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Cam Newton to Dolphins? Hard to believe

Heisman Trophy winner and National Championship winning quarterback Cam Newton announced Thursday evening he is leaving Auburn and will be eligible for this spring's NFL draft. And by this morning the buzz around Dolphins fans will almost certainly be that he's our guy!

The Miami quarterback issue will now definitely get solved because Newton is awesome and athletic and tall (no Chad Henne batted passes) and mobile and awesome and yippie!


Newton is a great college football player. His 30 TD passes and 20 running TDs is testament to that. But I should not have to tell you college greatness -- especially when limited to one season -- does not certify NFL anything. It doesn't mean Newton will be great in the NFL. Or good. Or mediocre. Or ... anything.

Here is the truth about Cam Newton. Barring an electrifying spring in which he simply blows away at least one personnel man with full say over his organization and a draft pick before the 14th overall selection, Newton will be there when the Dolphins select in April's first round.

And if Jeff Ireland learned anything from mentor Bill Parcells, he probably will not select Newton. But, but, but why you cry aloud?

Because Newton doesn't fit the profile. He's played one season. That's a red flag or it should be. He's been all about the spread option formation and NFL quarterbacks have to be under center. There will be questions about Newton's footwork because of that system he played under, questions as fundamental as, "Can this guy operate under center?" 

There are also questions about whether Newton can read defenses. He didn't do very well in the one or two games he was presented with something other than a single-high safety read.

Was he a product of a great system? No, not entirely. The man is supremely gifted athletically. But is he Josh Freeman all over again? There are serious questions about that.

There are also serious character questions.

This from ESPN's Kevin Weidl:

"Newton was arrested while at Florida on a charge of possessing a stolen laptop computer; there have been rumblings that he had academic issues while with the Gators; and the NCAA investigation surrounding his recruitment out of Blinn College and the fact that his father was attempting to solicit large sums of money in return for Cam attending Mississippi State will all be investigated thoroughly by NFL teams.

The NCAA has cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing in the recruitment scandal, but the influence of his father will be a consideration for NFL decision-makers.

Something that bothers me: Newton, his dad, Auburn University and even the NCAA agreed that it would be best if Cecil Newton did not attend the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Auburn's Athletics Director even released a statement saying Newton was not at the game. And yet, several media outlets shot pictures of the two Newton men, father and son, in a celebratory embrace after the game on the field.

So much for the Newton family word.

The point is there are so many questions and flags here, I would not be surprised if Newton drops like a lead pipe in the draft. And I would not be surprised when the quarterback-hungry Dolphins pass on Newton and select other options.


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Two things about Newton, 1) The kid is a winner and 2) He makes his team alot better. Auburn would have been a .500 SEC team this year without Newton. I watched most of their games and they were in a lot of very close games. Newton somehow found a way to win each and every one of those games.

Yes, he may be raw at the QB position, but you can help coach and develop him. You can't develop 6'6" 255 lbs with his running ability. Either you are or you aren't. It's time to take a chance on a QB in the first round. Is it high risk? Yes, but it is also high reward if you're right. Being afraid of "high risk" players is why we passed on Matt Ryan in the first place. The QB is the guy in the NFL who wins and loses games for you, not offensive lineman.

Did I read that right? Cam Newton has to blow a personnel guy this spring in order to be picked before #14? A little extreme don't you think?

Home is trying to sell Cash Newton even harder than Cecil was ...

Also ... Bill Parcels is a puffed up joke and his system is only good for winning just enough so that the team misses out on a really good Draft spot. And then trading down from there.

Yes, you read that right. Times are tough, a QB's gotta due what he's gotta due.

Smells like Tuna, I get what your saying

But Newton translates closer to Akili Smith than he does Matt Ryan.

No one knows for sure if he will be good or not, but thaere are a lot of holes in his game i think, so he would be a project for sure.

Problem is he has arm mechanics issues, and those are REALLY hard to fix.

I guess that is the whole reason why i don't want to see the phins take that chance.

BTW, Luck going back makes the 2012 QB draft prospects insane.

I wonder what Rush Limbaugh would have to say about Miami drafting him


Since Tony is staying on as coach expect them to select FG Kicker with the number one pick..FG's win games lol...fistpump!
Kidding obviously...get a QB for once!

Please don't drafted Cam Newton he is over hyped just like V.young,A.smith,J.Russell,D.Carr,M.Leinart, and so on.I have said it many of times draft R.Mallett from Arkansas he is going to be a real good QB in the NFL,and I'm going to say it all over again if we pass on this kid and be really pissed off when some other team is enjoying good QB play instead of us.I mean could you imagine if we would have selected D.Bryant and then traded for B.Marshall ONE WORD AMAZING.

