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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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Mando- What are the chances that the Dolphins would hire Pennington as QB coach or Off Coor(maybe a stretch)? Or has Dan Marino ever expressed an interest in coaching QB's???

I think wait until next year to draft Luck. Draft RB, O Line, TE...
Get a QB through FA to patch up this coming year.

Tony S.holds the cards now,If he fails to open it up shame on him. It's going to be his O.C. and he won't have B.P.Or Ireland telling him what to do. The worst that can happen is he gets canned next year and walks away with 5 million.


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The season was over for me after the Pittsburgh game. We recovered a fumble inside the 20, and should have gone 3 pass plays to Marshall or Bess or hartline. Instead we ran R and R twice to the right. When 'er settled for a field goal u almost left the stadium. Get rid of Henning and we'll be fine. Remember cowher and Cordell? What we have is fine.

Dolphins Suck without Cam Newton

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The Dolphins Suck

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Good Morning Guy's and girls(And those confused on what you are)(that would be you Marc) The cuban has arrived, What are we B!tching about today????

@Put that in your pipe and smoke it~~~How many Super Bowls did Dan Marino go too,how many for Jim Kelly?


In a nut shell:
-Home is nuts
-ALOCO is playing with his nuts
-Buffalo Bill thinks the Fins are nuts
-Did I say Home is Nuts?

Home,I woke up this morning(About 6:30am) And went out to get the paper(I'am down here in Miami) And saw white streaks criss crossing the sky and chuckled to myself and said to Hot Ashley " Look, Chem-trails" is this what you are talking about????????

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When people say we need Cowher, they mean Cowher with big Ben . When they say Gruden, they mean a good Tampa team built by Dungy. Andy Reid and Belichick look good now too. What we really mean is quarterback. Cowher was bad bad bad trying to turn Cordell Stewart into a QB, just as holmgren got smart after they got Farve. Cowher is not smart. Big Ben sat on the sidelines until their #1 got hurt.

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Buffalo Bill,

How many times did your team go to the SB and failed to win?

@9:25 A.M. Put in your pipe~~~~~~~ Congrats. on the dumbest post of the day. You make DC Dolfag look like a scholar!

But Mike, He sat for 1 game in Pitt, Then Ben (The rapiest)Rothliberger got his start and has'nt relinguished it, I saw him in his 3rd game VS the fins in a down pour that delayed the game till the evening hours due to a Hurricane..

I agree with the guy from England. Hard to believe Sparano will magically transform himself from old school conservative to modern day gunslinger mentality that Ross wants.

I'm sure he'll try and I hope he suceeds but even if he does, you still have to have a O-line and a QB. O-line SHOULD BE easier to fix. QB, not so much. This bunch set the team back YEARS putting all their eggs in one basket with Henne.

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Buffalo Bill,
Please enlighten me as to how it was a dumb opinion. Do you know a better QB that will be available at 15 in this year’s draft?

cocoa, the mistake the Trifecta made was the same one all the other coaches since Shula made, they didn't understand the all-important need for a franchise QB. They thought (and some on here still think) you can "pick up a QB later." They didn't understand today's NFL is predicated on how well your QB is. So, they did what they've always done, built the team from the lines. What they didn't understand is with the 1st pick in the draft, something that doesn't come around every year, you need to REALLY choose wisely. There are LT's that are just as good (or almost) as Long later in the draft. But, usually, there aren't elite QBs after the 1st round (and sometimes after the 10th pick).

We should have gotten Ryan in '08. Since it's been 20+ years before we had stability in the QB position, they should have realized that and gotten their QB 1st (since that's how it turned out) and gotten the LT later.

But they didn't, and now Sparano is paying for that mistake by Parcells and Ireland.

marc is my close friend,if you know what i mean .

Home, No really, I saw them this morning(Iam in the Westchester part of Miami), I said it to Ashley Kiddingly but now I Wonder.........

The lesson the ENTIRE NFL learned (or should have) from Miami is that when you have a chance to grab a (possible) elite QB (at the very least the top rated QB on the draft board that year), you take it. It's worth more than ANY OTHER CHOICE you can make.

I love Jake Long, but how many times does he touch the ball in a game? And how good was the oline he was on? What people need to understand is the QB will make EVERYONE else on offense better too.

Without a 2nd round pick and picking at 15, the fins have VERY limited options to move up to pick up a good QB this year. Maybe they could wait for next year and trade up to get him. In the meantime they could pick up Mark Ingram?

DC, Agree that a QB is of most importance, though this current Regime has been Miserable picking in the draft(Henne,White) and in free agency(Thigpen), What do you expect these guys to do this upcoming year???

Do we still have anyone that feels sorry for Sparano? he was totally incompetent this year and end up getting $6m because his owner gets on a plane. I would love to be Sparano today. Like LeBatard says, he's lucky he still has a job.

And speaking of jobs, how does Mr. Lee still have a job? He helped totally mangle a once promising prospect in Chad Henne. Does anyone have confidence in choosing a young Qb with those 2 meatheads in charge of the offense?

DC, Let me say straight out I never drank the so-called trifecta kool aid. The tip off for me was when they started picking up Cowboy cast offs and never looking to other teams.

