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Ireland on Pat White, Henne-Marshall relationship

Dolphins related tweets and blogs lately have been discussing what really happened in the Pat White situation in the spring of 2009, with the suggestion that all the blame fell on one party or another party for making what is a lingering and painful miss for the Dolphins on the player personnel side.

Some folks are blaming Bill Parcells exclusively. Some people blame general manager Jeff Ireland. Some people absolve both men and blame ... someone else.

In light of the recent rumors and tweets, I asked Ireland during his appearance on the Armando and the Amigo show Friday, what exactly happened with Pat White.

"There's a lot of things that go into why a player that you drafted doesn't work," Ireland said. "Some of those things you can talk about, some of those things you can't talk about. But when we drafted Pat White, like I said in my press conference, Pat White had a unique set of skills. And we wanted to utilize those skills to the best of our ability to help our football team. That did not work out.

"And so we got to move on. We can't come in the office every single day and look at something that's not going to work out. We probably could have kept him and tried to keep working on it but at the time we felt like we had to move on. There's a lot of things you can blame. If you want to blame someone, blame me. I'll take the heat on that.

"But we're moving on and we're going to move on with the players we have on our football team and try to get better in the future."

I know fans want to know exactly whom to blame or credit on certain personnel moves. It is fair because it's about accountability. But I'm getting the feeling Ireland is accepting the blame because he was the one being interviewed.

Yes, he had a major role in taking Pat White. But so did Bill Parcells, who obviously signed off on the selection. So did then quarterback coach David Lee, who pitched White as a player who would bring a new set of skills to the Wildcat package and its evolution into a spread attack similar to the one run by many colleges. Coach Tony Sparano also liked White's promise.

The truth is watching White work his magic for West Virginia got Dolphins folks aflutter. A feverish optimism that it would translate in the pros took hold at the team's training facility.

I have been told it was indeed an organizational decision. Obviously Ireland is taking, as he says, the heat. But it goes further than that.

Why is the White issue even important a full two years after he was drafted?

Well, the Dolphins this offseason find themselves in a position of needing to add a quarterback so they can have insurance for the uncertain abilities and future of Chad Henne.

And so they have to cover old ground because they addressed that insurance need, they thought, by picking White in the second round of the 2009 draft. But White was the most un-Dolphins-like pick in the Parcells-Ireland-Sparano era. He was smallish. He was not exceptionally strong. He was overmatched physically on the field.

Now Miami must use another draft pick to address that need.

In the 640-Sports interview, which you can listen to in its entirety if you click here and go to the Armando and the Amigo podcast, Ireland was also asked about Henne and his relationship with Brandon Marshall.

You remember the two men had uncomfortable exchanges in several games, particularly late in the season. You'll remember toward the end of the season, Marshall made the point that Tyler Thigpen "gets it," about getting him the football while suggesting Henne didn't.

Ireland was asked if a sitdown with Henne and Marshall is in order so they can hash things out, making it possible for them to continue working together.

"Well, I think our coaching staff can help that process move forward in the right direction," Ireland said. "I think those guys, here again, you get emotional and things don't go well and things happen on the football field that can always be mended by production on the football field.

"Those two guys are very important to our offensive production moving forward. And they're going to get on the same page. They're young together. They're growing together and this whole football team needs to mature. That's not just Chad and Brandon. That's our defense, that's our special teams unit, that's our offensive unit, coaching staff, the general manager.

"We all need to mature in this whole thing. So they're just a small piece of that and they'll certainly grow together and provide some production. There's no doubt about that in my mind."


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im guessing we go 6-10, he will lose the team halfway through the year

ok I'm out but I think we are wasting our time talking about a season that is not going to play out....hope I'm wrong but the outcome does not look good....still go 'Fins hopefully you won't fall to back from the Miami Heat as THE Franchise for South Florida.

I wasn't talking about this universe.

If spread offenses (run option type)were the norm in the NFL then Newton would be the pick. But since they aren't, he'll be a risky project at best. Hell, U of M's Harris could probably do better passing than Newton.

I truly believe that the WORST thing that can happen is that the team wins just enough for TS to keep his job. Sorry to say it, but I just don't see him competing with the elite coaches in this league. Nice guy for sure....I just don't see much intellect there beyond memorizing stats.

Assuming the o-line is improved and stays intact throughout the year, McNabb could find new life here for several years.

McNabb, Young or any other proven QB that doesn't cost the Fins any draft picks would easily beat out Henne in an open competition. I even believe Thigpen would beat him.