Big dif in average 6.3 and 22o for QB Smith and

6.6 255lb QB Newton w 20 rushing TDs

Try to think b4 u post other wise u r forcing Poizen down out throats

pun intended

Cowkilla, thankfully we are set @ kicker & Punter. LOL

Manny, read Mcshay's write up on Mallett. granted it is an opinion. but he has him as one of the most overrated draft picks on the board.

I can not comment as i have not seen much on him. I guess he is like 6'7 which is cool, but he dooes not set his feet before throwing, similar to cutler.

Cutler was good enough to get teams to the playoffs though.


Home, I am not seeing a big difference there. If your 6'3 or 6'6 you can still see over the line, they were both considered premium athletes. Newton is projected the same a smith as far as their drafts.

I was only pointing out that size and athleticsm does not equate to success.

Please don't pun my name in vein!! :)

The only two QBs worth a first round pick are Newton and Mallett.

Locker was terrible this year. He only had a 55% completion %, and 17 TDs vs 9 INTs

Gabbert has good size and that's about it. He had 16 TDs and 9 INTs playing in the spread offense. How does that make you a first round pick?

The guy who could wind up being the next Drew Brees though is Andy Dalton. 27 TDs vs 6 INTs, 166 QB rating and 66% completion %. He also beat Wisconsin who destroyed the Big 10 this year.

I like what i see of Dalton

In 2011, we needs as many quality starters as we can get. Unless there are plans for a total offensive revamping Newton doesnt qualify as a guy we should be drafting.

Our best addition in 2011 will be finding a qb coach that can undo some of what been done to Chad Henne, upgrade the 2nd wr position, and rb position. TE end position too by trying to land Raiders fa TE Zach Miller.

Every so called draft expert is pretty much on record as saying all of these guys are boom or bust. To me, as much as Qb is a need, I don't think you can risk a first round bust. We have other needs across the baord where we can select any guy with a 1st round grade to have him come in and produce.

You can't justify taking a QB in round 1 just because we haven't in a long time. He has to be worth the investment.

Maybe if it was the Pats or Steelers, OK. They could overcome it. Risking a pick on a QB in the 1st would be 10 times worse than the 2nd we wasted on White.

Hey buds!

I played some D III football in college. I am 5'7 215 pounds and look like George Costanza but I had a severe injury to my pinky nail on my throwing hand and failed to make it but because of that and being the QB coach for the 7 to 9 year old Pop Warner team I see through the QBs eyes and know who is good and who isn't good. I also am best buds with Sun tanned lips McShay and Pompodore Kiper. I like to throw around words like mechanics, footwork and impress the masses here on the blogs. I like to wear my sport head band and cut off POISEN t-shirt and old South Beach high basketball shorts I took from Leroy Williams clothes line. I am by the way in talks with the Miami Sun Beams of EFBL. You know the Exposed Frauds Blog league



Come on man!

For all you guys throwing out random opinions about Newton's abilities and deficiencies as a QB, let's talk facts.

Newton's 2010 season - Lead the nation in passing efficiency with 182 QB rating.

Threw for 30 TDs vs 7 INTs with 66% completion percentage and 2,854 yards.

1 of every 9 passing attempts was a TD and 1 0f every 6 completions was a TD.

By the way, he is 6'6" 255 LBS and ran for 20 TDs and 1300 yards for 92 yds per game.

He led his team to victories over Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, Clemson, Oregon, and South Carolina twice. He played in the best conference in the country and did so in a program and offense that was brand new to him as it was his first year at Auburn.

If he turns out to be a bust, that's a chance I'm willing to take but it's a moot point because he will be long gone by the 15th pick. He is definitiely going in the top 10 of the draft. Too much upside to pass on, and too many teams need QBs.

If it is as you say, dan, then take a RB with that first pick(I know many will prefer a WR). How is the RB Class this year?

@ PROIZENN, funniest part was the comment about cut off Poisen t-shirt. LOL

On another note, do Qb ratings get calculated differently in College? In the pro's I think the highest Qb rating can be is a 154.2 or something. How did newton get 182? lol

Smells Like Tuna, Newton won't even be close to top 10. His stock started dropping after the BCS, mid level, 1st RD pick, at best. Probably a lot lower when all is said n done

I see some of my HS mates posting here. Hi, guys! How was the Christmas reunion?

That was pretty funny, your a big boy behind your keboard...

So go throw on your Zubaz pants throw on your tape of Eye of the tiger and go get ripped because you are so tough behind your keyboard.

Oscar I am with you, but I would heavily consider Julio Jones WR if he's there at 15. But yes RB is more pressing with Ricky and Ronnie on the outs most likely.

If Ingram or Jones are not there by our pick in the 1st rd. May consider OL or trading down as well.

