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Cam Newton to Dolphins? Hard to believe

Heisman Trophy winner and National Championship winning quarterback Cam Newton announced Thursday evening he is leaving Auburn and will be eligible for this spring's NFL draft. And by this morning the buzz around Dolphins fans will almost certainly be that he's our guy!

The Miami quarterback issue will now definitely get solved because Newton is awesome and athletic and tall (no Chad Henne batted passes) and mobile and awesome and yippie!


Newton is a great college football player. His 30 TD passes and 20 running TDs is testament to that. But I should not have to tell you college greatness -- especially when limited to one season -- does not certify NFL anything. It doesn't mean Newton will be great in the NFL. Or good. Or mediocre. Or ... anything.

Here is the truth about Cam Newton. Barring an electrifying spring in which he simply blows away at least one personnel man with full say over his organization and a draft pick before the 14th overall selection, Newton will be there when the Dolphins select in April's first round.

And if Jeff Ireland learned anything from mentor Bill Parcells, he probably will not select Newton. But, but, but why you cry aloud?

Because Newton doesn't fit the profile. He's played one season. That's a red flag or it should be. He's been all about the spread option formation and NFL quarterbacks have to be under center. There will be questions about Newton's footwork because of that system he played under, questions as fundamental as, "Can this guy operate under center?" 

There are also questions about whether Newton can read defenses. He didn't do very well in the one or two games he was presented with something other than a single-high safety read.

Was he a product of a great system? No, not entirely. The man is supremely gifted athletically. But is he Josh Freeman all over again? There are serious questions about that.

There are also serious character questions.

This from ESPN's Kevin Weidl:

"Newton was arrested while at Florida on a charge of possessing a stolen laptop computer; there have been rumblings that he had academic issues while with the Gators; and the NCAA investigation surrounding his recruitment out of Blinn College and the fact that his father was attempting to solicit large sums of money in return for Cam attending Mississippi State will all be investigated thoroughly by NFL teams.

The NCAA has cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing in the recruitment scandal, but the influence of his father will be a consideration for NFL decision-makers.

Something that bothers me: Newton, his dad, Auburn University and even the NCAA agreed that it would be best if Cecil Newton did not attend the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Auburn's Athletics Director even released a statement saying Newton was not at the game. And yet, several media outlets shot pictures of the two Newton men, father and son, in a celebratory embrace after the game on the field.

So much for the Newton family word.

The point is there are so many questions and flags here, I would not be surprised if Newton drops like a lead pipe in the draft. And I would not be surprised when the quarterback-hungry Dolphins pass on Newton and select other options.


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Craig, no need to apologize. I don't hold grudges. I would just suggest to read what I have to say in full & really try to grasp it. I've been told I can be quite articulate LOL

Ernest Wilford arrested and tasered this morning in Jacksonville. And here many of us didn't think this guy would even be abe to get arrested properly....he proved us wrong!

Apparently some other guys on here feel the same way about me, so it could just be there's something to that.

Luck was the only QB that would have gone into this draft with anything close to a consensus on his ability to thrive at the pro level.

It really IS shooting fish in a barrel with the rest. As always, some who we THINK will make it won't, while others who aren't even on the radar now will eventually grow into the role. It's always been that way and this year will be no different.


I totally agree with your comment. I like Gabbert personally and think he will be the best pro out of the guys coming out but that's just my opinion and no way I would sink our first round into him even if he's not there. We have other just as important holes to fill and if we don't fill them this year we'll be falling even further behind. We NEED to start hitting more often in FA and the draft. It's part of the reason we're a 7-9 team.

I actually doubt Ireland will significantly change his draft board based on job insecurity.

The truth is that the NFL is a Good Old Boys club and he'll land elsewhere very quickly if it ends for him in Miami. He has nothing to gain by making rash moves that would compromise the future.

Hell, even Spielman (who did a horrible job with the Fins) quickly found himself working in the same capacity for the Vikings. And Ireland---like him or not---has certainly done a far better job than he did thus far.