I have no problem if Henne starts if he WINS it as long as it's not just given to him.

mcnaab is done

Armando - Thanks for the response, but I still fail to see any revelations made in these Ireland interview posts. Not that I would expect to hear Ireland say anything else, but he didn't really answer who made the ultimate decision on Pat White. Your normal blogs typically involve more information..., in my opinion. But I do appreciate your dedication to your job - so thank you.

psu - didn't need to kiss Armandos butt. You called him out, he didn't deliver. His response to you was lame. Fact is, he is not a very good journalist. He asks questions and accepts any old poppycock for a response, he will never pin anyone down for a specific answer to his questions.

Are you kidding me. Parcells signed off on White. Pppppppaaaaaaaaallllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeeeeeee. He's been consistent to a fault over the years. He has his system and doesn't deviate. Pat white was an Ireland disaster and a reason Parcell's said "I'm out of here"

These guys are laughing at the fans and Dick ing round with us! It is time for us to express how we feel.....call, send emails, show up and picket, cancel your season tickets.....hold them accountable!!!!! HooRah!!

I haven't posted on Amando's blog for several days.However, I've read everything wriitten here. The reason being is because someone has taken a fancy for me, and as soon as I write an opinion, some sniper posts slanderous remarks in my penmenship. I have my suspect, and I suppose once this note hits the board (sticking my neck out) the sniper will begin blazing away in cap-lock, pumped up with zanax and koolaid.

If this be the case tonight, I will simply change names. But my position will remain the same. I will be critical of the FO decisions, suggest solutions, spell a joke on lighter notes, and occasionally scratch my head in frustration. Like, WTF...And remain a devoted Dolphin fan, who only wants to see the glory days again.

I wish we had another, "Bryan Cox running out of that Buffalo Tunnel saluting the fans with that one finger salute, in all its glory", as Ken so aptly reminded me 4 or so days ago. In response to my: "The way you make a Dolphin look menacing, is to fill the helment with the head of Brian Cox, Marino, Zonka, etc." The subject was team uniform change.

"Don't taz me bro..." funny cocoajoe;

Dying breed, your 9pm> posts were hilarious. Secret service agents and Pat White elustrious career equal a conflict of interests...national security secrets. You are a funny fan, and I am still laughing right now. Wasn't there a slew of UFO sightings documented at exactly the same time?

Gotta go, check the crabpots. Ducking and dodging the sniper attack.

The dolphins, with Henne and BM, did an acceptable job early on last season. The first 12 games were brutal, and we went 7-5, winning at Green Bay, jets, and almost winning to Steelers. But when the easy games came, we sucked, losing inexplicably to hellish teams like the Bills, browns and lions. We could have ended the season 10-6 if we had beaten those very bad teams. We could have been tied with the freaking jets for that wildcats position. Why did they stop playing football after that 12th game is my nightmare.

Pat White? you mean the baseball player didnt work out? lol add his name to the other guys that lived and died since Dan the man. lots of trades and 2rd rd picks wasted, and since 1983, we never used a first rd pick on a qb. instead we are content to waste 2 rd picks, because we dont want to waste 1 rd picks. lmao your not supposed to waste either pick.
use a first round pick some year of our lifetime, and use it well, and lets finally get our franchise qb we havent had since marino

to the people blasting Armando for not gettting more info on Pat White
read between the lines of what Ireland said
there is some things you cant talk about. what that means is Armando and his army, nor anyone else is going to get 100 percent of the story, Ireland will see to that. if Ireland is so protective of his skeleton in the closet, and quick to take the blame, too quick, then we cant blame Armando for not waterboarding Ireland and forcing him to talk against his will! lol you go Armando, keep it up

Did Ireland actually say anything in the interview? This is just the normal say-alot-but-nothing-at-all nonsense that comes out of the mouths of coaches and GM's. Can we just get a straight and honest answer from these guys?

These guys are a disaster ( Ireland & Sparano ). The owner is a disaster himself. We are back to square one. No competition for Henne. No second round pick. Slow on offense. Inexperience in the coaching staff. We have become the Lions of the American Conference. This team is light years away from catching the Jets and Patriots ( 8 picks on the first four rounds ) Jets ( every free agent wants to go there, word is playing for Ryan is fun ) Who do you think might want to come here knowing this might be a lame duck staff. DISASTER !!

Chad Henne at the end of the Detroit game, no timeouts, ball around Detroit's 30yd line, does not have enough sense to throw into endzone or out of bounds, dumps to RB to lose game. That is Henne in a nutshell, you cant coach stupid.

And who was responsible for Dez Bryant?????

True for AlexG. Nobody can even draft right with the uncertainty about the coming Season.

Although a lockout might work for some Teams like Miami drafting a QB and giving him that time to develop.

