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Cam Newton to Dolphins? Hard to believe

Heisman Trophy winner and National Championship winning quarterback Cam Newton announced Thursday evening he is leaving Auburn and will be eligible for this spring's NFL draft. And by this morning the buzz around Dolphins fans will almost certainly be that he's our guy!

The Miami quarterback issue will now definitely get solved because Newton is awesome and athletic and tall (no Chad Henne batted passes) and mobile and awesome and yippie!


Newton is a great college football player. His 30 TD passes and 20 running TDs is testament to that. But I should not have to tell you college greatness -- especially when limited to one season -- does not certify NFL anything. It doesn't mean Newton will be great in the NFL. Or good. Or mediocre. Or ... anything.

Here is the truth about Cam Newton. Barring an electrifying spring in which he simply blows away at least one personnel man with full say over his organization and a draft pick before the 14th overall selection, Newton will be there when the Dolphins select in April's first round.

And if Jeff Ireland learned anything from mentor Bill Parcells, he probably will not select Newton. But, but, but why you cry aloud?

Because Newton doesn't fit the profile. He's played one season. That's a red flag or it should be. He's been all about the spread option formation and NFL quarterbacks have to be under center. There will be questions about Newton's footwork because of that system he played under, questions as fundamental as, "Can this guy operate under center?" 

There are also questions about whether Newton can read defenses. He didn't do very well in the one or two games he was presented with something other than a single-high safety read.

Was he a product of a great system? No, not entirely. The man is supremely gifted athletically. But is he Josh Freeman all over again? There are serious questions about that.

There are also serious character questions.

This from ESPN's Kevin Weidl:

"Newton was arrested while at Florida on a charge of possessing a stolen laptop computer; there have been rumblings that he had academic issues while with the Gators; and the NCAA investigation surrounding his recruitment out of Blinn College and the fact that his father was attempting to solicit large sums of money in return for Cam attending Mississippi State will all be investigated thoroughly by NFL teams.

The NCAA has cleared Cam Newton of any wrongdoing in the recruitment scandal, but the influence of his father will be a consideration for NFL decision-makers.

Something that bothers me: Newton, his dad, Auburn University and even the NCAA agreed that it would be best if Cecil Newton did not attend the BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon. Auburn's Athletics Director even released a statement saying Newton was not at the game. And yet, several media outlets shot pictures of the two Newton men, father and son, in a celebratory embrace after the game on the field.

So much for the Newton family word.

The point is there are so many questions and flags here, I would not be surprised if Newton drops like a lead pipe in the draft. And I would not be surprised when the quarterback-hungry Dolphins pass on Newton and select other options.


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a steal is anyone who falls past a good amount of teams who should have drafted him but passed for whatever reason and regret it later it hindsight







smells like tuna, I have to agree with you that all three will be gone by 15 and I kinda like that situation and am hoping we get Locker.

What has Parcells done for the Miami Dolphins lately? besides grand theft...

When I see Cam Newton, I don't think Vince Young... I like Vince Young. I think JaMarcus Russell. Pass on Cam. Trade for Kyle Orton.

Wow Armando have you been reading my posts the last 2 weeks? RIGHT NOW if today was the draft there is no way the Dolphins could select Newton. Everyone knows the cons, so I will not get into them. I have gone on record as saying stay away from him. But, there is still a lot of evaluation left to do. Teams don't really know what, or who Cam Newton is except he is a freakish athelete. I'm going to hold out anymore judgement on Newton until there is more information on him. We don't even know if he can read a defense, let alone make the passes neccessary. Remember he was in an offense that was really basic. Also, if he does show well, pass all the tests that we aren't privy to, prove that his dad isn't a pimp, or mamma a ho. He will most likely skyrocket up teams boards and be gone by our pick anyway. If he falls to 16 with all the teams in quarterback turmoil. That should say everything that we need to know, and hopefully we will pass and let another team take on the challenge of developing him. I will say I think one of the positives about Newton is he probably has the most upside of all the prospective first rounders. At some point our luck, or skill at developing them will turn.

I could give two shits what Drayton has to say or Cam Newton for that matter. Mando why can't you clue us in on what the all knowing media knows about Miami's OC search...oh that's right because you have no clue or you would have written about it already. Troy Drayton are you kidding me.

