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Live blog of Jets vs. Steelers starts now ... here

PITTSBURGH -- Will I ever cover my own team in the AFC Championship game?

Please, someone answer me.

The Dolphins are not here. The comment i get most from writers from around the country covering this game is, "What the (bleep) is going on down there?"

My answer: "I do not know. I am not responsible."

I do know the Dolphins are not a total disaster. The Dolphins split two games with these Jets. The Dolphins lost by one point to Pittsburgh. They do not totally lack ability to compete.

Anyway, let's watch this game and see what team earns the right to play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Let's see happens.

The live blog starts in the comments section below.


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So here's a question. I'm always interested in how people became fans of a particular team (in this case obviously the Dolphins)...particularly displaced fans. Hmmmmm...guess that wasn't really a question. Anyways, I'm bored so I'll go first.

I grew up in Colorado, which is where most of my family is from and still reside. Obviously all big Denver Donkey errrr Bronco fans. I've never resided in South Florida though I've visited on numerous occasions (just can't seem to get there during the season).

I was 10 years old...It was the 84-85 season with Broncos v Steelers in the divisional playoffs. Denver loses...family is devastated...I'm 10 so I'm feeding off this as if someone died....start crying I'm so upset. Grandpa tells me there's always next year and not to worry, the Miami Dolphins and a certain QB by the name of Dan Marino are going to whoop 'em anyway.

I'm intrigued....who are these Miami Dolphins you speak of....who is this Dan Marino (all I know at this point is Bronco football and their division rivals)? Where the heck is Miami?

So I wait patiently all week for the AFC championship game...Dolphins v Steelers. The day finally arrives. I'm looking forward to some vicarious revenge (little did I know I was in for a "life changing" experience). It's pretty much a full blown blizard outside my living room window and I settle in with my dad for the game.

Game comes on....I'm first just fully amazed by what I see. "What are those dad?"...."Those are palm trees son". "It looks really nice there dad"...."yup, 65 and sunny"...."sure beats a blizzard". "Wow....what's that dad"...."That's what they call a beach"...."wow the sand and ocean are beautiful"....."think we can go to the beach someday dad?"...so you get the point....never had seen anything like that in my life.

Ok, game time....."wow, what was that?".....40yd TD..."who is that dad?"....."That's Dan Marino...some young hotshot QB"....that guy he threw it to is Mark Clayton"...."he's pretty good".

"Oh crap...Steelers just took the lead 14-10". "Don't worry son...I think Marino might have a few things to show before this games over."

"wow....holy crap...another long TD"...who was that guy Dad"...."That was Mark Duper son"..."he's pretty good too". "Yeah dad....this Marino guy is really kicking but huh?"

So....421 passing yards, 4 TDs, and 1 pick later my football life has been changed forever and I've never looked back. Still get a lot of crap from my Donkey fan relatives but oh well....and of course there was always the Elway/Marino arguements at every holiday....actually still have those at pretty much every holiday.

Anyway, that's my story.


Palmer still throws a few too many interceptions to my liking for a veteran qb and tenureship. I wouldnt feel that comfortable with him unless he restructured his contract down to at $7 million.

His current numbers are far too high to pay for a vet pick machine even though be balances it out far better than Henne by throwing in the mid 20's TD ratio.

kris - I'm with you on the Palmer thing.

wolf, my story isn't quite the same...I was a teenager, not really into football, but really into the girl next door...same game, her Dad was a fan and invited me over for the game. I got over there early, the Dad went out to get some grub for the game, and while he was gone, that is when I got my very first bj. So yeah, been rooting for Miami every since, pavlovs dog type of thing.


To tell you the truth I never fully understood how anyone could not be a fan of his city or state football team. That's why Im a Dolphin fan. I was born in Miami.

Still I have a few natural Floridian fans that are fans of other state teams. I've expressed the same to them as I just expressed to them. They told me, "Just because you're from Florida doesnt mean you have to be a fan of that team."

I guess what they say is true, its just not true for me! LOL........

Meg Ryan or Meg Griffin??????????

dying breed=fidel=fake aloco


Though I see you didnt list her, I prefer Meg Head! LOL.......

testing.......seems my page has frozen

Breed, You've been accussed of being Home,Lil Aloco and now Fidel, What do you plead??? LMAO...

DyingBreed - Problem for me is that I wasn't really "from" anywhere. I "grew up" in Colorado....which is to say I spent my "wonder years" there I suppose.

Born in Seattle and lived there until I was 5...moved to Colorado to be closer to family (5 to 11)...then on to Nebraska for a few years (11 - 13) and then to New Mexico where my dad finally got things settled down. I pretty much consider New Mexico my home town....even though they totally suck I'm a huge Lobo football fan (fortunately our basketball team is pretty good). At the pro level here there are tons of Cowboy fans...followed by Broncos...followed closely by Cardinals....and then a hodge podge of other teams....often whoever happens to be hot.

More likely than not, if we had spent a few more years in Colorado I probably would have ended up a Bronco fan...but then again, I've always been a little against the grain.

