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Live chat blog starting at 1 p.m. today

So much to cover. So little time during the season.

But it is the offseason -- at least for the Dolphins it is -- so let's roll with a live blog chat today, starting at 1 p.m. and going until my hands get numb from typing. I do not know how long that will be, but we'll go at least one hour and probably longer.

So if you have a question. If you have a comment. If you have a bone to pick, either with me or the Dolphins and would like to talk about that, it's all good.

As usual, you can circumvent the typing and reading and so forth and simply speak to me directly. I am available, you know.

My personal phone number is 888-640-9385. But I have to warn you: I only answer that number on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. while I'm on the air hosting my radio show, Armando and the Amigo on 640-Sports in South Florida.

It is a toll free call, in case you're wondering.

Either way, I am available.

Actually, I'm married. But you get my drift.


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Dear Mr. Salguero

Now that coach Sparano has had time to look at film, sports news sights and blogs, how many minus's did coach say Owner Stephan Ross has and will coach be able to correct them ?

Coach Sparano : Stephan Ross has done some things he knows he shouldn't have this off season and it hurt the team

What we will do from here is bench Stephan Ross and let Jay-LO run the team and mentor Stephan Ross till he's ready to take the helm next season.

A legend was born and he will rule with an Iron Fist Pump

Soiled :)

Chris, if a Qb with a 1st round grade is available we should take him. But without Luck in the draft, I am not sure 1 worth taking will be there. Alot of teams with QB issues pick ahead of us. Now, there will be 1 less for them to pick from.

Depending on what we do in FA, we can always go after a fast WR, TE, Rb or o-lineman etc if a worthy Qb isn't there. It's not like we have a shortage positions to fill LOL

Even if Luck was in the draft, we would have no shot at him.
They need to study thoroughly and go after the one they have a firm conviction on, whether it be Mallet, Locker or the QB from Missouri.


The reason I (and others) keep harping on Matt Ryan is you can't "move on" and right things if you don't even know what you did wrong in the 1st place. I'm just trying to help the team know where there mistakes are so they don't repeat them.

Like others have said, this organization has ONE need (above any other). That's the QB position. It's been a need for a very, very long time, and the franchise has gone to very few Playoffs without one. So, I'm saying, others are saying, forget ANY other position on the team. Concentrate like a laser beam on the QB position. Fix that, THIS YEAR, if you can. If you can only put a band-aid on this year, then do that I guess, but understand that NEXT year, you'll need that fix.

If Ireland/Sparano leave the team after their tenure WITHOUT a long-term answer at QB, no matter what the record says, they will have failed miserably.

You don't have to be a genius to realize that. The history of the team should tell you everything you need to know. To me, that's more important than our record next year. We get a long-term answer at QB, and I'm satisfied, even if we went 1-15 again.




Not sure why some are opposed to bringing Vince Young? He is a definite upgrade over Henne. At this point almost anyone is better than Henne. I hope Henne and Channing Crowder are not on the team next year. Removing those two players makes us a better team.


Simple questions to ask:

Is Mike Nolan staying put? If so, I'd say we're fairly set on the defensive side of the ball.

What type of offense are we looking to run in 2011...that will determine what type of OC to target.

Are we going to draft for the the offense...that is, try to target a QB EARLY in the draft, or pickup a solid FA QB? If so, who fits the bill?

We all know speed kills...are we going after a speedy #2 WR? We need one badly. Bess is a great possession guy and Hartline is also good, but these are #3 guys...we need a solid WR #1B or #2 to go with Marshall..someone who can stretch the field.

Running back situation. Ronnie & Ricky really stunk up the joint this season. I can't recall any game where they really lit it up aside from a couple of lucky long runs. What's going to be done here? We need some SPEED.

It's a shame, but I have to believe Pennington is done....hopefully he sticks around as a coach.

Finfan, what I meant regarding Luck was, he was the closest thing to a sure bet. Allot of these other guys have questions. With Luck being off the board, it reduces the field of guys worth taking. Yet, there is no shortage of teams still looking for a QB. the chance that one worth taking falls to 15 is, to me, unlikely.