D4D.....kinda lengthy on the post...but all in all I coudn't agree more....We have been messing it up for more than a decade......A mediocre QB made Jimmy Johnson look like he didn't know what he was doing...weird...cause with AIKMAN...he looked like the 2nd comming......

I understand there will be many differing opinions....but if you can look past the I GOTTA BE RIGHT...part.....you will see this FO has done it ALL OF THE WAYS YOU GUYS HAVE POSTED ABOUT.....

Listed below is a list of ALL the Miami Dolphins 1st RD picks since 2001......

2001- Jamar Fletcher Defensive back Wisconsin
2002 — No pick — — [p]
2003 — No pick — — [p]
2004 Vernon Carey Offensive tackle Miami (FL) [q]
2005 Ronnie Brown Running back Auburn
2006 Jason Allen Defensive back Tennessee
2007 Ted Ginn, Jr. Wide receiver Ohio State
2008 Jake Long * Offensive tackle Michigan
2009 Vontae Davis Cornerback Illinois
2010 Jared Odrick Defensive Tackle Penn State

Everything you guys say we need....A RB.....A SPEEDY WR.....an O-LINEMAN......A CB.....

All the things on this years wish list....minus a TE.....OH.....and one more thin.....A QB!!!!

Last time the Dolphins Drafted a 1st RD talent QB he turned out to be pretty good...LIKE HOF GOOD.

If we draft one again...and we get 50-60% of the production we did from Marino......we will have a shot every year......

Why do some on here insist on banging their collective heads against the wall....then ask why they have a headache....

Try something differnt....try something that has worked before....not only for your team but many others since.....

ITS THE QB..........

Good luck bill_connrs....ah-um....i mean DB......

F u Salgado you always find the bad in people he gives all of the credit to god and his family when all you do is hate hate he might not be good but not to say he's going to be bad Ether he ha a good year and you have serious doubts what if he had a bad then what would you say you hatter

aloco i know you are not talking about giving henne 1 more year. everything i have heard or read is that henne is NOT the answer and they desperatley need to do whatever it takes to bring in a proven qb. if somehow some way this loser is back as a starter don't expect sparano to be the coach. he is still on the hot seat and if they start out like sh$t sparano is gone.and with that said if henne is the starter that is another losing season!

I think that it's easier to say "this guy won't be a pro star" and being right than declaring "this guy will be the next big thing at NFL".


Because each year within more than 1700 players, less than a hundred excel.
Also football is a team effort and nobody can carry a team all by himself a full season.
Thus and the inevitable fact that a good player can get injured physically or mentally at anytime, minimizes the probabilities of success.

So Mando well played by pointing Can Newton will fail. Remember his chances are minimal, but his potential is enormous.

Also for those saying Ted Ginn Jr. was a bust, I think this team misses him, as he won all by himself a pair of games for us.

We need a faster team and it would be smart to get a lot of speedy pieces starting with a fast RB, a quick WR, a flashy DB and a fast lethal LB.

The O-line is pretty adjustable with no need to pick anyone on the first round.

My dream draft would be to trade down some spots from # 15, adding an extra pick and still selecting RB Mark Ingram. Then on mid 2nd round trade up to pick TE/QB Cam Newton and adding a bunch of quick players on 5th and 6th rounds. I know it won't happen but that's my dream draft...

kris. the current front office is only responsible for the last 3 picks. Ginn and Fletcher, et al dont have anything to do with this group. But thats beside the point.

People like myself are of the opinion that: 1) none of the QB's available at our pick are that appealing and the odds are heavily against you getting an above average QB with that pick. and/or 2) You need one more year before you close the book on Henne. Myself and others have posted on this blog the numbers of many very good QB's (Brees, Aikman, Young, ect) who were in the same spot as Henne after 2 years of PT. One more year is needed to fully evaluate. Especially out from under Henning and Lee.

We feel your desperation. I want a winner too. But picking a QB in the 1st, just to pick a QB in the 1st is a panic move. If there is not a sizeable improvement in Henne next year, I'll be the 1st to post "draft a QB!". Regardless, its a good debate.

the dolphins will land one of the fa or trade for the qb, so whomever it is will be the starter. i believe henne's days as a starter are long over. especially when sparano know's it's his job on the line.

Armando I would not give too much weight to Newton's family. Remember when we drafted the Ginn family? Ireland should wait for the acorn at QB, since there aren't any 'no brainer' guys available at this time.

