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Ireland says Ricky's coach criticism not an issue

Jeff Ireland was on my radio show, Armando and the Amigo, Friday morning and we discussed several topics of interest to Dolphins fans.

One topic that interests me is the movement we're about to see at the running back position. Both Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are free agents and it is unlikely both will return to the Dolphins for 2011. The truth is, it's possible neither return to the Dolphins in 2011.

But because Ireland talked about the possibility of one coming back during his meeting with the print media in Mobile, Ala. earlier this week, I was curious to know if Ricky Williams basically eliminated himself from contention by being critical of teammate Brandon Marshall and head coach Tony Sparano in the days following the end of the 2010 season -- a path that led Joey Porter straight out the door during the 2010 offseason. 

"Oh, I don't think so," Ireland said. "I look at the production on the field more than anything else. I mean, Ricky came out and said some things that I think he tried to come back and tried to apologize for. I know Ricky. I know Ricky's family. I  know what Ricky's about. He's a very passionate football players just as much as I am a football guy, as much as Tony is a football guy. When you've got a lot of passion involved with people coming on the radio, sometimes things come out the wrong way and maybe that's the case with Ricky."

Williams, making his paid appearance on 560-WQAM, took Marshall to task for ... well, for being honest about his displeasure with some coaches. After criticizing Marshall for doing that during the season, Williams then showed his displeasure with Sparano.

"A team takes on the personality of the head coach," Williams said. "I think the way we're coached, Tony goes through a lot of effort to show us the things that it takes to win football games: not turning the ball over, converting third downs, scoring in the red zone. He spent a lot of time saying 'If you do these things you win.' Sometimes, I feel like he does it a little bit too much.

"My personal opinion is if you have the right attitude that 'You guys are going to win,' then all that other stuff takes care of itself."

Williams tried to walk back those comments days later when he realized he might have cut himself off at the knees if he wanted to return to the Dolphins. Apparently that recanting of his comments has worked, as far as Ireland is concerned.

I asked Ireland on my show on 640 Sports here in South Florida, what factors he will weigh as he decides which, if either, of his two running backs get re-signed. I asked if durability, age, salary would be the deciding factors.

Ireland said it doesn't necessarily have to be that he signs one of the two guys. He might not -re-sign either.

"Those are just thoughts," he said. "I mean, that's not exactly 100 percent the plan. Those are thoughts. I'm thinking about doing that. All the things you just mentioned, you have to take into consideration. I've had some talks with both guys. Nothing serious about contract discussions or anything, but we've had some innuendos that we need to talk about some of those things from both agents' standpoint.

"But we're not very far down that path right now with either one of them. There are certainly thoughts and you have to take all things into consideration when making those decisions and we're just getting down to the grind and will start making some hardcore decisions here as we go along."

By the way, do not discount the Dolphins looking to Lex Hilliard for a more significant role. I'm told the new offensive staff is intrigued by his potential.

If you want to hear the entire 14-minute interview with Ireland, click here and then go to the Armando and the Amigo podcast for the 9 o'clock hour. If not, I'll update here later today on what Ireland said about the Pat White failure and the Cameron Wake success.


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Ricky is wiser, more knowledgable and experienced than both Sparano and Irleand combined.

I think both are gone. We'll draft a rb and probably sign a FA. We may keep brown if he drops his price.

STFU Ricky!!! Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano gave you a chance when no other team probably would. They showed confidence in you and thats all that matters. Ricky play for the Jets? He is dead to me if he goes to the Pats or Jets. STFU RICKY

These grand idiots. They are intrigued by Lex Hilliard's potential - so how many carried did he get in 2009 when Ronnie was out and Ricky was running on fumes?

How many carries did he get this year when it was obvious Ronnie was not up to task?

Yet stinker Cobbs was always seen out there.

Mark in Toronto...I asked myself the same question this year, when again.....No carries for Lex? I think that the arival of Daboll has something to do with this. Hilliard has a very similar skill set to Hillis. 1 problem. Lex is also a free agent. There are definitley some rumors up here that Lex will explore his options(as any free agent does) I think that his best chance would be to stay here because of the time he has put in, and Daboll.