I still think the best option is to get a veteran to compete with Chad & take a QB at some point to develop. We need serious o-line help & speed at skill positions. Combine that with some tinkering on the D & there just aren't enough picks. That's also assuming we strike gold which we really haven't.

I believe going with Jake Long at the time was the right move. Sure, we could have had Matt Ryan, but since he wasn't going to come with Michael Turner or Roddy White, there was no guarantee of the same type of success he's enjoying in Atlanta.

Stop the second guessing...there's no need. Long will be here for a decade and be solid.

ok those of you wanting McDaniels as the OC.. think about this.. McDaniels and Nolan parted ways in Denver... you think they are going to bring in coaches that dont get along with each other? who knows maybe they will

1-15 next season = luck in 2 seasons.....lol
dat be da plan huh?

The QB that the fins should be trying to get is Matt Flynn - Rodgers back up. this guy is a winner.

I also would not mind if they brought in Kyle Orton (who could be had cheeper IMO.

DC - I'm 100% on board with you there. Going 1-15 and drafting a 10 year starter at Qb would be the next best thing to winning the Super Bowl as a Dolphin fan.

By the way - am I the only one that saw history repeating when baltimore crushed KC yesterday. The opponent could have been wearing Red or Aqua - it was the exact same game. Baltimore is the grim reaper of upstart franchises. Let's see if haley and co rebound better than meathead and Co down in Miami. With the work done on that offense this year - I like their chances better than ours turned out.


Ryan Mallett
Derrick Sherrod
Julio Jones

Anyone of these guys would make me happy in the pants if they pan out as good as advertised over the upcoming inspection period leading to the draft.

I don't know if the Dolphins can afford to buy enough Thorazine for Vince Young.Sing along, " When he gets to fiddling,
He just takes his Ritalin,
He's Vince Young the screwed,
in the head QB " .

Schmoe - I agree that this offseason, we go hard after a QB even if it is a veteran type that fills the void while we go after one to develope. Unfortunately, I think Henne is pretty much done in Miami.

Anyone of these guys would make me happy in the pants if they pan out as good as advertised over the upcoming inspection period leading to the draft.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2011 at 11:42 AM
Mark To much Info....lol

Finfan, don't count out Henne yet. Firt off, he's under contract. He can be a back-up. Brandstater will likely end up on the practice squad. That still leaves 2 holes to fill at QB. A Vet & a draft pick.

Chuck, we've had a top 5 run game in the league, still didn't matter. Priority is the same as the day Marino left, a credible QB. Until Miami is serious about fixing that, we'll be talking here postseason instead of in the Playoffs.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | January 10, 2011 at 09:01 AM

DC - last year with the good run game, Henne was performing (eye test anyway) better than this year. How many close games were lost by the D?

I will always be in favor of improving QB play - but I think there are even greater priorities.

Take care.

I don't share the fascination with McDaniels, either. His tenure in Denver was awful and he really only seemed adept at alienating people (including Nolan).

Understood OC is a different role but I have a hunch two dozen other guys would have had the same "young wizard" rep with Tom Brady running your offense.

I agree with Chuck P. Henne was better last year. Something went terribly wrong with him this year. Sadly he reminds me of John Beck. Not sure Chad can get back the potential he showed last year & early this season.

He regressed either by fault of his own or this coaching staff continually hammering in head head to not make mistakes. Either way, I do not trust this staff to bring in a young QB & develop him. This is why I think a vet, who already knows the ins & outs, is a better option this year.

And lets face it, Sparano is on borrowed time. He has to win & win in a hurry. He doesn't have time to play a rookie.

CM, the way the Pats do it is quite simple actually - you draft smart, stockpile talent, don't let anyone in their prime walk away in free agency, then when you get a glut at a position - trade your excess for draft picks. What the Pats did is what you can expect to happen on a team if you draft well for 7-8 years in a row.

