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Live blog of Jets vs. Steelers starts now ... here

PITTSBURGH -- Will I ever cover my own team in the AFC Championship game?

Please, someone answer me.

The Dolphins are not here. The comment i get most from writers from around the country covering this game is, "What the (bleep) is going on down there?"

My answer: "I do not know. I am not responsible."

I do know the Dolphins are not a total disaster. The Dolphins split two games with these Jets. The Dolphins lost by one point to Pittsburgh. They do not totally lack ability to compete.

Anyway, let's watch this game and see what team earns the right to play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Let's see happens.

The live blog starts in the comments section below.


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I hear ya Joe.....wife and I have been long time visitors to Roatan. The owner of the place we stay is a retired doctor from Colorado. We've gotten to know him over the years and he says pretty much the same thing. Visiting is not the same as living....though he loves it and loves running his little bungalows.

But yeah, definitely have to do the research and an extended stay or more. Also will depend on our cash flow....but right now it doesn't look to be a problem. We'd most likely split 50-50....somewhere by the water in winter....mountain cabin in summer.

That said, I have about 25 years to plan this thing out....though we were seriously considering buying a small hotel in Roatan on one of our last visits. Price was right but not enough of a risk taker to give up the day job.

Billick will return as a HC as soon as he see's a team drafts the 2nd coming of a Ray Lewis! LOL...........

wolfman, supposed to go to Roatan last year on a dive trip but got camceled. Heard it's got great diving.


It's no secret the NFL wants back into Los Angeles but thank you for calling out the lunacy of some suggesting the Dolphins would be that team.

First of all, the league is loathe to let ANY team pull up stakes these days. Only a few years ago, they stepped in to prevent Tom Benson from taking the Saints to San Antonio, in fact.

Second, IF a team relocated to Los Angeles it would only be a situation where a franchise had some combination of bad stadium situation and/or small market size. The Bills, Jaguars, and Vikings are most commonly mentioned in that regard. South Florida? One of the biggest media markets in the country and an advantageous stadium situation for the Dolphins---despite the improvements they want. They wouldn't even remotely be in that discussion.

And for all the talk about Ross and his fascination with celebrity, to take it to that level is ludicrous. Yeah, it annoys me as well but the guy was raised in Miami Beach and has been a Dolphins season-ticket holder for decades. Did everyone forget that?

The Dolphins aren't going anywhere and the NFL would prevent it even if someone DID want to move the team (which they don't).

When all is said and done, LA will probably either get an expansion club or (perhaps) the Jaguars.

cocoajoe - The diving is incredible. Personally I think it's better than Belize...marginally. They take great care and have great pride in the reef. The whole reef is a reserve so it's not overfished, etc. I also think because many don't think of it as a tourist destination...it hasn't seen as much activity as other areas so the reef is pretty pristine. I'll be curious to see if the whole "Roatan Experience"...at least as I know it....deteriorates since they started doing cruise ships there.

Only better diving I've done is Hawaii....Belize is pretty on par with Roatan but like I said, I think Roatan is marginally better. I still have to make my way to Australia.

Guess I'm late to this party but here goes. Grew up in Washington State, which didn't have a team in the early 70s. In those days only a handful of teams made it on TV. There were the Cowboys, Dolphins, Raiders and a few others.

My stepdad worked on a large farm six days a week but loved football so Sundays, sorry devout churchgoers, and occasionally Monday nights were the only times he could watch. Of course as a little kid I watched too. I became a Dolphins fan because of the pool behind the goal post and the live Dolphin called Flipper I think. No other team had anything that cool. Been a die hard fan ever since. Everybody else in the family eventually became Seahawk fans. In fact I was there in the Kingdome cheering loudly for the Dolphins and wearing my Marino jersey, which only comes out once every few years, for Dan's final playoff victory. Actually it was his final win ever.

Unfortunately my first memory of the Bob Griese coke bottle glasses led Dolphins is about 1973-74 so I missed the undefeated season.


Tell you want out-of-state fans. Dolphins have a few more years. This mediocrity continues and we should jet (just not to the jets). I can be a Baltimore fan (they go to the Playoffs). Andy/Joe can be Philly or Giants fans. ALoco can be NE fan. At least that way we have a chance to see our team in the SuperBowl.

Miami is testing our resolve. I've been able to stick it out this far. But I could be cracking around the edges!

wolf/Chris, you guys can go to AZ, or SD.