Doesn't Cam Newton sound like the typical Al Davis pick? I betcha he's cringing at the thought of not having a first this year. I'd be all over Al, seeing if we could his second this year and maybe his first next year and maybe something else to try and entice him to trade up for Cam Newton. His is SUCH an Al David pick and they have a need at QB. Maybe we can trade the pick to Oakland before Jacksonville takes him at 16.

Craig M: (@ 12:14 PM)

ROTFLMAO !!!!!!!!!


It isn't a case of me not having opinions on certain players but simply a recognition that all of nus wind up wrong far more often than right. I've been following this stuff for too long to know damn well I'm no "expert" on it nor is anyone else.

The ones who actually think they "know" are just deluding themselves.


I agree with you again. I don't think Ross would want Ireland making rash decisions either, decisions that would set the organization back further. This guys are still in charge and still running the show. they control their own destiny going forward.

The "Parcells formula " for selecting a QB has worked great for the Dolphins (Chad Henning, Pat,
White) is that why they're "STILL LOOKIN? "

I am a self proclaimed non expert of College players.

The bottom line here folks is that the Dolphins have missed on way too many early round picks for a while now. Whether they trade back for more picks or stay where they are I'm of the opinion that they have to take a player that will immediately contribute to the team. Offense or defense this player HAS to contribute immediately and for a long time after that.

There will be no project taken as the current coaching staff and GM is on thin ice AT BEST and will want to make the best of their picks THIS SEASON.

The problem that Ross created here is that no one in charge of making the Dolphins better will be thinking long term. They won't care about the future of the team, only their futures and will have to make sure this year is a good one. In the long run I'm afraid the only ones who will suffer from this unfortunately are the fans.

Armando put down the haterade your gonna OD!

By the way, I have no delusions about Miami's need to upgrade the QB position. All things being equal, if there's a guy there when they draft who they have a conviction on, then by all means do it (with the understanding it's unlikely a rookie will come right in and make a huge difference immediately)

That said, I definitely don't want them to make a big reach for a guy in lieu of taking another player who projects out much better. Teams that do that never wind up winning in the end. If you look at winners like the Pats and Steelers they nearly always stick to the "best player available" formula.

Improve the RB position first. that would go a long way IMO, and possible take some weight off Henne, who IMO is our best option going into next season.

Peyton Manning has the all time record of interception thrown, 28, and 26 TDs his rookie season. perhaps there's hope for Henne.

We shouldn't be hasting about this QB search and end up with another culpepper or trent green.


Craig M (@ 12:20 PM)

But WE'VE got Al Davis wannabe...

I mean
He Spins records,
Likes C-List Celebrities,
...and Prefers Glitz over Substance...

But basically he's Al Davis (..with a TurnTable.)

So if Cam Newton is there at 15 then he will probably be a Dolphin.

My first choice is locker. If he is not available I'm thinking wr julio Jones. But I wouldn't mind rolling the dice on newton either.

NYscott, I agree 100%. Ross created a monster and a lose-lose type situation. This team has too many holes to fill to win now & Ross will want playoffs or everyone hits the road.

The problem was started by Sparano last year though claiming they were in win now mode. Big mistake, he should have preached patience.

This team needs players, period. OL, OLB, FS, CB, WR, TE RB whoever. Just come in and play.

By drafting those 2 TE's & Tate, look at what NE was able to accomplish. Re-designed their entire offense MID season & trade Randy Moss for a draft pick. When you have a glut of talent, the options & possibilities to upgrade the team are endless.

Yazzi--I think Ross is much more of a Dan Snyder wannabe than an Al Davis type.

Money is not an issue as it is with Oakland. Ross has made it perfectly clear he'll toss it around as much or more than anyone.

The problem is, the Snyder formula of just tossing money at problems and yearly going after the biggest names in FA or whatever doesn't work at all, even if it temporarily excites fans.