I really believe the game plan for this draft will be trade down into the 20's and aquire a 2nd round pick. I also think that QB or OL are our only real options outside an elite defender falling to us. There is no WR worth a first rounder that stretchs the field at the place in the draft (J. Jones is not a stretch the field type). Same for running back. Ingram is a good player but not an elite one. He benefits from a good offensive line and defenses that can not load the box because of guys like J. Jones. We can get a similiar guy in later rounds which has been proven year over year. A better option would be get Hilliard more carries and bring in D. Williams. Small but very strong (220pounds) and gamebreaking speed the offense sorely needs. Take a mauler like Gabe Camirini in the first and watch us pound people. We then use the 2nd or 3rd on either a QB who falls (Locker, Kaepernicki) or trade for a guy like Orton. Fill out with another guard and a speed guy like Titus Young. TE is another thing we should look at in FA. Owen Daniels would be a good fit. Both Williams and Daniels are coming off injuries so might be more reasonable


Neither of them should be back. Quite frankly the Dolphins should go after a FA back with speed adn agility and keep Hillard who is young, healthy and cheap. Neither of the two are happy in Miami so let them go and save the caps space for another area of need. Frankly they both are servicable but not elite, and we should have at least one elite back. D'angelo Williams is a guy i would go after, young, proven and fresh.

One will be a Jet, the other a Pat

Trading down away from our 15th pick is BS, hasn't really worked much in the past. Sounds like Ireland is still looking for acorns instead of playmakers...just keep #15 and get a playmaker for once...no more brittle bone odrick picks please...I thought these clowns promised "change"....

"By the way, do not discount the Dolphins looking to Lex Hilliard for a more significant role. I'm told the new offensive staff is intrigued by his potential."

I wonder at what point in time fans and reporters will stop listening to everything GMs say, as if they're stating facts. Is it that hard to realize a statement like this is more than likely a way to give himself some leverage when negotiating with Ronnie or Rickys agent or when trying to bring in a free agent. "You know I would like to pay him that much but we're intrigued by Lex Hilliard." At which point the agent laughs and says okay we'll knock off $50,000.

Just like when Ireland said they were happy with Gibril Wilson. 90% of the fans in here went ballistic and wasted their time typing about Ireland for those following weeks. He was using that statement as leverage dummies. Get a clue.

I still <3 Ronnie Brown.

He was clearly not happy this year.

dont get rid of ricky....he still has "it". every team needs two good running backs, just find someone to replace ronnie the bust brown. and stop missing on our first round picks every year!!!! we took jared odrick over some really really good players. hahahahaha.

Dummies...my feelings are hurt....i thought our blog was "growing up".....lol

Oh man...if there's one word that gets me really excited about a football player it's "intriguing." I can't wait to put Hilliard in so I can say things like "oh my, what an intriguing run that was!" or "see how intriguing Lex's blitz pickup was there?"

God I hate this organization.

I really don't see Ricky's remarks nearly as caustic as Armando makes them sound. He gave an honest opinion, not a harsh personal attack. Armando is highly anti-Ricky, so he tends to exaggerate his actions.

The good news is that Ireland knows Ricky....and he knows Ricky's family....so if Rick's mom is a prostitute Ireland has come to terms with it and moved on...thats progress

0x80...that is the other point....what was so bad about what he said.....i didn't see an insult....maybe he was saying Tony nags a bit....but it wasn't hurtful....

Oh....you should take Tony's advice...because he may have been saying it to the team...but i have little doubt the comments were directed at your random fumbling a ss

If it wasn't "so bad" why would Ricky come out later on Twitter and apologize?

kris...Armando has been critical of Ricky because he will rarely speak the the press. Gee, can you blame him??? After reporters like Armando attacked and belittled him for so many years? I wouldn't be talking to the press either had I been in the same situation.

Marc..do you think those comments in quotes are that bad?

I think Rocky is a NUTJOB and a POS that has quit on this team repeatedly, who's also a selfish pr!ck.

His comments were damning and critical.

So, in short, YES

I realize many fans were really disappointed in Ricky...but in the real world, there is no loyalty in any business. Companies routinely layoff the best employees to cut costs. 99% of the jobs in the USA are 'employment at will'. Anyone can quit at anytime or be let go at anytime. So...I say you only owe your employer an excellent job while you are there, Ricky has done that. JT too.

Marc...RIcky has put more into this team than the whole rest of the team combined!!! Wanny ran him into the ground like a bull. Every coach the fins have had have admired his work ethic. He was going to get suspended anyway, so he just bailed. You are a self proclaimed drug user, so I don't see what you are so upset about.

