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Jason Taylor makes a push for the Super Bowl

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play in the AFC Championship game Sunday evening and for Dolphins fans the most compelling part of that might be that long-time Dolphins defender Jason Taylor will be involved.

You remember Taylor?

JT played 12 seasons for the Dolphins. He never got past the divisional round of the playoffs. He's in the AFC title game in his first season with the Jets.

So how does that make you feel?

Most long-time Miami fans invested much full-throated support on Taylor. Those same people probably invested as much in rooting against the Jets. So how does one reconcile that?

Before you answer, remember some facts.

Taylor was a free agent this summer. He wanted to return to the Dolphins. The Dolphins did not offer him a contract and gave him no guarantees they would. The Jets did. He signed with New York because he wanted to continue playing.

We're beyond whether the decision by the Miami braintrust was a mistake or not. But we are not beyond how Taylor will go down in Dolphins history, go down as a Miami all-timer. The guy was arguably the most effective pass-rusher of the past decade (2000-2010). He will be a Hall of Fame candidate some day.

I, frankly, hold nothing against Taylor. I wish him the best. I personally want the Dolphins to succeed anytime they play the Jets. But the Dolphins are long gone from the picture this season. So I'm not about to use energy on rooting against a guy who is a good man and was a fine player for Miami and still loves this town.

So where are you at with this?

Stop. Again.

Let me plant this seed for you: How do you feel about Larry Csonka as an all-time Dolphin? Do you hate him? How do you feel about Paul Warfield? Jim Kiick?

The truth is those three are esteemed among Miami all-timers. Csonka and Warfield are in the Hall of Fame and the Dolphins claim them as favorite sons despite the fact they played elsewhere. So if you love them and claim them, how can you possibly say you won't claim Taylor some day?

I know, I know. None of those guys played for the reviled Jets. I get that. But you know what? They left the Dolphins in their prime to chase more money in the WFL. They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75.

The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won.

[Correction: The trio of Csonka, Kiick and Warfiled played in the game against the Raiders and migrated to the WFL following the game. Sorry for the error.]

Before you make your final decision and post a comment. listen to the interview Taylor did today on my radio show Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports. Judge the words for yourself. Click to listen. And then do what you do in the comments section. 

And, oh by the way, I'm picking the Jets on Sunday.





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I support Taylor decision to play for the Jets but that does not mean I will be cheering the Jets this weekend. Rex Ryan and the Jets should burn:)

No offense Armando, but JT is a hypocrite. All the years he spent hating the Jets go by the wayside because Ryan was the only one kissing his Hollywood butt.

JT was offered a contract prior to the end of the season by the Dolphins, he didn't accept the offer. I don't have any hate towards JT, but I'm not his fan either, not anymore. I feel indifferent towards him...however, I DO, and always will hate the Jets. I am much more upset at how the Dolphins treated Zack Thomas.


As a Dolphin. Hands down. this wmay have been his most successful year but he's always said that he'll be a Dolphin at heart. No question on this.


That would be like Paul Molitor or DAve Winfield going in to the Hall of Fame as Blue Jays because they won a championship. It wasn't going to happen. When you think of JT, you think of him as being a Dolphin.

Armando!!! how could you!!! even though the Jets have a great chance to win no Dolphins fan should pick them!!! Even if yr wrong you have to stay a homer just sayin


Bad job Mando.

Warfield, Kiick, and Csonka didn't go to the WFL until 1975, making your whole premise about them costing the team the shot at a third Super Bowl empty.

You gotta do better than that, dude. Don't they pay you for this stuff?

Posted by: Ernie in O-Town | January 21, 2011 at 01:02 PM

Fins lost to Raiders on the infamous Clarence Davis td pass, which he wrestled away from Nick Buonticonti in the endzone in the 1974-75 season. Armando correctly was alluding to the fact had we not lost Czonka(our ground game thunder), Kiick(the best 3rd down specialist arguably of the era), and Warfield( both our lightning and easily one of the game's top 3 wr's). It was very possible we could have played for another SB the following season.

That following season we fell from being ranked 3rd offensively in the nfl to being ranked 6th. Although we still won the afc east, we still didnt have enough firepower offensively to make another realistic run at the SB. Losing Czonka, Warfield, and Kiick was like asking it too rain without having thunder, ligthning, or even water! LOL.........

And for those of you who are talking about drafting an interior lineman in the first round, I give you one name and I hope I spell it correctly-Wisnewski from Penn State. He can play either guard spot or center, and plays them extremely well. If the fins can trade back in the first round and get a secound round pick, I would go after Wisnewski all day!