The methodical, steady approach of teams like New England and Pittsburgh is the right formula but I see Ross as too bedazzled by the idea of quick fixes and star power to adhere to that. We'll see.

The fear is that someone like Ross says 'we need a young QB' that will appease the fans' and we go out of our way to draft a QB and we end up with another Brady Quinn. It would have been very easy for Cameron and company to have drafted Quinn and while got very little out of Ginn, we need to stop missing on our picks. You can't keep consistently missing on your draft picks and expect to win in this league. KC and TB both had excellent drafts this year and their rookies made big impacts right off the bat, thus helping them in the standings. We need to start having more drafts like that.

The question becomes when does the Dolphins want to make the playoffs in 2011 or 2015.

Drafting another QB in the first round and you have Henne all over again...it takes most QB's on average teams at least two full seasons to develop.

Obviously QB's who have a better offensive line, running game, and receivers develop a lot quicker.

Chad Henne 2nd season starter- passer rating 75.4; completion percentage 61.4; TD/Int 15/19.

Mark Sanchez 2nd season - passer rating 75.3; completion percentage 54.8; TD/Int 17/13.

Drew Brees 2nd season starter- passer rating 67.5; completion percentage 57.6; TD/Int 11/15.

Troy Aikman 2nd season starter- passer rating 66.5; completion percentage 56.6; TD/Int 11/18.

Steve Young 2nd season - passer rating 53.7; completion percentage 65.5; TD/Int 8/13.

Stats NFL.com

I also believe very strongly that the Dolphins should do whatever they can to trade for Kolb. Talk about a kid with something to prove playing with a chip on his shoulder. Kolb would be a tremendous get in the off season.

1st, lets not compare Cam to Pat White. It's apples and oranges. Cam is twice his size with a much stronger arm. And Auburn's offense is very different then Rich Rod's was at WVU.

That said, PUFF is dead on about footwork. Footwork isnt about speed or running ability. Guys like Marino couldnt run a lick, but his footwork was fantastic. Its about moving in the pocket and putting yourself in a position to throw. Guys like Newton get away with bad habits in college because they are so gifted. This guy is a long term project. His ceiling is being a Roethlisberger type QB, but odds are he turns out to be a Vince Young type. Thats really not an upgrade.

NY Scott, unfortunately ur probably right. Ross will want the morons down here buying seats and those same morons will want a name player. Best thing to do is trade down and get another pick bit Ireland may feel the pressure to get a name player to smooth the idiots

Ok, a lot of you have given some good reasons against taking Cam Newton. Here's some more reasons TO take him.
1) Cam WILL put butts in the seats! That's why Ross will push for him unless the $ amount interferes.
2) Sparano and Ireland are on the hot seat for their jobs. If they sit Cam for a year and the Fins go 8-8, they can argue for continuity's sake that they need to stay and see him through his first year as a starter.
3) Cam's presence immediately pushes Henne to be better and do what he needs to do to be the starter.
4) If we pass on him, the media will eat us alive...again. And, so will the fans! Woulda, shoulda, coulda...
5) Home said so. And, he's usually more right than wrong. Don't believe me? Check the posts for the last few years.
6) Why not? Can't be worse than Henne.

Tell us who are your top five QBs in the 2011 draft?

Idiots being fans who want to see a winner?

See, it's people like Bobby who refuse to grasp the fact that Sparano & Ireland said they were in WIN NOW mode. They created this mess. Win no doesn't mean perpetual rebuilding mode.

God forbid the fans demand results for the brash proclamations they make! Nah, call them idiots & morons.


Thanks for the numbers. That's what I have been saying all along. You don't jsut give up on and give away a 25 year old QB who has been given little or no help by Henning and Lee and a weak supporting cast. Is the answer? I have no idea....but he hasn't been given the proper support or tools to judge him properly. To blow it up after two years and throw another unknown in there is suicidal. We'll be having this same conversation in three years.

Joe dead on with the Sparano comments. I'm sure he learned his lesson for the future but it absolutely hurt him here with the Dolphins.

