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Live blog of Jets vs. Steelers starts now ... here

PITTSBURGH -- Will I ever cover my own team in the AFC Championship game?

Please, someone answer me.

The Dolphins are not here. The comment i get most from writers from around the country covering this game is, "What the (bleep) is going on down there?"

My answer: "I do not know. I am not responsible."

I do know the Dolphins are not a total disaster. The Dolphins split two games with these Jets. The Dolphins lost by one point to Pittsburgh. They do not totally lack ability to compete.

Anyway, let's watch this game and see what team earns the right to play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Let's see happens.

The live blog starts in the comments section below.


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The New World Order does not care about your silly playground games

Now get aboard
Time to take U & Your Family to the FEMA Camp

To help u, of course


U Get That, Huh?

DC Dolfan lmao sounds like a plan :)

For example, the leadership of country A wants the natural resources of country B. But the leadership of country A realizes that their citizens will oppose an unjust war. So the leadership of country A creates a problem by staging a terror attack against its own military or civilian population. Through the media, the leadership of country A make it abundantly clear that country B is responsible. The people of country A are traumatized & demand justice. So the leadership of country A (seemingly) reluctantly complies, & offers the solution by launching a war against country B.

DC, Your outta G.O.D???????, What the deuce???

And Crowder will have to fake injury in another line of work for a year. Or he can take a year off to heal, come back next year, only to get injured again.

Hell, with all he's learned, maybe he'll become a personal injury attorney.

I know, very unexpected. I just made some good, "positive" points, and ALoco had the ceremony. Right here in front of everyone. I wore white!

Nah DC Dolfan I disagree . I think Clam Crowder will fake injuries for lawsuit income during the off season. If he plays his cards right he could hit up Walmart bigtime dropping there stock and net worth while investing in Target stock and hit big

Julian Assange Sounds a awful like home....

If the lockout looms up until the 8th game I believe the season would be cancelled entirely. It would be very difficult for fans or the players to take seriously a game shorter than 8 games.

The SB could be a total fraud too if it ended up pitting the Detroit Lions vs Cincinatti Bengals. Can you imagine how lowly the national ratings would be for such a farce of a SB? They couldnt giveaway new commercial slots because smart corporate types dont want thier products tied in with such a lousy nfl product(SB). LOL........

LOL @ DC, So your a "Made" guy now????

He said I really shouldn't conversate with the old gang. But I told him freedom of speech and assembly is paramount in this country, so he relented.

Julian, Julian, you got caught in the act without a condom(besides other things). Bad boy.

yup, I'm a Capo, lol.

LOL @ Richard. Poor Crowder. What's he gonna do if he can't bandage some part of his body up? He'll feel naked!

The Reichstag Fire

On the night of Feb. 27, 1933 the Reichstag building was set on fire. The Reichstag was Germany's version of congress or parliament. One month later on March 23rd, The Enabling Act, also known as the "Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Nation," was passed by the Reichstag. This was Germany's version of Homeland Security. It suspended most civil liberties outlined in the German constitution as well as habeas corpus. Wikipedia states, "Under the Act, the government had acquired the authority to pass laws without either parliamentary consent or control. Unprecedentedly, these laws could even deviate from the Constitution." This eliminated the Reichstag's participation in the creation of laws & allowed the Nazis to create a legal dictatorship.

Although the fire was blamed on Marinus van der Lubbe, it was later learned that the fire was set with the cooperation of the German government. An online historical archive called, The History Place, states, "Nazi storm troopers under the direction of GΓΆring were also involved in torching the place. They had befriended the arsonist ... [&] even encouraged him to burn the Reichstag that night." "The Reichstag Fire," noted Wikipedia "has been attributed to the government of the newly elected Adolf Hitler by documents obtained by the Allies after the war and testimony of the Nuremberg Trials." This problem, followed by a solution, was apparently done to pave the way for a lawful dictatorship.

Might be able to talk to him for you Cuban. He's really close with DyingBreed, so I can use him as the consigliere.

You guys forget, Crowder got an extension a few years back. Sow his chowder wont be missing any clams during a lockout! LOL.......

