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Jason Taylor makes a push for the Super Bowl

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play in the AFC Championship game Sunday evening and for Dolphins fans the most compelling part of that might be that long-time Dolphins defender Jason Taylor will be involved.

You remember Taylor?

JT played 12 seasons for the Dolphins. He never got past the divisional round of the playoffs. He's in the AFC title game in his first season with the Jets.

So how does that make you feel?

Most long-time Miami fans invested much full-throated support on Taylor. Those same people probably invested as much in rooting against the Jets. So how does one reconcile that?

Before you answer, remember some facts.

Taylor was a free agent this summer. He wanted to return to the Dolphins. The Dolphins did not offer him a contract and gave him no guarantees they would. The Jets did. He signed with New York because he wanted to continue playing.

We're beyond whether the decision by the Miami braintrust was a mistake or not. But we are not beyond how Taylor will go down in Dolphins history, go down as a Miami all-timer. The guy was arguably the most effective pass-rusher of the past decade (2000-2010). He will be a Hall of Fame candidate some day.

I, frankly, hold nothing against Taylor. I wish him the best. I personally want the Dolphins to succeed anytime they play the Jets. But the Dolphins are long gone from the picture this season. So I'm not about to use energy on rooting against a guy who is a good man and was a fine player for Miami and still loves this town.

So where are you at with this?

Stop. Again.

Let me plant this seed for you: How do you feel about Larry Csonka as an all-time Dolphin? Do you hate him? How do you feel about Paul Warfield? Jim Kiick?

The truth is those three are esteemed among Miami all-timers. Csonka and Warfield are in the Hall of Fame and the Dolphins claim them as favorite sons despite the fact they played elsewhere. So if you love them and claim them, how can you possibly say you won't claim Taylor some day?

I know, I know. None of those guys played for the reviled Jets. I get that. But you know what? They left the Dolphins in their prime to chase more money in the WFL. They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75.

The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won.

[Correction: The trio of Csonka, Kiick and Warfiled played in the game against the Raiders and migrated to the WFL following the game. Sorry for the error.]

Before you make your final decision and post a comment. listen to the interview Taylor did today on my radio show Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports. Judge the words for yourself. Click to listen. And then do what you do in the comments section. 

And, oh by the way, I'm picking the Jets on Sunday.





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Jason Taylor can go to Hell. The Jets can go to Hell. And your pick can go to Hell.

Are you kidding me a freaking article about Taylor going to the super bowl when there is so much more to write about on the Dolphins. What a joke. Taylor is scum and plays for the enemy, honestly I could care less about JT. This blog over the past month has been horrible.

Wow, excellent points about Zonk and Warfield. Never thought of it that way.

Great blog, Mando.

I wish him the best. Why hate?

I say screw the traitor and Cryan Ryan & the Foot Fetish Gang. Go Ben Rapistberger get your pardon lmao

Zonk, Warfield, and Kiick went to the WFL AFTER the loss to the Raiders in 1974.


Hate is better. I wish him the worst in all future endeavors.

You should do a better reasearch.

Csonka, Kiick and Warfield were with the Dolphins in 1974 when they lost in Oakland, they had signed future contracts with the WFL for 1975.


I Hope Jason(Twinkle Toes)Taylor never is on a super Bowl team, He tried with Washington, now He's trying to scam a championship with the jets, hope the jets lose sunday..

Who cares about Jason or the Jets? Jason left the Dolphins before he went to the Jets to chase more money ( Washington )! Good for him he should get all he can, but don't expect any hard core Dolphins fan to cheer for the Jets! Now I can understand you doing it Armando because we would not expect anything else from you. I don't wish Jason any bad luck but I can tell you I will not be cheering for the Jets this weekend for any reason.


He choose not to sign with Miami. Thanks for the high effort JT, but those teams were average and mostly forgotten by now. Go Stealers!