I'd be all for signing a vet QB thats an upgrade, but who? McNabb? He got outplayed by Rex Grossman. Let me say that again, REX GROSSMAN was more successful with that Wash team than McNabb was. and he's on the back end of his career, no where to go but down. Vince Young? Please, that shouldnt even be an option. Headcase, lazy by all accounts, and at best a mediocre passer. Orton? I'd say thats an upgrade, but Denver is gonna want our 3rd round pick. Thats not happening considering we dont have a 2nd rounder. What FA is there thats not on the back 9 of his career or isnt a nut?

None of the rookies are an immediate upgrade. I keep hearing get rid of Henne, but no one has a viable alternative. The odds of him getting better i his 3rd year are greater than the odds of the other options.

Someone is gonna waste a lotta $$$ on the next BIG QB bust. The good new is that when you realize he can't play QB in the NFL at least you will have a pretty good RB option.

Remember that college play means nothing in the NFL and Heisman winners have a terrible record in the NFL. I hope Miami stays away from McNabb (he's done), and Vince Young (screwed up in the head)as well. Who is the top QB in the arena league???

I hear all of your guys' rumbelings but let's lol at the facts! Henne will stay. So will Thygpen. A vet will be added. The odds are on it being Young! No compensation required. When he was all abroad in ten. He was good. Several comebacks. So bring in Young to compete with Henne an Thyggy. He'll even if we were to take newton we have a starter in THe group. It has to be one of these options!!
What about Jake locker??
Let's just be happy for the change.

Home is right. Cam's potential upside I believe far out ways the neg. one may see now. How do you pass on a guy who could be so vers? He has proven his ability to win; that should at least be worth a serious consideration, not something so haphazardly tossed aside as not a possibility.



If Marino is available at the 15th pick, take him. Problem is this is not the class of 83 for QBs. The draft gods are not offering QBs this year. Can't draft what isn't there. If Henne still bust, 12 draft will have QBs

If Newton is there, you take him. He already throws a better ball than Henne. He is a kid and made a few dumb decisions because people around him are trying to get paid. Does not dismiss the fact that the kid is GOLD. Do not skip on another Drew Brees. Get him now. He is going to be a stud. He is not another JaMarcus Russell that you are trying to make him out to be Mando. Seriously man it's a joke that you even posted this. It gets us talking I guess.

The Dolphins will pass on Newton, like they've passed on Vick, Ryan, Brees, etc. But, if available, they should get Ingram!!!!

So it bothers you that his Dad went to see him play a championship game? Seriously???!!!

If he leads the Dolphins to a championship game, Ross should give his dad great seats!

What a silly argument--- his dad allegedly did stuff. Can he hit B. Marshall on a deep out? If yes, proceed.

Terrible post/story/blog.

@ MexDolfan---you sorta left out that Ginn single-handedly lost the Saints game 2 yrs ago. Go watch the tape. Henne threw a ball into an uncatchable spot (his hands) he bobbled it up

Ginn is and will always be a great retrun guy that it's that what he should have stayed as never a WR
Draft Newton and pickup McNabb in FA and let Newton sit and watch for a year or two and McNabb play he is a great pro Newton will only pickup great pro character traits from McNabb and McNabb can still get it done..

Armando, what makes you think that Ireland should learn anything from Parcells. Three years ago a former Washington Redskins scout told me that Parcells was not highly rated for getting NFL talent by insiders. I was told that he leaves an organization early, gets big slow players and is so old school for what is needed in the NFL today....and so it goes. Parcells was the trigger man on passing up on Ryan and going with Long, a great player but a QB is more important. Then going with Henne. Look where the Atlanta Falcons are today verses the Dolphins. For that matter look at Tampa Bay, Detroit, NY Jets, Kansas City etc...all are better off than the Dolphins. Thank God Parcells is gone.

Uhh, Mando. I hope you meant "...blows AWAY at least one personnel man...", but that aside - Cam Newton seems to only hit wide open recievers when he passes. I'm really concerned about his accuracy. Wouldn't it be better to get an Anthony Costanzo and solidify the offensive line? How about Mark Ingram if the Ricky and Ronnie show is in fact over? Henne deserves a chance under a coordinator who isn't afraid to take the shackles off. Steve Young sucked at Tampa - why can't we develop an unquestioned talent instead of reaching for the panic button? For the same reasons that it was smart to stick with Sparano it makes sense not to give up on Henne. Let the ritalin devotees scream at their computers - let's stay the course.