Breed, That type of super bowl would not occur,Al the games would be division games and there's no way in h3ll cinn, and Detriot would even make it, especially seeing how the current SB teams are from those respective divisions....

Julian Assange I believe you are lost my friend . This is a Dolphins Football blog . I believe you are looking for the Useless Political Ranting blog which you can find over on the New York Jets blog or Sun Sentinel . I understand the confusion as the Dolphins look alot like our Governmental Cabinet and need a major Bailout as well to protect ther Fannie but sadly it is not :)

You want to introduce something you know the people won't like. This may be more power to the police, a further erosion of basic freedoms, even a war. You know that if you offer these policies openly the people will react against them. So you first create a PROBLEM, a rising crime rate, more violence, a terrorist bomb, a government collapse, or you get one of your Illuminati puppets like Saddam Hussein to go to war.

You make sure someone else is blamed for this problem and not you, the real people behind it all. So you create a patsy, as they call them in America, a Timothy McVeigh or a Lee Harvey Oswald. You then use your media to tell people what they should think about your manufactured event and who they should blame for it. This brings us to stage two, the REACTION from the people - This can't go on; what are THEY going to do about it?

This allows THEM to then openly offer the SOLUTION to the problems they have created - new legislation which advances their agenda of centralisation of global power or the erosion of more basic freedoms. This technique is being used all the time on the human mind and emotions, not least with the stream of mind-controlled youngsters and adults who go crazy with guns around the world and immediately prompt gun control laws


and yes, we love that Home blogger

Yeah, that's one I forced myself to forget DB.

"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government." -- Henry Kissinger speaking at Evian, France, at Bilderberg meeting. Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

If I were you, Julian, I would concentrate on the Green Bay Packer's defense.

Julian Assange I believe you are lost my friend . This is a Dolphins Football blog . I believe you are looking for the Useless Political Ranting blog which you can find over on the New York Jets blog or Sun Sentinel . I understand the confusion as the Dolphins look alot like our Governmental Cabinet and need a major Bailout as well to protect ther Fannie but sadly it is not :)


I've fallen from grace with with ALoco. Now he's pre-turded, and I do mean per turded, about my incessant use of the "LOL". He also announced that Armando and I formed a secret conspiracy to root for the Jets and that I maliciously attcak those in disagreement with me.

Also that I only fill this blog with the venomousness of my vile negatisim. Besides that I think ALoco still loves me to death! LOL.......

The hilarious thing about conspiracy theories, is it relies on suspending common sense. One thing ANYONE who spent ANY time in government, or dealing with a federal agency, agrees on, is that the government bureaucracy is a joke. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, and vice versa.

So, how will they jump out of the black heli's and install martial law? When THEY don't even know what each other does, lol.

See, Julian, it's all a pretty illusion, you want to paint yourself, because things really are the way they seem. And it's more interesting to believe what you do than accept the mundane truth.

Wow DyingBreed you just described my ex-girlfriend

DB, that's why I have a dog. Dogs won't ever turn their backs on you (even Mike Vick's dogs).

DC, Agree, The thought that this goverment can control weather, control minds,etc, etc, is almost laughabe, You know this from being there,Though it would be a cool movie.., Anyone know Oliver Stones phone number????

LOL@Richard 4:39PM!

Neither should Americans repose in confidence that the Supreme Court will protect their freedoms. As Justice Douglas wrote in Brandenburg the Court's track record in sedition cases had shown little inclination to value liberty over threats or inconveniences to security or the statu quo.

The imposition of sanctions, whether formal or informal, against the dissemination of allegedly harmful information is the cornerstone on which State control of expression and opinion is erected. The securitization of social intercourse whether on the green or in cyberspace is civic death.

Not only that Cuban, but I KNOW people in government. And they care more about who they can sleep with than who's freedoms they can take. Plus, they really aren't that intelligent (they just have a bunch of degrees to hide the fact that they don't know sh*t!).

I think Julian took the "Red" pill...., BTW Julian, how much is a 48 ounce T-Bone in the "Matrix" anyway

DC, Typical "Goverment" IMHO......

Chicks "Love" power, That's why Hot Ashley AKA "The Pineapple Empress" Is with me, I have handcuffs........

