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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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Before I read I hope that all you guys who have been talking SH*t had the courage to say it while he was around.....guess i'll go back and read who has a backbone and who doesn't.......

Assmunch is better than the Twitter King, Sean Smith.

Belichick gets his hands on Nnamdi and it completely nullifies anything we're able to upgrade offensively in the pass game. Run game too because he safely place 7-8 in the box to stop run games at all times.

On Belichick's team Nnamdi is the A-bomb, H-bomb, and the Nuke-bomb all rolled into one. Hell they can already score but would then have full capability to nearly completely stopping opponents scoring too! LOL........


There is NO way that Belichick and Ryan will go after Nnamdi. First of all it's not Bellichick's way? He let Assante Samuel go rather than pay him on a big deal. Say what you want about Samuel but he's a pretty decent on coverage. Secondly, Ryan has Revis and Cromartie has stepped up this season. Not sure what his contract situation is but Ryan has to worry about guys like Holmes and Edwards jumping ship and I know there are others. I highly doubt that the Jets will be to land this guy with their cap situation. I know they pay a lot of money to their OL too.

Craig M,

Now do you see why I think Nnamdi is a legit priority? His arrival in the AFC east could make the entire landscape even more lopsided than it already is. Im sure Belichick's aware of this! LOL..........

Craig M,

ASante Samuel coudnt carry Nnamdi's jockstrap in his best season. If you think Belichick wont be in hot pursuit then dream on my friend.....dream on! LOL......

Visions of Devin McCourty(rookie pro bowler) and Nnamdi Asomugha sgerplums dance in Belichick's head! LOL.........

Joe Schmoe - how old are you? You've changed your screen name 5 times to insult one guy here who obvously owns you... You look like a complete idiot - oh wait, calling an infant an idiot is just not right - I take that back.

he is on some real good drugs


Yes he is a stud, but we can't afford him.


What;s your take on McElroy? The kid has smarts, size, and ability. Played under Satan (I mean Saban) so you know he is well coached and must have a tough skin. If he is available in the 3rd or 4th, you think he is worth taking? I personally think he is a diamond in the rough and teams are going to kick themselves when he becomes a top QB in the NFL.

been meaning to ask you - In the last couple of games I saw the Dolphins run a play for negative yds - get called for a false start but for some reason the play wasnt whistled dead, and the opposing coach declined the penalty and took the loss of yds on the play. This happened at least twice. how is this possible ? isn't a false start before the play and has to be enforced ?

Also doesnt matter as much if Rex got him. But with Belichick and the league's highest total points scored. Its like scoring an extra td per game. If Pats were difficult to beat without Nnamdi, dont be surprised if you finally see a 19-0 SB season with him! LOL.............

Craig - count me as one who thinks Henne may still be a very good NFL QB. One thing that would instantly make him better is getting a bit of an ego - he clearly lost confidence as the season went on... Based on Marshall and Hartlines comments bout Henne refusing to ad lib, rather follow his progressions I really wonder if he can get that swagger he needs to be successful. Henne has more physical talent that Sanchez, and his more intelligent as well. What Sanchez has is the swagger and confidence to throw a pick and step right back in and throw the same pass again. Henne is scared to fail. Anytime an athlete plays tight and worries about making mistakes they will never reach their potential to be great.


Right now no one knows for sure whether we can or cant afford him. Everyone in the league first has to see what a new CBA brings. Regardless of what Osomugha demands he'll be playing somewhere in the nfl. I just hope its not the Pats and the rest of the league better hope it's not the Pats too! LOL.................


I'm not going to argue with you on this one, all I'm saying is Nnamdi is going to end up going to the highest bidder and it's not Belichick style to go out and outbid other people. He's going to have a number of rookies he's going to have to sign, some of them quite high. That's going to take some money. It's very seldom if at all you see him going and chasing a guy with big bucks. I wasn't trying to say Samuel was on the same league, I'm just saying at the time Samuel was regarding as a good cover corner and Bellichick let him walk.

Guys Im out, ev1 be good and if not still be good at being bad! LOL.........

Craig M,

Many experts have failed at pegging Belichick. Keeping dreaming you're the only one who's finally gotten him pegged! LOL...............


Great post at 5:23pm. I agree. Count Joe Flacco in that boat too. The commentators made that point several times about Flacco and how he was able to forget his bad start to the game and the fact that he struggled early but seemed to get past that. Henne has never been able to do that and some of the blame has to fall on Lee and Hennings shoulders. I would get rid of Lee too and I ultimately think this is what will happen. Would still very much like to see a Brain Billick and Jim Fassel combo, as OC and QB coach respectively.


Like I said I'm not going to argue with you on it. Let's see who is right.