No, Tuna, I agree with Joe. There is no margin for error now.

I really wish we would sign Ronnie back.

I know how to write.

BTW, If anyone else here agrees with the ass-clown with the fake name trying to offend me. Sorry bro, I can take it.

But if people here do not like my opinion I will gladly leave the forum, it's cool, just say so.

Poizen, I wouldn't let it bother you. We all seem to get after others time to time. You essentially have a guy here calling other fans idiots & morons for wanting Miami to bring in a big name qb. It is what it is. The level of discourse gets comedic at times.

Take it for what it's worth. I only found irony in his Poizen to Poisen t-shirt reference. I admit, I found it humorous lol

Did I mention I had a rocket arm. SHHHHHHHHHHHWOOOP was the sound known to be heard coming from my arm as I zipped passes under the Friday night lights. My girl friend who was head cheer leader and prom Queen and was so hot Paris, yes the whole city of Paris wanter her to be a model for the city.

I will delve into Point of Attack references later on for offensive linemen as well as lateral quickness for running backs and back pedal transitions for defensive backs.

SHHHHHHHHHHHHHWOOOP! Sorry that was me throwing my Nerf Vortex.


The offence SUCKED...RAY CHARLES could see that...its no secret that we need to improve our offense....make it DYNAMIC if possible.....

THAT IS NOT GIVING AWAY YOUR PLAY BOOK.....is the cat out of the bag on NE, GB, ATL....they all have explosive offenses.....and the league knew it BEFORE the season started....guess what.....NOTHING THAT WHAT!

They still went on and scored alot of points this season....even though all the D-coordinators new they had EXPLOSIVE offenses.....

Its not conversation for behind CLOSED DOORS...its conversation to get your fan base hyped up.....after you were near the bottom of the league in points scored.....1-7 at home

But no....your right Craig M.....lets continue this SUPER SECERET SOCIETY...everything is HUSH-HUSH.....regardless of relevance.....and our reward.....7-9 3 staught years.....because thats the way WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT.....STATUS QUO!


Cam Newton = Jamarcus Russell

End of Story

I would rather see them draft Mallett, Dalton or even Ponder or Kellen Moore.

BTW...Locker would be just a bad a pick as Newton in the 1st round.

I agree it was funny, got to give him/her props there.

I just give my opinion with supporting things so i dont just come on here and say this guy sucks or this guy is great, but no support it intelligently.

I am suprised he ws able to post another so quickly, I din't think he would get off his moms nipple for feeding that fast. Must be a slow day in the trailor.

Enough of this stupid footwork business. Cutler could be throwing the game winning touchdown pass in the super bowl, and you schmuks will be saying "Yeah, but he has terrible footwork." Cam won in college, he'll win in the pros.

Here's how Cam Newton makes some sense for the Dolphins.

1) Brad Childress becomes the Dolphins next OC.
2) Donovan McNabb comes to Miami either after being released or via trade for a late round pick. McNabb can fill the void short term and he's a consumate pro, familiar with Chilly's offense, and could help groom Newton to take over in two years.
3) Newton falls to the Dolphins in the third round. He's far too big of a gamble for the 15th pick in the draft or to come in as a savior without the right support system in place that'd help him succeed.

Then again, if the Dolphins add Childress and McNabb, who's to say that same support system wouldn't be the kind of environment that Vince Young, who's already posted a 30-17 record as an NFL starter would THRIVE in and he might cost less than a 3rd rounder when all is said and done.

I'd take McNabb, Young or Newton over Kevin Kolb. And yes, I'm fully aware that McNabb's best days are behind him. But given that Miami has a lot of short to mid-range receivers and Chilly runs a WC offense, McNabb could be just as good as Pennington was in 2008.

If the Dolphins trade down from 15 and get back two picks in the first 64, they could select some dynamic playmakers. ie Julio Jones, DeMarco Murray, Greg Little, Mikel Leshoure, or Ladarius Green. It's a real shame that Justin Blackmon is going back to school. he would have been an ideal guy complement to Marshall.

Don't try to support your opinions with facts, that's your problem!

Instead, simply use your imagination. It opens up a whole other world. I've yet to visit myself, but I hear it's very pleasant indeed.

Bob, Pat White won in college, had great numbers too. That's the DUMBEST statement of the day. Congratulations

Bobby, it can not be dumber than most of mine. :)

I am sure everybody agrees with you, kris. The thing is, how do we do it?


Who cares what Bill Parcells thinks....NOT ME!

He hasn't WON A SB IN 20 years.....it was a differnt era....back then the QB wasn't as important as it is now...this is an offensive league....if you hold a team to 17 points...you got a good D......the QB he left us with could barely get in the endzone ONCE A GAME....if we scored 2 TD in any game i would be grinning like a kid at christmas.......