'Software Algorithm' that has
been programmed to behave like a
Culinary Genius...

B R I L L I A N T !!!

Wolf, Now the nick-name makes since........

My story is that my cousin was a Miami fan. Because of him, I became a 'phin fan.

I remember the Duriel Harris Lateral. I remember Fulton Walkers KO return for TD. I remember AJ Duhe's dropped int for TD in the Superbowl. I remember Riggins trampling Don Mcneal. I remember Marino's Superbowl TD to Dan Johnson.

I wasn't around for the glory years of Superbowls & perfection. Hopefully before I die I can relish in another Dolphins Superbowl title.

DyingBreed | January 25, 2011 at 01:07 PM

Yeah I never understood that. How can you be from Miami or even Florida and root for an out of state team?



Joe, Hate to be a Defeatist, but with the current fin management,I hope you have at least 15 ,more years..... Sorry but I'am in G.O.D(Gang of defeat)....

Well, when you're from NJ, it's easy to NOT want to be a fan of a local area team.

However, when you're young, you're impressionable. I looked up to my cousin who was older & a die hard Dolphin fan. It was just natural to become one, our whole family is in fact.

Come to think of it, I don't really know what made him be a Dolphin fan. I should ask at the next family gathering.

Cuban, it's a realists point of view, not a defeatists. Let's hope it's not 15.

Cuban, i was a butcher before i retired .

Wolfman, nice story (and great topic). Can we dedicate this topic to bobbyd12 (I'm sure he'd love to know how displaced fans got to Miami).

Also, dude, get to the coast! 10yrs old and never saw a beach? CRAZY!

Anyway, my story is a bit different. Dad worked for the State Dept. I was born outside the country. Didn't come back until I was 5. Dad's not a 1st-generation American so was more into soccer than football (American). But settling in DC, he became a Redskins fan (still is, though he now lives in South Florida). My extended family pretty much all live in NY and FLA, so I have roots in those 2 locations (and visited from time to time, so yes, had see South Beach, etc.).

Anyway, I finally got interested in watching football around '83, and found myself at a family friend's with my parents watching SuperBowl 45. As you can imagine, EVERYONE ELSE was rooting for the 'Skins. I wasn't a big fan of 44 (Riggins). Plus, I'm an independent-thinker, and also was getting into the teenage, stray-from-parents age (though I was a bit younger then). So, I was like, "nope, I'm rooting for the Dolphins since no one else is." And I did. Felt GREAT in the 1st half (Dolphins were up). We all know what happened next, Dolphins broke my heart for the first time (but not the last).

Next year (or maybe '85), went to a soccer tournament in Tampa. As we got closer, we stopped and went into a store. I saw a Dolphins hat and Marino jersey (more like a tee-shirt with his name and number). I HAD TO HAVE IT. I'd been following Marino and fell in love like everyone else here. Loved his style of football, his rocket arm, all of that.

So, since that SuperBowl loss, I never followed any other team, and the rest is history!

I hear you Joe....little did I know at the time.... that superbowl loss to the 49ers would be the last I would see the Dolphins in....at least through current.

I'll tell you what though....when they do go...and I'm pretty fanatical about superbowl parties anyway....but that thing is going to be a party to remember. I'm pretty sure I'll have to take a week off work win or lose.

i had a BABY donkey for years then one day i lost my donkey ,a month later THE DONKEY was found a returned to me by a DOLPHIN FAN .SINCE THAT day i became a fin fan .

wolf, I don't think i can host a party if my team is in it. I'd be a disaster. Throwing stuff, yelling, etc. I was going nuts watching Ricky & Ronnie fumble on consecutive drives during the Viking game.

Up the stakes to a Superbowl? Forget it, It'd be safer for me & others if I watched in isolation.

Yeah, if Dolphins make it to a SuperBowl, I'm going straight to the police station and get them to lock me up. That's where I'd end up win or lose, so might as well stay 1 step ahead, right?

Wow! I have been accused now immitated here. I guess someone here really loves me. Immitation is the ultimate form of flattery! LOL.........

@Cuban- If someone here loves me enough to accuse, immitate, and just overall loves spending every awakened moment in obssession of me. Then only as heaping of praises upon them, I will plead guilty as charged! LOL........

DC - Yeah, I pretty much fell in love when I saw that beach. I didn't get to an actual beach until I was 16 and a family vacation to California (our first real family vacation). When I was younger, my parents pretty much struggled to keep a roof over my and my sisters head and food on the table....let alone a beach vacation.

Once I was on my own I pretty much made it a mission to get to Miami. First trip was in 1993 when I was 18....saved up my own money....bought a ticket...splurged on a nice hotel for my girlfriend and I on the beach. I've been back to Miami several times since. My wife and I now make it a point to get to the beach at least once a year....though we're often in the Carribean, Bay Islands of Honduras, Belize, etc.

Looks like no new blog today,i am out for work .

@Lou Costello aka ALoco,

Lou I was an international sales executive. My company "specialized in greenery". In the financial market we bales of bonds! LOL.........

