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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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QB is key, but the O-Line is the quiet issue! You can't run or pass when the line can't block. Ronnie was good in 2007, and Henne showed promise last year... What changed in 2010? It is clear the line is a joke and is killing the offense. You have to be able to see this, watch the playoff teams for examples. Sanchez is no better that Henne, but his line sure is, LT is not at this age better than Ronnie, but the line is. The Fins with a decent line are at least as good as the Jets, that is a fact. Plus a new OC for 2011 will help tremendously.

oscar canosa,

It was said Sparano gets more control but wasnt substantiated in detail. Heck we dont even know if that means he's given more power to enforce dress codes for the after hours clean up crew. Or finally gets say in which pizzas get delivered to the facility from dominoes.

Hell we dont even know if that finally means he gets final say in what colored socks he's allowed to wear on practice day. LOL............

armando would you consider drafting a young qb and bringing in a kitna type qb to help tutor henne and the young qb? a situation ala pennington 3 years ago?

nick Armando's long gone! lol..........

Hahhaa, poor nick. Hello, anybody home??? Mando???

OK, I just logged in, so what did I miss? Oh crap, everything!

DB, Chipmunk Jeff's comment on looking for more acorns also worries me. And I can't believed Sparano called Henning 'tremendous' again. If he says the same about Lee then we're screwed.

I'm tired of Fred buttoning his pants above his navel. He should be hiding that sagging, old package of his.

The man is a complete embarrassment to me. Lucy is so lucky.

jeff, you sound (and look) eerily like ALoco. Even using the same language.
[snipped by IMAWriter]

Just like I move forward responding to you IN SPITE OF your terrorism of grammatically-appropriate English language.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 10, 2011 at 09:14 AM

ah hahahaha.


Sparano says, "Henning has been tremendous for Tony Sparano" not Henning is a tremendous oc.

Sparano was a position coach. I think Sparano's only saying it was tremendous only previously having been a position coach too have opportunity to pick Henning's brain. It all depends on the questions Sparano asked him and had answered.

Remember Sparano only stated that Henning was a great oc for Tony Sparano. I can see how it got misconstrued but that's all his statement meant.

Don't we get Kory Sheets back next year? He has the speed that R&R don't.

I hope we get that guy from NE to be our OC.



IMA WRITER...................................NAME TO.......... DONKEY
JOE SCHAMO..................................NAME TO........... MORANO

I wouldnt be against tradeing Marshall for a second or maybe even a low first. I think I am the only one that thinks the offense was better without him the year before. Yes I was excited when he was acquired to but the numbers dont lie. But I would not trade Long unless it was a Ricky Williams type trade deal (we get entire draft). He is to valuable.


Why are you putting me on losers list? Havent you noticed my views are becoming more similar to yours. Our degree of differences have become quite less widened. LOL..........

Rodrigues is available from Michigan as OC. He specializes in the Wild Cat and the Run and Shoot offense.That would mean that Henne won't be our starting QB but Kolb is mobile enough and so is Thiggy. Ross will be happy since the Phins would be employing another X-Wolverine. Ofcourse the Phins would again be 7-9 but it would be a much more exciting 7-9.

Co-Chairman DC Dolfan bringing this session of the Gang of Defeat to order (gavel)(gavel).

All members, officers, media, please state your name for the record...

Topics of discussion:
- How NOT to fall prey to suicidal tendencies
- Can the Dolphins actually have a WORSE record next year

Open for discussion.

Hmmmmmmmmm................... Now some are saying offense was much better in 2009. Let's see, 7-9 in 2009....... 7-9 in 2010. 3-4 game losing streaks ending both seasons. LOL.....

Yup guys, a blind man walking fully agrees! LOL......

Resign thigpen.. new OC ... draft accordingly ... pick up the fastest reciver of free agency... Maybe Jocoby Jones

Resign Thigpen? Seems his stock has dropped to 3rd string qb at best. LOL.............

Henne may seemingly suck but he has proven he's clearly the better option to Thigpen. Let's say......Henne's really a career 2nd string backup. See where I'm going with this? LOL.........

Can someone tell Ireland and Sparano to please dangle the number 15 pick in the draft at Philly for Kolb or Vick??? They can't afford to say no...

