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Jason Taylor makes a push for the Super Bowl

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play in the AFC Championship game Sunday evening and for Dolphins fans the most compelling part of that might be that long-time Dolphins defender Jason Taylor will be involved.

You remember Taylor?

JT played 12 seasons for the Dolphins. He never got past the divisional round of the playoffs. He's in the AFC title game in his first season with the Jets.

So how does that make you feel?

Most long-time Miami fans invested much full-throated support on Taylor. Those same people probably invested as much in rooting against the Jets. So how does one reconcile that?

Before you answer, remember some facts.

Taylor was a free agent this summer. He wanted to return to the Dolphins. The Dolphins did not offer him a contract and gave him no guarantees they would. The Jets did. He signed with New York because he wanted to continue playing.

We're beyond whether the decision by the Miami braintrust was a mistake or not. But we are not beyond how Taylor will go down in Dolphins history, go down as a Miami all-timer. The guy was arguably the most effective pass-rusher of the past decade (2000-2010). He will be a Hall of Fame candidate some day.

I, frankly, hold nothing against Taylor. I wish him the best. I personally want the Dolphins to succeed anytime they play the Jets. But the Dolphins are long gone from the picture this season. So I'm not about to use energy on rooting against a guy who is a good man and was a fine player for Miami and still loves this town.

So where are you at with this?

Stop. Again.

Let me plant this seed for you: How do you feel about Larry Csonka as an all-time Dolphin? Do you hate him? How do you feel about Paul Warfield? Jim Kiick?

The truth is those three are esteemed among Miami all-timers. Csonka and Warfield are in the Hall of Fame and the Dolphins claim them as favorite sons despite the fact they played elsewhere. So if you love them and claim them, how can you possibly say you won't claim Taylor some day?

I know, I know. None of those guys played for the reviled Jets. I get that. But you know what? They left the Dolphins in their prime to chase more money in the WFL. They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75.

The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won.

[Correction: The trio of Csonka, Kiick and Warfiled played in the game against the Raiders and migrated to the WFL following the game. Sorry for the error.]

Before you make your final decision and post a comment. listen to the interview Taylor did today on my radio show Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports. Judge the words for yourself. Click to listen. And then do what you do in the comments section. 

And, oh by the way, I'm picking the Jets on Sunday.





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Too hard? Who put up the money to build what was to be later named the Orange Bowl?

Of the four HC coaches left...50% are black.....

and they make up a much smaller percent of NFL HC as a whole....

Still think the Rooney Rule needs to be abolished?

Clean and sleek always looks better on sports unis, in my opinion.

Think of it this way. If the Chicago Bears wanted a "Miami" look they'd have a dancing bear wearing a helmet, maybe with lines around him representing "wind." The 49ers would have a guy waving a panning tools around, etc.

Cartoons don't work.

Maybe they can name them The "Miami Buffoons", seeing how the owner is clueless ,the coach is clueless the QB is.... Well you get the Idea, Have a Lil yellow bus on the helmet, would be appropriate...

kris, yes. Black coaches weren't around when the NFL started, so it's messing with tradition. Only white coaching retreads who never won anything like Dick Jauron should be HC's.

You misspelled his last name, but Perrine was one of the early homesteaders in South Florida and the namkesake of the community that bears his name today.

Who was John Pennekamp?

Lemme get in on this, who was Ponce de Leon?

im not hating on JT, but i'll never root for the Jets. Has nothing to do with JT.


In the early 70's the Dolphins and Oakland A's uniforms were some of the most riduculed in thier respective sports. Yet the A's went on to win 3 straight world series and during the same period the Fins had 3 straight SB appearances, winning 2 and going undefeated untied(17-0).

I dont give a damn if theyre clown uniforms you had better place the right players in them if you expected to win. BTW, during the same period the Bears always had the toughest looking uniforms and were still perrenial doormats! LOL.............

My Parents live in Perrine.......Go there 2 times a year..

