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Jason Taylor makes a push for the Super Bowl

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play in the AFC Championship game Sunday evening and for Dolphins fans the most compelling part of that might be that long-time Dolphins defender Jason Taylor will be involved.

You remember Taylor?

JT played 12 seasons for the Dolphins. He never got past the divisional round of the playoffs. He's in the AFC title game in his first season with the Jets.

So how does that make you feel?

Most long-time Miami fans invested much full-throated support on Taylor. Those same people probably invested as much in rooting against the Jets. So how does one reconcile that?

Before you answer, remember some facts.

Taylor was a free agent this summer. He wanted to return to the Dolphins. The Dolphins did not offer him a contract and gave him no guarantees they would. The Jets did. He signed with New York because he wanted to continue playing.

We're beyond whether the decision by the Miami braintrust was a mistake or not. But we are not beyond how Taylor will go down in Dolphins history, go down as a Miami all-timer. The guy was arguably the most effective pass-rusher of the past decade (2000-2010). He will be a Hall of Fame candidate some day.

I, frankly, hold nothing against Taylor. I wish him the best. I personally want the Dolphins to succeed anytime they play the Jets. But the Dolphins are long gone from the picture this season. So I'm not about to use energy on rooting against a guy who is a good man and was a fine player for Miami and still loves this town.

So where are you at with this?

Stop. Again.

Let me plant this seed for you: How do you feel about Larry Csonka as an all-time Dolphin? Do you hate him? How do you feel about Paul Warfield? Jim Kiick?

The truth is those three are esteemed among Miami all-timers. Csonka and Warfield are in the Hall of Fame and the Dolphins claim them as favorite sons despite the fact they played elsewhere. So if you love them and claim them, how can you possibly say you won't claim Taylor some day?

I know, I know. None of those guys played for the reviled Jets. I get that. But you know what? They left the Dolphins in their prime to chase more money in the WFL. They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75.

The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won.

[Correction: The trio of Csonka, Kiick and Warfiled played in the game against the Raiders and migrated to the WFL following the game. Sorry for the error.]

Before you make your final decision and post a comment. listen to the interview Taylor did today on my radio show Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports. Judge the words for yourself. Click to listen. And then do what you do in the comments section. 

And, oh by the way, I'm picking the Jets on Sunday.





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To all these JT haters, SHUT UP ALREADY!!!

JT is a Jet because our esteemed Dolphins brass didn't want him. And let's be honest, JT on our D-line this past year, with Wake on the other side, would've been quite the line.

Even though I hate the Jets (I burn Jets memorabilia in the Dolphins parking lot every year before the Fish-Jets home game) I will be rooting for JT on Sunday. I hope he gets his ring. It would have been nice if he got it as a Dolphin, but (again) let's be honest, IT WASN'T GONNA HAPPEN ANYTIME SOON!!!

I am of the opinion that our current state of disarray is due to one person - PARCELLS. The man is a buffoon (for lack of a better word). To think he earned so much money turning our storied franchise into the crap we've got today makes me puke. And to think he's got such an iron clad contract that Ross can't go after his butt, especially in light of recent reports he helped the Jets land Rex Ryan while on Dolphins' time, makes me even sicker.

I hope Ross gets his head out of his A** and does something good for our beloved Dolphins, because what's transpired over the last couple of years has made us the laughingstock of the entire NFL. We don't need another big name to lead us to nowhere. We need quality personnel and coaches to turn this ship around before it completely sinks into oblivion for the next 10 years.

Just sayin' ...

"The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won."


Is that what you think, Armando?

Well, here's a news bulletin: THEY WERE ON THAT TEAM.

I'm going to the Sun-Sentinel for my Dolphins news. The bloggers here are OK but you don't seem to know a whole lot.

And by the way Mando, Csonka, Kiick and Warfield were on that Dolphins' team that lost to the Raiders. They jumped to the WFL AFTER that season.

Craig M,

I suggest Ingram because he's clearly the #1 rated rb in this draft by the so-called "draft experts." I also feel if you can get a guy who can almost 100% starter is a great value pick no matter where you grab him.

Still if you seen mt other posts I'm also impartial to trading back if it can get us a 2nd rd pick. That scenario gives us much better odds of landing 2 starters rather than just one. It's highly unlikely a 3rd rd pick will be a starter for you, but does "occassionally" happens.

So I see much of what happens for us during free agency will have the most impact upon how we go about our drafting.

come on forget taylor already its football 101 for god sakes you root for the guys on your team and you root against the guys in your division its pretty simple jets must go down period

I have a house full of furniture made of Rich Mahogany.