I have come to accept bill conners suggestion for getting Miami back to greatness in the quickest amount of time:
- Start Henne
- Keep Lee
- Keep Thigpen
- Don't sign a veteran QB
- ONLY draft defense

That should put Miami at 1-15, 2-14 territory, garnering the #1 pick in the draft.

Sparano/Ireland fired, and with the #1 pick in the 2012 Draft, the Miami Dolphins select...ANDREW LUCK!!

From my lips to God's ears.


Only if Philly would swap 1st rd positions. I would favor that one but giving up our 1st rd position entirely to land Kolb is insanity. LOL..........

DC, that would be the best case scenario for the Miami Dolphins other than winning the Super Bowl. TANK IT!!!!

R J Betancourt, could someone, you, please keep up. Can't deal picks for players unless a new CBA is signed. Thks for trying


Drafting all defense was my original suggestion. cnnrs got it from me. Im sure he'll tell you that much himself! LOL.........

R J,

I keep hearing that Kolb is this and Kolb is that. What makes everyone think he's that much better than Henne. Did he play well in his limited time this year? Absolutely NOT!! I think he had THREE picks and a fumble in the last game of the season against Dallas and struggled in earlier work this season. You put him in this offence under the same conditions as Henne and he will struggle. I am sure Philly would LOVE this trade. Not happening!

Unfortunately it is Mark. I tried to argue it to bill this weekend. But, after getting the inside scoop from Mando, I think he's right. That's the fastest way. If we waited for Sparano, it'll take decades, and even that's a slim possibility.

I'm certainly not a happy camper now.

To begin:

Home get help. Immediately.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | January 10, 2011 at 12:46 PM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2011/01/live-chat-blog-starting-at-1-pm-today/comments/page/5/#comments#ixzz1AfZ7576m

Armando leave our fan favorite Home alone.
I am assuming this is a joke, right back at Home!!!

I love you guys!!!!


I remember you saying that DB (I got it from you). Conners didn't say it, I just added it in because I think that's the best way to lose next year, lol.

Actually, I'll do you guys one better. Trade 1st round draft pick for Asomugha. Then at least we'll have a stellar defense when Luck comes on the team.

Henne's gotta be back in Michigan. NO WAY he spends the offseason getting heckled everywhere he goes down there in Miami.

A CBA if reached should happen just shortly before free agency. If not, how would anyone know how to bid on fa's if not knowing what sort of cap will exist?

Or they will have to give huge upfront monies, the league has to make 1st year of cap exempt, then prorate existing amounts of monies owed over an agreed upon specified time.


Asomugha is an unretricted free agent. Cant trade for those, just need to make the right pitch! LOL..........

I think Mando wants to tank next season too. Otherwise, why would he advise trading your 2 best players?


I know you were kidding about Asomugha....but you do know he's a soon to be FA, right? Looks like the Raiders screwed that one up too. He'd be a nice add to this team but he's luxury we can't afford and is going to make big money form someone.

Ok DB, here's the pitch:

Your side of the ball will play fine, but you have to sit through one memorably awful season on offense, so that we can get the best QB in the draft next year, and go to the SuperBowl.

I think he takes it!

Craig M,

IMO, I think Asomugha is a legit priority. With he and Davis a starting corners Nolan would be able to blitz far more often. LOL...............


I agree Kolb is given way too much credit for what he has accomplished, which is very little. He plays in an explosive offensive system and is bound to look goo at times.

Whatever competition that is selected for Henne is going to be based on the OC we get.

Matching offensive scheme with the strentghs of your QB is extremely important.


Awful pitch! LOL.... That's like going to ho and saying I would like to have s*ex with you but I dont get paid until tomorrow. LOL.........

Actually Craig/DB, I'm coming around to him. At least we can be great on ONE side of the ball. Since there doesn't seem to be any plan to draft a legit franchise QB this year, and knowing Ireland (who'll probably draft an Ingram), that money would be better spent on Asomugha.

Also, he said he wants to go to NY. Maybe we can't improve, but hindering a division rival from improving is 2nd best.

I don't see getting Asomugha. That is really a "luxury" pick up as our corners aren't terrible. The money this guy would get would be ridiculous and eat up way too much of our cap when we are in need of so many other areas.