No one has taken the fact that if there is a lock out. Draft picks will be like gold. We won't get a second!! There will be a record number for fewest draft day trades. Think about it!!
Come on CBA!!!

Getting Chad Henne in the 2nd round was a gift. Was he a winner in Mich? No but they haven't put togetther a winning team in God knows how long. The same with the Dolphins. HENNE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. The guy has the right stuff, but he's still young and needs good coaching. I don't know if this new QB coach has what it takes or not, but getting rid of Henne and watching him go somewhere else would suck, because he would end up being a star somewhere else and we'd all kick ourselves.


I think it all starts with looking at themselves first before they point fingers.
Sure, Marshall should look at himself for drops before pointing at Henne. R. Williams should look at his fumble-itis before pointing the finger at Sparano. The list goes on and on. Only after you take care of your own business will you be able to take care of an opponent.

Say what you wish, but there are no qb's in this years draft that can step in and start in the NFL. Each one needs work. Trade down, get an OL then a RB or speedy WR. This year may be in the toilet anyway with no CBA in place.

i wouldnt mind seeing if Kaepernik could beat out Henne. im thinking he could

The two most successful franchises are NE and PIT , it's no coincidence they both use the same system. They develop young players, when those players become FAs and are commanding more $ than they are worth they are traded. They don't over spend on FAs from other teams. The Fins have done this on D,young players that are going to get better despite making mistakes that young players make. As for this yrs lack of O the only difference that I see from last yr is on the OL.

I agree.
The following stiifs have not established themselves solidly as starters in the NFL:
Jamrcus Russell (Nat'l Champ), Vince Young (Nat'l Champ) Matt Leinert (Nat'l Champ), Matt Flynn (Nat'l Champ), John Parker Wilson (Nat'l Champ),Chad Henne (all Big-10 passing records), Brady Quinn, Tim Tebow, Colt Brennen, Colt McCoy etc.
Kaepernik is not s h i t t y like all of those guys.

You hammered Pat White repeatedly in this column for not putting himself in the game every week and producing.
Why the silence on Thigpen, Pennington, Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs?

In a previous article Ireland suggested trading down from our 15th pick to regain our lost 2nd rounder. I am tired of that logic! We need a franchise qb and need to trade up to get him. If we improve that one position it suddenly makes the whole team better. We cant hit on a 2nd rounder anyway, so might as well give it away. Just tired of average players or the "good special teams contributor" type players... how much did that do for us this year!
I am so frustrated with this organization the last few years. Everyone on this staff needs a kick in the nuts.

Henne can't throw further than 15 yards downfield without missing horribly. Ireland/Parcells have swung and missed on early round draft picks, which is like swinging at and missing a slow pitch softball. Sparano is not a quality head coach. The Dolphins wasted their golden chance to get a real coach, by next season Cowher and Fisher will be gone. The running game is headed by a cripple (Ronnie) and a guy who was drafted when Mike Ditka was still coaching (Ricky). The offensive line is a revolving door of expense. We waste draft picks on crappy players or players who are injury prone. I'm selling all my Dolphins gear on eBay.

Trade a 4th rounder and Chad Henne for Kevin Kolb. Or trade Henne and your first for Jay Cutler (former Marshall teammate). Jeesh this stuff is so easy.

Why would anyone draft a QB in Round 2?

If they don't get taken in the first, why not wait until Round 4......

And for Pat White having a unique set of skills, why not select somebody with a decent arm and accuracy who can throw down the field?


buffalodolphan- based on his time a wvu white was an accurate passer and hit plenty of big plays 66% is pretty darn good.
that kaepernick kid got some raw talent!! he didn't look run first keeping his eyes downfield. i would take him if he is there where ever we trade down. honestly his stack is rising and could get him into the late teens of the first round. i like his upside/experience/skill set over newton!

Moset uv yoos need to yoos spell chek...PLEASE

What is Shula thinking; what a mess.....0-16 my bad 0-18

wait a minute, wait a minute PriceMaster....Tim Tebow I still believe will develop into a good QB. Those intangibles don't get taught and he has the physical/mental tool set. I'll put it this way... I won many bets when I said he'll be playing as a QB, same with going in the first round, same with playing this season, the guy is gifted and Lock-out will only make him better.. but to say that he is a stiff especially what he has done and after one year is nonsense... go ahead and tell that lie.

P.S. yes I am an alumni but will also be the first to tell you if he has no shot, but he does...better than Henne and in fact would be fantastic in the Wild Cat.