If thats passes "ripping a coach or an organization".....then we got some sensitive people

You are all entitled to your opinion. If I stood to make millions I promise I wouldn't be smoking POT!

Ricky speaks with wisdom , Mando speaks with malicious intent !

What happened to 'freedom of speech'? Its scary, people today are obsessed with being 'politically correct', which in my mind is purely contrary to freedom of speech. Someone speaks there mind and gets criticized for it, ummm...sounds like some countries we are all happy we don't live in...

Marc....clearly you have other issues with Ricky about past issues...and i am not looking to debate that..and if you feel they are "daming and critical"....well there is no debate there because its your opinion and your entitled to it.....

but from some of your post on here....in general....and those directed at others...i'm surprised to see you as being so easily offended

I'm not "offended" or "sensitive". I'm just calling it like I see it, as always.

Had Ricky been on a balanced offense, he very well could have been one of the top 3 backs in history.

I wasn't happy that he left, but I hold nothing against him. He did what he had to do, the most important thing to me is that he always gave it everything while he was on the team, can't ask for any more than that.

I've been over Ricky for so long now I honestly couldn't care less about him...Let him go, won't hurt my feelings.

Lex Hilliard? The guy isnt neccessarily quick, fast, shifty, nor has dominant power. Neither does he seem to have great vision.

IMO, he's more of watered down Ronnie Brown. A down hill runner that needs a great run blocking oline to thrive. He isnt going to run over, run by, nor outjuke anyone.

Just like Brown he may break 2-3 tackles per season. If this new offensive coaching staff sees promise in that then theyre sending me into defcom level of alert.

im glad ricky and ronnie are both gone


What Ricky said wasnt so shocking. The guy only stated in his opinion Sparano was a little to hands on in his coaching approach. What's the damn big deal about that?

Armando, its well known you have great dislike for Ricky. It flares up like a fiery case of hemmoroids every time you write about him.

If Ricky stated he thinks that less chlorine in drinking water. Some how you would twist it to mean he pro dirty water.

I can't take a league seriously that gives a slap on the wrist to violent abusers of women but treats pot smoking like the crime of the century.

It's beyond ludicrous, and a vivid example of how ass-backwards we often are in this very strange society.

I think the real reason some fans have such vitriol for Ricky is that he doesn't conform to their dreary and insipid "ideal" of how an athlete is supposed to talk and behave, and are made uncomfortable by the fact that his IQ is likely a lot higher than their own.

LOL @ Pete...That's funny

Guy's not a genuis, he's a HEADCASE!

Smarter than the average bear, maybe, but, that aint sayin' much

and the NFL treats pot like EVERY OTHER company in America...Except, they don't fire you, they just suspend you.

Who cares? He finally stops fumbling all the time, but, still trips over his own feet every other play...

I coudn't sleep last night....hence the reason I was posting on here after 9pm.....I gotta take a nap......

Marc....did you burn your Ricky Jersey....lol....i'm just joking with you man...

but on a serious note....you should see somebody about this pent up anger ricky brings out of you....lol

Personally I like Ricky. I also have lots of empathy for him because the guy was on the verge of nervous breakdown and didnt know it. Some of you saw the documentary. It had a huge impact on his decision making.

Ricky seems to have recovered nicely with the help of therapy and medication. Listening to Ricky speak you can tell a very high IQ lives within him somewhere. But an isolated faction cruel media neo-nazi like bagabonds seems to still enjoy treating him like Ricky the little yellow bus passenger.

The irony is that he's likely been the CLEANEST player in the NFL the past few years with the amount of testing he's mandated to do.

Headcase? He's restored all his relations with his family and children and has been a model teammate according to EVERY account. NOBODY works harder in practice than Williams.

Honestly, it's as if time stopped and some people just live in the past regarding him, unable to grasp or accept that he's changed and matured a LOT since that time.

I wonder if you could stand the same scrutiny? Forever branded by something dumb you may have done in the past regardless of how you've lived your life since then. Is that how YOU would like to be judged as a person?

He does trip WAY TO MUCH THO....but so does every other skill position player on the team....I still don't know whats up with that....I hope while we are revamping our coaches we don't forget to FIRE THE EQUIPMENT MANAGER....

