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Ireland on Pat White, Henne-Marshall relationship

Dolphins related tweets and blogs lately have been discussing what really happened in the Pat White situation in the spring of 2009, with the suggestion that all the blame fell on one party or another party for making what is a lingering and painful miss for the Dolphins on the player personnel side.

Some folks are blaming Bill Parcells exclusively. Some people blame general manager Jeff Ireland. Some people absolve both men and blame ... someone else.

In light of the recent rumors and tweets, I asked Ireland during his appearance on the Armando and the Amigo show Friday, what exactly happened with Pat White.

"There's a lot of things that go into why a player that you drafted doesn't work," Ireland said. "Some of those things you can talk about, some of those things you can't talk about. But when we drafted Pat White, like I said in my press conference, Pat White had a unique set of skills. And we wanted to utilize those skills to the best of our ability to help our football team. That did not work out.

"And so we got to move on. We can't come in the office every single day and look at something that's not going to work out. We probably could have kept him and tried to keep working on it but at the time we felt like we had to move on. There's a lot of things you can blame. If you want to blame someone, blame me. I'll take the heat on that.

"But we're moving on and we're going to move on with the players we have on our football team and try to get better in the future."

I know fans want to know exactly whom to blame or credit on certain personnel moves. It is fair because it's about accountability. But I'm getting the feeling Ireland is accepting the blame because he was the one being interviewed.

Yes, he had a major role in taking Pat White. But so did Bill Parcells, who obviously signed off on the selection. So did then quarterback coach David Lee, who pitched White as a player who would bring a new set of skills to the Wildcat package and its evolution into a spread attack similar to the one run by many colleges. Coach Tony Sparano also liked White's promise.

The truth is watching White work his magic for West Virginia got Dolphins folks aflutter. A feverish optimism that it would translate in the pros took hold at the team's training facility.

I have been told it was indeed an organizational decision. Obviously Ireland is taking, as he says, the heat. But it goes further than that.

Why is the White issue even important a full two years after he was drafted?

Well, the Dolphins this offseason find themselves in a position of needing to add a quarterback so they can have insurance for the uncertain abilities and future of Chad Henne.

And so they have to cover old ground because they addressed that insurance need, they thought, by picking White in the second round of the 2009 draft. But White was the most un-Dolphins-like pick in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano era. He was smallish. He was not exceptionally strong. He was overmatched physically on the field.

Now Miami must use another draft pick to address that need.

In the 640-Sports interview, which you can listen to in its entirety if you click here and go to the Armando and the Amigo podcast, Ireland was also asked about Henne and his relationship with Brandon Marshall.

You remember the two men had uncomfortable exchanges in several games, particularly late in the season. You'll remember toward the end of the season, Marshall made the point that Tyler Thigpen "gets it," about getting him the football while suggesting Henne didn't.

Ireland was asked if a sitdown with Henne and Marshall is in order so they can hash things out, making it possible for them to continue working together.

"Well, I think our coaching staff can help that process move forward in the right direction," Ireland said. "I think those guys, here again, you get emotional and things don't go well and things happen on the football field that can always be mended by production on the football field.

"Those two guys are very important to our offensive production moving forward. And they're going to get on the same page. They're young together. They're growing together and this whole football team needs to mature. That's not just Chad and Brandon. That's our defense, that's our special teams unit, that's our offensive unit, coaching staff, the general manager.

"We all need to mature in this whole thing. So they're just a small piece of that and they'll certainly grow together and provide some production. There's no doubt about that in my mind."


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where is Pat White now?

We heard how Gibril was certainly going to be much better after having a year to gel on the team, then we heard how Sparano regretted not giving Patrick Turner a chance because he worked so hard and improved so much. Shortly after that both were gone! You can't believe any single thing the GM says about the draft or the players. In fact, there is absolutely no point in asking, you will never get the truth, it is not in their best interests.