Just realized, how must Jake Long feel? Lost 4 years with Henne at Michigan. Lost 2 years now in the pro's with Henne. He probably just wants to protect a new QB by now. He's gotta be hating the guy something fierce. Imagine that, Long, a winner, All-Pro, All-Everything, and Henne, the "slow" brother that can't win diddly. I know Jake is a stand-up guy, but, this might be asking too much of anyone!

Yeah wolfman, pisses me off everytime I think about that missed Roatan trip. Did get to Bonaire....very nice, I recommend it if you haven't been there. Like Turks and Caicos but expensive.

Australia? Water's cold there, isn't it?

I would be sickened if the Dolphins ever moved. Not sure what I would do exactly. I have a friend who was a big Oilers fan...when they moved to Tennessee.... he tried, but it just wasn't the same.

I guess my #2 is the Seahawks....my wife's a big fan so I've watched them pretty much every Sunday for the past 6 years (baring any schedule conflict with the Dolphins game).

Dr. Roberts: Yeah, we've been hearing about the Bills, Jags and Vikes as possible teams to move to LA. The Chargers (the better choice) are also mentioned. It's mainly the owner putting the pressure on San Diego to improve the stadium or otherwise they'll move to their bigger market cousin. Also, we can't dismiss Crazy Al Davis returning to LA again. With a new football stadium - he'll be salivating. There are still remnants of Raider Nation down here (yawn).

The worst choice is the Bills. God Almighty not that putrid stench. But more than likely, they'll go to Toronto.

Enjoying hearing how people became fans.

For me, it was being a local kid and having a dad who was a big fan. He went down to the Orange Bowl and bought season-tickets the day after Shula was hired, in fact.

Not that I cared at first. In fact, while the Dolphins were going undefeated and slapping around the rest of the NFL in the early 70's I was mostly running around the OB with my cousin pouring cups full of water down the aisles and doing typically stupid kid stuff. One of the few things I remember from the undefeated season, in fact, was how quiet it was when Griese got hurt versus the Chargers. Otherwise, I was pretty much ignorant of the history unfolding.

Wasn't till the 74 season (in a game versus those same Chargers) that I finally really got into it. I think the team scored three 4th-quarter TD's to come back and win that game and I was hooked for life. By the end of that season, I was crying (and occassionally breaking things) after losses.

One game I'll always be grateful to have attended was when Shula broke the wins record here in Philly. It was long before I actually lived here---just a trip to see family and the game---but obviously the timing worked out great.

Saw SB 17 in person, too. That wasn't so much fun.

I may even have broken something. :)

I'd never be an Eagles or Giants fan. I'd probably become a Cheese head. They have a QB & I love Wisconsin Cheddar!

cocoajoe - not sure about water temp...I've heard it's not as warm and inviting as the Carribean but I have to see the Great Barrier Reef one day. St Maarten was ok....reef was in pretty bad shape though, at least where we were diving. Lots of interesting aquatic life though. Massive lobsters and tons of reef shark.

DC - I could maybe do San Diego. I have a little soft spot for them since I lived there awhile.

Try Bora Bora for aquatic adventures.

Miami is testing our resolve. I've been able to stick it out this far. But I could be cracking around the edges!
- DC Dolfan | January 25, 2011 at 03:00 PM

Say it aint so, DC! Hate Ross/Ireland/Sparano/Henne and anybody you want, but not the team. When things are down, I try to focus my passion on key players and root for them (like Wake, Long, Bess, Dansby, etc.)

Think the Dolphins play in San Diego next year. Might have to go to that one. Big HDTVs and Directv have just made it such a good at home watch.

Sorry Mark. Guess I could regurgitate some Henne stuff. Henne sucks! Now I feel better.


Yeah, should have mentioned the Chargers and Raiders as obvious possibilities as well.

Honestly, I'd hate to see ANY team move. Even with the Bills, those folks have seen their city decline in importance enough---let alone lose their team.


I've lived in Philly for nearly a decade and the chances of me becoming an Eagles fan are about the same as a comet hitting my backyard this afternoon.

Aqua and Orange for life, win or lose.

(besides, I'm not fat, drunk, and obnoxious enough to be a true Eagles fan)

Besides the Dolphins, my second passion is my absolute, hot-boiling hatred for the Jets. And last Sunday was my Super Bowl.

I've been trying to find a 2011/2012 schedule. Am I smoking? I thought this was out but my google search is coming up with squat. I need to know if the Fins have a home game Oct 9...B-day weekend. I'm feeling very guilty now for never having made it to a home game. Bad fan....bad!