Look, Jason had very sore feet after all of his pretty boy dancing. It's understandable that he'd want to play for a coach who will rub his feet whenever he wants.


why show love to JT like this?

One of the greatest defensive players in Miami history, no doubt. But it is well known of his accomplishments here and how the teams didn't have an ounce of offense to go with the D.

You just said the blogs were going to focus on players and not coaches. How about making it about players who play for Miami or could play for Miami not a has been who is riding the hated Jets coat tails.

Bad blog Armando, bad!

To be honest Armando, Jason Taylor is an after-thought as far as I'm concerned. He's a bit player on that team and not the reason they are having success. Yes, he got some pressure on Brady last week but he's only a small part of what they are doing. Until you brought it up I hadn't even thought of him. That's a good Jet team but Jason Taylor isn't the first guy or even the tenth guy when you think about that team.

Is JT a Dolphin? No. With that said, is this blog necessary? No.

My appreciation for what JT did as Dolphin is unfortunately trumped by the fact he plays for the scum of the earth Jets.

JT is a traitor, I always will cheer for Zach Thomas but never ever for a traitor like JT.
Go Steelers beat the worst organization and a cheet team like the Jets, just remember "sex foot, sexual arrestment on mexican tv reporter, DUIs, trapping gate, etc."
Sheet always find sheet so you know what I think of JT joining the SH-E-T-S

no disrespect mando, was jt the only guy to give youa interview?????

I still like JT and always will, but the Jets organization and their crap fans deserve nothing more than complete failure. so they already have it to good. Sorry JT, i am rooting against your team 100%. I would have hoped for you to win as a skin, but can not make it happen when you are on a low life team like the Jets.

With the exception of 2 posts, the comments were way better than the blog. I must say, you don't disappoint Mando. This nonsensical fluff and filler is exactly what I expect from you.

More kicks in the nuts!

This blog as a whole is also a kick in the nuts.

Jason Taylor sold his soul to the devil in an attempt to gain a championship, plain and simple. You can make excuses for him regarding his status with the Dolphins and a contract but we all KNOW that IF he wanted to work, he could have found a job AFTER the draft and even into camp once someone was injured. He signed with the Jets because he WANTED to sign with them.

When he did his sack dance in SunLife Stadium it sealed the deal for me. I hope he never makes it to the ring of honor and if he does, I hope it is delayed at least a decade for his actions. Zach Thomas COULD have signed with the Pats, he made the right decision and protected his legacy.

Thanks for the memories, Jason but C-ya!


For one, Im not sure if Czonka is from NY, but he does have very sentimental ties to the state having been a Syracuse(NY) University All-American and graduate. Very understandable.

Two, Warfield was a former Cleveland Brown before being traded in 1970. He was in a sense "returning home."

Three, as did Zach Thomas and many other formers Dolphins, they did not defect to a chief division rival.

There's no way to root for JT right now without also rooting for the good fortunes of the hated divison rival Jets. Armando, if this is what you choose to do that's fine. But do not expect to have many followers of Dolphin nations to be of the same accords. LOL.........

More kicks in the nuts!

This blog as a whole is also a kick in the nuts.

Posted by: dolfdan13 | January 21, 2011 at 11:29 AM

Glad to oblige you .......

"Jason Taylor sold his soul to the devil in an attempt to gain a championship, plain and simple."

Even Dan Marino refused to sell his soul in Little Nicky for a SuperBowl.

I agree with most of the people here. JT will always be respected (or should be) by Dolphins fans for the time and effort he put in here, but that was yesterday. Today he's a Jet. And while I don't wish him ill and hope he plays well, it'll be a cold day in Hell before I EVER root for the Jets. The Al-Queida Saddomites could be playing the Jets, and I'd STILL root against them.

Mando, these colors don't run, remember that!

Jets Are Overrated:

Despite having what seemed on paper to be a "super team" before even the first game of the season was ever played, and clearly a much better team than the year before. Thus far the results have been exactly the same as the year before. "6th seed" wildcard reaches afc title game.