But I don't fault the Parcellians for drafting Long. A top shelf LT is the most important part of the O-line. But you're right, Parcells never valued QBs or WRs.

That said, IMO where they went wrong was to be so convinced Henne was the one. There's a lot to be said about the Ron Wolfe model of drafting a QB every draft. At least keep drafting until you're SURE you have the one.

@Put that in your Pipe~~~ So what you are saying is that Miami will have the worst record in the N.F.L.next year, because that is the only way you will get that kid from Stanford. IF he comes out next year, he has 2 years left!

see my above post mark.... Agree..

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Buffalo Bill,

We have a better chance to trade up next year than we do this year. My point is, it would be VERY hard to get a quality QB by way of draft this year (We pick at 15 and have no 2nd round). IDK, maybe they make some sort of spectacular trade or something—but I doubt that is possible given the current regime’s incompetence.

DC, right on. If you don't have a qb, it's better even to pick a bust of a qb instead of the best LT in the game. At worst, if the qb you pick stinks, your team will continue to stink and you will be afforded to take the best qb on the board in another 2 years. They can't all be busts. The way the Dolphins went puts them directly into mediocrity with no way out unless a Drew Brees comes available in free agency and that has only happened once in all my years of watching football.

I'm hoping all the doomsdayers are correct and we do go 1-15 next year. It will be the best thing to happen to this franchise going forward.

Signing Asamoguh would make little sense financially. He will command huge money at a postion where Miami is actually in good shape (and with young players).

A few of you guys act as if there's no salary cap but there's no version of a CBA agreement that doesn't preserve it. Saying Miami should "spend the money they were going to spend on Harbaugh" (as I saw one poster suggest) is apples and oranges. Money spent on coaching, staff, etc. has no relation whatsoever to limits on player salaries.

The truth is that if Miami were to lock up that kind of money at one position---one where the need is not as great as others, especially on offense---then they will NOT be able to spend elsewhere, at least not at a level to be in play for anyone significant.

You just can't have it both ways.

Smart teams do not throw money around haphazardly. That's what the Redskins do, not perennial contenders like the Steelers or Patriots. In fact, my greatest fear of Steve Ross is that he WILL behave like Dan Snyder and spend wildly to appease the fans, but with little overall plan behind it.

Considering team needs and cap restraints, I can't see Asamoguh (great as he is) making sense with so many other, greater needs.

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Cuban/Mark, my sentiments exactly. I have ZERO faith in this leadership team's ability to spot QB talent. Or like Mark said to develop them (Lee obviously can't). So, unless/until they get someone there who can see/develop a QB, not sure Miami's fortunes will ever change.

Cuban, people are talking about Ingram, but I don't see how he's any big improvement from Ronnie Brown. And this leadership team doesn't draft WRs in the early rounds (another Parcells silly rule like the "prototypical" player).

So, the only thing they seem to know (a little about at least) is the lines. I think they'll stick to what they know and draft another oline guy (mistake if you ask me). Maybe a NT. Maybe a LB. That's what I think they'll do, draft what they know, then pick up the rest in FA (like D'angelo Williams or someone like that).

Parcels really thought he FIXED our QB problem when he drafted Henne....seriously, he thought Henne was as good as Matt Ryan, that's why he passed and took Long with the #1 pick because his philosophy is "you start rebuilding in the trenches first" then get your QB".

Now we're in the same QB pool as Denver, Buffalo, Carolina, Arizona, SF, TEN....all teams who pick ahead of us in the April draft.

...only way we can address our QB problem is through Free Agency, here they are... the 2011 QB FA Class.
Tell me who on this list you think is our savior?

(Listed in order of talent...the ones at the top will most likely stay with their respective teams)

Note: hey look, Brady Quinn is availble again!

Peyton Manning (IND)
Michael Vick (PHI)
Brett Favre (MIN)
Seneca Wallace (CLE)
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA)
Matt Moore (CAR)
Alex Smith (SF)
Matt Leinart (HOU)
Marc Bulger (BAL)
Todd Collins (CHI)
Caleb Hanie (CHI)
Brady Quinn (DEN)
Drew Stanton (DET)
Trent Edwards (JAC)
Luke McCown (JAC)
Brodie Croyle (KC)
Chad Pennington (MIA)
Tyler Thigpen (MIA)
Tarvaris Jackson (MIN)
Jim Sorgi (NYG)
Kellen Clemens (NYJ)
Kyle Boller (OAK)
Bruce Gradkowski (OAK)
Dennis Dixon (PIT)
Billy Volek (SD)
Troy Smith (SF)
Kerry Collins (TEN)
Rex Grossman (WAS)
Marc Bulger (BAL)
Todd Collins (CHI)
Caleb Hanie (CHI)
Brady Quinn (DEN)
Drew Stanton (DET)
Trent Edwards (JAC)
Luke McCown (JAC)
Brodie Croyle (KC)
Chad Pennington (MIA)
Tyler Thigpen (MIA)
Tarvaris Jackson (MIN)
Jim Sorgi (NYG)
Kellen Clemens (NYJ)
Kyle Boller (OAK)
Bruce Gradkowski (OAK)
Dennis Dixon (PIT)
Billy Volek (SD)
Troy Smith (SF)
Kerry Collins (TEN)
Rex Grossman (WAS)

Aloco, Who are the newest members of G.O.D(Gang of defeat)???????? Just wondering if there's any new members...........