I think comparing JT to Zonk, Kiick and Warfield is a stretch at best. I'm not even going to pass judgment on Taylor. But to knock the old school guys for trying to make more money is silly. That wasn't an era where players were making millions of dollars. Heck, the majority of them had to have side jobs so they could make a living. It wasn't like they were jumping ship to go from $8 million per year to get an extra couple million. They went from $60k per year to $700k-$1.4m so I wouldn't call that avarice. It's called a no-brainer.


Totally agree. But also, don't discount the possibility of a TE being taken in the third round and coming in here and helping this team next year. Williams is an interesting guy for us to look at. I could see him in some sets next year WITH Fasano where could have some impact on some of our games. If we got starters out of ourfirst two picks and some contribution from a guy like Williams, plus maybe a couple of guys in FA I'd be a happy guy.

I love Lamp


Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield didn't begin playing in the WFL until the 1975 season. They were still with Miami for that Raiders playoff game.

I hope you will be posting a correction. That's a pretty big mistake to make from someone whose job it is to get things like that right.

Craig M,

In my prior posted meant to say "100% day 1 starter". Getting a day 1 starter is always a great value no matter what portion of 1st rd you get him. Just dont wanna make a "reach" and land a bust or land a guy who isnt a day 1 starter! LOL.......

I'veHadEnough ... and Seer = Not Dolphins fans

I'm in a glass cage of emotion. The man he punted Baxter!

i hope we trade back in the draft and get a second rd pick back, then take the best center available in the first rd and the best gaurd or tackle in the second and maybe get a good gaurd in free agency, i know we need speed and playmakers but this o-line has got to get right once and for all with the same 5 guys playing together, all the playmakers in the world wont get you anything if you keep having a rotating line week after week


He is a freakin jet!..once he gets out of that uniform He will always be a great dolphin..its true parcells and the rest didnt help the situation with jt.but right now he is a freakin jet!..go steelers

To DB & Craig,

It doesn't matter who we have at RB if we don't fix the OL. We need to take Mike Pouncey in Rd 1. Although he isn't quite as good as his brother, he is still the highest rated interior lineman available in the draft and a huge upgrade over Joe Berger who should be more of a utility backup. There's your Day 1 starter. We could easily sign Jerome Harrison as a FA and get a good RB prospect in the middle rounds of the draft.

Just my opinion... I certainly understand where you are coming from though.

i hope we trade back in the draft and get a second rd pick back, then take the best center available in the first rd and the best gaurd or tackle in the second and maybe get a good gaurd in free agency, i know we need speed and playmakers but this o-line has got to get right once and for all with the same 5 guys playing together, all the playmakers in the world wont get you anything if you keep having a rotating line week after week

Posted by: fix the line | January 21, 2011 at 12:34 PM

I agree but, let's face it. They've botched it 3 years in a row. What makes anyone think it'll happen in year 4? based on the last 3 years, it's hard to be optimistic anything on this offense changes.

I also wouldn't count on rookies, mostly later round picks coming in and helping these clowns win now. If they wanna rebuild this Offense, it's gonna have to be through free agency.

Thanks for that piece of dolphins history, Mando. my dolphins memory starts at the 82' AFC championship coincidently when the Killer Bs' beat up on the NY JETS to go to the superbowl. Been a die hard Fins fan ever since.

hope the jets win this though, they deserve it. they've been the target of alot of trash talking (kind of like the CANES) and they've backed it up two years in a row.

one day soon we'll be back in that game, just got to clean some things up.


Good for JT, but the fact is he is an odd man out with our current roster of DLinemen. One of the few bright spots from last year. Hope we can hang on to all of them for next year.

It's called Sex Panther. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Craig M,

Just say no to 3rd rd TE's. Very weak TE class. Kyle Rudolph head and shoulders the class of this draft and is projected he can still be around as late as 2nd rd. Dont want a guy who's a flip of the coin to become a day 1 starter at TE.

Been there done that with John Nalbone. That's how weak the 2011 TE class is. Drafting a TE 3rd rd this draft could be the possible equivalency of taking a John Nalbone 5th rd in 2009.

We should exhaust every effort into landing "PROVEN" fa Zach Miller this offseason. Im sure that would be the #1 goal over trying to get lucky thru the draft.

Other than Dan Marino, Jason Taylor is my favorite Dolphin player of all time. That being said I would root for him if he had signed with any other team. Yes, even if he'd signed with New England. Let's face it, it's not like the Dolphins are on the precipice of joining the elite so at this point I've resigned myself to letting New England's run play out because it's going to take the Dolphins a few years to catch up. But the Jets are below loathsome. No offense to JT but I hope the Steelers win this weekend in Jacksonville over JJ style, that Mark Sanchez suffers serious bodily injury and that the Jets crash and burn for ten plus years.

We picked Nalbone because he went to Monmouth University. Parcells backyard. The hot bed for NFL prospects!

I <3 JT

I hate the Jets...