I don't quite agree with you People that Long is the only effective OL we have. I saw Incognito in the snaps he played at center for us and he looked pretty good, and he's very nasty. Also, Carey, I believe he was playing hurt for most of the season.

Pat White is apparently playing baseball somewhere.

where is Pat White now?

Posted by: phinsfan78 | January 28, 2011 at 06:00 PM


Playing baseball in the Kansas City Royals minors. He IS a terrific athlete---just too small for NFL quarterback.

I wish him all the best. Bad pick, but he is a tremendously likeable guy and a class act.

GT, I havn't imagined anything. I know what I saw and heard.

What!?!?!? Henne is a big part of our offense moving forward$!$!$ - what is this idiot talking about???? This guy has to be the worst GM in the NFL - what a Moe.

I don't quite agree with you People that Long is the only effective OL we have. I saw Incognito in the snaps he played at center for us and he looked pretty good, and he's very nasty. Also, Carey, I believe he was playing hurt for most of the season.

Posted by: oscar canosa | January 28, 2011 at 06:01 PM


Carey gets a bit of an unfair rap from fans. He's no star, to be sure, but anyone that thinks the Dolphins didn't miss him BADLY when he went out must be blind. His replacements (especially Murtha) were almost comically inept.

Even Belichick specifically mentioned his absence as hurting the Dolphins, by the way.

All that said, he'd likely be better bumped inside to guard if they can find an upgrade at RT.

GT, I havn't imagined anything. I know what I saw and heard.

Posted by: phinsfan78 | January 28, 2011 at 06:06 PM


What did you hear?

Armando, Good personnel people just do not make that many mistakes. A quarterback is the most important position. This regime spent so much time and came away with zero in getting a franchise QB. This has caused the Dolphins to be in the lower half of the league. It does not matter weather Henne and Marshall connect because Henne will not start no matter what this regime tells you Armando. There are things that are always going to be indicated for public consumption. This regime also spent so much money and time on the offensive line which still is not what it has to be. The regime can be graded as no better than a "D+"

For what it is worth mI say if the Dolphins cannot get Kyle Orton for a reasonable price then we stay with Henne with a new coaching team for ONE more year and then decide.

GT, since your so interested in me just look at my post starting at the beginning of the preseason and you'll find out.

Sometimes, on TV, if you turn your head for a second, you might miss something. I SAW an interchange between Rex Ryan and Tomlin after their regular season game that went, Rex- see you in the playoffs, Mike- you know it. How the hell did they know? Hmm..

phinsfan78--I have no interest in you nor any desire to get into a pissing match.

You made a statement about "hearing" something in regards to the issue you mentioned. I'm simply asking for specifics.

Oscar Canosa,

Incognito was an effective point of attack blocker and pass protector but terrible at pulling. He just doesnt the foot speed to effectively do it.

Carey is an above average RT. You just expect a little more consistency for what he's being paid.

Beger was a far superior pass blocker to Grove and Grove was the far superior run blocker. Still with the combination of Berger and Jerry neither could block to the second level and Jerry had issues pass protecting.

Interesting because Thomas was dropped for Jerry because of the same issues. I guess they felt Jerry had far more upside.

Phinsfan78.....please keep posting.....you put some good stuff on this blog and write from a fans perspective...good reads.....

As far as the "gotcha" stuff you are being stalked

Man, DB, there are not too many Kevin Mawae's lying around, are they? Are you sure Carey wasn't hurt and that affected his performance? Thomas was let go becuse he didn't improve from his first years and Jerry is a wait and see. Still, yes, besides the ?, we need to improve the OL.

I'm not stalking anybody! Christ.

The guy made a statement and I'm simply asking for the factual basis to it. Sorry if that's so terrible.

GT....from what I have read.....he posted what he believed he saw....from his telivesion i'm sure.....its what he interperted by Long's percieved reaction after the sack.....

It can neither be proved or disproved....but it can be let go......

kris--agreed on that point, and that's what I was saying all along, anyway.