I never had a Ricky Jersey. Guy really only had ONE phenominal year, and 2 good years...his career YPC is only 4.1

He fumbles and stumbles...


No offense. But given the choice of hanging out with you or Ricky. We stand a better chance of learning something intriguing we didnt already know hanging out with Ricky.

Ricky has also been remarkably open about his past issues with anxiety and depression. I guess that doesn't conform to the "macho" nonsense we want athletes to conform to but it's called HONESTY.

Is there a person in Amewrica who hasn't been touched by these issues, either themselves or their friends and loved ones? I'd find that very hard to believe.

May Ricky NEVER conform to the set of rules that demands silence on these issues. That kind of thinking and stigmatization should have gone away 30 years ago.


1 phenominal year and 2 good years? I dont know which Dolphins players you've watched the past few years. But I wished that we would have had 21 more of those kind of players on both sides of the ball over the last decade.

If so we wouldnt have the offseason b*itch-athons we've had during every offseason this past decade alone. Are sure that you would pass a drug test right now?

DB, I'm sure he could teach you lots about smoking POT.

However, again, you're entitled to your opinion, and, by now, I would assume that you're used to being wrong, so, none taken.

DB @ 2:00 perfect.

Besides the earth-shattering 1800 yard season (in which he carried the ball more than any player EVER), and averaged what 4.8 YPC, what other season was any more spectacular than a fistful of other NFL backs?

Marc if you are not happy with Rickys contribution to the team in the post Marino era, you can't be happy with anyone elses in the post Marino era. Obviously he is out of his prime today, but in his day he was the best player on the team.

I agree, for 2 years he was the best player on the team before he quit once, and again, and again...So, yeah...

Anyway, I'm done with Ricky, and done with this...

You people have a wonderful day.

Correction: Best offensive player.

Zach Thomas was the best player on the team

Two guys came out with derogatory comments about coach at the end of the year - Ricky and JT. JT, worry about your own team and self. Way out of line, especially for a guy like you. Ricky? I'm a fan, have always (mostly) been, but c'mon man! Who else has come out and said anything? Not that others don't feel this way, they just know better. To me, what JT's and Ricky's comments come down to is ignorance and stupidity. They probably thought Coach was going to get canned, so "why not, let's throw him under the bus." Surprise! You two are idiots. As far as Brown goes, man do I hope we re-sign him albeit it a much lower price. He was absolutely on fire the years he got hurt. The kind of guy that goes to another team that has some semblance of an O-line and makes All-Pro. All we need is one to two good interior lineman (who doesn't though, right?) to re-claim our identity as a tough, smash-mouth run-first team . LT-Long, LG-vacant, C-Incognito, RG-Jerry/Garner/new guy, RT-Vernon. With a new philosophy, some new players, we're not that far away.

I watched the Zach and JT defense let every team in the NFL destroy them. How many games did we need a defensive stop at the end of the game and couldn't get one? Many.

I'd take Ricky over Zach 10 times out of 10.

It's all smoke and mirrors folks! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

It's time for Tony Sparano to let some of the younger players plat. Lex Hilliard, Roberto Wallace, and the other prosepects riding the pine. Some of the answers to ourt offense are staring them right in the face.

If you take the longest gain from both runners and their averages drop 3.7 to 3.4 (Ronnie)and 4.2 to 3.9 (Ricky).Both of these guys work well together (no complaining). Problem was when either one got hot, the coaches would them out for the other?Every one watching was saying the same thing.Fix this crapy Oline and all is well.Better run blocking opens bigger holes for both to run thru.Better pass blocking gives the wr's time to get open and down field for longer routes .Henne's game would also improve with this also.A better running game grinding up yards and clock.Less passes to be intercepted. Just THE Facts FOLKS..

Draft oline (best center) oline (best guard) te and wr in that order.Hopefully the first two or three starts.Keep(resign) both Rb&Rw for 3 and 2 years respectivley and draft Ricky's replacement next season.Get rid of Cobbs.Maybe Sheets or Hillard can be third down option.This year.Draft Ronnie's Replacement in 2 years.We HAVE GREATER PROBLEMS THAN OUR RUNNING BACKS. "THE OLINE SUCKS!!!!

Mike are you kidding me? Take away Brown's longest runs and he avgs about .5ypc. Ebvery carry that he dances end in no gain or 1-2yd losses.

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