BTW Aloco, Do you consider Mando in the G.O.D ????????????????????

oops...pasted it twice...ignore the list from Marc Bulger down as it repeats itself...sorry

ALoco, the only way I trust Sparano is if he has Mike Nolan on one side of him and a Charlie Weiss on the other side. At that point, it doesn't matter who the head coach is anymore.

And FYI, up until Sat night, I though Jim Caldwell was a robot, I never saw him do anything and thought Peyton was running that team. He chose the wrong time to make any kind of decision. At least we don;t have to worry about that idiot coaching our team.

Menace cannot manipulate the blog with this topic
the answer r at your fingertips between google and you tube

so easy a Miami Herald blogger could find out in seconds

@Pipe,don't be so fast to give up on Henne! He's not as bad as people say. Needs a better O line and backs.

This is from Peter King's Monday Morning QB

In Tebowland: Also said Saturday on NBC, in one of the most widely misunderstood segments in Peter King TV history, the following: Elway told me, "I don't think Tim Tebow is a good NFL quarterback at this time.'' ... And that Josh McDaniels, were he to get an offensive coordinator or quarterback coaching job where there was a quarterback need, could well urge that team to trade for Tebow because he still believes in him strongly. And that in the event of a lockout in the spring by owners, until there is a new collective-bargaining agreement, no players can be traded, so Tebow would not be able to be dealt until a new CBA is reached.

That is all I said. But do I expect the Vikings or Dolphins or some such team to call Denver if McDaniels gets hired, to try to get Tebow? I do. Attention all assorted Rocky Mountain conspiracy-theorists: I never said, or implied, that John Elway was thinking or looking to trade Tim Tebow. And there you go.

Was a fun read at the least.

I think we should sign Caleb hanie. Give him #7, won't evn have to change the jersey much - minimum expense to the equipment department.


Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think Henne has "IT". I really hope I am wrong. I say keep him to compete.

Miami's best QB option is Vince Young. A former 1st rounder with a lot of talent. He just never put it together mentally. I know Miami's night life would be too tempting for VY to resist but he is the best FA on the market that could push Chad Henne if he has anything in him (and we all know he don't Chad Henne sucks).

what a sad... sad... sad... and pathetic state of affairs... what makes me laugh more than the events of last week (THE most pathetic even over Satan, Cam and the Fam search, Wannstache AND Jimmy Johns) is that there are fans of the Dolphins that still seem to believe there is even a glimmer of hope for this team...






By the way, in the "grass is always greener" department, fans here in Philly are (once again) howling for Andy Reid's head.

You'd be amazed how remarkably similar the criticisms are to what is said about Sparano (and probably 20 other coaches around the league).

Fans are the same everywhere.

I'll be EXTREMELY disappointed if we don't get some stud TE in this draft. This regime needs to value the position more. Fasano is barely starting material. You need to give your QB a safety valve, whoever you have for QB. Get it done this year!

Mark in Toronto, Caldwell may be the second worse coach in the league.......He cost the colts another S.B when he kept Manning in check last year, he lost this year cause he cant coach, look for the colts to be 8 and 8 next year, even with Manning... you still need two things to Win a Super Bowl #1 A great QB, #2 A winner for a coach... The Fins have neither of the top two things, And cant see them have either for at least 2 maybe 3 or 4 years... IMHO.......

Buffalo Bill, not sure how you find Miami DOlphins talk entertaining, but anyway. This morning I was looking back to the good old days of mideason and remmbered how Chad Henne was in the middle of the pack of QB rankings and had a lot of yardage passing the ball. Yes, he was throwing picks but had no running game, inexperienced, and still was contributing. Then the mornon Sparano tears his heart out and puts in ole one arm and that was slowly but surely the beginning of the end for Henne.

I think Henne's biggest problem is mental and that can be fixed with a good offensive staff perhaps. But not with General Lee Wildcat in the building.

You Fin fans have a good day, I'm on my way to the Jets blog,you guys are nice, they hate me over there! Been suspended twice and the morons keep letting me come back.

Dr. Roberts,

Good post. People need to realize players win games and not coaches. Did Sean Payton suddenly become dumb on Saturday? Of course not....their defence just couldn't stop anything. Fans in Philly can blam Reid all they want but it's pretty remarkable that Philly was able to do what they did this year after jettisoning McNabb. This was supposed to be a rebuild year for them. It just turned out that GB was a bad matchup for them.

Cuban Menace,

I agree. Caldwell is ULTRA-Conservative. That run on 3rd and 7 reminded me so much of the Super Bowl and his insistance to run the ball has the cost the Colts.

He won't be fired though. No chance. The black coaches association would create a new stipulation to the Rooney rule. You have to give a black coach 10 years minimum to see if he can win.

The Dolphins Suck Chemtrails

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