Please forget McNabb, Kolb and Young. You are not getting anything better. Unless there is someone clearly better than
Henne forget it. Tust me I live in Philly - Kolb and McNabb are not an upgrade period. Young is too much of a head case to bother with. Besides he cannot handle sophisticated defenses.

Just sayin you know.....

Half of you are wrong. The other half are right in some fashion. Except the guy who just talked about adding McNabb!! That guy is a bum!! His numbers have decreased every year and now he got benched for Grossman! That statlman kid would play before grossman would ever start In Miami. That should tell u something about McNabb HE SUCKS!!
Now kolb! He is gonna be a start! We should get him. If Kolb were in the draft at 15 would we take him?? So just give up the pick. Do your homework on the mid picks and welcome to the west coast off. Where everyone will pick a dolphin on there fantasy team!!

Bill parcels doesnt know anything about what a good quarterback is. He is an old jackass who is past his time. He knows what a defensive player needs to posses and that's it. Ireland is a dumb ass if he listens to parcells about a QB.

All of u in the media keep sucking parcels like he's god. I wouldn't even give the man the time of day. You guys need to stop talking of him. He is a loser not a winner. Look at Dallas and Miami we both suck.


Parcells is a HOF coach who has fixed every team he has been involved with.

Cam Newton is a great college QB but all indications are that he will not succeed in the pros...how many prior examples do we need? His strength and speed will be neutralized so all you're left with is mediocre passing ability at the college level. I wouldn't touch him unless he dropped to 3rd round or less, which will never happen. Next....

If we sign Childress does that mean McNabb comes along too? McNabb is a steady veteran that could make a big difference in the short term. Not sure I would want Childress though.

U know what bugs me. Cam is talked bad about because he is quick? He did succeed at college, so that makes him only a college player? Part of what makes a person succeed at the next level is showing up' on Saturdays, under pressure. And the growth he has shown in a small time is amazing. He doesn't flinch, and he is a winner in every sense of the word. I want him on my team, he won the national championship with his arm, and he would bring 'us' to the next level too.
It's all about who we should try. Who else? We can't keep going with henne, so who else? We need to try a new qb, and it is my belief that mallet and locker will be gone. So we should take cam.

Not because he's all that's left, but because he is the most talented qb available period. Locker is a question, mallet is skinny, we could nitpick all day.

Since Newton is so questionable, I have no doubts... He'll be our pick.

Only the wise will pass him by... And we are not.

Can you say....Jamarcus Russell?

Not in Miami, he couln't do it, and this place is heat and everybody that plans to be involved with the Miami Dolphins should know it.

Any OC news yet?

Let also take LB Matthews from ORE...stick him next to Dansby in chowders spot...

Armando, I couldn't disagree with your article more. Tebow went in the first round. Everyone said he'd drop to the 3rd round and he went earlier. Everyone says Cam will go in the middle of the 1st. I really believe he will go in the top 10 and possible in the top 5. The Dolphins will have to move up to get him, trading future picks as well. I live in Alabama.

I've seen Cam Newton play his games. I'm not a screaming "War Eagle" fan, either. I can say objectively that Cam Newton has the mechanics. Go look at the tape of the SEC Championship with South Carolina. God, that was IMPRESSIVE. When he rolled out, and threw on the run, stretching the play, he threw strikes to covered receivers crossing the field. Go look at the tape. He also does that fake draw, ducking his head, drops back, SETS HIS FEET, (YES, SETS HIS FEET) stands back erect and throws with great velocity. He is great running for the sticks. And check out in the SEC championship game how he always kept his eyes down field while scrambling, keeping the passing option alive. Guys, HE'S THE REAL DEAL.

And as far as the character issues go, all you have to do is look at how it affected Auburn's season. In spite of all those distractions, he still performed. And please, stop blaming him for his Dad's conduct. I honestly think that stuff is blown way up and won't matter to teams that need a great QB.

Cam has to blow at LEAST one personnel guy? I know you believe in candor but I don't think you should have to blow anybody to get drafted. Unless you want to play for the Jets. Those guys give blowies like it's their job.

Dolphins are too cheap to sign a Cam Newton.

