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Jason Taylor makes a push for the Super Bowl

The New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers will play in the AFC Championship game Sunday evening and for Dolphins fans the most compelling part of that might be that long-time Dolphins defender Jason Taylor will be involved.

You remember Taylor?

JT played 12 seasons for the Dolphins. He never got past the divisional round of the playoffs. He's in the AFC title game in his first season with the Jets.

So how does that make you feel?

Most long-time Miami fans invested much full-throated support on Taylor. Those same people probably invested as much in rooting against the Jets. So how does one reconcile that?

Before you answer, remember some facts.

Taylor was a free agent this summer. He wanted to return to the Dolphins. The Dolphins did not offer him a contract and gave him no guarantees they would. The Jets did. He signed with New York because he wanted to continue playing.

We're beyond whether the decision by the Miami braintrust was a mistake or not. But we are not beyond how Taylor will go down in Dolphins history, go down as a Miami all-timer. The guy was arguably the most effective pass-rusher of the past decade (2000-2010). He will be a Hall of Fame candidate some day.

I, frankly, hold nothing against Taylor. I wish him the best. I personally want the Dolphins to succeed anytime they play the Jets. But the Dolphins are long gone from the picture this season. So I'm not about to use energy on rooting against a guy who is a good man and was a fine player for Miami and still loves this town.

So where are you at with this?

Stop. Again.

Let me plant this seed for you: How do you feel about Larry Csonka as an all-time Dolphin? Do you hate him? How do you feel about Paul Warfield? Jim Kiick?

The truth is those three are esteemed among Miami all-timers. Csonka and Warfield are in the Hall of Fame and the Dolphins claim them as favorite sons despite the fact they played elsewhere. So if you love them and claim them, how can you possibly say you won't claim Taylor some day?

I know, I know. None of those guys played for the reviled Jets. I get that. But you know what? They left the Dolphins in their prime to chase more money in the WFL. They left for selfish reasons, however way you cut it. And in doing so, they probably dashed the chances the Dolphins had of repeating as Super Bowl champions for an amazing third consecutive year in 1974-75.

The Dolphins lost a thisclose game to the Raiders that year in the divisional round. I'm saying if Warfield, Kiick and Csonka had been on the team, the Dolphins might have, and probably would have, won.

[Correction: The trio of Csonka, Kiick and Warfiled played in the game against the Raiders and migrated to the WFL following the game. Sorry for the error.]

Before you make your final decision and post a comment. listen to the interview Taylor did today on my radio show Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports. Judge the words for yourself. Click to listen. And then do what you do in the comments section. 

And, oh by the way, I'm picking the Jets on Sunday.





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I am struggling as I grew up near pittsburgh. So while I want to see pittsburgh win another superbowl (since miami can only host them these days), I would also love to see Taylor in the hall of fame. It would do wonders for miami to have another, more recent player, be inducted (I live closer to Canton nowdays).
Also, I really dislike Rothlesberger, who should probably be playing ball in prison.
So, while I am rooting for Pittsburgh to do well, I am also hoping Taylorgets what he has to get to cement his legacy...for miami's sake.

Interesting story on JT....



I usually agree with you Armando but this time this is a bunch of Bull S***.

The straight up stinking funky kind.

Zach Thomas went out like a champion in our hearts and minds because although he played for Dallas, who cares?

He could've gone to the Pats but he said NO. He wasn't going to play for a hated rival. It shows the kind of man he is.

All the old time guys that went to the WFL. So?

They wanted more money, Joe Robbie was being cheap and they went ahead and left to another LEAGUE.

Taylor and his rift with the team and FANS began when he didnt want to work out and instead wanted to be on some dumb ass reality dancing show.

Taylor might be a good guy and all, but when it comes down to his football side, at the end of the day he's a punk.

No thanks, JT can eat a big one for not being patient and scurrying off to the enemy

oscar...Hardware? Fins 2 Trophies, Jets 1..not big difference.