This is why I pretty much expect the exact same ending as the year before. Why not, it's the exact same pattern. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It's a damn duck! LOL.............

Breed, Dont be upset with mando, He was the only player to talk to him, So he must show "LOVE" to the ultimate trader......As a Matter of fact I see Jason(One step,two step)Taylor be a professional wrestler with the Moniker being "The Ultimate Trader"........

screw jason taylor. . he could have waited until after the draft to make a decision. .the jets or whoever still would have signed him. screw bill parcells for being as egotistical as he was which is why we are discussing this in the first place. what has jason taylor even done this season? i sure havent heard alot of talk about him. i doubt his numbers are much better than they were for us last season, and rex was supposed to have a defensive players dream system up there in new york. he is getting closer to a superbowl though, which i guess is all that matters. lastly. . zonk-kiick-warfield brought us 3 straight superbowl apperances (almost 4), 2 straight superbowl wins, an undefeated season, and didnt go to our most hated rivals when they left. jason taylor left us TWICE, once to our division rivals, brought us an apperance on dancing with the stars, and won a defensive mvp. you tell me why zonk-kiick-warfield get cut more slack!!!

i have been reading your blog for years....but mando, you are losing me. i want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but you are not doing your job very well. your blog has been slipping. you only use it to hype your radio show that most of us cant listen to. you used to provide insight, you used to do some digging and research, you used to tell us information that was interesting and NOT obvious. copying and pasting lists (last blog) or transcripts, isnt journalism. please own up to your lack of effort. if your radio show is the new love of your life, than at least be honest with all of us so we stop checking in everyday hoping to find something worth reading......in short, stop with the self promoting and please do your job, or else we will all stop reading.....

Guys I don't want to get into a big Jason Taylor discussion on this blog but I don't get why everyone wants to say he was a traitor. ?Most of you deem this organization to be dysfunctional and a mess. Taylor wanted to come back to the team this year but they showed him no love. Most of you would have done the same thing. I have no ill will towards JT. He played hard when he was here and he made a business decision last year because he didn't want to be left out out in the cold. The Dolphins made the decision to go with youth JT is in the semi-final game. It worked out well for both parties. Try and stay classy guys!

I will always give thanks and have a ton of respect for JT. The only reason he is playing with the Jets is because they were the ones who gave him a contract. He's not like Brett Favre who wants to play in the same division as his old team so he can get his revenge. I'm sure he understood that the Dolphins just needed to go a different direction. I for one am happy for him and hope that he gets the chance to play for a World Championship.


Look, I am not sure if JT was offered a contract by the Fins or not for 2010, I know there are conflicting reports. If he wasn't and wanted to continue to play, I don't have a problem with that, BUT there are 30 other teams he could have signed with and he wouldn't be in the position he is in with Fin's fans. You just don't go play for the Jets! I don't know how he COULD do it? That team, with those loser fans, with ugly uniforms, etc... It would make me sick, I couldn't do it. I don't want to hear either that he needed the money or any other bull.

He chose poorly, and that is it. Plus, they won't win the SB that is a fact, they got lucky to beat Indy we all saw it. Sanchez won't have 2 more good games in a row, his fantasy game was last week, the true Sanchez will show up again, he is like a 70 QB rating player, that will resurface.

Stay classy San Diego, lol.

And I WILL BE ROOTING FOR THE JETS. Isn't anyone else sick of the Steelers and the Patriots. Come on, besides the Colts who else has the AFC sent to the Super Bowl in the past dozen years. Time for change.

I'm a dolphins fan and you guys are making us look like a bunch of hating whiners, just like the Jets. I hope the Jets make it to the superbowl so taylor can see what it's like but get destroyed by the packers. I just think a superbowl loss will hurt more than a conference loss..