It was the "heard" statement I asked for evidence of. I suspect it probably doesn't exist, but if so I'd like to know specifically what was said and when regarding Long/Henne.

In no way am I suggesting the p[oster in question isn't otherwise a solid contributor here. And I certainly don't think my questions are unreasonable or need to degenerate into something personal (which it most certainly is not)

Is Will Allen on the Steelers the same Will Allen we let go? Is it my imagination or are their ex-Dolphins playing in the Super Bowl every year?

Draft a QB,RB,A couple Def.Tackles what ever you can, Unfortunately, You can line up Joe Montana At QB,Have Eric Dickerson At RB, Have Lawrence Taylor At NT,and Have Jerry Rice at WR, With these Idiots running the Team look for 4 and 12 next year Or 1 and 7 if there's a strike shorten season.... Sorry....

Not the same Will Allen, 0x80

Resign thigpen!! Sign Jocoby Jones kick return and down field threat nolan caroll can do his job better.....I think hillards gonna do something good ... draft accordingly pick up a few free agents and LET'S TURN IT UP GO DOLPHINS!

I think the record for ex-Dolphins playing in a Super Bowl had to have been the Pats first title back in 2001. Must have been 4-6 guys on that roster.

Mostly backups and ST guys, but still...


Teams can not sign players on another team's IR, nor can those players go another team. Yes, your having the dream our Will Allen wishes were his reality.

After reading this, I am kinda liking Ireland. Using the maturity card is very wise...and probably very true.

We can agree on that GT....and my stalker comment was probably out of line....but since we agree it can't be proven we might as well "move on" from it as Ireland would tell Armando....

Sometimes when we write in order to prove a point a poster may inadvertenly post what they want to believe rather than just the facts....it human nature.....but it doesn't make him a bad guy.....

As i'm sure your not either...thats why i wish I could take back the stalker comment...childish on my part

With all due respect, DB, but in my opinion, Berger sucks, all around.

I will say this about this current Regime, Picking coaches that have no experience will either prove that Ross is a super Genius or a total fool...(BTW I'll take the latter of the two).......

lol @cuban....lets hope your wrong

kris--no worries at all, friend.

And agreed it's not a big deal, either way.

blame Marshall? I don't think so. He was never thrown a ball that led him. He had to stop, slow down, veer, turn around, jump 8 feet in the air etc etc etc. Henne did not get him the ball so he could produce YAC.

I thought that Pat White would do real well. He is just too small. It takes a special person to be a qb in football. He did take that hit. I think he crapped his pants (as would I) if Harrison hit me that hard. End of career. It speaks to White's intelligence when he knows when to quit.


Gotta run, but here's the ex-Fins on the Pats 2001 Super Bowl roster:

Damon Huard
Grey Ruegamer
Bryan Cox
Larry Izzo
Terrell Buckley

None was a huge contributor (aside from Izzo being a ST demon) if memory serves, but I'm betting no other SB winning team had as many ex-Dolphins on the final roster.

Cuban, I agree, that interview with Ireland, we are wallowing in a cesspool of BS! I don't give up my 15th pick until the last minute, if my guy is not available and it might be worth more then, maybe. It's like you walk into a bar and one of the best looking women there hits on you, but you turn her down for an uglier one cause you're afraid to fail!!!! Or, I can afford a new Corvette, but I'm going to trade down and get two Kias instead!!! I don't like it!!!!

I Remember last preseason the lack of Offensive spark and even commented on it, afterwards I was being called all kinds of names People were saying"Oh there not gonna show there hand offensively, There saving that for the Regular season", I knew then that there Offense was inept,Now I see they got Rid of the living Corpse(Henning) And they brought in all the new guys in town, Like I said either Ross will be Proven A genius or a Total Idiot remands to be seen, Should be a interesting first four game at the start of the season...IMHO..

on that note GT....I would love to hear from Wes Welker's mouth...or any of those guys.....what Pats Camp is like compared to ours...what do they do differnt....

are they miles ahead of us?