Who would have ever thought promoting Adolph Hitler to a newly created, totally powerless, and strictly cerimonious position as "chancellor" would result in an unstoppable dictatorship.

Hitler and the nazi parties first act was to set fire to the parliament building blaming the communist party. This gave him the power to basically suspend the powers of the parliament, the German constitution, and its citizens under the ruse of sorting out treasonist communist attempting to overthrow goverment.

Under this deceptive veil Hitler basically took a totally powerless new created position of chancellorship and gave himself almighty power which he never relinquished.

Home is right

Diocletian's Problem-Reaction-Solution

A further example of how elites throughout history commit acts of terrorism as a pretext to create enemies and corral populations behind a tyrannical agenda

DC Dolfan not me bro . I have a cat . It's the best dam pussycat one could ask for. Its warm and fuzzy, loves to be petted , lays right there for you , never complains or talks back , and is always home waiting for me :)

very true, very smart Dying Breed

Good man Dying Breed is

Home would be PROUD =)

Great History Knowledge Breed, And in todays society it's doubtful almost laughable that could occur again, But then again the american public(About 65 %) are stupid enough to let that happen again..... OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

DC......thats cause the people you know are patsies......regardless of how important you might believe they are.....

Instead of dismissing julian/Home...you should reseach some of it.....

did 19 Hijackers really change our world.....funny how the buildings burned to the ground....the bodies were desinigrated...and the black box was never recovered....but somehow...SOMEHOW....a PASSPORT survived.....you know....that thing made out of paper.....paper is how we start fires.....

Think about it man.....48hrs later our goverment had the WHOLE STORY......and the culprits.......

Thank God for that PASSPORT

How did she post at the same time??????????

Cuban....the politicians aren't gonnna let it happen.....YOUR GONNA ASK THEM FOR IT....beg fo it if you will......

Like the Patriot ACT......

Like the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY.....i thought we already had that.....we called it...


Prepackaged slanted misinformation on FOX news coming to u to be downloaded in your empty skull in one hour

Then u can parrot the misinformation to others

U Dumbasses

The exact same ploy Hitler used in Germany to proclaimed his dictatorship can easily be done today and even easier because most think it could never happen in America.

Let's say a guy whose 3rd-4th in line to become president had rutheless thoughts of all power. If he had enough pull with the right co-conspirators that guy could simultaneously have explosives go off in assembly of congress, presidential and vice qtrs.

Then all that's needed is to assume power and blame the atrocities on a widespread U.S. group or political party based on manufactored false evidence. Have one of the major news networks in your pockets. Then suspend the constitution, civil rights, and what remains of congress while you declare marshall law weed out the falsely accused perpetraitors.

Actually what you're weeding out is all of your majorn opposition to seizing complete and total power. Anyone thinking this would be impossible to do consider many Germans were of the same line of thinking before Hitler pulled it off.

Great point Kris, It's almost unbelievable that 19 people(Uneducated,Religious fanatics) Could change the world as we know it..., never really thought about it like that..

Anybody here feel like talking bout football?

Or so the Bush administration told us this happened.....

kris, if 9/11 were a theory, do you really think they would have made it so 19 guys committed the hijacking with nothing but boxcutters? Would the deceivers allow that much embarrassment to themselves? If I were a deceiver, I would've said, "make it a chemical attack, or tasers, or the gun John Malkovich used in "In the Line of Fire."

kris, I actually do "research." I read a lot. And in my readings, I've come across many actual conspiracies and stolen freedom stories that are in PLAIN SIGHT!

That's my point. The worst things that are happening are happening in the light of day (not hidden by the Trilateral Commission). Yeah, I read Behold a White Horse too.

If people don't care to stop the travesties happening in front of their eyes, why would the government go through hoops to hide what their doing?

Makes no sense.

Home's method of speading information is unconventional at best....down right rude at worst....

But I would say to all of you.....do some reseach....you might be surprised at what you find......not just FOX/NBC/CBS reseach.....look outside of the box/TV.......

