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How far from best are the Dolphins in the AFC East?

You know the joke: One Dolphins fan asks another if he thinks the team is close to a championship. The other guy answers he is convinced the Dolphins are indeed close.

"We're just an offense away," the guy says.

Well, the topic of how close the Dolphins are or are not came up, in part, in my Sunday column. Several members of the Dolphins make the point in the column that they believe they are quite close. You'll learn immediately how close one person believes Miami is to the Jets and Patriots.

I never really got into a debate with the folks about how close they think they are or aren't. What's the point? It's just an opinion. And opinions are cheap.

The fact is the Dolphins thought themselves pretty close last year when owner Stephen Ross talked about going to the Super Bowl and coach Tony Sparano agreed at the team's awards dinner. They were wrong. The Dolphins were no closer than the year before.

So, frankly, the opinion in-house at Dolphins camp can be questioned.

My opinion? Hahahaha.

I picked the 2007 Dolphins to go 10-6. They were 1-15. Would you believe I was just a year ahead of schedule on my prediction?

Anyway, I'm dreadful at such predictions.

But a consensus opinion is something different.

If you, Miami's intelligent fans, combine your good thinking and come to a consensus, maybe you're better judges of just where the Dolphins find themselves today. Obviously, today is not the day that matters. The Dolphins will draft and there will be some sort of free agency and trade period.

But today gives us a baseline. Today tells us how far the Dolphins must advance this offseason.

So tell me: How far are the Dolphins from winning the AFC East, for example? Maybe if we combine all your comments, we can reach a consensus.



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I'm just glad that Kris isn't running our draft because I have ZERO confidence that either Newton or Locker will pan out to be top QBs in the NFL and I certainly don't want either of these guys picked in the first round. To take a QB in the first round because you deem your current QB not to be the answer after two years is short-sighted and with no second round pick it leaves your organization helpless for next season. I'd rather the team show confidence in Henne for another year, give him some competition, work with him and give him some weapons throught the draft and FA. If he fails then we take a QB in the first next year, maybe even Andrew Luck. Alex Smith has had FIVE years in SF and it's not right to get rid of Henne after only two years. If a guy like Newton ends up being the pick it will be Ross who insists on it and it wil hurt this team for years to come.

If they only knew how stupid they sound. We are far enough away I am not sure I will see significant improvement (playoff game) in my life time. I am 55.

The old OUT Of STATE argument....it beats facts every time.....

sorry BobbyD...but in my opinion you lost the right to tout in state vs. out of state when you SOLD your tickets to the TEN game because you were so dissapointed.....I believe you said you made money on the deal.....

and if you pefer that NFL people build the franchise....which you are not....and neither am I.....why come on here?

Your not an NFL person.....

This is nothing more than mostly mature people talking about the Dolphins mixed in with a few immature people who can't talk reasonbly when people don't agree with them......

We still do free speech on this blog for the most part....right?

Riding out a coach with a history of success or a proven track record is 1 thing. But riding out a coach & GM who have proven incapable of assembling a coaching staff, a defense, offense, ST is nonsensical.

Why would this be the course to stick with? Do competent coaches & GM's have to rebuild the entire offensive & Defensive coaching staffs in consecutive years?

Not to mention a coach who is only a coach because of who his friends are. Denver fired a coach less than 2 years in. Same with San Fran. Futile as they may be, they at least are attempting to solve the problem. Miami is trying to put a bandaid on it & hoping it all works for the best.

Both Locker and Newton have several holes in their games and I haven't heard anyone say that either one of these guys are a sure thing. Neither one has shown the ability to be an accurate passer and you can't win in this league being an inaccurate passer.

Kris, don't bother with that fickle Barbara. He might have caught too much sun yesterday.

Yeah...lets wiat for THEM to tell US....because forming OUR OWN OPINION would be almost....well HUMAN.....

So lets all wait for THEM to TELL us what to think.....

I'm done with it Joe.....They can attack me the personality all day long....

I am yet to see them dispute the facts I have posted.....

They don't even mention them.....

New blog....and this one was just getting good.....