The locker room will be a pressure cooker next season. The slightest little losing streak could make it over heat and explode. There is just way too much pressure on too many people involved. This will cause some over reacting and knee jerk reactions. That in turn will irritate the players and Tony could lose the locker room very quickly.

But I'll say this as well, if Tony has a winning season after all of this controversy and with all of this pressure he will be able to write his own ticket for the rest of his career. He will come out of this as the winner in a losing situation. NFL owners will take notice and he will always have a job whether Miami retains him or not.

I will make one guarantee:

If Ross becomes the kind of owner who meddles in personnell...sticking his head in the draft room and making demands about who Miami should draft or making his own judgements on who should be signed in FA, then it is ALL OVER.

You will not find a single credible coach or GM who will want to work under those conditions when they wouldn't have to put up with that nonsense so many other places.

dan (@ 12:36 PM)

Yeah...like I've written before...

Its too early to know for sure whether we have

Dan Rooney

Daniel Snyder

..or Al Davis

So far...I'm kind of worried.

@Scott3300: Right on. The smart play is give Henne one more year with new OC and QB coach. You draft Newton or Locker, you're back to square one. If i could play GM:

1. Ricky not coming back most likely, keep Ronnie, go get Sproles (FA). Change of pace, big play ability. Maybe he could help us execute a screen pass. Need to add some speed/big play ability

2. Draft the best O-lineman in 1st round. Pouncey? Maybe you could even trade down a few spots and get someone of his caliber.

3. Try and grab DJ Williams (ark-TE) in the 3rd. Or a LB

Bobby yes but I hope I'm dead wrong. Maybe they trade for a proven qb and sign Mankins while drafting a starting center and a speedy wideout. Everything is so up in the air right now but everything is not lost. This is as big an off season as I can remember in Miami. Can't wait to get the ball rolling!

Also, there's speculation from a couple of news posts saying Tony may want to call his own plays. If that happens he will most certainly be out of a job in 2012. I'm not sure that he understands the need for this offense to move away from the run model it is currently languishing in. Terrible idea.


This is the mistake that everybody is making. We draft a guy like Newton and then what? He's not going to succeed this year. We have no second round pick, we still need to find at least one running back, a WR, a TE, improve the line etc... etc....What's going to happen is we won't be any further ahead than last year, the coach will get fired, the OC will be out because the new guy will want his own guy and we'll still have Newton there (when quite possibly we might have been in position to draft Luck now), with still no weapons, a new head coach, a new OC and still no idea if the guy can play in the NFL or not. We'll be further behind than we are right now.

They need to sit down and figure out the problems (which I'm sure they've already done) and go about trying to figure out how they can solve as many of them as they can this off-season. Drafting Cam Newton does nothing to help us in 2011.

Dan I guarantee you that won't happen. Unlike Jerry Jones Ross really has no back round in football, he's a fan like us, and unlike Al Davis he's not certifiable,,,,,,,,yet.


It's ALREADY happening. With Ross saying he wants a more explosive, opened up offence, he is saying to the fans this is what's going to happen. Those conversations should be happening behind closed doors. That's one thing Parcells did a good job of, nobody knew what he was going to do. Those kind of comments should be coming from the personnel people and not the owner because that's what you pay them to do...to be the experts. Now Ross is describing his vision, not those of his personnel. He happens to be right but again hose are conversations that should be going on behind closed doors. I realize he's in the seat selling business but if you but a consistent winner on the field the fans will come to the games. I get the feeling that if Ross gets his way and we start drafting the 'sexy' pick all the time this franchise is going to be be run down even more, to the levels of the Redskins and the Raiders....I'm talking about conistently 3-13, 4-14, 5-11. We're not there yet but the threat is there.


I like your ideas. Omly part with differ is I want a young College running back, with less miles on him and less wear and tear. The running backs in this league have a very short lifespan and I want a new kid with less miles on the tires.

