 2013.

If others feel free to make such grand pronouncements based on nothing more than seeing someone a few times on TV, then I have the same freedom to point out the fallacy of it.

No need to take it personally, though.

Those of you who think Brad Childress did nothing in Philly and it was all Andy Reid are wrong. Brad Childress was regarded as ONE of the hot coaching candidates before he got the head coaching job in Minnesota. Things may have ended badly for Childress in Minnesota but he's an accomplised offensive mind and assuming he can transition some of his knowledge and play-calling to this team, the Dolphins would do well to land this guy. The question becomes does one of the other guys we interviewed, namely Daboll or Chudzynski become the QB coach and if not then who?

Oscar, my opinion would be meaningless. I don't pretend to be a talent evaluator. I just don't think Newton is worth trading up for. If he's there at #15, that's a call the 'phins will have to make.

Everywhere I have read, from the so called "experts", the consensus is that everyone of these QB's have some sort of issue(don't they all though?) & the only 1 considered to be elite was Luck.

If Miami is convinced one of them is worth it, go for it. However, if there are too many risks, I would prefer them address 1 of the other pressing needs.

If Sparano & Ireland are gone next year as many think, then, a new coach Gm will come in and want his own QB next year anyway.

Armando doesn`t know a contrail from a New World Order chemtrail!

Put the fried sugary deserts down, pick up those chins and look in the skiesover that Dolphin hating empty skull and WOOOOLLLLLAAAAHHHH!

OMG There they are!

Chemtrails, UGH!


I'm reading your posts this morning and surprisingly I'm agreeing with a great many of the things that you have to say. Well thought out.

I was hoping we could bury the hatchet...I think our passion for this team got away on us and spilled over into an argument. What do you say?...I'm apologizing....

Home: (@ 11:57 AM)

On THAT you're correct.

Henne is so un-FRIENDLY to Receivers...that Marshall won't even stand next to him on the FREAKING Sideline.

Marshall's 'Body Language' suggests that Henne makes Marshall SICK.

That's Chemistry Bebe !

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