I highly doubt Ireland drafts Ingram. Too close to the right thing to do. He'll look for an "acorn." He'll blindside us usual, possibly over draft the TE Kyle Rudolph from Notre Dame.

Rudolph may turn out fine but I dont believe he's #16 fine. We all have to remember that we have the king of draft day blindsides as gm too. THAT SCARES HELL OUT OF ME! LOL.........


Dont look at the Asomugha situation as our corners are fine. Look at it more as it puts the entire defense on a higher level. Nolan is an attacking style DC. That means BLITZ!

How much more will Nolan be able to ATTACK offenses with Asomugha and Davis as corners. Asomugha get the #1 wr's, Davis gets the #2's.

Asomugha was thrown at a nfl low 27 times last season. only 10 of those throws were completed and hw gave up ZERO td's all year! That's playing teams #1 wr's. LOL..........

I have read several mocks that has us taking Ingram. If you take a look at the top 10 rushers this year I believe only 2 were first round picks.

I think with the rule changes more and more teams are relying more heavily on the pass. So there is less value placed on RB's on I believe you will see fewer drafted in the first round.

DC, like you I didn't get the warm and fuzzy feeling from today's discussion with mando. It sounds like Sparano is going to bang his head against the wall one more time and try to make the same things work as the last 2 years. If this is the case, the man is dumb and must go, no questions asked. I mean, if I was Sparano - I wouldn't leave my career in Henne or Lee's hands going forward. I mean, we can argue talent vs coaching all day long about Henne but the fact is neither of them got the job done. No way Lee should be getting a pass.

I think this is Ross' plan b for success. Can't get the offensive coach you want, then tank and get the franchise qb for 2012 and then the 1st pick in every round thereafter and still have your best players in their peak years - brilliant!!!


Yes he is a beast, no doubt. I think I read there were only 13 completions against him in the last 14 games. That is a real shut down corner.

My concerns in making that move are purely financial. After what we are paying Marshall and Dansby I just don't think we can afford him with what our other needs are.

I would not be taking a RB with the 1st pick unless he was the next coming of Barry Sanders - which Ingram certainly is not. Some people will even argue that he wasn't the best RB on his team last year.


I can't see why you would say Asomugha is a priority. Our corners really aren't that bad. We would all like Smith to hang onto the ball a bit more but he's pretty good in coverage. Asomugh, despite being 30 years old is going to command big money. I don't see him going to the Jets either. They'll be fine with Cromartie and Revis and have other things to worry about after this season. Someone will overpay for this guy but I highly doubt it will be us. Too many other holes to fill.

There's only one rb in the entire draft that has a 1st rd grade on him, Mark Ingram. This why there will be a 1st rd rb drought in 2011's draft. Has zero to do with passing attacks. If we dont take Ingram 1st rd I guarantee someone will! LOL............

I haven't heard anything about Lee.
Has he been endorsed as the QB coach for 2011 or are we waiting to hire an OC before a decision is made?


The 13 completions were the total amount Asomugha gave up in 2009. In 2010 he gave up only 10 completions and ZERO td's. I read this just yesterday. LOL..............

Mando said that the Qb coach is Sparano's decision, not the OC's, and the indications are that Sparano thought David Lee did a great job, didn't have many minus moments, and he meant it, he really did.

OC's are frightened to even throw in Nnamdi's direction! LOL............

OC's rather throw more at Revis than Nnamdi! LOL............

I'm sure Fat Rex will be aftern him and so will Belichick! LOL.........

Belichick pairs Nnamdi with his pro bowl rookie corner and forget about it in the afc east. LOL...................

If anything we cant sit idley by and let this happen doing nothing at all. It's like bowing out of the nuclear arms race right now! LOL............

Either you'll be doing the blasting or getting blasted. Welcome to nuclear winters! LOL............

Can't believe I missed Armando.....had some questions for him.....guess I will have to read ALL 12 pages to see if any of mine would have gotten answered


I was more thinking that a decison would be based on how the OC and Lee have the same philosophies.

Sparano also said that he wanted an explosive offense next year. So, I can't see how an explosive offense and Lee would be even remotely compatible.

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