The Pats are also very good at trading down. If they find themselves in a position where there are 4 or 5 players they like - they let someone have #1 on that list so they can pick up another good player along the way. JJ did it to a certain degree of success here in Miami - but he could only draft defense.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | January 10, 2011 at 11:19 AM


I'd also add that the Patriots (along with the Steelers) normally have among the most boring offseasons in the NFL, with much less FA activity than most teams.

Not necessarily what fans like, but hard to argue with results. Just throwing money at problems has never worked and never will.

Chuck, The reason for Henne's 4 three hundred yard games in "09" last 4 games was that miami was being beaten down those last 4 games and there defense was in a prevent defense allowing him to throw for a boatload of yards, again, if it wasnt for the pess poor defenseve coaching he wouldnt have had those good games, Henne SUCKS....

Guys, check out Matt Flynn,

He has the it factor. He won a national championship. He Has also won a lot of big college games.

In his only start this year vs New England (in place of an injured Aaron Rogers) he threw for 251 yards and 3 TD's he also had a 100.2 QB rating.

This guy is a starter stuck behind Aaron Rogers!

Why keep Henne? If Sporano wants to send a strong message get rid of him. We dont need him as a back up. The guy was 0-7 as a starter as home? Has anyone forgotten that? Get rid of him and bring in new QB's. Henne as a backup is a waste of a backup. Can anyone imagine our starter getting hurt and having to see robo-Henne as a starter again. Please get rid of Henne, maybe we will do good in another team, but as a Dolphin he should be finished

I'd also add that the Patriots (along with the Steelers) normally have among the most boring offseasons in the NFL, with much less FA activity than most teams.

Not necessarily what fans like, but hard to argue with results. Just throwing money at problems has never worked and never will.

Posted by: dr. roberts | January 10, 2011 at 11:58 AM

Boring offseasons are a result of superior drafting. I long for the days of boring offseasons!

CM, I thought I was already toning it down for blog discussion purposes. I guess the world isn't ready for me yet :)

AJ Green declared today - that isn't a surprise given UGA is going nowhere and he's been prone to taking benefits. That's good - sinc ehe will be a high 11st round pick - maybe even #1.

Yep, I mean, if you were Pitt, what position would you spend a lot of money in free agency to fix? OT - but premiere OTs don't come available in free agency anyway. The Pats? Perhaps edge rusher but won't find many of those in free agency either - guess they could've spent large on Peppers last year but Chicago beat them to it.

Incompetent leaders yield incompetent results. That is what we have, so until that changes, the results won't change either.

Ray..We cannot just get rid of Henne right now.It has nothing to do with his play last year, which would warrant your opinion. For 1 we only have 2 QB's that are signed right now. 2 Lot's of teams are going to be on a quarterback hunt, we need plan a,b,c... before we go out and cut ties with Henne. 3rd, and I stated this last night. Because of the labor situation we can't even sign free agents until after the draft. Also, if the situation is not resolved, there will be no offseason team activities such as mini camps, and OTA's. So we won't even have a chance to evaluate new guys until training camp. And even that might be cut in half. This is going to be the case for a lot of teams that have issues at QB. This is why we cannot just cut Henne, he may end up being our best option....

It is fine to hate on Henne for the year we had, you all know my opinion is he was torched by coahing this year.

But, Come on!!!! Drop him/trade him? there is no value in that AT ALL. the guy has had some great games/passes/halfs what ever way you want to look at it. His problems are coachable with the right coach/OC.

but you people saying he sucks, career backup yadda yadda yadda. It is to early to tell any of that. You can have your opinion, but don't let your opinion try and be fact about him. He has not been BAD 100% of the time. and we ALL know this.

He should be on the roster and GOOD competition should be brought in. (Orton) But I still have money to gamble that Henne will be a good starteer from the positive stuff i have seen. the negatives are correctable if he is willing to work hard.

Mark, very true about the Steelers but even in down years (and they've had them) management never strayed from the same approach and started spending big in FA or giving away picks for veteran talent.