Do they train differnt?

Id their philosphy tottaly differnt?

those types of things......same goes for Jason Taylor and Pat Turner on the jets.....if we can't beat them...then lets find out why not......

Kris, Part of it is coaching,Show me a losing team for two years in a row with no improvement and Questionable play (Or no halftime adjustments)calling in both years and I'll show you a loser....

cuban is a the son of the devil. gotta run .

you forgot NO 2-MIN DRILL.....that was among the most embarrasing aspects of the season Cuban.....that tells me more about coaching then anything else....it never mproved thru 16 games.....thats unacceptable

Kris, Agree..........

OK Kids, Gotta go, Have a "PHINTASTIC" Nite...........

I don't understand some of the things Dolphins fans complain about. I get why people are upset with Henne. He was terrible. I get why people are upset with Sporano. He also was terrible.

But Marshall? He didn't drop a lot of passes. I'm not sure what games some of you folks watched. And he caught 1,000 yards worth with a goofball like Henne at QB. Give the guy a break.

The attacks on Marshall are similar to the ones on Crowder. Everyone seems to hate Crowder. yes, he's not the elite LB we hoped he'd be but the facts are the Dolphins D is much more effective against the run with him in there.

I would like to have a poll on the percentage f fans that think the coaches JI and TS has added will improve this team or even improve those important positions......The same with other players coaches in this league think about those moves!

So according to JI it's going to be an exciting coaching staff and offense. And he pick Pat White???? Please God help the dolphins it's just breaks my heart the direction this franchise has taken. "I know I know what you guys are going to say shut up and give them a chance it's going to be ok!! I only hope so I really do.

Cuban..Your right. Folks had a lot of optomisim even after the preseason. A lot of quotes like"Marshall won't drop those passes during the regular season" And "The offense is just being vanilla to hide it's true identity" None of us could have forseen that this was going to be such a train wreck.(except bill_cnnrs. He was right about the offense from day 1, and took a lot of guff)I don't think this makes anyone less knowledgable, or a buffoon for thinking we would improve. Heck even Bobby said we were the team to beat after we went 2-0. A lot of hope, and a lot more dissapointment in our offensive showing last year.

w.canalstreetchronicles.com/.../opinion-saints-well-prepared-for-nfl- lockout

Dying, there's a couple of places but go to the above for info on OTAs



I wonder why people are splitting so early into the Evening? I can go on a little bit more even with my Juice. Hey, ALoco, are you there?

I'm kind of liking Jeff Ireland a little more after hearing him do this interview. He seems human. I know he's not. But he seems that way.


ALoco..I know Actually it was 11-5. I'm not immune to being wrong. I was agreeing with The Menace. I drank the Kool Aid as well. Can't deny it.



Good evening: some interesting Tweets from Darlington will follow

Jeff_Darlington Dolphins QB Chad Henne has been spending significant one-on-one time w/ new OC Brian Daboll at the team's training facility lately.
about 4 hours ago Twitter

Jeff_Darlington The two are getting along very well, which I suppose is usually the case in any early relationship. Henne, nonetheless, feels refreshed. Twitter

Jeff_Darlington Henne's relationship with Henning had soured significantly by the season's end. Neither one trusted the other, adding to team dysfunction.
about 4 hours ago Twitter

I guess every thing in your Life depends if you are able to learn. Why not Ross, Ireland? Truly. Ain't I a philosopher? Eh?

Did you ever think that Ireland is saying good things about Henne just so he can get some value out of Henne if he trades for another QB? I could see a Denver trading Orton for Henne and a late round draft pick. You can't go out and bash your players and then expect to get anything, either good play or value in a trade. I would like to play poker with all of you arm-chair QB's.... I could clean up

Nah, DHD, in Miami you would probably get wiped out. We just like to give everybody a chance.

Fire Him ! period

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