Good point about CBA, that may change things. Nobody really knows what that is going to do to the pay scales especially if a rookie cap is instituted.

But I don't know if the cap is going to freeze the scale or lower it. But I'm fairly sure veterans scale won't be reduced and he is already the highest paid DB in the league.

With that being said, I guess we will have to agree to diagree. :)

belichick is so good at what he does that he doesn't need Nnamdi, he makes Nnamdis. belichek takes players and makes them into pros. he has built a system in new england where he can bring a multitude of players into the system and plug them in and the team won't miss a beat. the only prerequisite is that they need to fit into his system. belichik can take those players and put them into his system and he makes it work. that same player may not do as well playing for someone else. he gets the best from the players on his team. he not only knows how to coach them to play their position but he's not afraid to play the people he has on the team. for instance, miami has been playing some players that they drafted or rookies signed thru free agency such as reshad jones, nolan carroll, marlon moore and roberto wallace. but, they still play them on a limited basis. it wasn't until hartline went down that you started to see more of wallace and moore. then, when nolan carroll went down they decided to put patrick cobbs back to return kickoffs when they had someone with the speed of marlon moore on the team who, by the way, had experience returning kickoffs from his college days at fresno state. that is the difference between a belichek coached team and one that is coached by someone else. belichek knows what he has, how to use the talent he has and how to get the most from the talent he has.

Craig I am not sure you have read my posts, I think you did. But I have clearly layed out facts to support keeping Henne, and possible upside. I am not clear at all that he is the answer, and i want someone else brought in.

But with a new QB coach, i think he could be great in this league.


I have read your posts and I agree with you. I don't want David Lee back, so I am hoping that the new OC will have a say as to who the QB coach is. If this is not the case it will severely limit who we are able to bring aboard.

good luck to the new oc,you start looking at what henning had to work with this year and you realize it wasn,t really his fault!shitty qb,shitty oline,no speed,etc.how can you really blame him?


I am to amoung the minority. Henne has too many tools to not exhaust all possible resources to see if he can be brought around.

Sitting at the Cleveland game and debating Henne with another fan, I found myself gaining more and more confident in the points I was making as he was having a very good game.

Then the fourth quarter came and my arguments were shattered. I got the I told you so look.

My issue with him at the end of the year was his statement "it's not life or death", as it pertained to making a mistake.

That is clearly an expression from a coach, in an effort to try to shake off the play.

To me that isn't an aggressive approach. The coach should have said, "OK you made a mistake, now go out and make a play and get that one back".

If this kid is going to make it, he needs some new guidance and they are going to have to go all in this year with him.

I'm not endorsing him as next years QB, but he is quite probable to be the best option.




Reading all the armando questions and responses it sounds like that
1. Every decision the phins have made are crap.
2. All the teams in the NFL are better than the phins and have made better decisions
3. We are regressing while the whole world is going forward.
4. We'd be lucky to win one game next year.

Thanks for the comments. I'm so glad i read them all.

Speaking of Lee, new thread up.

Oh one last thing. Bill belicheat is the second coming of jesus christ.

anyone else think Jake Locker would be a great pick at #15?



i saw mallet vs. ohio state. that performance did not impress me. also he appears to be fiery...but at his own players. of course they did drop like eight passes right?

I NEVER bought into the Parcells scam. The facts are simply put that the Tuna has NEVER won without Bill Belichick. ZERO rings and a sub par record around 50%.

The media drools over the Tuna and even Belicheck praises Tuna but “we” know the truth.

Tuna lost with the Jets, lost with the Pats, Lost with the Boyz and lost with the Funs.

So why in hells bells do I have to continue hearing that this guy is a “rebuilder”, he’s the best and al that crap.

Case and point.. Everyone drooled that when he took control and we won the Division that we were destine for a championship. Everyone drooled that we went from winning one game to winning the division.

Hell folks.. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE can win more then one game! We had a weak schedule and a wildcat and where does that all leave us today???

I’m extremely disappointed with Ross decision to keep Tony and Ireland. FIRE THE TRIFECTA… ALL of them. Give Cower FULL control.

Folks, next season we all will be here doing exactly what we are doing now which is complaining about the coach and draft picks.

I say draft the number one QB and give up everything for him just like Mike Didki did when he drafted Rickey he gave up the whole draft for him.

Get rid of Chad as he just does not get it just like Sprannio and Ireland don’t get it. Hell, even the beast told Chad he sucks.

We have a beast and we failed to use him. With a target like that, Brady and Manning (both bros) would love to have a target like him to toss TD’s to all day long.

As a life long fan, I’m sick of getting the shaft and like the Jets owner Leon Hess said… I’m 95 years old and I want to win NOW!!!!!!!

Get jocby for the deep ball

LAST !!!

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