The opponent home/away schedule is out but not the dates. Think that comes in early summer. My last trip to a home Dolphin game was for Steelers/Dolphins, aka hurricane game a few years back. Funny, it seemed like the entire game was played in the dirt/mud infield.

Green Bay is the only other team I have any kind of "soft spot" for. Not for any real football reasons, but because it's fairly remarkable a city that small managed to maintain their franchise all those years BEFORE revenue sharing and I also really like the fact they are community-owned. Their fans are generally very nice, cool people, too.

Don't hate the Browns, either, but that's more a case of me feeling that town got screwed when the original team was relocated.

The other 29 teams can go to hell, lol.

wolfman---they only have the opponents and sites at this point. The actual game dates don't get announced for a few months (May, I think)

LDS just had a trip to Truk Lagoon, some place near....I forget and Hawaii. $7000, too pricey for my blood.

Maybe this guilt is stemming from all this talk about "other" teams......like talking/thinking about cheating on the wife....maybe worse.

Wait...you just had an LSD trip?

(kidding, cocoajoe)

My wife and I were trying to make it out a couple years back when Miami was at home vs. Seattle. It was right around my B-day and though that would be fun...me being a Fin Fan and her a Seahawk fan. I ended up getting called away on a business trip....which in hindsight may have saved our marriage.

Funny...I was just remembering that when my wife and I were first dating, she had a little thing for Brady and a soft spot for the Pats....I squashed that like a bug! She insisted that it was because she went to college in Boston....I pretty much told her that I didn't care...it wasn't happening.

Armando....look at what your neglect of this blog has turned us poster's in to...Yesterday (on this same blog)....i started spouting my conspircy theories along with DB for about 2 pages....and now its become a chat room were everyone is telling background stories....

You need to get your butt back here pronto.....before we all start signing CUME BY YAH.....

I hold you directly responsible Armando...you!

LA/dr. roberts, yeah, that was kinda a joke. I really have gone too far with Miami to support another team. Let's see, I've gotten into a fight over the Dolphins, been completely dumped on plenty of times from packs of other fans. I got a beer dumped on me one game at FedEx field for wearing my Sam Madison jersey to a Giants/Redskins game (by a chick). I left my wife at a friends house a few years ago, was watching Jets/Dolphins, she's a Giants fan from Jersey, so was being an arse and rooting for the Jets. We lost a nailbiter. She was giggling with my "so-called" friends, so, hell, I know my priorities, left her arse there and trucked it home. She called about 15 minutes after I left like, "did you seriously just ditch me at your friend's house?" "YUP, find your own way home." CLICK!!!!

That's how I role. Since then she knows to A) drive herself, and/or B) don't talk no trash during my games. I still hate on her Giants though.

So I've been through too much to consider any other team. If this doesn't work out, I'm going to gymnastics (I'm into cameltoes).

Didn't we just hire an assistant special teams coach from the 49ers or something? Guess that couldn't hurt.

Count me among the non-Carson Palmer to Miami fans. Something bothers me about a guy who gets better when his most talented receivers are not in the game. If he was a good leader he'd be able to take charge of that team and put 85 and TO in their place.

kris, we're having more fun without Mando. I like hearing these 1st-person accounts. Really, we need to save this or find a way to get bobbyd12 involved. I really think he'd enjoy this discourse LOL.

We're taking over this blog. I guess South Florida peeps listen to Mando on the radio. Here, the Tribe of DirectTV rules. I can point my finger in D.C., and Tony Sparano feels it in Davie. That's AWESOME!

DC--Worst I've been treated at an an away game wasn't Foxboro or Jersey but Tampa of all places. Night game a few years back and man what a bunch of yahoos in the endzone. They even threw a cup of beer at a HANDICAPPED Miami fan in the wheelchair section.

Racial comments directed at my buddy as well. Just a charming bunch!

Foxboro was pretty lousy, too, come to think of it.

Of course, I've NEVER seen ANY Miami fan behaving badly. Never. :)

So...Jets/Steelers are still tied in the 54th overtime?

I know DC.....Armando deserves a break....since the jets lost he is to depressed to come to work

Hurt or injured....Herm Edwards still holding to his guns...and I got his back on that topic

I am the Grande Inquisitor of the Dolfans Inquisition. I have been patrolling this blog for years, inquiring about fans fidelity to the team. I have written down names of those I shall call to question - starting with Mr. Salguero. His article about the Jets is most disturbing.