Craig M,

After spending his entire career at the Raiders, coming to Miami would be like shoveling s*hit in a perfume factory! LOL......

The Dolphins could learn something from the Jets. I don't like them.....never have and never will.....but they have built a winner the right way. When will the Dolphins brass wise up and stop making the same mistakes? Every year, its the same thing. The Jets have put in the work, and they are at the threshold again. Maybe one day the Dolphins will figure it out, but I am not holding my breath.


You can save the history lesson. I know it backwards and forwards.

Armando was not "alluding" to anything. He SPECIFICALLY said Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield were NOT on that 1974 team that lost to the Raiders when te FACT of the matter is they WERE on that team.

Is there something about that not clear to you? He made a mistake and myself (and others) have pointed it out.

Yes, perhaps if those three players had stayed Miami might have won a third title but that has nothing to do with Salguero being completely wrong in the example he used.


yeah joe i hear ya they probably will screw it up again its just laughable how these guys keep picking up trash for the line just because they can play every position on the line, i dont understand that way of thinking why not just go draft or get guys who excell at one position or the other thats how you build a good line, it looks like as far as the line goes sparano would rather get lousy players with roster flexibility instead of a good player that plays one position i dont get it

Wisnewski is listed at 6'3 305. Afc East NT's would see him as a "Scooby" snack his first year. He clearly needs to add about 20lbs of muscle not to be dominated his 1st year.


Incorrect about the Dolphins winning the AFC East the year after Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield left.

Miami went 10-4 that season (1975) and lost the division title to the Colts on tiebreakers. They didn't make the playoffs at all that year.

Nothing against Taylor. I won't root against him personally, but I will root against the Jets. Just his bad luck that he picked them.

Earnie In O-Town,

You're absolutely correct! LOL.........

"They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75."

Fix, this team should be further ahead than what it is. That is Sparano & Ireland's fault, but sadly, the players & position coaches become scapegoats for their ineptitude.

I'm not sure how long people can look at what's going on in Miami & realize what's really going wrong. 1 failure after the other, year after year. These guys have NO idea how to find good offensive players. NONE.

Imagine if Miami had assembled a decent o-line in any of the 3 past seasons. We'd be looking for skill position upgrades & with a decent D that we have, we could be talking playoffs.

Instead we're talking of having to redo the entire offense. The 2nd of 3 phases of the team to be reconstructed in consecutive seasons.

Ross has to be the dumbest schlep on the planet to buy what Ireland & Sparano are selling.


1975 Miami DolphinsFranchise Index: Previous Season / Next Season

Record: 10-4-0, Finished 1st in AFC East Division

Scored 357 points (25.5/g), 6th of 26 in the NFL.

Allowed 222 points (15.9/g), 4th.

Check it for yourself:


Armando you're missing one important fact. I was two years old the year Csonka and crew left and I'm one of the older posters in here. I doubt very highly some of these people give a rats butt what happened in the early 70's, neither do I. I care about the present and future. Jason Taylor is not presently with the team and he won't be here in the future either. Therefore what happens in his life is irrelevant to any Miami Dolphin fan. Sure Jason Taylor fans should and probably do care. But just because a guy played for your team doesn't mean you automatically have to be his fan.

Zach Thomas forever!!!!

Didn't really sound like JT was enthused about being on your radio show - guess I can't blame him.


The 75 team finished TIED with the Colts at 10-4 but lost out on tiebreakers. They did NOT win the division nor did they go to the playoffs.

That is absolutely irrefutable. Not only could I look it up a thousand different ways, I don't need to. I was around then. 1975 was the first of three consecutive Baltimore AFC East titles. Miami lost another tiebreaker to them in the same manner in the 1977 season.

After the Oakland playoff game in 1974, Miami did not return to the playoffs until the 1978 season, as a wild-card.

Make that two important facts. The whole Raiders game thing where Csonka,Warfield, and Kiick apparently played in. But once again,,,,was two years old,,,,have no clue who was on the team that year unless I look it up. But you probably should have researched a bit. Yikes.

Pete is right. Miami didn't win the division in 1975. Just looked it up on miamidolphins.com

Who cares about JT, honestly? This blog is stupid. He hasn't been good since he was traded to Washington. Armando's love affair with him doesn't merit having a blog. or at least one worthy of posting on.

With so much happening with this team right now, it's pretty sad that we have a blog about a Jet.