DC - You may have a point about pre-emptively turning yourself in. I hadn't thought of that, but it could go that far. Definitely will have to have the wife take the kiddo to grandmas or something.

"sold bales of bonds"

JoeSchmoe - Yeah, you may be onto something there. My wife won't let our 10 month old son in the same room with me when the games on. She told me next year that we need to cancel the ticket and I can go to the bar. Bad influence I guess.

DC - difinitely on to something with the pre-emptive turn in to the police.

I hear ya wolf, glad you finally made it. I guess I never really thought about "going to a beach" because I don't think I've ever been more than an hour or 2 from an Ocean. I was born near an ocean, lived near an ocean until I came here (I swam way before I could walk), and lived in the DC area my whole life (with a college stint in Charlottesville, VA, so I guess that's the farthest I've lived from the coast).

I can't imagine living in "Middle America" No body of water (well, like an ocean, you have rivers and lakes and stuff), totally landlocked. I think I'd go crazy.

LOL At Breed, That's are lil friend Aloco aka Many me.............

BTW, Mando coined the phrase"Many me" for lil aloco.......

First thing Im doing should the Dolphins win another SB is getting a psyche exam. Gotta make sure Im not just going crazy.

Once confirmed Im not crazy, Im going to rent a hotel room for week, lock myself in with 10 midget h*ookers and 1 one 6'5 blond bavarian bar maid! LOL.............

wolf, I have 14 month old twins and my wife takes them to her dads on sundays. She has known since day 1 that in the fall, on sundays, I need to be left alone LOL

Next year, I hope they will watch with me so I can turn them into lil Dolphin maniacs like myself.


Ive given ALoco the last name "Peoples". He is Aloco Agustin Peoples! LOL........



6'5 Bavarian barmaid. Trannies need not apply! LOL......

Is everyone here ALoco?

ALoco said he was off to work and the entire blog audience disappeared. WOW! LOL...........



LOL Joe!

DC - Yeah, I guess it's what you get used to. When I graduated Highschool I joined the Marines because I wanted out of NM so bad. Ended up in San Diego. Got out and moved back to NM for a time. I found that I had realy missed the mountains and NM in general. Then I kinda missed San Diego so went back for a couple more years....then realized that NM is home. I love the mountains, the weather, the sunsets, etc. Not a lot of water here, but I love myself some camping in the mountains and those mountain streams. But I definitely have to get my annual fix of sun and sand with a little scuba mixed in.

Wife and I are thinking when we retire we definitely want to get to the water....it's a ways off but we've been kicking Panama around as a retirement destination.

Nothing is posting am I barred? LOL..........

I've often wondered what the deal was with ALoco. Doesn't like Dan Marino or Miami but yet, he's a fan.

What say you, ALoco?

You're not barred, you're banned.

This blog has to many pages. I think the IT dept needs to defrag it. My posts are taking forever to show up! LOL...........


My posts are taking forever to show up. Are you having this problem?

That post showed up immediately. I guess the "ALoco Algorithm program" is having fun with me! LOL............

I am having this problem. Maybe it's a sign that I need to get to work and do something productive today. Very difficult, baby was up all night and I'm beat....this is about as much focus as my brain can muster today.

Wolfman, great topic for discussion. I lived in Orlando as a child and grew up as a Dolfan and the awful Bucs. Moved to Texas (hated the Cowboys), then lived in NYC where I developed my seering hatred for the Jets, and then to D.C. and Baltimore (Redskins? Ravens? Who cares?). And I don't care squat about the Lakers since living in LA.

I've always been and will always be a die-hard Dolfan for one reason: to be a fan of a team that owns the Holy Grail of the NFL: the perfect season. Years from now, no one will remember who won this year's SB or any other years. But the perfect season is a legendary status that no one can claim. And even if someone should also claim that prize, the Dolphins will always be the first - period! And that makes me come back after years of heartache to root for this team.

BTW: there's been some crazy comments here about moving the team to LA. NO. Dolphins belong in Miami where the legacy should be. Once a team moves, no one remembers the history. No one here remembers the LA Rams and I doubt most Baltimorians remember the Colts.

Careful wolfman. Do your research and visit before you go all in. I was looking at Belize several years ago. And then it occured to me, it's pretty much 3rd world just about anywhere outside the US. Of course with enough money, it won't matter that much.

I am not having a problem, you guys must be special.

FYI Breed, you didn't end your sentence with an LOL. Is that really you or an impostor?


Its the "ALoco Algorithm" program trying to seige the entire blog. "ALoco" software the herald's using is turning "malicious". LOL..........


The Herald's Aloco Algorithm programming software goes malicious at times. It seems to have now corrected itself. The Gremlins have come back home. LOL.........

No one cares about the jets. instead, please tell us why Ireland thinks that Brian Billick and Brad Childress arenot good enough to run our offense, but some lsoer from Cleveland is?

Shoot, because we don't have the o-line or skill position to run a WC offense(Childress) & Brian Billick had pretty poor offenses in Baltimore.

I'll go further out on a limb and say as a Super Bowl winning coach, Billick won't be working as a coordinator. He'll wait for a HC job that he likes someday.

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