Armando -- "blows"? or "blows AWAY at least one personnel man"? LOL

Can you say Akilee Smith...one year in college! Draft Mallett he at least ran a pro offense.

Craig I here ya but I'm also of the belief that the whole world including some secluded tribes in the jungles of Africa already knew the Dolphins need a more explosive offense. It's not exactly a secret and it's not like they were going to run the same exact Henning offense until Ross stated the need to be more explosive.

So Ross wasn't going to influence a change in philosophy as much as "the need" (was going to influence) a change of philosophies in my humble opinion.

willyp, look into Mallet a little more before you buy that stock. He may remind you of a guy named Ryan Leaf. Mallet has personality issues and that's not good for an NFL qb.

Is there a new post up somewhere or did everyone run for a sandwich? Okay back to work I guess.

The Dolphins will draft a QB or acquire a FA after they determine what type of offensive system to run. Cam Newton can be paired with Vince Young from game plan perspective. Likewise, Chad Henne can be paired with a Ryan Mallet. Otherwise, you need to two sets of game plan to play the back up like Tennessee had to do in their QB situation. Dolphins need to continue the QB search each year until they find the right guy.

dan your last few posts are acually constructive after your response to me.

It is not about being defensive, the point is you are no more qualified to criticize the people who are doing the evaluating. How DO YOU know that these people, or i are not at all qualified to give these opinions.

The point being, I am happy you actually are constructive in some of your posts, but your opinions are no more or less qualified than most of the others.

So keep the bashing of other bloggers to your self.

the topic of the blog has to do with the dolphins future, not about the credantials or qualifications of the bloggers.

Sorry about the personal attack previously, but it pissed me off. I am over it now. :)

I would love to see us get Julio Jones to help Marshall out but I believe the Rams may snag him before he gets to us. Mark Ingram I would love as well as he's the top rated back in this draft but I see the concerns as an every down back.

Personally I see us trading down and picking up a 2nd rd pick we need a lot of picks to have a chance at building this offense up.

SKIP Newton ... focus on running backs, fast, speedy running backs. Focus on large agressive offensive lineman. Did I say SPEED? we need speed in the backfiled and in Special teams...Save the QB till next year, then chase Luck...do whatever we need to do to get LUCK! Bring in an old timer in case Henne gets hurt...Try and keep Pennington he is going to be, if not already, a great coach.

Does anyone know if the CBA is NOT signed by March 31st and there is a "lockout"

...does the draft still take place in April?

it's funny hearing people talk about us not taking a 1st round qb in nearly 3 decades, while true marino was the 29th pick out of 30. in 3 previous drafts we picked a QB near the very top of the 2nd round. 2 were clear busts and jury is near a definitive verdict on henne. home, has tebow proven himself?? he's been made a starter but he hasn't exactly looked great! thankfully brandon lloyd is good at wrestling the ball away from defenders!!

Chad Henne last game end of 1st quarter QB rating bout 20.9

Cam Newton for ENTIRE YEAR QB RATING of 182.5

C`mon Man @ 6.6 250 lbs.
The guy is the size of DE Jason Taylor

Miami Dolphins Franchise QB Cam Newton or NOTHING!

Umm, I really hope we don't do what we need to do to get Luck. 1-15 is no fun.

Craig M.
I didn't say what I think the Fins "should" do, but I'm giving you reasons for what I think they "will" do. Jobs are on the line and I expect "knee jerk" reactions from the Front Office to try and create a "buzz" about this team. And, the biggest "buzz" they can make right now is to draft Cam if he's available. Remember what they said last year? "Feed the Wolf!" Well, somebody's gonna be fed to the dogs here pretty soon. Henning was just an appetizer. Sparano and Ireland are next. Cam will be the bone to placate that hunger for a while.



Home, Here are some physical stats for you, QB:
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) Weight: 220 lb (100kg

guess who that is? Hint, great athlete like Newton.

his name...

Akili Smith. Enough said.