Undefeated 72 team authenticates the present Dolphin helmet look. No matter what change was made the correct players to wear the helmets are also needed. Better yet lets just blame the bath water for the baby being dirty! LOL...........

Damn thats a good answer Ted. I think your right with todays technology there is a way to make it look less cartoonish

DC...thanks for the answer.....don't think I will get to many responses from that.....

I'm kinda hoping NY Scott is lurking somewhere....

Where in the hell is Soiled?

Cocoajoe---that would be Roddy Burdine. I'm NOT looking this up, btw.

These are way too easy. How about some Dolphins trivia, dude?

Tell me who Joe Robbie wanted to hire as Dolphins coach before he got Shula.

Also, what role did Joe Robbie play in "saving" the franchise for Miami in 1968?

Want more? OK. What role did Bill Braucher play (and who was he) in getting Shula to Miami?

Ted and cocojoe....you guys do know they got this great seach engine invented just for the internet....they call it GOOGLE


Guys really grasping now. We can adopt to Superman uniforms complete with "S" on the chest and cape. But if you got Disney's Goofy wearing wearing them it totally meaningless! LOL.....................

Orange Bowl was first named Burdine Stadium in 1937

Hell, I could tell you the name of the company that installed the Poly Turf in the Orange Bowl, cocoajoe. ("American Biltrite")


thebottlenose.wordpress.com/2011/01/16/if-interested-in-vince-young-dolph ins-should-pounce/


Some Angry Dolphins for ya

Ted seems kinda serious Cocoajoe.....lol

Its not to late to say you got some work to do...lol....

Don't need Google for this, kris. And I doubt some of what I'm asking trivia-wise would even be on there, frankly.

Go back to the uni's of the mid 80's. No aqua pants. White on white or aqua on white. And the old helmet logo, not the cartoony one they have now. And while we're at it, Carpenter has to wear the Uwe Von Schaman single bar face mask and Marshall has to wear the 2-bar Mark Duper model.

And what ever happen to those white foam neck things? And why arent there bare foot kickers anymore?

As far as I am concerned he is not a Dolphin any longer and should not get into the ring of honor for many, many years, if ever. He could have been a classy guy and retired instead of playing for the Jests but HE chose to play for them. Then he trashes Sparano in the media when he did not have to, so to me he is no longer a Dolphin. I hope the Steelers blast them this weekend and JT can stay in cold, nasty NY for the rest of his life. I heard that the only reason the Jests signed him was because his wife has cute feet.

Ted was that the company that installed the turf that had to be Watered down during the 72 season cause it was defective and players were slipping every play???????

The man or the park? Assume the man....Miami Herald writer. If I remember, editor.

Easy one: 1st editor of what was to be the Herald's daughter?

Ted...your right....I tried to look up a few things....came back with nothing


There was always tension that existed between the then Baltimore Colts owner and Don Shula. The tension spilled over after the humongous SB upset loss to the then upstart Jets, making good on a Joe Namath's famous prediction.

If you wanna pinpoint what was most responsible for Shula becoming the HC in Miami, in no ways can that be ignored! LOL.......

Cuban--yep. The Poly Turf was awful...would literally start to melt in the heat. Csonka famously hated it.

Janet Reno????????

Cuban...that company must still be employed because Dolphins players still slip alot at HOME GAMES

DB, get your point man. And you're right, doesn't matter what the uni's look like, it's all about the players.

But look around. MOST professional teams update their uni's from time to time. It's just part of progress. I mean, our soldiers used to wear those silly 3-pointed hats. Now they wear fatigues. Technology and just the passing of time inspires change.

I'm not saying the Dolphins uni's don't have sentimental appeal. They were worn by the greatest team to ever play this game. They should be honored. Enshrined in the Hall of Fame. But it's a whole new CENTURY. And Miami is one of only a few teams in the NFL that hasn't updated it's look. Sure, I respect the tradition. But I also respect the desire for change. Change is good. kris just pointed out how change allowed for black coaches to prove what they were made of (and, they're about as good as any white coach or any other race of coach). If you don't like change, think of it as evolution (get it, Dolphin, evolution). That's just nature. Evolve or die, isn't that what Darwin said?