Exactly John, well said

Darillo...don't forget all the AFC East championships, Miami-a lot...the stinkin jets- not so much. You have to view the whole picture, not just AFC Champs and SB trophies...and we have more than one

meant Cowkila above...

John...JT had only one option on the table, which wouldn't have lasted past the draft. Can't put a man down for wanting to work. You have only so many years you can play, he took the only offer he had. If you fault him for that than ask yourself what you would do with only one sure job offer on the table, take it or walk?


cow - Thats the problem with too many fans on this blog, they are happy with mediocrity or always waiting until next year...the ONLY thing that counts is SB trophies...there is no glory in losing a SB. Miami has only 2 in about 40+ year history, not remotely impressive.

Can't believe Salguero has left this blog up so long with all those damn mistakes.

Armando, once again...Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield were ON that team that lost the Raiders playoff game!

Embarrassing not to know that.

He finally fixed it.

Good for him I hope he does well. The Dolphins turned their backs on JT twice. It was not JT running away from the Fins for me. He came back last year and played for whatever the Dolphins paid him. As much as I hate the JETS I'm rooting for Taylor. Go Get'em 99!

Lets Roll Steelers. JT plays, what, 6 snaps a game ? No big deal and JT wont have any bareing on the out come of the game. Who cares?

I can't believe the ignorance,ill will and twit brain attitude of people.
this is a game for us and a business for the players,their livliness.
players make business decisions that relate to their life and wellness.
fans want players to make their life decisions according to the fans point of view.
now put your self in the players shoes.
would you go to work for an employer because some armchair twit thinks you should,because they dislike them.

I've been a dolphin fan when most of you problably wheren't even born.
I've seen them come and go and I will see more come & go,jason taylor came and had a great career and now he moved on, that's life.
I will always look at taylor for his service in miami, not what he does outside miami.

armando nice post,taylor has a chance to do something he couldn't in miami,so be it.
I want to see jason go,out of the fact that I rooted for him for years.
why root for a team that has no connection to you just to spite someone else,bad karma only gets you bad karma.

AAJ (always against Jets) Taylor or not. GO STEELERS!!!

You need to write about the Jets not that awful team the dorkfins. They're front office didn't want Taylor, because they're idiots, like dorkfin fans!!!!! OK? Taylor was too nice over the decision, he shoulda said miami blows and has fairweather fans and that his time with Miami was a waste. One year with the Jets and he's one game from the superbowl. He'd be sitting at home and went out a LOSER with the stinkin dorkfins. End of story!

God Bless JT. He'll ALWAYS be in my top fab 3 Phins. But sorry... Go Steelers whom I hate too... But not NEARLY as bad as Ryan and those Jets!

Taylor playing for the Doofins? A team with a clown for a QB, A team that's a loser two years in a row??? 7-9 is a loser!
He made a great choice, he's on the best team in the AFC.
Miami ain't goin nowhere, for the next decade, not with the same jokers in the front office.
And nobody wants to work or play for them..cause they're a joke. Buffalo will pass them next year and they'll be last in the division.

I detest the JETS and their fans but I do like JT.
So, I won't root for the JETS to win but I will smile when JT gets a sack and if the JETS win I will feel good for JT, but I will still root against them in the SB, but if they win I will feel good for JT.

The point, I detest the JETS more than I like JT.

Parcells is an idiot! he ruined the Dolfins, Passed up on a great QB, then ran away when the team failed...finish your job man!! We need a great QB not a washed up QB like McNabb...Parcells let JT go what a jerk!! I was watching the Jets and New England game and realized how many players were on the Dolfins, If they would have kept all those players we would have had a great team!

I've been a diehard Dolfan from the day Joe Auer returned the opening kickoff. I was naturally disappointed when Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield defected to the WFL (after falling short of a potential "three peat") for what was at the time an incredible amount of money. It was a business decision. Csonka and Warfield went into the HOF as Dolphins. They will always be beloved Dolphins in my eyes.

As much as I hate the Jets and consider them to be the main Dolphin rival, Jason Taylor made a business and football decision and so did the Dolphins. I don't blame the Dolphins for getting younger on their defense which will have long-term benefits. Cameron Wake and Koa Misi have the greater upside and will be around much longer.