But today, I exalt in high esteem for DC Dolfan for exemplifying his faith and conviction for this team. His unwavering willingness to ditch his wife shows his resolve and fortitude. May our Prophet Shula and Saint Marino smile upon you, kind sir. I shall also petition for the canonization of your name.

Gotta run, but I'll leave you with this image:

Worst Miami fan behavior I ever saw was after a Jets game (what else?) when I saw this dude INSERT a lit cigarette into the hair/cap of a Jets fan exiting down the ramp in front of him--somehow without him even noticing.

Pretty bad.

(and funny)

dr. roberts, yeah, I stopped wearing a Dolphins jersey at other teams' games. Not worth the effort. Now, if Miami is playing, I don't care, I'll wear a jersey in Philly, ANYWHERE. Let 'em come after me, I can get wild too. But, to a game Miami isn't playing, naw. I'm too old for that.

You think we'll keep Sapp? Not sure if he's just signed for this season, but he really didn't do it for me. Always was getting beat. Had 1 INT (I think) but that's it. I liked Culver more, thought he was starting to get it last year. Not sure what happened with him. Wonder if the CBA will force Miami to basically keep the team they have, that's a scary thought.

Whatever happened to the NFL Skills Challenge......NFL replay is showing a re-run from 2006....NFL's fastest man competition.....I don't remember when it dissapeared....and I don't rember missing it

lol, thank Inquisition Man. There's other fish in the sea, wives come and go, but there's only 1 Miami Dolphins.

The year is 2006...the stars of the NFL are....Shawn Merriman (defensive rookie of the year), Larry Johnson, Cato June......that was in 2006

kris, what's this man-crush you have with Herm Edwards? You DO know his record as a coach, right? Not too sterling if you consider the KC days. I kinda see him as a Sparano-type. Tough, smashmouth-football lover, not very creative offense. I like him as a player, and a person, but didn't really think he was the greatest coach.

We coulda had Merriman. In the long line of couldas.

Just realized Nolan Carroll was born in Rio Rancho, NM....that's where I live....pretty cool.

I'll be curious to see if this guy developes into a good DB. I thought he was pretty good on ST.

I get depressed when I start thinking of the long line of couldas.

LOL Dr Roberts, no not that I didn't do it when I was younger....I did. But in this case LDS = local dive shop

We also coulda had DeMarcus Ware that year. Ok, stop, crying too much.

But, anyone see a new mock draft? Most have Carolina NOT taking a QB (they're taking a DE). So, that's one more QB that'll be there. I see mock-drafts having us take Cam Newton now. I put that in the "sometimes you might get what you asked for" category. I'm asking for a QB, might get a bust. Yikes!

wolf, you know the backstory on that kid? Pretty interesting. His dad is in the military (that's probably why he's born in NM). Mom's a state senator from FL (a black Republican if you can believe it). She just became Lt. Governor in November. Kid's pretty bright, as you can see from pretty good stock. I'm hoping he pans out too. I like his speed.

DC...i'm kinda going on a hunch....and I can see why some could see Herm a Sparano part II.....I see him as more of a Mike Tomlinson/Tom Coughlin type....he will let you throw the ball all over the place....as long as its working....I think he can adjust his game to the times....not vice-versa

SI reported from the Senior Bowl that Locker struggled while Kaepernick had a good performance.


Newton is scary....getting what you ask for is the perfect way to put it......but I WANT HIM....so if he bust I will be on here to take my medicine......

LA....on my way home I heard that....Mark In Toronto may get his wish...the worse he looks the farther he will fall....and if he looks really bad....we might draft him.....dumb luck

I woudn't get all teary-eyed about Merriman....after they got him off the juice he fell...hard

Armando's last tweet...that posted to this website..

Jason Taylor after the game: "The toughest loss I’ve ever been a part of. So close, so close you could see it, smell it, feel it." 1 day ago
Jason Taylor was emotional and had tears welling in eyes following the Jets loss. Says hasn't decided about playing in 2012. 1 day ago

Armando hasn't been heard from since......poor guy

You mean we might get Mallet? Just heard he's being compared to Ryan Leaf. NOOOOOO! But I'm not gonna hate, it's well established I want a QB 1st-round this and every year until we get a franchise QB.

Maybe Mando's contemplating retirement too. Anyone ever picture Mando as that kid in the movie from the 80's, The Bodyguard? It was about a kid being picked on at school, and makes a deal with a tough, biker kid to be his bodyguard. Mando is the nerd and JT is the Bodyguard.

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