Kris...just who the hell do you think you are anyway claiming absurd rights to your own opinion? Thinking for yourself is unconstitutional! You didn't know that??? Follow the leaders my friend, where ever they may take you...and just be happy.

They need the 1985 offense to reincarnate.

Super Bowl here we come!

Sorry but this team is hopeless.

Damm, how I wish I was wrong but....in the words of Nick Saban..


Here is some reality, YOU ARE ALL FANS, that's it, you don't own the team, you have nothing invested in the team, and it has NO EFFECT on real life. Win or lose, no effect. Get over ur pitiful lives. If ur life evolves around whether the Dolphins Win OR Lose. see a psychiatrist NOW

I really believe the Dolphins are just a Tom Brady injury and a Rex Ryan heart attack away from winning the division.

Here come the plows....do do do do...Here come the plows & I say...it's allright...do do do do do do do do do do do do

We will likely be mediocre as long as Ireland and dorrell are around.

How far away?

Depends upon the decisions of the FO, Coaching staff, and an element of luck throughout the regular season. Sometimes a rotten ref is all it takes to ruin a game winning effort.

We did go from 1-15 to division champs in one year.

To go from 7-9 to win the superbowl is not a far stretch of the imagination, but to think this franchise can actually pull off such a stunt is, in itself,

...mind bloggling


some of u guys have gone overboard. We don't need a guard. I say that we trade down in the first and draft pouncey if available, if not take mikel leshoure, the RB from Illinois. Maybe we even take mallet or newton in the first if we dont trade down. Then later on we take colin kaepernick from nevada and get a good speedy WR/KR (or just brad smith in free agency). We can also get some depth at the O-line and try again at RB later on. Good RBs are easy to get in the 3rd round. If we can do that, maybe even get Kolb from free agency, I believe that we would already be better than the stupid lucky jets.

everyones comments are right on. the main thing we need is a quarterback and second is a running back that can take it to the house. until we fix this we are not going anywhere.u can fix the o-line. before i leave this earth i want to see my dolphins get back to the super bowl. this has been my team for over thirty-five years

I agree with just about everybody who said we need a QB....has it dawned on anybody how many crucial picks Henne threw at the worst moments...how many drives he killed...sheesh this man was playing for the other team it got so bad. Frustration after frustration...don't blame the o-line, WR's, or RB's if Henne can stop staring at one player or pump fake the dang ball or stop getting it batted on the line we could have easily won at 2 to 3 more games. Verdict is QB QB QB

and Henne is TALL for crying out loud how the HECK can you get batted that many times...man I get angry just re-living those moments while I type...

You need top notch players:
Center (1)
Guard (1)
Tackle RT (1)
Running Back (2)
Wide Receivers (1)
Middle LB (1)
Outside LB (1)
SS/FS (1)

Thats a total of 9 players.... will take at least 2-3 years if they are very aggressive but we know they are not..... so we wait while they try to find diamonds in the rough going after un-drafted players, and unknown players in every draft...... The dolphins suck because our drafts for the past 15 years have been awful...... simple as that!


Dear Anonomous,

You think alot of us here have gone overboard? And offer a "cure all" that is both retarded, as well as a "walk the plank" attitude?

"we don't need a guard, draft Pouncey though, is soooo contridictory, you might want to remain,



torrey smith
jon baldwin
jerrell jernigan
randall cobb
ryan williams
bilal powell
kendall hunter
derrick locke
jacquizz rodgers
leonard hankerson
titus young
danny watkins
ben ijalana
orlando franklin
john moffit

must be on the radar. we need to get as many of these guys as we can in this years draft.

Logan mankins and maybe cromartie at cb from the jets I heard he's a free agent but I'm not completely sure I'd resign brown let Williams go and replace him with Ingram and also sign a QB I like hennes potential but I don't think he's ready for a starting roll yet he needs more coaching development and vet leadership maybe give him a shot in 2012. Bottom line the O was horrendous we need to bolster the o line which will open up the run for brown and Ingram and the pass will come from there with Marshall Bess and a vet QB i also think Fasano is underrated. That being said if we can somehow add a significant corner cromartie maybe asomugha its a long shot but u never know to accompany Davis on the other side plus the return of odrickThis already top 10 D well kick even more A

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