I know he married her and everything, but isn't it a bit odd your boy and teammate marrying your sister (JT and Zach's sister)? It's not Lebron's mom level of disrespect, but it's almost too much to handle (on Zach's part). He's never said anything about it, but c'mon, these are football players. They've probably tagged a bunch of groupies or whatever after games, and then JT starts hollering at Zach's sister?

Again, he married her, so it must have been love and he must have been in it more than just physical, but I always thought that was almost too close for comfort (if anyone watches Blue Mountain State on SpikeTV this season you'll know where the weirdness comes in).

B..B..Bennie and the Jets....

I stand corrected. It's been a very long time. I do remember 1975 being the emergence of qb Bert Jones, rb Lydell Mitchell, and wr Roger Carr for the Colts. Also remember finishing 8-8 in 1976, basically Shula's 1st losing season.

What I wouldn't give on Sunday to see the Steelers winning late in the game & then a split screen shot on the scoreboard of Jason Taylor & Fireman Ed sobbing as the clock runs out.

From miamidolphins.com (not that I needed to look it up) regarding the 1975 season:

December 14
Dolphins suffer 10-7 loss in overtime at Baltimore on 31-yard FG by Toni Linhart and miss qualifying for playoffs for first time in six years under Don Shula.

And there you have it.

The difference between the jets and the dolphins is coaching, for sure, Ireland and sparano are idiots, but it's personnel as well. Look at the jets wide receivers. Look at their corners and safeties. Look at their front line. Bart and Kris....and then u have brad smith, playmakers everywhere!
Ireland does not understand scouting and drafting, and that's a Shame.
Sparano is one of the leagues worst coaches, has no mind for second half or two minute adjustments, has an orgasm
Every time a fg is kicked (which should be seen as a failure sometimes, especially when we get a rare turnover inside the redzone and of course have to settle for a fg and sparano cheers harder than the other teams coach who actually should be cheering for their awesome defensive stop)....ugh it just makes me sick. I never liked the hiring of sparano.

I stand corrected. It's been a very long time. I do remember 1975 being the emergence of qb Bert Jones, rb Lydell Mitchell, and wr Roger Carr for the Colts. Also remember finishing 8-8 in 1976, basically Shula's 1st losing season.

Posted by: DyingBreed | January 21, 2011 at 01:53 PM


Don't hate me friend, but they went 6-8 that year. Still had the 14-game schedule.


Had we still had Czonka, Kiick, and Warfield, no way we only score 7pts. that game! LOL.........


Im all kinds of messed up today! LOL..........

yes its pretty disturbing to think going into the fourth year of this thing and im hoping to get the line fixed when our boneheaded head coach cant even get his coaching staff straight and to think keeping sparano is the stability alot of the fans want, its pretty unbelievable that anyone backs this coach at all in my opinion

I wouldn't root for the jets if they were playing some aliens trying to enslave the earth.

But I don't hold nothing against JT. It all comes down to the Dolphins didn't want him and the jets did. Deal with it.

fix the line, we agree too much. You may be my evil twin.

I wonder, when & if the time comes, will Armando post blogs about his buddy Sparano when he looses his job as well.

He seems to cling onto people who are unceremoniously let go.

Agree inimounts. Missed last blog and sure we could use some talent esp O-line and QB. But 1) Talent was good enough to get at least 10 wins with good coaching 2) These clowns have had 3 years to build this team. Look at the jets, look at Tampa.

Dang cocoa, that's deep. Your hatred of the Jets would lead you to help destroy humanity as we know it? Is that just a bit of hyperbole on your part, or would you really side with the enemy in the short-term in the face of long-term destruction of your people?

cocoa, you forgot the chiefs & pats. The pats, afterall, were in rebuilding mode this year.

The guy is not my friend, or someone I know personally. He was a GREAT football player on the team I root for. Now, he plays for the team I hate the most.

Its not any more complicated than that.

DC, yeah probably went to far with that. But I still hate the ground they walk on.

Joe, you are correct of course. I went insane when Pats got both of those TEs and we didn't even try.

Joe Shmoe,

Whaddaya mean, Pats rebuild? Have they even had one season under Belichick not at least tying for a division crown?

Retooling would be a more correct term for what they've done in Patsyland! LOL.........

On TEs: The Pats aren't the only ones but they know the future and that's TIGHT ENDS. Hope the new OC can bring the bi-fecta up to speed.

