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Live blog of Jets vs. Steelers starts now ... here

PITTSBURGH -- Will I ever cover my own team in the AFC Championship game?

Please, someone answer me.

The Dolphins are not here. The comment i get most from writers from around the country covering this game is, "What the (bleep) is going on down there?"

My answer: "I do not know. I am not responsible."

I do know the Dolphins are not a total disaster. The Dolphins split two games with these Jets. The Dolphins lost by one point to Pittsburgh. They do not totally lack ability to compete.

Anyway, let's watch this game and see what team earns the right to play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Let's see happens.

The live blog starts in the comments section below.


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Will this be JTs last game if the Jets lose?

Time consuming 8 minute drive by Steelers. WOW! LOL...................

1st Down!

Henne too for that matter...this is how you win the respect of your teamates and become thier leader.....you go the extra effort as the QB when your hurt....and you teamates will go the EXTRA EFFORT for you on plays

This could be a big loss for the Steelers, he was pushing around Pouha like he owed him something.

Jay Cutler is worse then Henne. He really is.

Somewhere in Miami Tony(Fist Pump)Sporono is hoping the Jets stop Pitt and make them go for a Field Goal.....

Thats who we should be looking at in the draft, Pouncy's little brother. We could trade back a little and still get him and pick up a second rd pick

Steelers drive now nearly 10 minutes before the timeout. Now that's how you begin a drive with homefield advantage in a Conference championship game!

Start it off milking the clock for 10 minutes on the opening drive. LOL...........

Interseting that Carson Palmer wants out tof Cinci. I dont think he would choose to come here though. IMO he would probably like to go back to California or perhaps to go play for Carrol in Seattle. Besides io agree, he aint been looking to good past few years.

Huge loss!

terrible news with Pouncey


Is there any doubt that Rex and his twin are similar coaches? Why doesn't he have a head coaching job? I don't like the browns, but there d is good for how young it is.
Update scores,
Guys, I just moved and no
Cable yet and I refuse to go somewhere to watch the jets (or the steelers for that matter) on principle.

That drive took 9:06 seconds. TD! LOL...............

Dying...On the money. That drive was top notch. Shut those chuckleheads up and jam it down their throats...

Why would Palmer not want to come to Miami? Marshall/Bess is one of the best WR duo's in the NFL.

Finally, Palmer will have a reliable target (catch wise) in Bess.

A QB like Palmer, if he plays like he has in the past, will make this team SB contenders.

Our offense sucked because we had a horrible QB with no leadership qualities. The QB is the fuel that runs the offense and the Dolphins have been on E for a long time.

I believe Rex Ryan has Sanchez go deep 1st play of 1st offensive series in a vane attempt to catch Steeler D off guard. Probably ends in Steelers pick! LOL...............

And now the Steelers defense comes on the field with a player that has Rex Ryan feeling conflicted ...

Larry Foote.

jets will not score a td in this game

Pouncey has an ankle injury. His return is questionable.b

Although I hate Rex Ryan, that joke was still horrible Armando.

Got a feeling something really bad's gonna happen to Jets on thier 1st offensive series. Yet still have to wait and see! LOL..........

I'll be rooting for Green Bay in two weeks anyway, I mean you have a Rapist QB playing for one team annd a Blow hard coaching the other... GO PACK..

Armando @ 7:06..Don't quit the day job....Even though that was funny

Va phin : where did u hear that about Palmer?
Dude. He is so upsetting to 'us' bengal fans in the know. He gets 16 mill a year and immediately stops trying, no heart, no emotion, and u get stuck with his brother too most likely, who is god awful.
Palmer had the best weapons in the league and a good line. For three years. And lost as many games this year as henne did.
Cincy and Miami are similar beasts right now. Coach shouldn't be there, fans want off. Coordinators heads on sticks, def coordinator doing all the work, underperforming qbs, and got worse as the season went on.

Pouncey doesn't seem to be all that big yet has looked real good against a bigger nose. Plus he has been able to reach the second level. That being said why are the Phins so adamant about having a big slowfooted center? They say to go against the larger nose tackles in the division but Pouncey hasn't had a problem.

Getting your 1st pass batted down isnt a great confidence builder! LOL...............


They're just out there trying to be the best foot soldiers they can be

Palm Beach post broke some of the palmer news


Always wondered why Rex Ryan loved "foot in the mouth" comments so much! LOL...........

Perro, Blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!


Not a JT hater, just don't see him bringing much to the table.

Is it me? Or do the jets recivers draw a lot of PI's?


I would bet on a sack, JT has always been good at making plays in moments of need.

Jets favored by 3, technically Steelers have a 10-0 lead! LOL...........

What news are you talking about dishpoop?

Ryan Clark wouldve looked good in our D backfield.

Jet guard got destroyed on the pass play! LOL.

inimounts... I agree man, Carson looks like hes lost the fire

jets were not favored, pitt ended up being a 4 pt favorite

Most of the "Slum Sentinel's" news is either speculative, opinionated, or just news that has first broken somewhere else period. LOL.......

yeah remember that. clark made the right dec, wish we had him

Cuban Menace, just kidding!! Before games-end Ryan will have his FOOT up Sanchez's buttocks...

Go Dolphins!!!

After one series each, the Steelers have twice as many plays as New York.

The Palmer trade rumor started this morning on ESPN. Chris Mortenson was talking about it. Right after Sports Reporters. Isreal Guttierez got a nice jab on Bill Parcells in his opening comment...

As someone that is totally disgusted with the direction of the Dolphin franchise, I look at the Jets and just don't see a team that is that much better. The dolphins need to getmore playmakers and be more athletic but the Jets really do "IT" with smoke and mirrors. Sanchez just isn't that good.

Jets look flat


What is the deal weal with the "slum sentinel's" Omar Kelly? IMO, that's one broken down "pimped out" dude.

Does he think he's God's gift to journalism or what? That guy actually believes all of his opinions are fact! LOL...................


I'll give you a sack, in garbage time, lol....

Maybe I'm not a JT hater, but....

Darryl Dunphy... What was the BP comment??

Did you see JT almost get earholed?

Dying, I don't mess with reporters that don't mess with me ... Political answer, I know. Sorry.


When you travel to playoff and championship games are you accompanied by other Herald reporters or do you travel alone?



Good call Ref!

So now the Steelers are getting calls for flops? Terrible.

Good answer, Armando.

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