Look to all you Cam Newton lovers, I don't know if Cam will turn out to be great or a bust not even the professional people that get paid big money to make that choice or evaluate talent can tell you! It's a crapshoot, but one thing I can say is we need a change at QB and if is Cam so be it because Henne is not the answer! "WHY YOU MAY ASK"

Because HENNE IS A BROKEN QB this coaching staff and the exasistance mentally broke him, I just hope TS hires the right people to train and teach the new QB the right way , like the FALCONS RAVENS GREENBAY PITT. did with there QB, let's just hope for the best!

lol love the video and yet he drafted chad henne

Mike B couldn't agree with mando's article more

I seem to remember in the early 1980s there was a young talented QB in the draft that everyone thought had too much baggage and wouldnt translate to the NFL...his name was Dan Marino. It may be a gamble to take Newton but he could be a diamond in the rough. Don't know what the answer is but the Phins do need a QB more than anything. And one who has the passion and ability that Newton does may be the answer. Not convinced he will still be there at 14 but if he is....

cam newton will be a great NFL TE! & TOM CABLE IS A MIAMI DOLPHIN!

Pitt and ravens it's going to be a rock'um suck'um type game today!!!

I hope someday my dolphins get back to the plsyoffs and be a respected. Elite team in the NFL!! "WOULD IT EVER BE UNDER THIS CURRENT STAFF I SAY NO BUT WE NEVER KNOW TS JUST MIGHT GET LUCKY AND DRAFT LUCKY NEXT YEAR!!

Ummm...if the Dolphins have the chance to draft Cam Newton and don't do it, I will officially (after 44 years) resign my Dolphin fan-ship!! There is no need to be a fan of a team that consistently has no commitment to winning. All you prognosticators who talk about his throwing motion, footwork, etc. - some idiot even said something about his "game speed" being subpar! Ridiculous. One-year wonder, huh? Michael Vick, anyone?! Keep in mind, this guy was dubbed a "bigger, stronger, faster Tim Tebow" when he was at Florida. Tebow, in limited action so far, has shown that he CAN play QB in the NFL. So, give the guy a break!! DRAFT CAM!!!

One more thing: The more things change, the more they stay the same! Why is it...STILL -- that a Black quarterback's "intelligence" is always in question? Cam Newton has executed to perfection a spread offense (which, by the way, is a pretty complex offense if you know ANYTHING about it) against the best teams in the country. As far as the Jamarcus Russell comparison is concerned -- Russell got drafted by the friggin' Raiders, people! Peyton Manning could go to Oakland and suck! No one questioned Henne's intelligence coming into the draft and he CLEARLY is an idiot! DRAFT CAM!!!!

Someone will draft Nick Foles,QB, Arizona, but unfortunately it won't be us.
2 Years from now...or less, I will come on this forum and say I TOLD YOU SO!!

I think newton is better than described by his detractors, but not as NFL ready as his supporters. The defining fact(s) for me are those character issues. Here in the Nashville area, I've watched and read about VY's exploits on and off the field. I do not wish to further suffer the same fate with Cam newton. I hope he has a great career....in the NFC.

Packers over the Falcons tonight, Patsies by 10 over the Jests tomorrow.

The Dolphins missed on sooo many Qbs, including Ryan, Brees, etc. They passed on Tebow, who would have been great in the wildcat....but passing on Newton? Is nuts!

Agree redsky. We're seeing too many qbs with outstanding athletic ability succeeding in the NFL to not take what is now less of a 'gamble' on this guy.

I agree with With Redsky most you that pay attention he's right on the Phins pass on good athletic players, LOOK THE LAST FIRST ROUND QB DRAFTED BY THE PHINS ARE HOF!

So let's see here what do we have at QB right now

Chad Henne
Tyler thigpen
Chad Penn
And the other QB, don't even know his name!


Yes there are some free agents QB but to me they are not worth the money, unless is BIG BEN. A RODGERS AND THAT IS JUST A PIPE DREAM TO BE ABLE TO GET THOSE TWO!!

Uhhhh.....Plaxico Burrass

Leaving prison in time for the 2011 Season.
Posted by: PUFF ~ The 'Magic' Kraken | January 14, 2011 at 11:14 AM


LOL Can you imagine Plax and Marshall together crusin' SO Beach at 2AM?

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