Mandoisa..., one thing you gotta remember, a fan cares about the team, a player cares about the paycheck. I like the company I work for, but if I can get more money elsewhere (or, more factually correct, if I get dropped from my position and am not told I'm wanted back), hell YES I'm going ANYWHERE else (including my company's main rival) if they are willing to pay me.

JT didn't do anything you, me or anyone else would have done. WE are the keepers of the Miami Dolphins aura, not a player.


JT has repeatedly proven himself to be an opportunistic money grabber. Nothing more, nothing less, the guys a dime a dozen, get over it already.

Don't ever mention Csonka, Kiick or Warfield in the same breath as that dime a dozen douche bag Jason Traitor.

Csonka, Kiick and Warfield played in three straight Superbowls winning two back to back. They stayed true to their team and had pretty much accomplished the ultimate goals before looking for greener grass.

JT on the other hand, never won anything as Aloco would say. He's getting desperate in his money grubbing ways and trying to find a shortcut to a Championship.

As we'll all see Sunday, the guy that's always looking for the shortcut, always cuts himself short.

JT is a LOSER!!!!

Dying, retooling? LOL Just because they won, that means they weren't rebuilding? How many new starters on D this year? How many rookies starting? 2 new Te's, new offense after the Moss trade, bringing in Branch, etc.

You'd never knew they are rebuilding because they have:

A. Superior talent evaluators
B. Better coaching

Nuff said.

Its win it all or bust for the Jets this season. No way they resign all of thier key players and have mortgaged many valuabl future draft picks to "win now."

Armando blogged we should have taken the Jets model approach. Just wanna see how much he still agrees with it 2-3 seasons from now! LOL.............

Hey Mando how about a list of potential FA in the event theres no lock out

I agree, the Jets model is not the one we should have. However, we should seriously consider it if we continue to draft as we have.

Bring in Mangini as an adviser & get his help in the draft. Aside from Gholston, he did a superb job filling the Jets roster with players who are the foundation of their current success.

D'Brickashaw, Mangold, E. Smith, B. Smith, L. Washington, D. Coleman, - JUST IN 2006!!!

Revis, Harris, Stuckey - 2007

Gholston, Keller, Lowery, Garner - 2008


Belichick retools year in and year out to avoid the complete rebuilding proccess. he unplugs one piece and plugs in another. Never having to do a complete "renovation" at anytime.

In contrast, we seem to need complete rennovations just to play at a middle of the pack status. Always seeming 3-4 players away from being an elite. At any given season Belichick has never been further than 2 players away from sustaining eliteness.

Seems Belichick always stays a step ahead of signs showing possible decadence into mediocreness. If that's "your" definition of REBUILDING then sobeit! LOL........

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None of you white boys talk about my baby anymore. The hell with you.

i support joe schamo on his point ............ RETOOLING ........DB ,COME ON MAN ......RETOOLING

I wonder how many reporters in N.Y. spend their time writing about the Dolphins?? Mando writes about the Jets a lot. Hey Mando-- MOVE!!!

I do not care about Taylor, Tuna, Sparano, Ross, Henne.

The entire Dolphins' scene is BORING

Dolphins need to have different uniforms and helmets.

Re-design the logo. Nothing intimidating about a porpoise wearing a helmet jumping through ther sun. Huizenga chickened out on a total revamp---now is the time.

Ditch most of the orange. Go with a silver/gray and dark aqua scheme. It would look tougher and sleeker. Lose the shadow effect on the jersey numbers. Clean and traditional works better. One semi-thick white stripe on each sleeve and away (gray) pants. Aqua stripe on each with the home whites.

Helmets: Gray with a (very) light metallic sheen. Basically the color of an actual Dolphin's skin with a little more pop. Redesign the Dolphin logo so it is less "cartoonish" and awkward.

The team would look a lot sharper and you never know if it might help. The Bucs started winning after they ditched those stupid old unis of theirs.

I respect the tradition, but it's time to revamp the whole look.

JT is not a traitor. I met the man in London, UK as a big Dolphin fan. He deserves a ring.

I know he is playing for the Jets but at least he has a chance for a Superbowl ring unlike any chance to win with Miami. Who knows when Miami will be in an AFC Championship game or a Superbowl.

I'm still waiting all these years.

Hopefully in my life time.

Completely different. Csonka, Kick, and Warfield signed to play a professional football contract for more money in TORONTO!

Who could blame them for either part of that decision???

As far as Taylor, I'm so over him it's not even funny. The guy isn't even as good as Koa Misi was as a rookie. I'm glad he's not around anymore as a football player but he still is one of my all time favourite PAST players.

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