"Remember what they said last year? "Feed the Wolf!" Well, somebody's gonna be fed to the dogs here pretty soon. Henning was just an appetizer."

Aside from being very funny, it's also spot on.

Jamillion is back people!!

Here are my thoughts...

If we really want to become an exciting team to watch next year, a couple of key things will have to happen and some may not be realistic but here is the idea:

The Fins can build themselves to have an exciting Offense to watch like the 2008 Cardinals. Here are the comparisons:

2008 cardinals:
QB – Kurt Warner
RB – James, Hightower, Arrington
FB – Smith
WR – Fitzgerald
WR – Boldin
WR – Breaston
WR – Urban
WR – Doucet
TE – Pope
OT – Levi Brown
OG – Lutui
C- Ross
G- Wells
OT- Gandy

2011 Dolphins:
QB – who will be our “Kurt”
We need a veteran guy that knows how to win, first and foremost.
Orton, McNabb, any ideas???
RB – Ronnie Brown (better than James), Hilliard, fast draft pick
FB – Polite (better than Smith)
WR – Who will be out Fitz???
WR – Marshall (better than Boldin)
WR – Bess (Better than Breaston)
WR – Hartline (our Urban)
WR – Moore (Our Doucet)
TE – Fasano
OT – Long (Better than Brown)
OG – Incognito
C – need a new center
G – Jerry (on the rise)
OT – Carey

Along with the signing of a great Offensive coordinator that can implement a great plan to get our offensive fire power going, there’s no reason why we can’t become the 2011 version of the 2008 Cardinals, on Offense. Our Defense will be strong once again under Nolan!

Brad Childress is in line for a possibility to take the O Cordinator position, he coached the Eagles in a West Coast offense…. May-be a McNabb project is in the works but is McNabbers our “Kurt”???
There will not be another Fitz available (he’s a once a decade type player) but since we have Marshall who in my opinion is better than Boldin and we have Bess who is better than Breaston, Hartline maybe better than Urban (White receivers); getting someone close to a Fitz talent like Jackson from SD would balance out the receiving corps.
If we want to out-due the Cardinals talent, I say we get a Marshall Faulk type back in the draft, speed back to start with Ronnie and Lex backing up in goalline situations. And add a true receiving TE along with Fasano

This is the route and formula we have to take this offseason! Please don’t let us down Fins.


There hasn't been a major whiff on a quarterback in the first round since about 2007 when JaMarcus and Brady Quinn were picked. Everyone since then (Tebow gets an incomplete grade) has justified their 1st round draft position. How many more 1st rounds must come and go before the Dolphins take a flyer on a quarterback? So what if Cam Newton sets the Dolphins back another 5 years. Whats another 5 years? They've been set back perpetually for 5 years since Wannstedt took over. Get a backbone and draft a quarterback!!!

I read an earlier post by Poizen saying that he would prefer to see the Dolphins resign Ronnie than draft Mark Ingram. I totally agree with that.

Besides Jacquizz Rodgers is coming out and the guy is a special player. One fumble his entire time in college. Rodgers/Ronnie could be a nice speed/experience combo.

Not down with Cam. Minimum 2 year project. Plus his mechanics may never be able to be corrected.

Much prefer to see the proven VY. A gamble sure but the upside is significant.

So that leaves the 1st pick. I like the thoughts of those who suggest O-line. Everything starts and stops with the line.

However, as a couple have pointed out, expecting a rookie O-lineman to step in and be great is a lot to ask. Perhaps finding upgrades in FA would be better?

For that 1st pick I am currently stuck on Alabama WR Julio Jones or the like. Adding a big speed WR to balance BM could be the biggest move the Dolphins can make to transition to a dynamic, aggressive offense.

Well that is IF a OC and QB coach can be found who support a dynamic aggressive approach.

We will see and I have zero confidence Ireland/Sparano will do any of the things I want.

5 years would equate to a completely empty stadium versus a half empty one.

The Dolphins really don't need another Pat White.

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