I'm torn

Agree will those who blame the fat f@gg0t vs. those that would rather have seen JT retire. That's absurd.

Jason Taylor is a hypocritical traitor. He told us his whole career how much he hated the Jets and would retire before playing for them. I don't care if he wanted to come back or not. Find any other team to play for then the jets. He could of waited until after the draft to see what teams would need him. Its not like he picked the jets in August. And let's not forget he quit on the team after the 1-15 season. Wow that's a stand up guy. He doesnt deserve Miami fans support or praise because obviously Jason Taylor only cares about one person, Jason Taylor.

So you don't like D J Williams, DB, a guy most mocks have going in the third or fourth round? what is it you're looking for in the 3rd round? We're talking about a guy who will be drafted about 75th in this draft. Miller would be great but don't you think there will be a lot of competition for his services and I'm not even convinced that Oakland will let him walk.

JT had every right to leave & sign where he wanted. As fans, we also have the right to boo him or loathe him because of where he went. it works both ways.

I will NEVER root for the Jets, but I do still respect JT, he gave his heart and soul to the team for many years. So I don't hate him, just don't want to see him win a superbowl with the Jets.

For the draft conversation, we don't need a TE as bad as many othe rpositions, if we had some better blocking schemes and Fasano could go out for more passes, and had a QB that could throw with accuracy, he would be very good.

Bring in Ingram or Pouncy, and leaning toward Pouncy.

Uh, next post please Armando.

Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should probably find yourself a safehouse or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder.

"Fix The Line" advocates, draft mocks have us taking either rb Mark Ingram or Gators C/G Marquice Pouncey. So the trade back grab Pouncey theory is still well within play.

There's always the option of resigning Brown on the heavy incentives contract end and drafting a speed back like Noel Devine. The kid would make an awesome compliment to Ronnie Brown. So there's also way to solidify both o-line and rb position via draft.

If we got noel Devine, resign Brown on the cheap(incentives), drafted Pouncey, sign Logan Mankins, and TE Zack Miller. IMO, this would be an offseason coupe!

jt didnt dump the dolphins,the regime dumped him. jt wanted to remain a dolphin for life but the pompous ass regime(parcells/ireland/sparano) didnt want/offer him a contract. the man wanted to keep playing and went to the only team who wanted him which happened to be the jets. i hate the jets but not JT. i do however hope the jets lose big!

Given the Dolphins season is over, rendering this blog vaguely irrelevant, it's time to hypothesize on how some of our favorite people on this blog would perform as a team of baseball players. I think it might look like this:

Player Position Avg HR RBI
------ -------- --- -- ---
A. Salguero Catcher .264 16 67
Cuban Menace 1st Base . 297 18 87
Mark in Toronto 2nd Base .336 8 74
Dying Breed 3rd Base .256 37 104
Aloco Shortstop .245 6 41
DC Dolfan Leftfield .344 12 91
Marc Centerfield .288 25 84
CraigM Rightfield .267 44 115
Pete D.H. .322 22 118

PA Fish Fan

I disagree strongly with your position on TE. We've got a guy who is medicore at best. He's slow and plodding with questionable hands. Not a game changer. There was plenty of talent available last year to grab as a TE and we blew it!! To me this a MUST on this team for next year, probably second to upgrading the RB position.

Could we please get an objective person to cover this team. Someone who doesn't plug his radio show 24-7, knows the teams history, and doesn't allow himself to be a tool or PR person for former players?

Craig M,

We should exhaust every imaginable effort possible into signing Zack Miller. We've "monkeyed around" with the TE position for long enough.

There should only be a "Plan B" after we've done everthing humanly possible to get Zack Miller and missed. Right now Zach Miller should be our only love! LOL.............

Well--Parcels said that he did,in fact,offer an extension to Jason Traitor and JT refused the offer because it was too low.So,if you are asking me whom I believe--it certainly isn't the guy playing for Satan's team!


I'm fine with those numbers but not happy with hitting eighth....LOL.


I'm fine with those selections but I'd like to see Khalil playing for us next year and I'd prefer Williams from VT. I think he's undervalued right now because of injuries and I actually feel he may end being the best back to come out of this draft. I feel we could get him in the second, assuming of course we get a second.

Armando I respect you as a journalist - my favorite. But this blog entry is complete and utter bull****.

Whether it's tomorrow, a year from now, or ten-years from now, I will never forgive Jason who? Never.

I wish him no ill will as well, but the thought of his name being on the Ring of Fame someday (God forbid after winning a Super Bowl with the stinkin' Jets) makes me violently sick.


Before thanking Salguero for the "history lesson" be aware that he TOTALLY got his history wrong.

Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield were all still WITH the Dolphins in that famous 1974 playoff game he referenced.