Not that they NEVER made moves, but it was certainly the excption and only for the very rare player they saw as a must have.

The Steelers have been a "build from within" organizaton for 35 years, even during dry spells when they weren't winning consistently.

It only took the current regime 3 years to learn we need an explosive offense. Wow. I'm impressed. They learn fast.

Fritz, that's true. Bettis is about the only big name I can remember the Steelers making a move for.

Wow...BJ Aqua from England truly knows how to use the English language.....it's amazing that we even speak the same language.....we are lazy and dumb and the Brits must laugh at us!! Bravo and cheerio old chap......it is refreshing to see our language used properly!!!!! Take note Americans, and be classy!!

0x80, lol

Maybe now that it has been confirmed the current regime has no character, they can start adding talented players without character as well.

Nobody in England says "cheerio."

Maybe now that it has been confirmed the current regime has no character, they can start adding talented players without character as well.

Posted by: 0x80 | January 10, 2011 at 12:22 PM


I hear Cecil Collins is available.


Cecil is out of prison, Maybe we can bring back James Johnsom also...

Really though, I would like to have Ronnie back with Michael Bush.

What about L Mankins, he will be avail in '11, he already expressed his dislike of the way NE brass has treated him..

Some one, sone wahare is Aloco lol

Mankins would be a HUGE pick up if we could get him. Our O-Line is the most important piece of the playoff puzzle!

Yu are right, Fritz. The build form within methodology works best in all north american team sports - football, hockey, and baseball for sure (unless you can afford a $200 mill payroll). I've always been a fan of the way the Steelers do things. Nobody is bigger than the team, very loyal and respectful and the players in retur play their hearts out for their fans. Steeler nation is very lucky indeed.

I heard a story once during a Steeler game - during the 1970s, a recptionist would answer the phone - "home of the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers" - and Mr Rooney overheard that one day and asked the recptionist to stop answering the phone like that. His rasoning - "thye know we are world champions - we don't need to tell them".

Action speaks louder than words ...

Mark is great when you can build within from the draft, however if you have the Yack Woman drafting for you, well... it does not work so well.


I'm all for fixing the line but I think upgrading the OT in the 1st round might be the best option. That results in us fixing 2 spots by being able to move Carey inside. May even be able to get a top C prosepct in round 3, who knows?

Signing mankins would be very expensive and doesn't really upgrade the line all that much by comparison.

Although I would be all for signing Mankins if we draft a Qb or a potentially explosive skill position player (Julio Jones) in round 1. More than one way to skin a cat as they say.

Poizen, this regime has not drafted all that badly. been able to find at least 2-3 starters every year. The problem with the drafting was the 10 barren years before that. In a lot of respects, we were an expansion team unfortunately.

Indy will be facing the same problem as Peyton's play continues to fade. Polian has been asleep at the wheel in the draft since 2004.

Lawrence Phillips, anyone?

Know who was a real nutcase, too? You guys remember Brian Sochia? I knew a couple of Dolphins back then (they went fishing on my family's boats) and they related stories of Sochia waving loaded weapons around and going on all kinds of weird "survivalist" rants...including racist crap.

He sucked, too. No idea why Shula kept him around as long as he did.

This just in: When asked to evaluate the recent performance of owner Stephen Ross, Coach Tony Sparano had this to say:

"Well, he didn't grade out poorly"

That is all.

Mark, your right, I know, i just really wanted to say "yack woman", that scene in ?Christmas Vacation always makes me lol.


Guys what you dont really realize is what we really need are more EXPLOSIVE players on offense. You can have an attacking offensive philosophy all you like but without EXPLOSIVE offensive players you're still reduced to having a pop gun. LOL............

of course he will, then rape the colts for a huge amount of $$

Even to have a great defense you need Explosive type players! LOL............

Yes DB, we do, and i agree 100%, but please remember. all succesful offenses work through a top grade O-line. You could have the best recievers on earth, or rb's for that matter, if the O-line sucks they all suck.



When you have Explosive type players and dont use them it isnt conservative its called DUMB! LOL.............

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