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Live blog of Jets vs. Steelers starts now ... here

PITTSBURGH -- Will I ever cover my own team in the AFC Championship game?

Please, someone answer me.

The Dolphins are not here. The comment i get most from writers from around the country covering this game is, "What the (bleep) is going on down there?"

My answer: "I do not know. I am not responsible."

I do know the Dolphins are not a total disaster. The Dolphins split two games with these Jets. The Dolphins lost by one point to Pittsburgh. They do not totally lack ability to compete.

Anyway, let's watch this game and see what team earns the right to play the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl. Let's see happens.

The live blog starts in the comments section below.


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Him and Jabba the Hut are pretty close jr ;)

I got a question for everyone here. We all agree on the fact that the tinkering with the Oline was a horrible given the outcome this season, but do you guys think that the cutting of Grove and Smiley was Sparanos idea or Irelands?

He Has Elephant teeth... Like his weight is also like a elephant... Hummmm, I wonder if he is a elephant..

JT show up yet??????? Or still just along for the ride??????

Steelers have run 31 plays. 20 runs.

Do we still believe way to win a title is to throw the ball?

Has any Jet showed up yet?

Would like to know VA......

Somewhere in Miami The fist pumper just shot a load after that Field goal.......

With grove at center and smiley at guard the fins ran like the steelers are now last year. We need a stud center badly!

Wearing down the Jets D while Sanchez stays cold. Nice set up for the second half. This game will be sealed by end of the 3rd quarter.

This ain't the SB Mando.....

I can see Smiley with the bumm shoulder but Grove? Even if he didnt make it a whole season it would have been a major upgrade.

Facial features definitely resemble the dog pound masks in Cleveland. Think about it.

The SB will be a shotout Armando.

And without the scare of Big Ben and his arm, they would not be getting so much running room.

Jets talked Big Ben and what he can do in the air all week, forgot they can run the ball too.

Enjoying the game so far Po? Death to the jets and esp fireman ed!!!!!!

Ben only has 38yds passing so far and Steelers well over 100yds rushing. Sanchez's not a great come from behing qb.

Steelers now ahead 10-0, even another field goal without a score by Jets going into the half. Will result in a steady diet of 2nd half Dick LeBeau blitzes. Woe to the young qb! LOL...........

Hell yeah Joe!!!!!

I don't know 0x80....games are won with TDs...not FGs......it aint over yet.....

Yea but Mando, you need a "stable" Oline to run the bal. You can't change 40% of th linemen a week before the season.

3 and out will be HUGE!!

3 and OUT!!!!!

Good points, men. good points.

Grove when healthy was very good. Henne would have continued to improve had they been able to run block.

Well Mando, if what you say about the running game is true, why didn't the buffalo bills win with OJ when he was running 200 plus yds per game?

It's a little a little more balanced these days between running and passing. You need to do both and have a tough D.

Sanchez looks alot like, well, Sanchez.


I believe an offense has to be constructed like the early 70's championship Fins. You need the weapons to both run and pass effectively. We had thunder and we had lightning.

2009 proved you need more than just thunder, the Marino era proved you need more than just lightning. LOL.........................


Mando, i agree the Herald has the best writers. I especially loved the piece that proved, without doubt, that Henne has been better than Gaychize!

The Steelers need a TD here and the Jets will be in huge trouble.

Funny note though, do you guys remeber the time when referees were fat and out of shape? Now and days they are fit and strong, i miss those old fat slow zebras getting ran over sometimes...

Big Ben may have the best pocket awareness in the gae right now.....squeezing thu holes and still finding recievers

BTW, hope TV camera does a closeup on Ryan's anquished face when they lose. What would be even better would be a closeup of fireman ed.

kris...looks like Steelers are just wearing them down with the run, only going to get worse and then open up the passing game once they are all tired...thats how it looks to me.

Good point dyeing breed.

As much as I think he's a slime ball, Rothlesberger is the antithesis of Henne. Very natural feel for the game and pressure. Not robotic and lets game play out and takes what's available.

You enjoying the game so far Armando?

When Czonka and Warfield defected for the WFL, our offense lost a large portion of both its thunder and its lightning. It would never again be the same.

Big ben is treating the Jet Defense like a drunk Sorority girl....

Se ya all later... Thanks Armando for the forum. Thanks bloggers for being here everyday.Have a good night..

Armando...Seriously, check out Pepe's it's a locals joint.

I think I just saw Jason Taylor!!! Hmm.. He is playing...

Dying, you just described the Steelers offense.

1st and GOAL!

Wow, that was all big ben, no way in hec Henne gets that far in his progression

ARMANDO.......are the BROWNS looking for a OC too?

isn't HOLMGREM running that team, he's pretty good right (I mean alot more than these Bozo's_)

THEN WHY THE HECK DIDN'T HE hire DoofBall as his O C?????



And the Jets are in BIG trouble now. Have fun getting blitzed every play pretty boy.

Lot to be said by a good running game. Too bad Parcells based it on a outmoded 60s philosophy.

0x80....I stand corrected....

Packers. Steelers. Super Bowl.

Big Ben.....

A good, smart qb on a talented team.


2 minutes left in 2nd quarter and the Jets are done!! Poor Rexxy.

as to your POST.....

WE WILL ALL BE DEAD before this JOKE of a team even sniffs one......

how many fans have passed on, just think 1973, and I'm sure they thought 40 from then we'd have some more.......

Drunk sorority girl, I like the sound of that Cuban.


From your lips to Gods ears!

The rout is now on! Hell hath no fury like a young qb now having to face the wrath of steady blitzes Sanchez will now see in the 2nd half.

A 17pt lead means the BLITZES are now on! LOL...............

By the way, Smiley is out of the NFL, too injured, Grove couldn't make better than second string I think on Jax... Was a bad investment in known injury prone players...they were both just not an option anymore, which is why they are gone.

The Jets are an average team with a good D that had everything fall just right for them to advance. Two years in a row.

Jets are getting HOSED. Love it!!

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