To me, it's not a question of yes, or no. It's just a matter of time, so the question is when?

Yeah..cocoajoe didn't word it that well but I assumed he meant famous daughter of a Herald editor. He made his name more as areporter, though

LOL@ Kris, They do, dont they??

Good for him...but I still want the Jets to lose

Richard, I like the one with the top hat and sidearms. Very tuff (said like Ralph Macciaio in the Outsiders)

Alright, cocoa is taking too long with this (you either know it or you don't)

Bill Braucher was a Herald sportswriter years ago. When Robbie was considering dumping Wilson as coach, Braucher suggested that HE would call Shula to guage his interest since they were mutual friends. The rest is history.

As to who Robbie was originally targeting, it was none other than Bear Bryant. Bryant was even interested, but dropped out when he couldn;t find a "suitable replacement" at Bama.

As for the 1968 stuff, Miami had a dozen owners back then. A group of them nearly succeeded in selling the team to Seattle interests that would have moved the franchise but Robbie got wind of it---bought them out---and kept the team in Miami.


Scotty and Aussie Rick.

You're entitled to your opinions, but so is everyone else.

If it bothers you two that JT's a money grubbing dime a dozen washed up has been you can take Armando's advice and offer JT your full throated support.

In other words, why don't you two just eat a dick. A big nasty NY jet dick.

I've got better Janet Reno trivia:

Who did she shack up with for YEARS at her home in South Miami? (hint---it was another very famous Miami personality)

Danny Thomas was part owner at the time too, Strange how history is repeating itself with the Idiot Steven(Hollywood)Ross and his selling parts of the phins to D list celeberties...

F that fat stinky tuna BP!

Damn, Ted, you're GOOD!!

Sorry, cocoajoe, but I think we have a trivia king!

Cuban, if you owned the 'Fins right now, wouldn't YOU want to sell off parts of that mediocrity?

Ted, I actually grew up next to the Reno house hold off Kendall drive and 114th ave., Though I cant answer your Question I wait patently for the answer.......

Armando I support just about everything that you say and report but going for the jets?????

I hope the jets choke and Sanchez throws 5 picks! But I would like for Taylor to have a record breaking game.

Boss was up my ass. Ted, you seem to know a little and I'll let it go. Peace?

Hey Cuban, I lived in Perrine in the 70s. We all called it Pee-rine but hey I loved it. There's was a place called Joans Galley in Cutler Ridge...had all tou can eat boiled shrimp for $7.99 on Wed and Snow Crab on Thur.

How's this for blunt.....You and Twinkle Toes Taylor can STICK IT! F him and his Jets.

Once again on SS, Beradino writes a nice article about jaba the hut parcells helping the Jerks.

Only way I would ever root for them is if it helped the Dolphins otherwise screw'em. That's like an alum of The Convicts (The U) rooting for Free Shoes U (FSU).

OK, another hint.

It was a TV personality.

DC, Yeah I guess I would...lol

CoCo, Are you talking about the one on 184th or the one on Old Cutler??????

Ted Was it a chick(Not that there's anything wrong with that) or a dude??

Peace, Cocoa!

We could probably both kick ass at a trivia contest, lol.

Never heard about the 'dozen owners' knew Danny Thomas was the other one

Ok, non Dolphins: Who was the woman who was rumored to send Flagler a branch with oranges still attached to get him to extend the railroad to Miami?

I remember after Hurricane Andrew, Jesse Jackson came to town and called it "Pear-i-nee"

Oh well, guess he meant well, lol.

Cuban, it was on Quail Roost exit....can't remember the street

Julia Tuttle of course. Story migh be an embellishment, but it's a charming one I WANT to believe.

Flagler had no intentions of coming South of Palm Beach originally.

Who was his "rival" on the West Coast of Florida in the same era?

DC Dolfan I like that one too . " Say hello to my little Phin " lol

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