If nothing else it will give you ammo to prove him wrong....or he might be proven right

DC - My only hope for Henne is that he totally and completely shocks me and Dolphin nation by coming out next year with a chip on his shoulders and some game to back it up. When I was living in SD, this is exactly what happend with Brees. He sat his first year, had a decent year as a starter his 2nd (showed a little promise), then completely self distructed in his 3rd season (2nd as a starter). He was benched 11 games into the season for Doug Flutie and the Chargers proceeded to draft Rivers (actually Manning/trade for Rivers...weird). Anyway, Brees came out that 4th season with guns a blazin'.

I can tell you that there was little indication that would be the case. Charger fans and SD media were in an up-roar when they ended up starting Brees again....talking about how Rivers must be a total bust to revert back to this "schmuck". Well Brees got the best of everyone. Interestingly in a fairly recent interview he all but stated that he pretty much felt that SD had turned their back on him couldn't wait to be either traded or hit free agency.

I can only hope that Henne can turn it on next season.....and if he does, that he can forgive and forget.

Wanna talk conspiracy theories, let's talk Miami Dolphins winning the SuperBowl in '72. Being perfect!! That sounds more fantastical to me than anything you kris, home or anyone else can come up with.

Hey wolfman, I'll be the first to bow down to the Henne god if that happened. No shame in my game.

Actually DC...yes.....thats all it would take...we hadn't seen building flown into buildings yet....if...in those times you cut the dude next to me NECK WIDE OPEN......and told the rest of us to calm down and no futher harm would come to anybody.....I would have (back then)...started thinking about how much ransom these guys wanted...and would the GOV pay......thats the way it used to be.....so again...yes.....

Tell me again DC....how many of thos hijackers were Iraqi.....of from Afghanistan......

Yeah back to footbal talk :) wolfman1313 I can only hope Henne does better with new QB coach and OC but he needs to learn to read a D and be more mobile . That cant be taught . At the least he needs competition . I mean would you fear your job if Thigpen was your replacement

planes into buildings.....

People are being led like blind sheep to slaughter. Technology is at the forefront of the ploy. The more dependant we become on government and and the comforts of life, the less likely we are to buck.

The more you give a man to lose the less likely to fight he becomes to fight fight.

The less a man has to lose the more likely he will become to fight.

So remember, the next new trinkely new technological "I just cant live without" you purchase. That's exactly what the butchers depend upon in leading we sheep to slaughter!

DC - I'm full of hope and optimism....don't know why, but I am. Maybe it's that I feel that we will have no other choice in 2011. I don't particularly like the draft class....at least the first rounders and there is little in FA. Maybe some decent competition, but nobody in FA that I just say...."wow"...."we gotta land that guy".

I actually think there are some pretty good options later in the draft at QB....but nobody who's going to be able to come in next season. Personally I like McElroy...could land him in the 3rd or 4th but like I said...he'll require a little grooming.

Ahh, so that's what bothers you kris. The hijackers were Egyptian and Yemeni and what not, but we invaded Iraq/Afghanistan after the attack. Why didn't you say so?

Guess what, bothers me too. BUT, there's a reason for that. We already knew there was this group in Afghanistan, working with the Taliban (ruling force at the time), called Al-Queda. They already had committed terrorism against us and others. They also happily took credit for the 9/11 bombings. So, that's why we invaded Afghanistan.

Iraq, that was the wrong War, IMO. That was simply baby Bush wanting to get Saddam for what he said about his daddy. He needed an excuse, and this became it. But that's been heavily debated and it's pretty much common knowledge now that we (the U.S.) manipulated evidence to create a reason to invade Iraq.


I know exactly why the 72 Dolphins were perfect. But if I told, you still wouldnt believe me. Because it concerns bending ear around God, a predestinement, and a act of rewarding of faith from the mouth of babes.

That's all I'll say, even thats far too much.

Being a law enforcement officer in the great state of New York(NYPD to be exact)thieves are generally pretty stupid(IQ around 89-95)(Joey p orter or Channing Crowder)a mastermind to pull off stuff like Jullian/Home has to be genius(145 and better)(about .10% of the population)And those people with that type of IQ are usually passive in nature.., So stop with the "Evil taking over" talk and lets get back to Football.......

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