Why don't you find out what Belichek 11 Commandments for a QB are......

Since he has won SBs WITH...AND WITHOUT Bill Parcells.....Parcells has won ZERO SBs without him......

Its time to re-look the Tuna Model......

Belichek was smart enough to get out of the Tuna's shadow....he new it was dated football.....

We/I figured it out 3 years too late....

and for the record....PARCELLS HAD TO BE ORDERED TO PLAY ROMO....BY JERRY JONES....If it were up tp Parcells his HOLLYWOOD QB would never get off the bench...but you already knew that i'm sure



No Poizen, I kinda like ur posts. To say a guy is gonna be a great Pro because he won in college is just beyond dumb. I mean, who makes a statement like that?

ALoco, I don't plan on leaving, If some of the other active posters agreed with the clown, i would honor the request of the bloggers.

Just also making a point that I don't think he is going to win support for his comedy with the people here.

I try to be respectful of everyone else here, and again post comments with support.

Thanks for the vote though. :)

No bobby, that wasn't the dumbest statement of the day. That belongs to you, take a bow!

Calling other fans who don't agree with your tactics idiots & morons. Funny watching you continue to try to belittle everyone & anyone who doesn't share your viewpoint.

"NY Scott, unfortunately ur probably right. Ross will want the morons down here buying seats and those same morons will want a name player. Best thing to do is trade down and get another pick bit Ireland may feel the pressure to get a name player to smooth the idiots"

Posted by: bobbyd12 | January 14, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Who cares what Bill Parcells, the glorified gym teacher, thinks or says. The guy won 1 super bowl, errrrrr, Big Game. Any of us, given 25 years in the NFL would have an equal chance of winning 1 Big Game every 25 years with an unlimited budget, 2 dozen assistant coaches, etc...

Well said Steve.

To me, Bill Belichick(I don't like him from a demeanor standpoint)) is a Coach that is ahead of the Times. Look at what he has come up with. 2 and 3 tight ends in a play, some very speedy, some not so much. As of the present moment HTH do you defend that formation? Hmm..

If Cam Newton is available we should at least explore if he's a fit in whatever offensive philosophy we bring to the table in 2011. It's all about fit and do you have the right qb coach to coach that guy up.

Like most Im very nervous about taking a qb 1st rd at the 16th slot. But if swallowing the potential poison pill I would rather it be Newton than anyone else. At least with Newton's great athletisim he can be salvaged at a couple other positons. The rest of those 2011 1st rd qb's can not.


Mr. Ross seems to have a plan and we are watching it unfold....he fired (whatever you want to call it) Henning......he is interviewing some BIG name OCs.....he is DEMANDING that his coach play NOT to lose....he wants a product that is exciting and fun.....fun alot of times translates to winning.....not always....but happy players are productive players......

Mr. Ross wants to see his 50 Mikllon dollar toy get used....Marshall is not a collector's item in his eyes (imo)

Teams win nowadays when they score points.....there was no GREAT D in the league this year.....just a lot of good to really good ones.....even the Ravens GET IT.....they signed TJ, Mason, Bouldin, Heap....they have been know since their exsitence for playing GREAT D.....but they are changing with league policy's....its time we joing the rest of the league

No Joe, actually the dumbest statements come from out of town Fuks like you who I have to read day after day. The little biatches who don't spend a penny on this team and cry about the fact their DirecTv. Honestly, I've said it before and I will say it again. If you don't live here and have season tickets or don't go to the game, ur opinion means shyt if all ur going to do is cry and whine like a little girl all day. Now why dont u grab a shovel and do something in that God Forbidden ShytHole of a city called NY. And if u really wanna help keep all ur stinkin fukin NY neighbors and their Democratic policies out of my state. Thks and I hope u freeze ur ass off and it snows all winter

boobyd didn't belittle everyone when they sent their condolences when his father died. i figured that might set him straight a bit but nope, he is back to his highly arrogant and ignorant self.

get me some real updates armando i want to hear about oc'sssssssssss~!!!

Steve...Parcells is credited with 2 SBs.....but each time Belicheck was on his staff...NO BELICHEK....NO SBs FOR TUNA

Geez I can't even imagine who is posting as "proizenn" what a mystery. But seriously, if you go back through or have read some of the posts the past couple of days it's obvious who is doing it. And the reason he's doing it is because of a small disagreement and some light name calling.

Kris, good point. Good teams & coaches with vision evolve with the game. Look at even the Parcells tree who have won rings recently, Peyton, Coughlin & Bellicheck. Explosive open offenses. The only one clinging to the 80's is Sparano. We'll see this year just how open he is to change.

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