Whoever thinks Chad Henne cant be the future is an idiot. Hes young, yes he is not matt ryan or sam bradford who can come out the gates ready to play but that doesn't mean he won't be successful. He has a cannon arm and show glimpses of greatness, i.e. opening drive of 2nd half in Titans game. Also look at his circumstances... 3 picks came from him having to try to save the team in Patriots special teams debacle. He threw a lot of picks at the end of games when he had to make something happen. He also didn't get babieb like ryan and bradford by playing NFC West and
South defenses, he played Revis twice, as well as the Steelers once, Raiders with Asowhateverthehellhislastnameis. So back off... he shows a lot of promise if Dan Marino supports it shut up i think he knows a little something about the qb position.

Don't trust Ireland. Remember he could be scouting your mom as we speak.

We can blame you? Ohh, thanks, because we weren't sure who to blame. OF COURSE WE BLAME YOU YOU F-ING A-HOLE, YOU SUCK AS A GM.

Ireland, use Henne as trade bait for a second round pick . If he plays one more year and sucks you won't be able to get a waterboy in a trade with him!


As far as Henne goes , if you put him on the Steelers, Packers, Patriots or Jets they would all suck!!!!

speaking of OL-men. What some dont understand is the OL is the beginning and the end, the alfa and omega. Nothing works unless the OL is very good at pass blocking and run blocking. Both take a certain attitude. If someone has the mental make up of a serial killer, then they should be a very good prospect for the OL. Its all about blocking and tackeling. See how easy that was ?

Armando, why are you still harping on the wasted 2nd rd pick of Pat White? It's history.

And why are you not as a counter point to that bad pick harping on the surprisingly good personnel moves Ireland/Parcells have made?

Like getting Incognito for next to nothing, prudent management of Cap Space enabling the signing of FA Dansby, a guy who in my view is the heart and Soul of this D.

And best of all, landing FA Wake for cheap who has turned out to be better than anyone could have expected - a premier pass rusher and Pro Bowl player.

Bess for next to nothing, an undrafted guy now a Top 5 slot receiver.

Starks for next to nothing.

If you are going to harp and critize a wasted 2nd rd pick then you owe it to point out the very, very good moves also made by Trifecta.

Everyone needs to stop the severe criticism of Armando and any of the other fans leaving comments about their own opinions! Of COURSE it's all speculation! What do you expect? Do you expect Mando to get Ireland to come out and say, "We are going to get rid of Ricky and Ronnie. We are going to bench Henne for at least the first 2 games. We are going to draft Newton if he's available. The whole Pat White draft was all Bill's fault. Marshall's contract for next year has been altered to state that if be drops more than 10% of his passes, we will with-hold 30% of his paycheck. We are going to start running a no-huddle offense to start each half in our games." Give them all a break! This is the off-season. We don't have the luxury of non-stop football news coming down the wire all the time. Many of us fans simply want to speculate for fun. We know that our opinion is virtually meaningless in the grand scheme of things. But what is not meaningless is the freedom to speculate, and to enjoy doing so. Football is not a life-or-death matter; neither is it a life-or-death matter that some fans may have obviously distorted or innacurate opinions. And in the midst of a football famine, are you going to get angry with someone who is just trying to do his job the best he can by scouring up whatever football scraps he can come up with to feed us hungry fans? So what if it's not really conclusive. At least it gives us a little something to chew on. I know it's not much, but it's better han nothing. Lighten up!


Why dont New Englands young players need to mature?

I would like to point out to Mr. Ireland, that the fans were right about Pat White and others and they are dead on about Henne....he is a zombie....heck, even a zombie could get through one more check off then Henne manages.

fintastic and tar, well said

The Napa Valley Dolphins! That is what the fans in Miami sound like. Unbelievable. Now, I know why those stupid NYers bash us. STFU and root for this team!

Way too many people blame Henne! Everyone did their fair share to contribute to this losing season. Look at Henne's stats people. Pretty good for someone who isn't the future. Downside 19 Ints. At least 10 of them were not his fault. Watch the clips people! How well do you expect a guy to perform when your coaches aren't behind you 100%? I like Brandon Marshall, but he did drop alot of passes and he did quit on a few plays in a few big games. Solution, Marshall and Henne should get together in the offseason and train together. No reason to wait until training camp. To Sporano: STOP CELEBRATING MEDIOCRITY! The only time to celebrate a field goal that much is if it's a GAME WINNER!

Armando, thanks for everrything you do for us. Selected one of your feedback posts to repost.

Hope you do not mind?

Gotta go check the out-riggers -

the greatest sense of relationship going into the process. He is friends and respect Arizona coach Ken Whisenhunt based on a bond forged years ago at the Pro Bowl.

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