And I WILL BE ROOTING FOR THE JETS. Isn't anyone else sick of the Steelers and the Patriots. Come on, besides the Colts who else has the AFC sent to the Super Bowl in the past dozen years. Time for change.

Posted by: Freezin' in NY | January 21, 2011 at 11:46 AM


Nope, The Jets organization and their poor excuse for fans do not deserve anything good ever to happen to them. You could not pay me to root for the jets, and i mean that.

Now my hatred comes from personal experiences with the Jets fans when my familiy had season tickets there. Although it may have been a small sampling of who Jets fans are. the crap they pulled runs deep with me. So, that being said, I am a HUGE PITT fan this weekend.

Dude, Nice...........I agree a Super Bowl lose is what this Fecal matter deserves......

Craig M,

I agree using the term "traitor" is very over the top. That's a hangable Offense. But I would say that JT committed an act of unquestionable TABOO without a doubt! LOL..........

Freezin' in NY = Not a Dolphins fan

It's the pleats in the pants. It's like an optical illusion.

csonka,kiick and warfield didnt make nearly as much money as taylor made in 1 year so you can throw that argument out the window..i also disagree with you that taylor couldn't have waited til after the draft..someone would've signed him..everyone who loves the dolphins loves jason taylor..he was so vocal about his hatred for the jets, as much as we do and then he spits in our face by playing with them..

Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield were ON THAT TEAM that lost the Raiders playoff game, Armando!

One of the most significant games in the history of the franchise and a guy who is PAID to write about the team doesn't even know the damn history??


I dont care if were the Buffalo Bills playing the Cincinatti Bengal for the rights to represent the afc in the SB. I would root for the Bengals because an afc east team advancing and winning would only more remind me how inept were this season.

Dont know about the rest of you but I dont want to spend the entire offseason and next year's regular with the likes of Tortureddolphin and the rest of the fairy like band boasting thier bulls*it in this blog! LOL.......

Hey Armando, If your looking for sympathy for
99 you can forget about it...

he IS A JET now, the hell with him.

Forget about Jason Taylor, loved him when he was here who cares if he wins one, he is not a dolphin anymore and he went to the hated Jets. I will never ever want the jets to win for any reason. Sorry Jason, but I hope you and the rest of your dirty, tripping Jets lose!!

Dave Wannstedt hired as assistant coach and coach of the linebackers today in Buffalo. Might he end up being their head coach a year or two down the road when things haven't panned out under Gailey? Dolphin fans can only hope!!

Had JT signed with Steelers I'ld be rooting for him a full 100% Sunday! LOL............

Wow, Salguero, you actually didn't know that Csonka, Warfield, and Kiick were on that 74 team?

I could see some dopey fan not knowing team history but aren't you paid to know it??


CAN'T WAIT! LOL...........



CAN'T WAIT! LOL.......................


I've been agreeing with a lot of your posts lately, but I'm not sure about Ingram at 15. I like him and I think he would be an upgrade over Brown (we disagree in that i don't think he would be a huge upgrade but rather just an upgrade). The problem I have with it is I'm not sure it's a great VALUE pick for us. I agree he should be drafted in and around there my problem is with no second, I'm not sure how we follow that up. My preference is to get a second through a trade back and hopefully get a couple of guys that can start for us next year. Running back is certainly a priority but I think we could get value by picking a back in the second or third round. Ordinarily, if we had a second round pick, I wouldn't have a probelm with us taking Ingram at 15.

When JT is done wearing that ugly green jersey I will welcome him back with open arms and cheer when they add him to the Ring of Honor.

Until that day, I wish him nothing but the worst and sincerely hope that he and his new team fail miserably. I was a Pats fan last week and I'm a Steelers fan this week!

Dear Armando,



I for one am sick of all the Jason Taylor Hate down here.

Parcells is deserving of ALL that antipathy.

Parcells purposefully alientated him, snubbed him, demeaned him.

EFF Parcells. Good luck (gulp!) JT.

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