I think we both see a good pass-catching TE as must for this offence for next year. All the good teams have one. Us? Probably a guy I'd consider to be in the bottom third of the league. You need to give your QB, whoever that might be, a guy who will make the big catches on third down, a safety valve. That's not Fasano. He can't get open most of the time and he drops too many important catches. Miller yes, but possible fallback would be Daniels in Houston.

I'm constantly amazed at the depths you will go to try and trash the Dolphins organization!

I TOTALLY don't get the hate for JT. He wanted to come back this season and we chose to develop Wake and build through the draft. Taylor had to do what he had to do. The guy can still play and he still wanted to play. The comments towards him are both childish and unneccessary. I hate the Jets as much as the next guy but this guy did what he had to do to protect himself. Had they showed him some love from day one, he never would have been shipped to Washington or left for New York through FA. i have no ill will towards this guy at all.

Bad job Mando.

Warfield, Kiick, and Csonka didn't go to the WFL until 1975, making your whole premise about them costing the team the shot at a third Super Bowl empty.

You gotta do better than that, dude. Don't they pay you for this stuff?

Pete, apparently he did since so many people are saying so. nobody's perfect. Still best place to get your dolphins info 365 days of the year, at least for any poor schmuck that doesn't live in south florida.

Craig M,

You're now seeming to have the exact same drafting strategy this regime has had the nearly the past 3 seasons. Wanting guys that may have potential to be really good.

That hasnt really panned out very well for us has it? Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Why grasp at "birds in the bush" when surer things are at hand?

Just imagine how this team would now look had Wake chosen another team, so had Bess(undrafted fa), and Marshall/Dansby had not been signed? Jake Long is the only true drafting frame of this regime and we had to miss on a young franchise qb to land him. Vonte seemed to regress a bit after gm 8 this season. Im still wondering wth is up with that!

As I said, the "Grasping" at straws method of drafting in Miami has to end!

We make fun of other organizations fans as being 'classless'. I think a lot of Dolphins fans need to take a long look in the mirror. You want this organization to be more classy, how about what some of you gys are bringing to the table? All this hate for JT! The guy poured his heart and soul into playing for this team and is a future Hall of Famer. He wanted to come back and was shown the cold shoulder. Start showing a bit of class to some of our heroes....God knows we've only had a select few over the last few years.

dolfanSF--Agreed, and I enjoy coming to this blog.

But that was also a pretty big error on Salguero's part. That Raiders playoff game is easily one of the 5 or 6 most significant games in Dolphins history and a guy paid to write about the team should know the facts better.

Honest mistake, sure, but one a 'professional' shouldn't make.

Yes Craig, I would rather a Daniels plan B, then make drafting a collegiate TE Plan C. We've been hurting at this position far too long to continue rolling dice. LOL......

Taylor can come back and beg for forgiveness after he takes off the Jets uniform and burns it. Same with Parcells. Same with the fair weather fans. It's completely unfair to assume that you know the motivation of Czonka et al. Once Taylor loses this weekend, can we finally stop reading about him? What are you, his publicist?

Taylor can come back and beg for forgiveness after he takes off the Jets uniform and burns it. Same with Parcells. Same with the fair weather fans. It's completely unfair to assume that you know the motivation of Czonka et al. Once Taylor loses this weekend, can we finally stop reading about him? What are you, his publicist?

You said it, Armando -- the most compelling part of the upcoming game for this Dolfan is that Jason's playing in it. Who more deserves a shot at a SB ring? I'm so happy for JT I'm gonna root for the Jets Sunday.

BTW, thanks for this post. I've been looking for JT-related blurbs all week.

JT BIRTH DAY........ MAY/13/1934


There was no guarantee that Ryan was going to be THE franchise QB. There was a lot of debate and discussion about which guy should be chosen. Chris Long was part of that discussion too. Did we get it right? Don't know. I'm a big Jake Long fan and he's performed awful well for us over the last three years, as his three Pro Bowl appearances have shown. Matty Ice? Still waiting to win his first playoff game after three years. So the jury is still out...

There were several TE's in last years drafted that would have helped this team this past season. We chose to ignore the position and it's now something we're trying to rectify. I'm not sure I'm 'grasping'. I'm identifying a need and I'm saying we need to fix it. Miller would be great but there will be competition. Then what?




I'm agreeing with you on the TE position. Try and fill it through FA. But there will be a lot of teams with that same idea. We're also faced with the reality of 'why would this be an attractive option?' for a guy like Miller. New OC, struggling young QB, Head Coach would could be gone if things don't turn around. It may all be a bit too much for him to accept and there may be better options. I'm just saying we have ignored the position too much. time to address it with a higher pick, if necessary.


Oh yeah, has anyone else wondered... Let's just say the Jets win the AFC Championship and then the Super Bowl this year. And let's just say Jason is voted into the Hall of Fame after he retires.

Does he go in as a Dolphin or a Jet?

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