I don't blame JT who has a few years left in his tank for wanting to play. I don't blame him for wanting to feel wanted as a ball player. The Jets did what they had to do and JT turned out to be the right fit. I don't blame JT for having the desire to win a Super Bowl ring even though he played his heart out every year before that with the Dolphins. If the Jets get the ring, I'll be very happy for JT. As much as I hate the Jets, I love seeing another Patriot pregame Super Bowl coronation get ruined even more, whether it's by the NY Giants or the NY Jets.

Yet I know that when JT's playing days are over, he will eventually go into the Hall of Fame as a Miami Dolphin. And as a Dolfan, he'll join the all-time great Dolphins whether it's Griese, Csonka, Kiick, Warfield, Little, Kuech, Stephenson, Anderson, Scott, Marino, Zach, and too many to name.

Could the Jets be a little intimidated by the Steelers?

Seems to me that the Jets, with their recent comments, betray a certain trepidation of the intimidation the Steelers employ in their physical style of play.

In Hines Ward, and the Steelers in general, they meet a team unlike Bolts, Colts, and Patriots who are more finess passing teams. The Steelers are smash mouth in your face who don't get intimidated, but rather fueled, by talk.

This is the reason why the Jets have said very little except complain about Wards "cheap shots." Notwithstanding their earlier win against a shorthanded Pitt team, deep down the Jets are not so confident.

To the haters, I say, have a good offseason. OOPS, you already are in the offseason.
Oh well, enjoy the hatred, because it will consume you. Then next season begins, and the Jets will beat the Fins, and you'll hate some more, and the Jets will head to the playoffs, AGAIN, and you will hate even more.

What a life for you guys.

Like I said Jason went to a Winner!!!!! and got out of Loserville with those "wishy-washy" instant gratification Loser doofinfans.
I mean they really suck, 7-9 twice can't even make 500!!
The miami fans are like a buncha disgruntled school kids. They rehire the coach and GM and give em an extension??? ROLMFAO! They should be bottom dwellers for the next decade.. with Buffalo getting more talented with higher and more talent picks, they should overtake the stumblebums of the East.
The Jets took the hard road two years in a row and if they win this year, they'll be the greatest team of all time! GO JETSSS!!!!

GO JETTTSSS! J-E-T-S Jets!!!!!!
we told you Sanchez was the best young QB in the league 4-1 when it counts.
Quarterbacks Jets beat in playoffs
carson palmer

Jets aren't confident?? your nuts!! The Jets will beat the steelers with polamalu (achilles) and thier tight end.
What do you say to a team when you kicked thier azzz like we did?? They are talking either, so thiers no impetus to trash talk unless they give us a reason. When you look at the last game, we killed em, rottenberger was stripped twice and they recovered thier own fumbles. They got 1st down with only 9yds!!! that kept a drive alive and they got a tipped pass to another steeler receiver for another lucky break. We had an offsides on a steeler 4th & five another chance for them.
Jason taylor threw thier back in the endzone.
If you watched the game, nobody would bet the steelers. The steelers looked awful this year, they stunk last year 9-7 and didn't make the playoffs and in 08 they needed Holmes to win the superbowl for them, without Holmes they lose.

"What do you say to a team when you kicked thier azzz like we did??"

You tell em you comin to their house to do it again. But the Jets are not so confident they can. That's why their keeping their mouths shut so that they don't rile up the Steelers. Other then complaining ahead of time so that the refs will protect them--the silence is deafening.

Jason Taylor sucks.I can't wait til the Jets lose tomorrow just to see that POS all distraught on the sideline.FU JT.

I agree with the spirit of this blog...quite the conundrum...

Jason Taylor is dead to me now. Sure Miami didn't pick him back up this year (which I agree was a mistake), but him going to the team HE and the rest of us all hate is unthinkable. I hope Miami refuses to let him come back when he retires.

They did good this season. Im so proud of them.

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